This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any persons living or dead is pure coincidence.

To set the scene. I've been using a certain Gay contact site for about 5 years now and have met with, and had sex with, a variety of guys. As I have wide tastes in both men and sex this isn't really surprising.

Whilst browsing the site about a year ago I came across a profile of a guy I thought I recognised from work. I didn't know him and we had never spoken, there being around 800 people on site, but I had fancied him from the first time I'd seen him. As I checked out the pictures on his profile it was confirmed. It was Daniel Drier. And just to really be sure of it I had a look at his Facebook profile, which I had bookmarked, and there were some photos obviously taken on the same day of a holiday on each site.

His profile said he was into some things that interested me so I thought 'What the heck?' and sent him a brief hello message. We exchanged a couple of messages but he made it clear that he was not interested so that was that. From time to time I've noticed him online and occasionally looked at his profile, just in case he's posted any new and interesting photos. He might not be interested in me but that doesn't stop me fancying him, does it?

The last time I looked was a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised to receive a message back.

"Hello, this is Master Steff here. I have control of this my slaves profile to which he is no longer allowed access. He has to submit to the desires of anyone I select to have sex with him and deny them nothing. Are you interested?"

Interested? You bet I was.

"Hello" I replied. "Yes, I am interested. I work at the same place as him and have fancied him for a long time."

"How would you want to use him?"

"Well for a start..." but I'm not going to report the rest of the conversation here (spoilers) just say that we agreed on how I would use his slave, when and where.

At the appointed date and time I arrived at Daniel's flat as agreed. I rang the bell and he opened the door for me.

"Welcome Master." he said. He was wearing just a pair of boxer shorts and had a bandage bound round his eyes. He had no idea who was to use him that night or how. He just knew that his master had selected me and agreed with me what I could and couldn't do.

I caught hold of his arm, pulled him outside and pulled his shorts right down. He gasped but did not resist as I had him step out of them. I threw his shorts inside and then spent a moment or two to look at him. He was a little over 1.8m tall and weighed about 90kg. I knew he did some sports and it showed. Whist slim he was nicely muscled but not excessively so. He had a light covering of dark hair on his pecs and a good thick bush of dark pubes. His ass was broad and firm with a nicely hairy crack and his cock and balls hung down, both being a good size. All the time I was looking he stood there, not moving even though any of his neighbours could have come upon us and seen him in all his naked glory. As I looked, a new idea began to form in my mind. It was not something I had discussed with Master Steff, but it was something that really excited me.

I took him by the arm again and moved him inside, closing the door behind us. I desperately wanted to take hold of his cock but resisted the temptation, just allowing myself to stroke one hand across his ass. Now it was time to get to work. I had been told the layout of the flat and so led him to the bedroom. The restraints I had discussed with Master Steff were in place and I soon had Daniel laid on the bed and restrained as I wanted him. His left wrist was attached to his left ankle and the right to the right. A strap went from each wrist to the corresponding bottom corner of the bed and one from each ankle to the top. By shortening the straps he ended up on his back, feet almost over his head, and his arms passed between his legs and were pulled towards the bottom of the bed. Because each wrist was also attached to an ankle, the tightening of the straps also made his legs spread open. In this position his cock, balls, ass hole and mouth were all available with no obstructions. He was mine and I could do what I liked. And Master Steff had been very liberal with me. All he had said was "No permanent markings or injury and no time limit." I was going to enjoy this.

Once I had him secured I undressed myself, laid out the 'toys' I had brought and then went to work. I had decided to start gently and took hold of his cock and began to stroke it. He quickly responded and grew hard. It had started out at about 12cm when soft but when it was fully hard it was nearer 20 or 21 and must have been about 17 or 18 round with a gentle curve to his right. After a few minutes of gentle stroking I let go. I had no intention of letting him cum as yet, though I fully intended that he would learn how an orgasm can be used as a torture.

Next I turned my attention to his chest. He had a nice pair of nipples on a firm pair of pecs. I stroked them, I pinched them, I rubbed them and twisted them, changing from one to the other at random so he never knew what I would do next. By this time I was as hard as could be so I decided to have him suck me for a little and while he was doing that I decided to see how ticklish his feet were. They were very ticklish and the vibration from his squirming felt great on my cock in his mouth.

