Earn Extra Money!

Earn extra money for Xmas!

Looking for young men between 18-21 years old.

Consultation and Physical Exam Required.

Call 555-2424 if interested.

Eighteen-year-old college freshman Ronnie Jones had looked at the ad

again then flipped open his cell phone and dialed the number. Ronnie had

just about blown everything in his bank account for the semester and he

could certainly use extra money for Christmas.

'Hello?' a voice on the other end of the line had answered.

'Uh, yeah. I'm calling about the ad in the college newspaper. The one

where you're looking for guys eighteen through twenty one who want to

earn extra money,' Ronnie had said.

'I see. Well, there is the necessity of an interview and a physical

exam,' the voice on the other end of the line had replied.

'Uh, yeah. That's what the ad said,' Ronnie had answered.

'Well, when can you come by for an interview?' the voice on the other end

of the line had asked.

'Uh, anytime,' Ronnie had replied.

'Will three o'clock this afternoon be okay?' the voice had asked.

'Sure!' Ronnie had replied.

'Fine! The address is 3520 Oak Street. You know where that is?' the

voice asked.

'Uh, yes sir!' Ronnie had replied.

'Fine, see you at three, then. Goodbye!' the voice had said and hung up,

abruptly ending the call.

That afternoon, at exactly three o'clock, Ronnie had rung the doorbell of

the one story brick structure and waited.

'Come in! Come in! I'm Doctor Grayson', a tall, somewhat muscular man,

with coal black hair and dressed in a white smock had said, opening the

door and stepping aside for Ronnie to enter.

Ronnie had found some of the questions in the interview somewhat weird,

especially the ones about his sex life, and the physical examination

weird as well, feeling that the doctor lingered a little bit to long with

his fingers when doing the prostate exam. The physical exam, and the fact

that he had had to lock himself in a small restroom and jerk off and

shoot into a beaker had seemed very strange. On the other hand, Dr.

Grayson was quite pleased.

Physically, Ronnie was about as perfect a subject as the doctor could

want. His sperm output was above average, but that would most certainly

improve if past experiments held true, and the way Ronnie's hips etched

into his rippled abdominals was also a pretty good sign. As for his cock

and balls, the five-inches of circumcised meat, which would swell to

eight when hard, and the large, low-hung, balls were perfect, as was the

fact that the young man definitely had a rectum sensitive to

stimulation. The doctor had smiled as Ronnie began to slightly buck back

on his fingers as he fingered his prostate.

'A thousand dollars!' Ronnie had exclaimed when the doctor had told him

how much he would earn, and he couldn't imagine what he would have to do

for it.

'Well, Ronnie. Basically, I'm doing research on sperm production.

Specifically, increasing the output, and so far I've had great success.

Essentially, you're going to be a sperm donor,' the doctor had said.

'Oh! You mean I gotta jerk off into a beaker again?' Ronnie had asked.

'No! It'll be something a little different than that. However, I can

assure you you won't be physically harmed in any way,' the doctor had


'I'll do it,' Ronnie had said, thinking how cool it was to get paid that

much money for shooting off.

'Here! You are to take two of these a day, one upon arising and one

before going to bed. You are not to masturbate at all. When the

medication is all gone you are to call me and we'll set up a time.

Expect to be out of pocket for a few days,' the doctor said, handing

Ronnie the bottle of capsules.

'Uh, yes sir!' Ronnie replied, taking the brown pill bottle from the


Over the course of the next few days, not much was different for Ronnie,

except that he wished he could jerk off. By the end of the week,

however, things were noticeably different. If his penis wasn't hard it

was half-hard most of the time and it leaked pre-cum incessantly. His

balls went through periods where they ached and were sensitive to the

touch, he could swear they were larger, and he wanted to cum so bad he

thought he would die. Yet, Ronnie had done as the doctor had asked,

afraid to blow his chance at earning a thousand dollars. So, when he

took the last capsule of the medication he had called the doctor as


Doctor Nathan Grayson had smiled as he had set down the headset. Ronnie,

his next subject, was soon to be on the way over. Things were working

out marvelously well. As a matter of fact, Danny Johnson, the most

recent subject, had recuperated enough so that he had left early this

morning, a thousand dollars richer and not one sperm left in his body, or

promise of one soon. In fact, it would probably take his balls a week or

more to recharge.

