I sometimes think that I'm kind of a deviant. I see someone I want and I scheme and plan and think about how I can get that person.

When I met Mark, Steve's husband, I couldn't take my eyes off him. I must have a thing for dark-haired guys with intense eyes - Ron, my ex is like that. Dan, my musician boyfriend look like that too. What I liked about Mark was that he was almost my size - taller than me but not much. He also has these really great cheekbones, big brown eyes, a great body and, from what Steve told me, was a tiger in bed.

When Dan left to go home and Ron and I split up, I started seeing Rusty, Steve's best friend. Rusty wanted an exclusive relationship and I sort of said yes, although I didn't plan on breaking things off with Dan. One night when the four of us were together, I couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to sleep with Mark. I immediately began to plan my attack.

I called him one day while Steve and Rusty were both working and after making small talk, asked him if he'd ever swapped partners or done any three-ways. He said 'of course,' and we talked about a couple of experiences we both had. Then I started talking dirty to him, knowing that at the very least, I would get him a little hot and bothered and then I could introduce the idea of us doing a swap. Well, he took the bait and was returning the talk to me - although he said he was kidding around. But then I said, 'you know what would be fun? We should get high with Steve and Rusty and then have sex with our respective partner while the other couple watches! What do you think of that?'

He paused for a minute and said 'intriguing idea. Why would we do this - just for something to do, or to move things towards another direction?'

'I'll let you decide - are we on? I can talk Rusty into it, I'm sure - he's obsessed with Steve. And maybe if we talk Steve into it as a group we can get his buy in.'

'I don't know if I want to lay that on him like that.'

'Okay,' I said, 'but don't tell him yet - let me think about this.'

Later in the day Rusty came home and over dinner I started floating the idea his way. It didn't take long to convince him - 'I would absolutely love to see Steve and Mark together,' he smiled right away.

Well, we did it that night - and after that I started to fuel the fire by talking about how we should swap. I called Mark a couple of days after our watching experiment and he was still fired up. I started telling him how turned on I was watching him with Steve and I couldn't believe how big his cock was and how I couldn't stop thinking about how it would feel inside me and how badly I wanted to have him fuck my mouth with it. He was clearly turned on, moaning a bit while I talked to him, more than likely jerking off at the same time (I was, of course!).

I said to him, 'You know, Mark, the boys are at work and I'm alone - I should come over there to your house and give you a blow job - that way I can get you off and it wouldn't be as if we slept together.'

A few minutes more of that and he told me to come over. I got there about twenty minutes later and delivered one hell of a blow job to him, letting him fuck my mouth after I first kissed him for awhile and then gave him a really nice rimming. He slammed into my mouth, coming really hard. I really wanted to get him to return the favor right away but I refrained. I thought at least that this would give him something more to think about so I could get him in bed a bit later.

Apparently Rusty, my boyfriend who wanted to be monogamous, did the exact same thing to Steve, which he admitted when he got home that night. So having done that, I started working on him to do a swap. I made him talk to me about how he feels about Steve (I knew Rusty was in love with him but he'd wouldn't admit it). He admitted how turned on he was watching Steve and Mark that night and I got him to admit that he'd love to have a chance to get him in bed at least once in his lifetime, since he didn't get that chance when Steve finally came out.

So I got him to agree in principle and then I had to get Mark to work on Steve. It took a lot of persuading, of which I'm very good at. He agreed to bring up the topic to Steve. That took some convincing, mainly because Steve was worried that this was something they shouldn't do since they were married, but Mark convinced him that it was okay to do this and that if the four of us agreed, we'd be fine.

The next day after Steve agreed to the plan, I called Mark and set a date with him for Saturday night. Apparently Rusty and Steve had all along been talking about how they'd like to fuck and they had already set a date for that night, too. We decided that I'd pick him up and we'd go out for a nice dinner first and then go to a hotel, which is what Rusty and Steve were going to do. I was so fucking excited I could barely stand it.

I made a reservation at a pretty nice hotel and we met at the restaurant in the hotel for an early dinner at 6:00. I had already checked in and left some champagne chilling up in the room. I was surprisingly nervous at dinner but Mark was very cool and calm. We had some wine and good food and he looked into my eyes a lot but didn't say much.