Pulling out from his mouth I moved back to the bottom of the bed and went back to stroking his cock which has softened somewhat but it soon returned to it's full rigidity in my hand. This time I added in some additional stroking of his cock head and soon had him moaning. I stopped again before he was near to cumming and turned my attention to his ass. In the position he was in his cheeks were taught and spread wide so I had a good view of his hole and totally unrestricted access. I ran my hands over his cheeks and gradually worked my way nearer the centre. Eventually I let one finger brush over his hole which got a low moan from him. Gradually as I stroked his cheeks I touched his hole more and more and then without any warning I pushed a finger right inside him, making him draw breath sharply. Then I withdrew it and inserted two and began to slowly finger fuck him. I kept this going for a few minutes and occasionally gave his cock a few strokes just to keep him on the boil. He was now moaning more and more.

"Now time to taste that cock." I thought and began to lick the area between his balls and and his hole and then to slowly make my way up over his balls to his cock. I licked around the base of his cock for a minute or so, still finger fucking him, and then licked my way to the head. As soon as my tongue touched the head he gasped and shook so I stopped for a moment to let him cool down a bit before slowly swallowing as much of that beautiful pole as I could.

For the next hour I kept changing between stroking, sucking and licking his cock, and fingering and tonguing his ass, keeping him on the point of cumming but never letting him get there. It was time for me to take a rest but not him. First I placed a metal but plug in his ass which was connected to one side of my tens unit and then I put a strap round the base of his cock that was connected to the other side. I turned the power up slowly until I was sure he was feeling it and then turned it up just a little more making him take short sharp breaths. Then I put a vibrating cock ring on him, just below the head and turned it on. After a few moments, when he was starting to moan and squirm a bit, I turned the electricity up a bit more. Then I went for a little look round. There was one thing I needed to find if my new idea was to be acted upon. It took me about ten minutes and then I came back to him.

By now he was really squirming on the bed and drawing very short sharp breaths from the electricity between his cock and ass. I decided to have him suffer a bit before I gave him his release so I took the tens unit and very very slowly increased the power, taking about 5 minutes to get to full. Long before I did he was begging me to stop and when it did reach full he was all but screaming at me. I let this go on for a minute or two and then suddenly turned it right off. He imediately relaxed and began to draw long deep breaths but not for long. With the electro now off, the vibrations of the ring began to become more potent.

Before long he was squirming again, but this time with the build up to an impending orgasm. Just as he was on the point of exploding I pulled the ring off him and he cried in frustration at not being able to cum. But now it was time to let him have his release, though that would be far from the end of things. Without any warning I drew his rigid cock into my mouth and began to give him the best blow job I know how and believe me, I've had lots of practice. In less than a couple of minutes I was rewarded with a mouthful of hot mancream which I swallowed as fast as I could. As his orgasm began to subside he again began to relax, but I had more in store for him. I at once resumed my sucking, paying especial attention to the over sensitive cock head. In seconds he was yelling for me to stop and struggling against his bonds.

I could have been deaf for all the good it did him. I continued to torture him in this way and after about 6 minutes was rewarded when he shot a second load in my mouth. This time as he subsided I withdrew my mouth and he again began to relax, but then I started to stroke his cock vigorously, again paying special attention to the extremely sensitive head. This time it only took a couple of minutes before he shot his load. Not surprisingly it wasn't that impressive, but it served to lubricate my hand which kept on stroking. His crys were pretty incoherent by this time so I decided to stop my stroking and put the vibrating ring back on him. He continued to whimper and squirm, but at least the volume went down a bit.

I realised that I was actually thirsty, so leaving him as he was I went in search of the kitchen and a drink of water which I took into the lounge to sit and have a think about what I had in mind next. I needed to refine my plans so ended up taking about half an hour, all with the sound of Daniel whimpering and moaning in the background as the vibrating ring continued to stimulate his over sensitive cock. Eventually I had my plans firmly in mind. Master Steff might not like me going 'off plan' as it were, but there was not a lot he could actually do about it.

I went back to Daniel and removed the ring. Then I packed up all my toys and got dressed. I released him but made it plain that he was not to remove the blindfold. I didn't speak, I just knocked his hand away when he made a couple of attempts to remove it. (I had told Master Steff that I did not want Daniel to hear my voice and identify me.) He soon got the message and when I pulled him to stand up he did so without any resistance. I wondered if he'd be so compliant had he known what was coming? I tied his hands behind his back and all was ready.