Now, Ronnie found himself in the same examination room where the doctor

had done his physical sitting naked upon the table and waiting while the

doctor filled a hypodermic syringe with some clear fluid.

'What's that?' Ronnie asked.

'Basically, it's somewhat of a sexual stimulant. It'll make your penis

quite hard,' the doctor replied. 'Now, you may notice a warm feeling in

your penis and testicles,' the doctor said as moved over toward the

examination table to inject the substance into Ronnie's arm.

Ronnie grimaced a bit as the doctor stuck him with the needle.

'You'll notice the effect shortly. There's nothing to be alarmed about,'

the doctor added as he removed the needle, neglecting to tell Ronnie that

his penis would stay hard for hours on end.

'Oh shit!' Ronnie said moments later as a warm sensation began to flow

through his groin.

Then, he watched, as if by magic, his cock began to swell rapidly. Soon,

it was rock hard at its full eight-inches. In fact, to Ronnie it felt as

though it had never been so hard in his entire life. It was at that

moment that a tall, muscular, black man entered the examination room and

Ronnie stared. The man was huge!

'This is my assistant, James. James this is Ronnie,' the doctor said.

'Uh, hi!' Ronnie replied, trying to hide his hard on without much


'Hello,' the huge black man said, nodding his head.

'James, why don't you escort Ronnie here to the test room and get him set

up. I'll be there in a moment,' the doctor said.

'Yes, doctor! Come with me,' the black man said to Ronnie. 'And, don't

worry, I seen plenty of hard dicks in the last six months so don't be

embarrassed,' he added.

Ronnie followed the black man down a short hall, his hard cock swinging

from side to side as he walked, and the warmth his groin intensifying

with each passing moment it seemed. However, it was when James opened

the door at the end of the hall that Ronnie stopped short in the doorway

and his mouth hung open at what he saw.

'What the fuck is that?' Ronnie asked, as he saw the futuristic looking

device sitting in the middle of the room.

The adjustable metal frame of the machine was an unusual device in and of

itself. At the head of the frame was a metal bar, not unlike what one

would find on a Soloflex, or a similar exercise device. At each end of

the bar were adjustable metal bands through which the wrists of the

occupant were inserted and firmly secured. In the middle was a large

oval-like device in which the subject's head was placed and the firmly

secured into place.

Leather straps held the upper torso of the occupant firmly to the eight

inch wide adjustable beam that went toward the end of the device where it

joined two smaller beams that formed legs in an inverted 'V' shape. Foot

pads were at the bottom of each of the legs and those were where the

subject's feet were placed and firmly secured.

A hydraulic system allowed the legs to be adjusted so that the subject's

legs could be spread and maneuvered about in order to enable his butt

crack to be splayed open and his anus to be clearly vulnerable.

Once the frame had been adjusted for the proper fit, the subject's torso

was strapped firmly to the frame. Once that was done, the subject's head

was secured and locked into position. Once the subject was totally

secured, the computerized console was activated and the various robotic

arms moved into place to perform their specific functions.

One of the robotic arms moved into place at the subject's ass end. Two

others, with suction devices on them, attached themselves to the

subject's nipples. Another, with finger like projections, moved into

place just millimeters from the subject's perineum. Finally, a special

plastic sleeve, with hose attached, was placed over the subject's penis

and balls and secured.

Once the program began, a pump was started that at first created a vacuum

causing the subject's penis to swell grotesquely and fill the plastic

sleeve. Then, the sleeve would begin to vibrate and suck and milk the

subject's cock. As it did so, the robotic arms with the suction cups

would be activated and the subject's nipples would be both nibbled and

sucked at the same time.