I was pretty excited about everything that was to happen and wasn't nervous about that, just sort of nervous about what he thought about this and what the fallout might be afterwards. I paid the check and he smiled at me and his brown eyes sparkled and I could tell he was ready to jump on me.

We made our way upstairs and as I shut the door and locked it, he grabbed me from behind and started kissing my neck and biting me and he grabbed my crotch. I was already getting turned on and we had just walked in. I let him continue doing that for a bit and I reached back over my shoulder and rubbed his neck while he continued to kiss my neck and my shoulders. Then he stopped and without saying anything else, pulled my shirt over my head and his own and spun me around and started kissing me really hard, sticking his tongue way back into my mouth and grabbing my ass while he kept going, sucking my tongue, sucking on my bottom lip, turning me on more. I ran my hands up and down the soft skin on his back, sticking my hands into the back of his jeans and into his boxers and feeling his incredible firm ass and he moaned slightly.

He pushed his pelvis into mine while he kept kissing me and he let his hands go into the back of my jeans and felt my ass. He backed away and still didn't say anything but took my hand and led me to the bed and before I sat down, he pulled my jeans, shoes and socks off and did the same. Then he took both of our boxers off and he stood and looked at my body, taking it all in and looking at me and smiling. I finally got to see that magnificent cock again, surrounded by his compact but fit body and his sexy chest. I could see his incredibly large balls and sac, all round and delicious and looking like they wanted me to get in there and taste them. I couldn't take my eyes off him, either.

He crawled up on to the bed and came up behind me and pulled me back onto the bed so I was in the middle. He still didn't say a word to me, which was at first strange, but also pretty awesome because I had no idea what he was up to next. He put me on my stomach and started rubbing my back and making his way down to my ass and all at once he pulled me up onto my knees and he dove into my ass with his tongue, giving me a really long and hot going over, his soft tongue licking me up and down, circling my hole, teasing me by not going in. He reached under me and started stroking my cock and squeezing my balls a little and then plowed his tongue in my ass, giving me the urge to back into his mouth more and he was inside me and I was moaning and moaning. He worked on me for what seemed like ten or fifteen minutes - I was clenching my teeth and squeezing my eyes shut - it had to be the best rimming I've ever had. He backed out and slapped my ass really hard and we both laughed, although it was a pretty powerful slap, leaving my skin on fire and wanting him to be in my ass even more.

I pleaded with him to go in me again but he shook his head and smiled - so that was his MO - leave me wanting more and more and not giving it to me. He flipped me over and straddled me and leaned into me, forcing his cock in my mouth and I gladly took him all at once, tasting his pre cum. He started fucking my mouth while he leaned against the wall behind my head and he was clearly getting off on it. He then moved around so he was kneeling right over my face and he started sucking me and I went back to working on him, his tongue starting to tease my ass once again - so I backed off his cock and squirmed up a little so I could reach his ass and I started licking him and exploring him with my tongue and he was moaning more and so was I. He started jerking himself off while my tongue was in his ass and I could tell he was tensing up already so I stopped and he went back to working on my cock for awhile, pushing his fingers into my ass while he sucked me. He had two fingers in me, his saliva giving him enough lubrication to fuck me and then he reached inside me as far as he could and I was panting and moaning and clenching my teeth.

He stopped abruptly, leaving me wanting more again but he shook his head and smiled. He was clearly trying to bring me to the top and leave me there, begging him to continue - probably trying to build me up to an explosion. I was loving every minute of it. He flipped me on my stomach again and grabbed some lube. I had told him I wanted to use a condom earlier, but he either forgot or assumed I would only use one on him. He lubed himself up a bit and then slammed his cock right into my ass, not taking any time to ease in. He has a pretty thick cock, and it startled me and I even winced a little, but it felt so fucking good. I hadn't had a cock sans condom in my ass in many years and it felt so different - I felt the sensations of every part of his cock as he thrusted in and out of me.

My ass was on fire and as I started stroking myself he backed out and had me begging for more. He laughed a little and teased my ass with the tip of his cock, making me think he was going in again and then backing off. I was moaning and stroking myself harder and literally begging him and starting to get pretty worked up. He went on his back next to me and picked me up and planted me right on his cock and he was half sitting up, holding on to my hips and I started riding on his pole as best as I could, stroking myself at the same time.

