How should I describe my boyfriend Chris. Well if I had to do it in one

word it would be stud. He is a 23 year old 180 lb hunk of man who spent

several years in the air force. He has nice brown hair which he still

keeps in that military hair cut that I find so sexy. He stands 6 ft 2 and

is built like a rock. He is no huge muscle man, but every inch of his

body is firm and hard. In spite of his tough look he has a real baby

face which makes him seem even more sexy to me. His chest has a nice

covering of brown curly hair which also covers his super hard abs.

Basically he is a dream come true. I am pretty lucky to have him

as my first serious boyfriend.

Not that I am any slouch myself. I am 21 years old and am the object

of desire of most guys and girls I know. I am a little bit shorter than

him standing about 5 ft 10 and I have the body of a football player.

I played football all my life and still am in excellent shape.

I have dark blonde hair and deep blue eyes. I look like the typical

all American boy. My first two years of college were frustrating as hell.

While I figured out my own sexuality I spent most of my time fucking

stupid college girls and sucking off drunken frat boys. But then I met

Chris. He absolutely swept me off my feet. It was hard for me

to believe that a guy who was so masculine and such a stud could

like guys, but it was true. We have been going out a year now

and he still makes me feel very special. We just recently moved in together.

If I had to use a word to describe our sex life it would be AWESOME.

Chris is so great in bed. The way he kisses me drives me wild. I love

the way it feels when he sucks on my neck with the stubble rubbing

against it. It absolutely drive me wild. The way it feels when our

bodies grind together is heavenly. Sometimes when we are humping

against each other I will put my hand between both of our super

hard abs. The feeling of that lone will make me cum many times.

Not that Chris can't do the job himself. Every part of me is

given attention by him and I make sure I show him the same

consideration. He can suck a dick like no one else and I have learned

to do the same for him.


I never would have thought that I would have enjoyed anal sex until Chris.

I was really hesitant to try it at first especially given his 9

inch monster. But he was so patient with me. I still remember the

first time he did it. He spent almost an hour sucking me, and getting

my ass relaxed. It hurt like hell at first, but gradually I have

been able to get to the point where I can ride his dick for hours.

He is amazing at it. He starts out so slow to let me get used to

the feeling and then gradually builds up speed until the point

where I am begging him to fuck me harder. And harder he does fuck me.

One weekend he told me that two of his old air force buddies were

going to come into town and be staying with us. They were the only

two gay guys he new while he was in there and he had told me how

they would all fooling around together. I had seen their pictures before

and they were both pretty hot, not as hot as Chris, but still pretty damn

good looking. The thought of getting to spend the weekend with Chris

and these other two hot studs immediately turned me on.

They arrived at about 4 in the afternoon on Friday. I could

immediately see that their pictures really didn't do them justice.

First there was Jeff. Jeff stood about 6 feet four and probably

weighed about 190 pounds. He had dark hair and deep dark eyes.

He had nice firm arms and broad shoulder. He wore a tang top

and I could see that he had a nice covering of black chest hair.

Then came Tony. Tony was about my height (5ft 10 or so)

and was of Mexican origin. He had all the best of Hispanic features.

Deep brown eyes, dark hair and a cute boyish face while still maintaining

his tough look. He had the smallest buildof all of us but

everything he had was nice and firm. He changed shirts as soon as he got

in there and he had a nice smooth hairless chest and super ripped

abs also hairless except for a nice little patch below the navel.

We spent the better part of the evening getting to know each other

over dinner and some drinks. They spent a lot of the time talking

about the old days but made sure not to make me feel like I was

left out of the conversation. I could see really easily that

Jeff and Tony were both really nice guys and very easy to get along

with. I looked forward even more to spending a whole weekend with them.

We got back to our apartment and each of us opened up a beer.

We were all pretty toasted (except for Chris, but he was driving)

and just sat around and talked. We each finished off a few

beers. I went into the bathroom and Chris came in right after

me and gave me a big kiss. It felt so nice. I immediately

became horny as hell and could not wait for an a hot session

of sex that I was sure would develop after everyone was asleep.

But he whispered something into my ear that shocked the hell out of


'How would you like all four of us to have sex together?',

he asked.

'Are you serious?', I said somewhat surprised.

'Yes, of course I am. I can see the way you have been looking

at those guys. I know you really want to.', he said

quite confidently.

He was right of course. I did want them bad. But all the time

I have been going out with Chris, I had never slept with anyone

else. I still looked at other guys but sleeping with them

would be unthinkable. Besides, Chris is so good in bed

I didn't need anyone else. I thought about and realized

that I really did want to and it was evident that Chris did too.

'All right I'll do it.', I said. He immediately gave me another

big kiss and he set out into the living room to get the other two studs.

We all gathered on our bed. I almost began drooling in anticipation

of what was going to happen.

Tony immediately sat down next to me and gave me a kiss.

Hispanic guys have always kind of turned me on but this

would be my first chance to have one. Chris and Jeff

immediately begin to kiss passionately. Tony took off

his shirt and I did the same. I began immediately

sucking on his nice firm nipples.

Meanwhile I looked over to find that Chris and Jeff were really going

at it. They were both down to their underwear only and

were humping on each other like a bunch of mad man. Me and

Tony each gave the two a big kiss and then we started to strip down.

I could see his haron poking through his bikini briefs with

a nice little wet spot. I put my tongue through there and immediately

began to feel his dick teasing him for about 3 or 4 minutes.

