We got a call Friday morning from the first two Marines that needed extra money wanting to know if everything was still scheduled. We told them yes and that days code word for the gate.

They arrived shortly after six and it was obvious that they were nervous as hell. They sat and told us about them selves briefly. We asked what they were willing to do.

'We thought it uas just a jerk off video,' one said.

'It is,' I replied, 'if that's all you want it to be. But if you are willing to do more, there is more money to be made.'

'Do more in what way?' asked the secone Marine.

'Have either of you ever done anything with another guy before?'

They both said no other than jerk off a few times with school mates when they were in their early teens.

'Okay,' I began, 'there is one fee for just jerking off and letting us film you shooting out onto your stomach. The fee is higher if you let one of us suck you for a while and even more if you suck on each other. I don't mean climax, just suck a while. Then there is even more if you're willing to get fucked by the other.'

'We'll have to think about all that. Let's just do a jerk off today,' one said after looking at the other.

'Fine, why don't you two go ahead and strip down and get started. I'll put in a video to help you out.' I started the straight porn video as they stripped.

They were both nineteen and hot as hell. As their cocks stiffened and they stroked we saw them looking over at each other's cocks. Soon, they were relaxing and getting into it.

'There is a hundred and fifty additional to whoever lets me suck them for a while,' Luke said.

After a few minutes, Sam, the blond one, said, 'It's yours.'

Naked to the waist, Luke positioned himself between Sam's legs and began sucking him as Sam moaned softly before saying, 'Fuck it, Larry, you need to try this. Better than any bitch I ever had.'

Before long Larry agreed and Luke moved over to service Larry. After a while, Luke pulled off and we told them to go at their own pace and to let us know when they were ready to climax.

After about two or three minutes, Sam said he was close. The camera zoomed in on his cock and soon he was erupting out onto not only his stomach but all the way up to his neck. He was followed in less than a minute by Larry, who shot with an equal amount of force. When the camera stopped, we congratulated them on their performance.

They got up and showered and when dressed we gladly paid them for their services. 'Ever made that much in that short of a time and had it feel so good?'

They both laughed and said no. We told them when they were ready again to give us a call and gave each one a code name. We were doing everything possible to protect their identity.

We found another homeless young man and he was willing to do it all for the money. He was twenty-two and damn hot looking once cleaned up. He started jerking and soon was letting me suck his cock. Before long he sucked me and when asked if he was willing to get fucked he said yes. I lubed up my cock and his ass and began my insertion. He winced in pain as I went in but before long he was moaning in pleasure. I was wearing a condom and when I was ready to climax, I pulled out, jerked the condom off and came all over his cock as he shot his load. He walked out with a thousand cash in his hand.

We decided to put the homeless clients on one DVD and the Marines and other military on a second disc.

Business picked up slowly and about a month later Sam and Larry called saying that they'd like to come by again. When they arrived they were more relaxed and soon were nude and side by side on the sofa stroking.

'How about some kissing, guys?' I said.

They laughed and were about to decline as I said, 'Just close your eyes and pretend it your girlfriend.'

Reluctantly, they agreed and soon were kissing, and with each kiss they got more into it. Then without coaxing, they began stroking each other. Suddenly, Sam leaned over and began sucking Larry's cock. After a while he stopped and Larry began sucking Sam.

'Have you two been practicing?' I asked.

'Nah, but we talked on the way over and decided to give it a try,' Larry said.

'Either of you willing to get fucked?'

'For how much?'

'Well with what you have already done you have each earned seven fifty. Whoever gets fucked gets a total of a thousand.'

'I'll try it but what if I can't take it?' Sam said.

'It's all or nothing,' I said.

'Okay,' he answered. 'You got some lube?'

We gave them The lube and Larry greased up his cock and Sam's ass and with Sam on his back and legs raised, he began his insertion. Sam winced in pain as Larry went in but after a while Larry was fucking away and Sam said, 'Damn, that's starting to feel good.'

'You liking that?' asked Larry.

'Believe it or not, yea.'

They got into several positions and before long Sam was saying 'Oh, yea, fuck me.'