Picking up my bag and making sure I had the key that I had found earlier, I steered Daniel back to his front door and then out of it, making sure I locked it properly then attached the key to the chord securing his hands. Realising where he was and what I had done he began to speak, but a sharp slap on his ass shut him up. Taking hold of one of his arms I steered him carefully to my car and got him sat in the passenger seat and fastened his seat belt. I could tell by his demeanour that he was now starting to get worried which was all to the good as far as I was concerned. I put my bag in the boot, climbed in and off we went.

I wasn't actually planning to take him too far from his flat, but I deliberately took a very long and tortuous route. Eventually we arrived at our destination, a supermarket car park that was only about a ten minute walk from Daniel's flat but I had taken almost an hour to drive there. I released both our seat belts and got out of the car. I walked round to his door and opened it, reaching in to take him by the arm to indicate that he shouted get out.

"Where are" he started to ask, firmly remaining seated. That was all I allowed him to say. A sharp slap on the face shut him up and another tug on his arm brought him out of the car. I closed the door and locked it. It was about 3am by this time so the chances of anyone seeing him were low, but that would change later. I was feeling really excited. Here I was in a public car park with an attractive guy who was totally naked apart from his blindfold and I was free to use him in any way I wanted.

I led him away from the car so that he was totally aware that he had nowhere to hide. As I led him by the arm I was aware that he was trembling. It must have been from fear or worry because it was a very warm night so he couldn't be cold. When we got a good distance away I made him kneel down. I then took my cock out and made him suck it. It was so exciting to have this naked guy sucking on my cock in such a public place that it seemed like no time at all that I started to shoot in his mouth. He tried to pull back but I held his head so that my entire load went into his mouth. He resisted swallowing so most of it ran back out and dripped off his chin and onto his chest.

As soon as my cock came out of his mouth he began to speak. "Did Master Steff agree to this?"

I didn't say anything, just turned and walked back towards the car, leaving him kneeling where he was. I wanted a few moments to consider my next move. I thought I had four good options to choose from.

  1. Take him somewhere else and have more fun with him.
  2. Just drive off and leave him to get out of the situation if he could.
  3. Secure him to a tree or something so he had no chance of escape before someone found him and then drive off and leave him.
  4. Drive off and leave him. Then come back on foot, about half an hour later, and pretend to be the someone who has found him and be his saviour.

I thought number one was attractive but I was getting tired and would probably not make the most of it.

Numbers two and three were very attractive, but the downside to both was that I would probably never really know how it worked out.

The more I thought about it, the more number four commended itself to me, especially if I did it as an extension of number three.

"That's the one" I thought "and I know just how and where to secure him."

Grabbing my trolley coin from the car I walked back to him. He heard my footsteps and began to turn in my direction. I took him by the arm and pulled him to his feet. Then I steered him to the trolley bay nearest to the car park exit. When we got there I let go of him and put my token in the trolley that was furthest out of the bay, pulled him across and then re connected the trolley to the one in front of it passing the chain between his hands. He was now fastened to the line of trolleys by his hands and was stood almost facing the road with absolutely no way to cover himself.

I returned to the car, climbed in and started the engine.

"Hey! Come back!" he called. "You can't just leave me here."

But he was wrong. I could and I did. I drove out of the car park and off down the road in the direction of his flat. As soon as I judged that I was far enough away that he could no longer hear the engine I parked up and got out. Then I walked slowly backing to the car park, being careful to be a quiet as I could. I didn't want him to know that anyone was there as yet.

When I got there I could see him struggling and contorting himself in a very odd way. Then I realised he was trying to find some way to remove his blindfold. It was all in vain of course. Tied as he was there was no way he could get anything anywhere near his head to do it. I watched him for about half an hour and then decided that it was time for the next part of the fun.

Slowly and quietly I continued up the road past the supermarket for a short way. I wanted my footsteps to come from the opposite direction to which I had driven off in. When I was satisfied that I was far enough, I turned round a walked back normally. As I got closer I could see him turning his head in my direction.

"Help me. Please." he called out.

"Hello I called. What's wrong?"

"Over here" he called.

"Oh my God, what happened to you? Who did this?" I said as I came towards him. I was struggling not to laugh. Just as I got to him I decided to drop a little bomb shell.

"Daniel?" I cried "Daniel Drier?"

"Oh my God, who is it?" he asked, sounding extremely worried. He was already blushing from being found by a stranger, but finding out I was someone who knew him made him blush even deeper red.