Then, at the foot of the metal frame the robotic arm with a rubber,

ten-inch long, finger-width probe, with a small bulb at the end that had

an opening like a piss-slit, would optically sight the subject's butt

hole and the probe would be inserted swiftly into the subject's rectum.

In and of itself there was little discomfort with the insertion.

However, once inserted the bulb at the end of the probe would ultimately

inflate until it was right at two inches wide, almost like the knot on a

dog's penis. Once inflated, the bulb at the end of the probe would then

proceed to vibrate. As it did so, the robotic arm with the finger-like

projections would seize hold of the subject's perineum and began to

massage it while it vibrated as well.

Finally, when the moisture sensors in the collection unit sensed the

appropriate amount of pre-cum the rubberized knot would begin to fuck

itself back and forth over the subject's prostate.

In short, through the entire process the subject was getting his cock

sucked and milked while his prostate, nipples, and perineum were being

stimulated. Needless to say, it all led to extremely intense orgasms and

copious discharges of sperm. Initially, that is. The program would not

shut itself off until the subject had had three dry cums.

'That, young man, is where you are gonna spend some time,' James said.

'Uh, I don't know. I mean, do I gotta?' Ronnie asked.

'If you want the money,' the black man said, and chuckled. 'Now come on,

I'll get you in the thing,' he added, and headed toward the weird looking


Ronnie couldn't help but be a little nervous as the black man helped him

onto the contraption and began to secure him to it. He even wondered why

it was necessary for his legs to be maneuvered into such a position so

that he could feel the cool air on his butt hole. Yet, the snug fit of

the plastic sleeve on his cock felt good and he was already at the point

of wanting to cum so bad that he didn't care.

At about the time he was thoroughly secured into the contraption Dr.

Grayson entered the room and began to attach the monitoring electrodes to

Ronnie's body. That way, a careful check could be done of heart rate,

blood pressure, and the like. Then, once he was satisfied, the process

was ready to begin.

'Okay, now you're probably going to ejaculate very rapidly the first

time. That will be followed by another ejaculation fairly soon.

However, it will take a little longer than the first. Just try to enjoy

it as much as you can,' the doctor said.

Of course, Dr. Grayson neglected to tell Ronnie that he would have one

orgasm after another to the point that he would try with all his might

not to have another, the dry cums being especially pleasurable and

painful at the same time. Yet, there would be no way he could prevent

them from happening.

With his head firmly secured, there was no way Ronnie could see what the

doctor was doing because the control panel was located behind him and to

the side. But, he could hear clicking and switching sounds and knew

something was about to happen.

Quickly, the robotic arms with the suction cups positioned themselves and

clamped onto his nipples. Then, the suction pump began to operate.

'Oh fuck! Shit!' Ronnie hollered, as the sleeve began to milk and suck

his cock and the cups began to nibble and suck on his nipples.

'Yes, enjoy it, my boy! I shall check on you in a little while,' the

doctor said, and headed out of the room.

The room was soon full of the sounds of Ronnie's moans from the pleasure

radiating from his cock and nipples as they got massaged and sucked.

'Owwww! ' Ronnie then hollered, as the probe entered his rectum. 'Unh!

Oh my God!' he then cried out, as the bulb at the end of the probe

inflated and filled his rectum with a knot the size of a lemon.

Then, almost instantly, as the knot in his rectum began to vibrate, the

robotic arm with the finger-like projections grabbed hold of his perineum

and began to message it and vibrate as well.

Oh! Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!' Ronnie wailed, never having received such

stimulation in his life.

Needless to say, with such stimulation it didn't take long before Ronnie

began to leak pre-cum profusely. In less than a minute, the sensors in

the collection unit sensed the presence of enough pre-cum and the knot

began to fuck itself back and forth over Ronnie's prostate like some

giant swab, causing Ronnie to squeal like he hadn't done since he was a

little kid.

'Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Arggggggggghhhhh! Argggggggghhhh!' Ronnie wailed,

his mind going on overload from all the stimulation.

Dr. Grayson had been right and it didn't take long for the first orgasm,

for in less than three minutes Ronnie could feel the cum began to boil in

his balls and head upward toward freedom.

'Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh--aaaaaAAAAAhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH!' Ronnie cried out in a

crescendo and came.

Immediately, two things happened with Ronnie's initial discharge. At

first, there was a loud slurping sound, and the pump began to labor a bit

with the quantity of the sperm as it began to slurp up Ronnie's thick,

white, goo. Then, the rubberized bulb in Ronnie's rectum began to shoot

a gush of warm sperm into his rectum. It would do so in time with each

spurt of his own cum that was slurped up by the collection unit. All the

collected sperm was saved for just this very purpose and it served to

intensifying the subject's orgasms.

To Ronnie, it was as if he was blowing his own cum load into his butt,

and again he squealed as he blew a second blast that was bigger than the

first. In fact, it was so powerful it felt as if his whole insides were

coming out of the end of his dick.

Ronnie panted like a steam engine as he finished his orgasm. Yet, there

was no rest. He was soon moaning loudly again as the stimulation

continued and in less than five minutes he was again wailing and blowing

another load of thick teen goo, getting his butt swabbed by the

rubberized bulb and flooded with more sperm in the process.

It was after his eighth cum, in less than an hour, that Ronnie began to

make unintelligible noises that were pleas not to cum again. But, it did

no good. Ronnie was along for the ride whether the liked it or not, each

cum beginning to hurt more and more as the process to suck his balls dry


It took almost two hours before there was no more sperm and Ronnie wasn't

conscious for the third dry cum. He had screamed and passed out on the

second one, experiencing tremendous pain and pleasure at the same time.

Yet, the contraption had done its duty and milked him to a third and

final dry cum. Afterward, James helped a very exhausted and wobbly

Ronnie to the special recovery room, sperm running down his thighs and

legs from all that had been pumped into his butt, and cleaned him up then

tucked him into bed.

Of course, what Dr. Grayson had neglected to tell Ronnie was that the

injection he had given him earlier would be followed by more over the

next two days. They would not only made his cock hard but they contained

twenty times the dose of the agent he had developed for increasing sperm

output that he had given Ronnie in the capsules. In short, Ronnie was to

be a living breathing sperm factory that would rapidly produce sperm in

great quantities for the next several days.

As a result, by the time he began to stir awake the next morning Ronnie's

cock was not only rock hard but his balls ached badly and were swollen

because they needed to be emptied again. So, it was a weak-kneed Ronnie

that was helped back to the milking room and strapped into the machine.

Then, as the probe inserted itself into his rectum, then swelled, Ronnie

began to whimper, for there were no surprises this time and he now knew

everything that was about to happen and also that there was nothing he

could do about it until his balls were milked dry again.

Again, the milking session proceeded and after about two hours Ronnie was

milked dry, blubbering like a little kid toward the end and begging not

to cum as each orgasm approached. This time, he didn't pass out when the

dry cums started and he screamed with each one because of the combination

of pleasure and pain and the force and intensity of the orgasmic

contractions that were trying in vain to spew something from his penis.

It was a very tired and weak Ronnie that headed back to his dorm a

thousand dollars richer a day later. He did have the money for his

Christmas shopping but seriously doubted that he would be jerking off any

time soon or answering any more ads that promised a way to earn extra


As for Dr. Grayson, for the test period he had managed to increase

Ronnie's sperm output by over 500 percent, like most of the others. So,

he knew that his new product had merit and would soon be reliable enough

so that he could approach the drug companies with just a few more test

runs, and there were plenty of subjects who had answered the ad. In

fact, he could hear the cries of the newest test subject echoing down the

hall as he worked on his notes.



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