Laying on his left side with his right leg pulled up, Sam reached around his leg and began stroking his cock as Larry fucked his hot not so virgin hole. Soon, Sam said, 'I'm about to cum.'

'Go ahead,' we told him. With a few more strokes, his cock erupted sending the first rope into his face with the spunk landing right at the corner of his mouth. Seconds later Larry pulled out and shot his load all over Sam's chest and stomach.

As they lay, trying to catch their breath, Sam said, 'I never dreamed anything up the ass could feel so fucking good.'

'Maybe next time, you can fuck Larry,' Isaid.

'We'll see,' answered Larry. They walked out with seventeen hundred and fifty between them.

Word spread amoung the grapevine and we received a call from a sergeant who wanted to make some extra money as did a fiend. We said fine and made a date for them to come by.

They arrived and we found out that the younger of the two was in the sergeants platoon. They admitted that they were both gay and would do anything for the cash. They said they needed the cash for a room for the weekend and were willing to let us film them having sex for the cash. We agreed. That video was hot because they knew what they were doing and needed no coaxing. They fucking did it all. We gladly paid them a bonus for their hot action.

Word amoung the homeless began to spread and soon we had a full DVD which we began producing and packaging and selling to the distributors. Royalties began coming in. It seemed that the video was a hit. After the first few guys, we started videoing the pick up off the street along with the sex.

Before long some of the regulars were coming in and asking us to join them in the video, in a sixty-nine and us fucking them. As word spread, we began getting calls from guys in both the Navy and the Army. Some of the guys were even officers.

Business was booming. I had hired a manager for the construction company that was hot as hell but as far as I knew was straight. His name was Rick and he was in his mid-thirties. He had done well and it too, was booming. After six months we decided to take a vacation and go to the house in Miami.

Before leaving, I called Rick and told him that we were going on vacation and he could reach me on the cell number if he needed me. I asked him to come by and check the house and that I would leave a key under the back mat and he could return it when I got back. He said he would take care of things. He knew I had a side business but didn't know what it was. Yet.

We flew to Miami and after renting a car headed to the house. I had received a letter with a placard for the car in order to gain admittance to the neighborhood. I had called the lawyer, who I had left a key with and told him we were coming and asked that he see that groceries were stocked for us.

Figuring that George would be on the gate I had it packed in my bags. However when we arrived at the gate there was a new guard. He was in his late twenties and build like Adonis and with the same good looks. his name was Clint. We found out that George had passed away three months earlier and he took his place.

I introduced myself and he asked to see the placard. I got out and opened the truck and had to remove folders from MLT productions from my bag to get to the placard. When I showed it to him I noticed him looking at the foulders. The front of the folder read 'MLT Production New Clients.'

He smiled and said to make sure it was visible and opened the gate. My curiosity was aroused at his smile after looking at the folder. One requirement of new clients was a photo and a background sheet on each person. These were some we needed to finalize and catagorize as to their performance.

We drove to the house and after unloading, we raided the kitchen. It had been fully stocked as requested. The back pool area was totally private and we immediately stripped and dove in. Later in the evening we left and went to a few gay bars and made some contacts. When we returned, Clint walked up to the car and said, 'Sir, if there is anything you need while you're here or anything I can do for you, just let me know.' I noticed that he casually rubbed his crotch as he said it.

'Thanks, Clint. I appreciate the offer, and please call me Mark.'

As we drove through the gate, I asked the others if they got the same vibes as I did. They both said definately because of the wording of his offer and the fact that he rubbed his crotch. They had noticed it also.

When we got to the house, I picked up the phone and dialed the front gate.

'Yes, Mark, what can I help you with?'

'Clint, when you get off if you'd like to stop by for a beer, we'd love to get to know you better.'

'Thank you, I just might,' he said.

'Well, we'll be out back at the pool. The front door will be open. Just let yourself in and come on back.'

'Okay, thanks.'

'And of course we'll all be in the pool naked?'

'Of course or sitting around it naked,' I replied.

About an hour later we heard a car door out front. We were all sitting at a table with a beer, naked as could be, when Clint walked out onto the patio and saw us.

'Feel free to join us if you like. Make yourself comfortable,' I said.




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