I was eighteen when I went on my first college visit. It was the first semester of my senior year in high school, the second weekend in October, and, to allow me to have a taste of what college life might be like, the University of North Texas had assigned me to a dorm room that I might stay with college students who could show me the town and the highlights of the campus that the scheduled activities would not. I was very nervous; always socially awkward, I had some trouble making small talk, or any talk, and so, as I stood before the door of room number 216, my knees were practically knocking. I felt they were as loud as my knock on the door.

Stunned. That was the only word to fit the entirety of my emotional range when the door was pulled inwards. The young man that stood there in his masculine glory was all that the term 'All-American' was about. He was handsome, with dark red hair and brown eyes, a slightly curved nose and a square jaw. In only basketball shorts, I had ample opportunity to intake all of his muscular torso: the broad shoulders that flowed into supple triceps and large biceps, the beautifully rounded pectorals, and the ripples of his abdominals. He bore the deep cuts of athleticism where his waist met his hips and as the lines veered together, they formed a perfect arrow into his shorts, an arrow that led to what appeared to be a sizeable bulge. This was only accentuated by the tufts of auburn hair that spread from his belly button to the waistband and, I knew, beyond.

I was interrupted in my once-over by his large hand coming to rest on the bulge, moving in what I thought to be a lewd gesture, but quickly realized was him scratching. Instantly my head shot up and I began stammering.

'I... I...'

'You're the kid, right?' His voice wasn't especially deep, but it was rich and the sound of it reverberated about me.

All I could do was nod, which he returned and swung an arm at himself to motion me inside his room.

'Name's Nolan, Nolan Cauldwell.'

'R-Rand Schneeman,' I managed to respond and he turned to shake my hand. His grip was firm and I did my best to match it. When he nodded in what seemed to be understanding, I knew I'd done my job.

I fidgeted nervously with the shoulder strap of my duffle bag and looked about the room. It was a little messy, as would be expected of a college guy's room, and what I found the most puzzling was that there was one bed—and that it was rather large. Nolan noticed me looking at it and he explained.

'I'm a resident advisor, so I don't have a roommate. There were two beds, so I thought I might as well use both and I made a double.' I assume he noticed my anxiety and so he smiled at me reassuringly and continued, his voice ringing with laughter. 'Don't worry, you'll have a place to sleep. Here, let me take your bag.'

I handed it to him and he tossed it onto the bed. He leaned against it, supporting himself with his arms and looked at me, as if sizing me up.

'You don't talk much, do you?'

I shook my head and he laughed.

'Dude, you can loosen up. I'm not gonna bite.'

'I... uh... Sorry.' I could feel the embarrassment creep into my face.

'Not good with small talk, right? It's cool. My roommate freshman year was the same. I got him to open up, so I guess I can get you to as well.'

He started asking me questions about where I was from and where I went to high school and soon we were chatting with ease, as if we'd known each other for a while and were good friends. He checked his watch and said it was time for dinner and then a few evening activities. He also said he'd be with me the entire weekend, helping me get to where I was supposed to be.

He walked me to the cafeteria and introduced me to a couple of his friends, some of whom were also hosting seniors for the week. Then we walked to the auditorium for a concert. I'm not sure what the band was, all I remember is the music was mediocre. Nolan didn't like it, either, so during the intermission, he suggested we find something better to do.

'C'mon, Rand, let's do something more enjoyable.'

My heart almost beat out of my chest at that. Since I'd seen him, I'd been subconsciously fantasizing about the hunk. His casual words had instantly become less innocuous in my ears. I flushed again, but dutifully followed.

We walked out of the auditorium and back towards his residence hall, to the parking lot, and to his car, a steely blue Ford Mustang. I got in the passenger side and he took me to a coffee shop near the university, a place he said most of the students frequented. We were met by more of his friends and I noticed a lot of girls eyeing, but his actions toward them were purely casual. I wondered if he had a girlfriend but soon lost track of the thought in the fun. He kept telling jokes and my sides were beginning to feel as if they were splitting from the laughter.

Around eleven he announced it was time to go and said his good-byes. I awkwardly dismissed myself from the group and followed him back to his car. He asked me a few questions about how I'd liked the night and I answered as best I could, but found that my stammer had returned from the group activity. He gave me a side-long smile and told me once more to loosen up.

Back at the dorm, we got ready for bed and I felt more than a little awkward in the showers. Since Nolan was RA in an underclassmen dorm, there were no suites, only community bathrooms. There were so many attractive guys! And a line to the shower, but it seemed that, as a junior, Nolan pulled some clout and he managed to get two stalls before a lot of others. He talked to me during the shower, shouting so that I could be heard in the next stall over and I tried to answer, but found that my shouting really wasn't all that loud. And so we went back to the room.

He pulled the towel from around his waist and I saw the dark red treasure trail ended in a full bush—and I found hair quite attractive—and his flaccid cock was surprisingly large and thick. His balls were low-hangers, but not all that big. But in looking, I suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious and turned to get clothes out of my bag. I pulled my own towel away and worked on getting my boxer-briefs up around my ankles when I felt something slap my ass.

I jumped.

Turning, I saw Nolan, not dressed at all, laughing heartily. His hand was still on my ass. I blushed fiercely and his expression changed from jovial to concerned.

'Rand... I didn't mean to upset you...' But his voice trailed away. With his hand still on my ass, my own cock had begun to grow hard. Soon, I had a raging boner. I saw Nolan looking at it intently, his eyes a little wider than I'd seen them before. Suddenly, his expression changed.

'You like that?' he demanded, looking me in the eye, completely serious.