I quickly was reaching my limit, my cock was rock solid. He knew that and pulled me off of him and put me back on my back, me moaning and begging him to fuck me more and he entered me hard between my legs and really rammed his cock into me and I yelped and started coming right away, ejaculating as hard as I could while he kept ramming into me, holding on to my legs under my knees and he was on his knees, his jaw tensing up while I kept coming and I grabbed his hips and he thrusted into me about three more times and threw his head back and came really hard, grunting every time he shot another load into my ass. As he finished he groaned really loud and kept thrusting in me, more gently and more slowly. He stopped, still inside me and looked at me and smiled broadly.

He pulled out and lay down next to me and sighed. I felt all of his warm cum inside my ass and it felt really nice - that was another thing I hadn't felt in a long time. I was also covered in my own cum, warm and gooey all over my stomach and chest and even some in my hair and on my cheek. Mark reached over and took some off of me, tasting it and then giving me a taste. He was fucking incredible.

After a few minutes of us laying next to each other, he looked at me and leaned over and kissed me tenderly on the mouth and smiled at me.

'Your ass is incredible, I so loved fucking you and making you feel good,' he said to me, his face close to mine.

'I'm blown away, Mark. You are amazing,' and I put my hand on his cheek. 'Champagne and round two?'

He smiled and nodded. I got up and found that I was a bit sore, but it was a good kind of sore. I had been fucked by one of the best, I thought. I got us glasses and popped the cork and we guzzled half the bottle, lying on the bed, enjoying each other's company.

'I've lusted after you since the second I met you, Mark,' I said. He blushed. 'I know I'm your husband's old friend and I knew the only way I could get you into bed was to get him to swap. I know how he and Rusty feel about each other so I decided I'd go with that angle and work it until I got you.'

'I've always thought you were hot, Andy, and I knew you were likely a great lover. I also know about Steve and Rusty - they're so close that having sex is probably the only part of each other they don't know. I thought that giving him this opportunity might relieve some of the tension between them that I can see. It has a chance of backfiring, of course, but I think they can both handle it.'

'I never thought Steve would agree to it, frankly - he was pretty anxious after the watching night. I hope they're having as much fun as we've had so far!'

We put our glasses down and he attacked me on the bed again - straddling me and kissing me hard. I could already feel his cock starting to stiffen as he sat on me and mine was definitely getting up there again. If this is what Steve gets at home every night, well, he's one lucky fucker.

He said 'I brought some toys...' and it made me get slightly harder in anticipation of what he brought. He went back to kissing me and climbed off me and started to explore more of my body with his tongue, pausing to bite my nipples (really hard, I might add - it made me jump unexpectedly but I liked it), and then I sat up and pushed him down for a change and started exploring him. He had kind of taken charge before, which was nice, but it was my turn.

I played with his cock for awhile, teasing it with my tongue, giving his balls a total work over, kissing and licking his inner thighs, even gently biting him there. I said, 'so what did you bring and where are they?' and he nodded his head by the chair to a messenger bag. I got off the bed and looked and found cock rings, vibrators, dildos, one of those big chutes with the fleshy feeling stuff inside that you use to jerk off with, even an eye shade and some soft ties, it was a candy store in a bag. The cock rings looked great but we were both already too hard so I thought I'd leave them for later. I thought about the dildos and vibrators but I wanted his ass too badly, so I got out the eye shade and the soft ties and thought about how I could restrain him just a little bit - but not too much.

He smiled and said 'what did you have in mind?'

'Do you trust me enough for me to put this eye shade on you and maybe use these?' and I held up the soft, velvety ties.

'Sure,' he said, 'but if I don't, I'll tell you.'

'Fair enough,' I said.

So I put the eye shade on him and his cock twitched just a bit, and then I pulled him up on his knees so I could start to get at that sexy, toned ass of his.

I went behind him and started running my fingers up and down his ass between his cheeks and paused a few times at his hole and sort of teased him. He gasped slightly at first and then he reached down to stroke himself and I said 'Nope,' and told him to lean down on his chest with his ass in the air and put his arms out in front of him and I tied his wrists together lightly, telling him if it was too much he could easily pull his wrists apart and get them out. He said 'Okay,' and I went back to his ass, starting in on him with my tongue, fucking him with it and licking him all over and squeezing him and holy crap, he had the best ass, really firm and round and I couldn't wait to get in there more.