"It's Mark. From work" I said as I removed his blindfold.

"Oh god" he said "this is so embarrassing."

"Why?" I asked "After all I have seen your profile online, remember?"

"I know, but to be found like this by someone who knows me, however slightly."

"I think it's rather nice" I said, lightly resting a hand on his chest. "After all, it's not every day I come across a naked hunk who I could play with any way I want to." And with that my hand moved to his cock, which immediately began to twitch and swell.

"Please, let me loose." he begged.

"All right. I was only teasing" I said and with a last squeeze let go of his cock.

I moved round to the other side of the trolleys and reached over to start untying the rope round his wrists.

"How did you get like this?" I asked.

"Long story." he said.

"Well I'm in no rush." I said, deliberately making the untying seem harder than it was. "I'm on my way home from visiting someone but I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow." and with that the rope was finally undone and he was free and I handed him the key. "Yours I presume? My car is only five minutes away. Let me run you home, unless you want to walk through the streets like that?"

"Thanks, that would be great." He looked around, taking in where he was for the first time. "Bastard!" he yelled. "Complete and utter Bastard!"

"Who me? I said.

"No. The guy who did this to me. We were driving for ages. Must have been an hour or more, but this is only a ten minute walk from home."

"Hmm." I said. "Is it worth getting in the car for?"

"We'll see." he said. "Depends exactly where it is."

"Come on then" I said and started to walk towards the car. "Sorry I don't have anything for you to put on." I was only in shorts and tee shirt. I did have some stuff in the car boot but I wasn't going to let him know that. I wanted him to have to walk home naked.

"Never mind" he said. "You weren't to know you'd meet a naked guy in distress."

"Here's the car" I said as we drew level.

"Not worth it." he said. "It's only just round the corner on the next street. Look, would you like to come in for a drink? It's the least I can do for my knight in shinning armour."

"Thank you." I said. "That would be nice." and off we went, me appearing to follow even though I knew exactly where we were going. Was he flirting with me just then?

We reached his flat without meeting anyone and I followed him inside.

"Make your self comfortable" he said, pointing towards the lounge. "Pils OK?"

"Yea please." I answered and went and sat on the sofa. A moment later he came in with two bottles and I was glad and more than a little surprised to see he was still naked.

"Thanks" I said taking one bottle from him. "Cheers"

"Cheers" he responded "and thanks again." and with that he sat on the sofa right next to me. "You know I was really afraid I would have been there till the the shop opened in the morning. On reflection I think that would have been even more embarrassing than being found by you."

"It was sheer luck on your part." I said.

"I know" he said, "but I feel I owe you a reward of some sort." and put one hand on my leg.

"I thought you weren't interested in me?" I said.

"I know I told you that online, but I didn't know you at all then and also I was wary of getting together with anyone from work. I guess I was scared that somehow you would out me. But you haven't. You haven't even tried to get me to speak to you or anything. And now, this evening, you saved me from what could have been the most embarrassing experience in my life when you could so easily have used me and then left me to my fate. All that adds up to a really nice, genuine guy and sometimes a match of personalities is more important than mere physical attraction. I think I'd like to see if we can be friends."

"Are you sure you won't feel differently in the cold light of day?" I asked.

"Maybe I will, but right now I hope I don't."

"OK." I said. "What have we got to loose but time?" and I leaned over and kissed him. Things were moving in a direction I could not possibly have expected. And I had been so close to just leaving him to his fate.

"Come on." he said, taking me by the hand and leading me through to the bedroom where the whole evening had started. "Lets start exploring possibilities."

"Just a moment" I said. "Before things go too far there is something I have to tell you. It wasn't luck that I found you. I was the guy who used you and then took you to the car park. Mind you, what your Master Steff will have to say about my going 'off piste' as it were I don't know."

Daniel sat quietly for a moment, looking at me. "Thank you." he said. "I really appreciate you telling me."

"I suppose that makes a difference then." I said.

"No. If anything it just reinforces what I said before about you being a really nice genuine guy. If you weren't then you wouldn't have said anything. Also, while we are in the confessional, I have one of my own. There is no Master Steff. It was me all along."

"So you knew who I was all along?" I exclaimed. "Do you have any idea how hard it was for me not to speak?" and I burst out laughing which soon set Daniel laughing as well.

"So where are we now then?" I asked when we finally stopped and were able to speak again.

"On our way to bed if I remember correctly." he said and reached out for my hand once more.



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