I finally let loose and ripped off his underwear and started to suck him like

a mad man. I let my head rest in his abs while I gave him

so much pleasure. I liked to look up to see the expression on his face.

He was really loving it. Meanwhile Jeff and Chris had now moved into

a 69. Jeff came over and started sucking my dick and Chris

in turn went down on him. It was amazing a whole blow job chain.

I began to explore Jeff's body for the first time. I rubbed

on his nice strong shoulders and started to pinch his nipples.

We got out of the position and I started making out with jeff for

a while. Chris and Tony continued to suck off each other.

Jeff was on top of me and I could feel his eight incher

between my cracks. He teased me a while with it pressing

it hard against my hole until I got to the point where I was

begging for him to ride my ass. He slowly started to insert it.

It hurt a lot at first, I guess I am used to Chris's dick,

but he just threw my legs over his shoulders and forced

his tool into my ass. Chris kissed me passionately while

I was getting used to it and I sucked on his dick for a while.

Chris then gave me his tool to suck on. I was enjoying that

so much I didn't even realize that Jeff had begun to fuck me

like a madman. While he didn't have the power of Chris

he certainly could do it hard and fast.

This went on for a few minutes then Chris told Tony that he

wanted his ass bad. Chris put Tony down and put his legs over

his broad shoulders and began to slowly insert his massive

hardon into his tight firm ass. Tony was probably in pain.

He was close enough to me that I could kiss him so we

began to explore each others mouths while we were getting

fucked. Chris and Jeff did the same and the sight of

this was really turning me on. I began to feel around

and touch every inch of Jeffs firm body. I started to talk

dirty to him and that made him go faster. I kept saying

stuff like 'fuck me harder you big stud, oh I love your dick'.

Meanwhile Tony was really sucking on my neck which totally

drives me wild.

I could feel Jeff fucking me harder and harder. He kept

on getting faster and faster. God this was feeling good,

coupled with being able to touch Tony and Chris all over.

Jeff began to moan really loud, oh god I'm gonna shoot.

He shot a massive load of cum up by butt. He exited

my hole and gave me a big kiss on the lips. At the same

time Chris and Tony were still fucking like mad men.

Chris has amazing control he can go fuck for as long or

as little as you want. Finally he just let loose and

shot his own load right into Tony's ass. He gave him a kiss

and then gave me a kiss. I could have cum by having Jeff fuck

me but I wanted to hold out and let Chris do the job.

Chris and Jeff went into the bathroom and started to clean

themselves off. Tony got ontop of me and we started humping

each other. I was giving his dick a nice massage. He put

a finger up my hole. It was already pretty well lubed up

and just needed something to fill it up. He put his dick

between my legs and teased me with it. Finally he just

put my legs in the air and just shoved it in there.

He didn't waste any time either. He just started fucking

the shit out of me from the very beginning. It felt

pretty good. His dick was not as big as Jeff's

or Chris's, but he could fuck pretty well. Not as hard and

as fast as Jeff does but he did it pretty damn well.

Jeff and Chris re entered the room and started immediately

to go at it in a 69. Chris can sure suck a dick and

Jeff looks like he was really enjoying it. Chris stopped

for a while and let me suck his dick. He whispered in my

ear 'I am saving a nice big load just for you'. I

was going nuts. He continued to suck Jeffs dick while

I had his big tool in my mouth.

Tony kept pounding his tool into me as did Jeff. This feeling

of having to big cocks attacking me was awesome. Tony

would move my legs in and out allowing him to fuck me deeper and

harder. Finally, it was evident that he would not be able

to hold out any longer. He gave me a big shot of cum right

between the legs. He was completely exhausted and just fell right

into my arms. At about the same time, Chris was sucking on

Jeff really good and Jeff shot a huge load right into

Chris's mouth.

Chris got up and got right ontop of me. I was so excited.

I knew what was coming. It had been a great night of fucking

but this was going to be the climax. I had two amazingly

hot studs already get off by fucking me but this was going

to be the best yet. Chris started sucking on my dick and

it felt so good I told him to stop or else I was going to cum

right there. I sucked on his tits a little bit

while his hands massaged by butt. It felt so good

to have his hard tits in my mouth.

He slowly got down and eased his meat into me. We

had done this so many times, but each time it still excites

me. He started thrusting his manhood as soon as he got into

me. There was no need to let me get used to it now.

I had already taken two hard cocks and I couldn't get much looser.

The feeling of having him inside of me was the best.

After every few thrusts he would lean down and give me a kiss.

He hadn't shaved a few days and I loved the way it felt

so rough against my lips and neck.

Jeff and Tony came back and they started going at it again.

I had Tony give me his cock so I could suck on him while

Chris was fucking me. Tony jerked off Jeff while this was going on.

Evey few minutes I would have the two of them trade places so

I could have Jeffs lucious cock in my mouth, and Tony began

to suck me and give my cock a few strokes.

This was an incredible sensation, sucking one gorgeous stud

while another jerked me off and another fucked the shit out of

me. It was almost more than a guy could handle. Finaly

Chris got that look on his face like he was goign to shoot.

He started screaming and I could feel the full force of

his massive orgasm inside of me. Tony was instantly

able to get me to shoot my load. I have never shot so far in

my entire life. Exhausted we all just collapsed into one

big mass.

That was the beginning of an incredible weekend of sex. The

things we did were just awesome. Tony and Jeff are supposed

to come back next month and bring a friend with them.

Oh, the possibilities.



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