I grabbed a small dildo then and lubed it up and I started putting it in his ass while I reached under and stroked his cock a little and he was already moaning really loudly and saying stuff like 'fuck, Andy, holy fuck, that feels so good' which made me start sliding the dildo in and out and picking up the pace a little. His cock was rock solid and he was groaning.

I decided to forgo a condom tonight, too, which was really against my policy but I just had to feel what it was like to come in that ass of his. I lubed up my cock a little, leaving the dildo in his ass while I did it and then used some of the lube on his cock, reaching under him and then I pulled the dildo out of his ass. I paused for a minute, just to make him a bit uncomfortable, not knowing what I was up to next and he was moaning and saying 'Andy, fuck me, please, fuck me right now,' and I stayed back a little until he begged me once more and then I slammed my cock right into him all at once and he gasped but then I could feel him trying to back onto me.

I left his cock alone and started thrusting into him and he was begging me to stroke his cock since he couldn't get at it, and I said 'I'll think about it,' and he half-laughed and half-moaned, sounding a little desperate. I kept fucking his ass, going slightly faster and smacking his ass a little, which he laughed at first and then sort of groaned when I hit him a little harder.

Then I flipped him over, his arms still tied over his head and his eye shade still on, but he was smiling. I hooked his legs over my arms and started fucking him again for a few minutes. Then I pulled out and started sucking his cock and put the dildo back in and kept fucking him and he started go uphill pretty quickly and saying 'fuck, oh god, fuck, I'm going to come, please don't stop' and so I stopped for a second or two and he said 'Andy, please, come on, let me finish' and I smiled to myself and went back on his cock with my mouth and put the dildo back in and fucked him with it while I sucked his cock. He arched his back up a bit and literally screamed 'Ohhhhhhhh' and came really hard in my mouth, his cum tasting really salty and wonderful and I swallowed every drop.

When he stopped ejaculating I pulled the dildo out and hooked his legs over my arms again and really slammed into him and fucked his ass furiously until I came into his ass, feeling my cum shoot up inside him and it felt so nice, a bit different than into a condom like usual and it seemed to go on for a lot longer than usual. I pulled out and untied his wrists and took off the eye shade and kissed him and he put his arms around me and pulled me on top of him and held me close and then kissed me some more.

'Fuck! That was incredible,' he said quietly while he was still catching his breath.

He kept holding me without saying anything more and we drifted off to sleep for a while. It was only 9 p.m. but we were pretty buzzed off the champagne and the drinking we did at dinner. I woke up around midnight and started in sucking his cock again and at first it didn't wake him up but I heard him murmuring something in his sleep and he was smiling. Then he reached his hand down and touched my shoulder and opened his eyes at the same time and smiled at me with those big brown eyes. He lay back and let me work on him, touching my head and shoulders and moaning a little and I kept going, sucking his cock until he came into my mouth, heaving his chest forward as he came, holding my head on him, leaning in to me as far as he could. I swallowed everything he shot into my throat and when he was through he moved over towards me and kissed me hard. He backed away for a second and said 'What an alarm clock,' and we laughed.

Mark sat up and said 'I think I want to watch you masturbate with that thing I brought. After that I'm going to play with your ass some more and fuck you again. Good?'

'Yeah!' Who was I to argue?

He kneeled next to me where I was laying and got the device out, and held onto it while he started stroking me with his hand and I watched him and then started looking at his hot body, moving from his gorgeous face down to his perfect shoulders, his firm but not too big chest (the only tattoo he has is a small 'Steve' over his heart), down to his great stomach, which was taut but not defined and his hipbones, down to his pelvis and the small, dark brown soft tuft of hair right above his cock. Then his cock, which was soft but you could still see how incredibly thick it is and it made my mouth water thinking about how great it was stuffing that meat in my hungry mouth while he was sleeping. His thighs were firm from the running he does. He was watching me watch him and he looked at me, not smiling but pleased.