I didn't know how to react and so I just returned his gaze, hardly able to draw each tentative breath as I feared he would grow angry and act upon his rage.

He took his hand off my ass and walked to the door. I heard the click of the lock and then he was back, walking right up to me. I looked down momentarily and saw that his cock was now hard, incredibly large and thick, almost to the point of looking swollen. He reached around my body and put his hand on my ass again and pulled me close to him, jamming our engorged members into one another, pressing them flat between our stomachs. His chest was pressed to mine and our faces were so close... I could feel his hot breath on my lips as his brown eyes searched mine.

Then, his lips were against mine. He was kissing me hard on the mouth, pressing tightly, squeezing me to him with his large arms. I felt his tongue licking at my lips and so I opened my mouth and, instantly, his tongue darted inside. He searched every inch of it and, soon, I was countering his every move. I jumped a little when I felt his hand on my dick, but he kept kissing me, and I relaxed quickly. Eventually, Nolan was jerking my cock.

I started to moan and lean into him, fucking his hand as my hips began to automatically thrust forward and recede. My hands rested on his pecs, caressing them. I found his nipples and began to twist and rub them. My moans were soon echoed by his guttural cries of pleasure.

Suddenly, we were on his bed and his lips had slipped from mine. He was kissing my jaw, and then my neck, then my chest. He stopped to work my right nipple, tonguing it, gently nibbling on it. I thrust my head back and moaned loudly. That seemed to encourage him because he switched to my left nipple and doubled his efforts. I called out his name in ecstasy.

Nolan was then licking down my abs, his tongue found my treasure trail and followed it into my pubes. He kissed at them gently and then, found my cock. He kissed the head and I moaned in longing, but he was teasing me. He moved to my balls and sucked them both into his mouth at once, rolling his tongue over each one in turn. I was going mad with pleasure and wrapped my fingers in his auburn locks. I pushed his head up, trying to get him to give attention to my hungry dick and, when he finally did, it was amazing.

There was no teasing this time, he wrapped his lips around my cock head and plunged onto it, working his tongue along the sensitive underbelly of my member. I cried out in pleasure and he deep throated my seven inches of sex muscle. Then he bobbed back up, running the gauntlet of my penis again. He was working me like finely-turned machine and I was submitting so willingly. I felt a tightening in my balls and whispered that I was going to cum. Fearing he hadn't heard me, I said it louder, and then louder, and then louder.

'Oh, God! I'm going to cum!' I shouted as the first jet of jism launched from my tool.

He drank it greedily and I could feel his tongue lapping at the head of my dick in rapid succession. I shot about five or six loads and he drank as much as he could, but some dribbled out of the corners of his mouth and down the shaft of my penis. He swallowed one last time and then set about licking my dick clean. He passed up my body again and kissed me passionately. I could taste my seed on his lips and his tongue and it drove me wild. My semi-hard cock was once again an erection. He laughed as it came into contact with his thigh.

We kissed a little more and I moved as if to make for his cock, but he put a hand on my shoulder and stayed me.

'No, I've got something else in mind.'

I had a pretty good idea of what it was, and when he moved down, I figured I'd gotten it wrong. He licked my cock, but only once, and then, he placed his hands behind my knees and lifted my legs. I was right. He licked the crack of my ass a few times and then, resting my legs on his shoulders, separated my cheeks and licked at my pucker. He slipped his tongue into my anus a few times and I moaned and tried to force him in further. He chuckled and it made his tongue vibrate; it felt amazing!

I watched as he took a tube of lubricant that had been laying on the duvet cover—how had I missed that?—and lubed up a finger and, soon, his tongue was replaced with the digit. He finger fucked me for a while, kissing my balls and cock as he did so. I was going nuts, totally loving every minute of it. Soon, one finger became two and he worked that until it was three. I didn't even notice as he lubed his cock, but when the fingers retreated and he came back up to kiss me, I felt the pressure of his cock head at my asshole.

Lost in the kissing, I initially missed his penetration, but, soon, the pain caught up with me and I groaned a little. He sat there, continued to kiss me, stroking my head and allowing me to get used to his size. Then, he pushed in a little more. I groaned again and he caressed my face, encouraging me through the pain. As soon as I was used to that little bit more, he inserted even more. Eventually, he had his entire shaft inside of me, his balls up against my ass. I squirmed from discomfort, but he distracted me once more with kissing.

Then he was pulling out of me, which hurt a little, but not as much as the penetration. When he slowing pushed back in, the friction was almost torture, but the more he worked at the pistoning motion, the easier it was. My ass wasn't resisting as much and I began to feel pleasure rather than pain. His rhythm increased and he was fucking me vigorously. We were both moaning and Nolan was covered in sweat from the exertion.

His rhythm grew inconsistent, some of his strokes long and some short, and he began grunting. He hunched over me and kissed me and then leaned into my ear.

'I'm going to cum, Rand; I'm going to cum in your tight, virgin ass.'

And then he blew his load. One shot, two, three... He kept going, his strokes gradually slowing, the total coming to about seven loads. I shot, too, as he did, but only about three times, slicking our stomachs and chests with my cum.

As Nolan's cock softened, it slipped out of my ass with the help of the slick semen. We kissed for a while more, and then he flipped me, he laying on his back with me on my stomach next to him, my head on his chest. He turned the light out and stroked my head for a while before drifting off to sleep. I wasn't soon behind him.

From the way the rest of the weekend went, I was fairly certain that visits to other schools were unnecessary; UNT had a big draw. I knew I was going to like college life just fine.



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