I was getting pretty hard and he leaned over and sucked on my cock for a few minutes, making me bigger and then he kneeled back and handed the toy to me and I had never used one before and he put some lube on me and told me put some on the opening of it, which resembled a smallish asshole. Then he told me to use it like my hand.

It felt pretty awesome - you shove your cock into this soft, fleshy sort of opening and it grips you while you use the outside of the container just like your hand. It was really warm and soft and seemed extra tight - it felt amazingly like I was fucking someone.

'Get on your knees and do it,' Mark said and of course I obeyed. I was so busy with it I hadn't noticed that he was hard again and was lubing himself up. Then I felt him put some lube on my ass and he entered me hard again, while I was stroking myself with this thing and everything was on fire, my dick, my ass, my mind and he grabbed my hips and kept fucking me really hard and I was quickly rising to the peak of my building orgasm and I stroked myself with the thing a little faster and Mark was really slamming into my ass pretty hard and we both started to come at the same time, me squeezing my eyes shut and yelling 'shit!' and Mark grabbing my hips really hard and slamming me four times while he said 'fuck!' over and over. It was possibly the best orgasm I'd ever had. Maybe not the best best, but I when I thought about the ones I thought were colossal, this was up there. I felt fucking weak, pulling the thing off my dick and falling flat on my stomach, my ass a little sore again and full of Mark's cum for the second time tonight. Mark fell flat on his back right next to me.

'Thank you,' I said. 'That was particularly awesome and I'm completely worn out...for the moment.' I grinned at him.

'Your ass is fucking wonderful and so hard to resist.'

I had brought a bit of pot with me, naturally, so we took three or four hits each off my little one-hitter and turned on the TV and surfed around a little bit, not really talking.

Finally, I said, 'Mark, why was it so easy to talk you into this? I figured that you two were in an ironclad monogamous relationship.'

He thought for a moment and then said, 'Well, it's important to have fun once in a while, I think. I think it always makes things exciting - and I think Steve kind of needed this. The way he looks at Rusty sometimes, I can tell that there's more going on in his head than just being his best friend. I think the night we all watched each other made Steve look at Rusty a different way - I guess seeing that monster cock of his might have had something to do with it, plus he got to see Rusty's whole body, covered in ink that Steve worked on for so long. I think it put him over the edge and he couldn't get his mind off it. Besides, I've always thought you were a hot little fucker and I got more fascinated when I saw that sweet ass of yours - I dreamed about pounding my dick in you while looking at that cute boyish face with those soft lips. You are a pretty wild package.'

I might have blushed then, but I didn't. I leaned over and kissed him softly on the mouth and he put a hand on my face and looked deep into my eyes.

'We should do this again some time,' he said. 'I think it could be fun if it happened very occasionally. My guess is that Steve and Rusty are going to want to have sex more, too, and I think that I will be really nonchalant about it and maybe we can eventually come to some sort of a plan. What do you say?'

'Hey, I'm always up for sex - and I don't have very tight morals about it. That's why I predict that Rusty will break it off with me.'

'Why?' asked Mark.

'Well, I have no intention of breaking things off with Dan. He's too important to me and I'm not willing to shut him out of my life after an almost twenty years of seeing him on and off. Ron never cared - he had his own flings. So I imagine I'll be going through a lot of guys until I find someone who doesn't care if my rock star boyfriend takes me away for a week or if I want to fuck my friend's husband some night.'

'You'll find someone - a porn star would be perfect!'

We laughed about that and then I remembered: 'Hey Mark, I thought I told you to wear a condom. You got away with it twice already.'

'Well, I just had to come in your ass for real - it was part of my fantasy about you. I'm sorry, though. But I'm sure you know that I'm healthy. I would never take that risk intentionally. You?'

'Well, I always use them - with Rusty, with Dan, with Ron, even. But since you didn't, I decided not to. But I'm sure you know I was a drug addict and did a little cruising for money when I was a teenager. I've never had anything wrong with me, but I always have it in the back of my head.'

'Yes, I knew that.'

We were pretty stoned and watched TV some more and finished off the champagne, which was totally flat. We lay there, holding hands, naked, a couple of deer in the headlights staring at the TV. I was very, very satisfied with how it worked out tonight. I hoped that Steve and Rusty had a great time because I certainly did - and now I know Mark did, too.



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