You come to my place and I instruct you to lay on the floor in just your jeans, thats all, no underwear,

no jumper, no socks, just jeans.

Obviously, being a sub lad, you always do as you are told and that pisses me right off, you ain't no fucking fun,

'yes sir', 'no sir' 'three bags fucking full sir' is what I get from you and you know it, you know to be nice

you know it to be true so what the fuck am I gonna do with a cum slut like you, whose man cunt can't get any wider

as its been used so many fucking times in the dark rooms.

'get on the floor, face up, and I don't want to hear a peep from your snivelling cunting lips'

You do just that, you get on the floor without a fucking word, you and you cock teasing tight jeans, so fucking marlboro man of you

so fucking typical, you are so good, even when you are good, you piss me right off and it's starting to show in my face and in my stance.

'I wanna try something slightly different with you this time' i say, 'just a bit of tape and you, on the floor, thats all, bit like your

head being taped to the floor and you cant move it.'

'oh, ok' you replied, another one of those cheeky grins and a raised eyebrow later, you pushed another frigging button.


You lay there, all motionless, all trained up, all lovely and masculine, you know what you want but i have the job of guessing

it all out, you don't tell me anything cos i dont ask you, that was one condition you asked of me anthing else is just play for you.

You are the toilet, a beautiful toilet, guys piss in your pockets and you dont complain, they wipe their arses over your legs and

chests once they dumped on their other pigs and you still dont complain, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT???

Incredibly annoying, your mind games.

'This is what I'm gonna do to you' I pause for a moment for you to listen intently ' im going to tie you up as usual, rigid police

issue cuffs on your ankles with a chain wrapped round them attached to a hook to the floor.'

'ok, sir'

even your ok sir is too perfect I want you to hate me but still be here, in this den of disgust.

'Your arms are gonna have to be roped im afraid so i want you to relax them so you can be stretched and not move your upper body'

I glance down, a fucking superb upper body too, That thing could kill me, or smother me and then kill me, you are loving this, me taking in

your flesh, your big flesh, you want it wrapped in rubber but why hide that, hide yours, should hide your face cos you are too cocky

with it and that changes my plans slightly.

I grab my rolls of gaffa tape, red and yellow, and some cling film, 'right pig, im gonna wrap your head in film and leaving your mouth nose and

eyes open cos, well, who wants to hide that pretty face of yours for more than a minute hey?'

you giggle and fuck me off again, you pressed another button. now I fucking hate you again.

The cling film wraps around your head a bit snug and you give off a couple of grunts, then another, i'm thinking why cant you shut

the fuck up for a change...  'oh right, forgot, nose and mouth, sorry'  I tear a couple of holes for you and you gasp slightly for air.

Nice i think, some control somewhere, all might not be lost on this specimen.

'Not smiling now I see' noticing your tight lips curling downward slightly.

'Nah, it's alright' you told me, thats one of 'it's alrights' where you can guess whats coming but you cant guess enough, lifes

like that when you happen to be a gay bitch faggot, we use you for our uses, not yours.

'Hold still, this bits important not to screw up' I lied, I can manage now, you are slightly hesitant and if you move you know what you

will get, a stun gun in your ribs cos you can see it laying on the floor next to your head.  I dont plan on using it, i plan on using you but you need

the idea planted in your head that I will use it on a pig, after all, every good sub ends going bad.

I roll out a strip of gaffa tape, and sit across your chest, not sitting too hard on you but enough to let you know, I'm sticking around a bit.

First one goes across your forehead and the ends meet the floor, i roll out a few more and over lap the first, then I start working around

your face, running the tape round your rough cheeks and around your chin, adding layer after layer, making them meet on the floor,

with all this red and yellow tape, you head is starting to look like a boiled sweet, I snigger at that thought and you just look at me with

your piercing eyes, straight into mine.  For a moment, I feared you then I picked up the tazer, flashed it on in front of your eyes and you squirm

and jolt for a moment.

'Yeah, fucking right' I nod my head a couple of times 'now you feeling a bit scared eh?

'A bit, yeah' gulping slightly,

'dont worry, i won't stun you... yet pig, not your time' I can play mind tricks just as good as you and your gulping throat just reminds me of

the perfect sub under this giant boiled sweet exterior, fuck it I think, a few strips over his throat too, improvising has always been a slight skill.

finnished that bit, I change into yesterday's sweaty soccer kit, after letting it hang outside in the rain it has a certain stench of wet grass,

not overbearing but harsh enough to smell, the sock's feet were still wet and foisty, the top was damp and stained with mud and rain, nice

and streaky.  i wandered over to the pigs head, I giggle again,that sounds like a pub name, not attractive as this pigs head though, I kneel

over your still and motionless taped head and pick up the tazer, i set it running and turn it up to max, the volts just streaming from my

hand, you know this max setting fucking hurts, it leaves bruises. bad bruises, and you fucking hate it so much you wanna leave but you are

the pig of the day, you know whats good for you.  I raise some spit in my mouth, swilling it round building it up, then let it fall to your face,

and again, more spit leaves my mouth onto your face, I rub it round your sweet lips and eyes with my hardening cock, and motion the

tazer towards your face.  Boy you are fucking struggling, the ropes get really taught, the chain is rattling and the tape crinkles slightly.

'thats right cunt pig, struggle a bit more and the pain lasts longer'

you stop, waiting and panting your heaving chest, I lean over towards your groin and undo your button fly all the way down, 'no underwear,

good pig'.  I flash the tazer again and again you flinch.  You have no idea that I won't use it but I love the power I got, not even you can take it

away from me.  Im loving your heavy breathing, the hesitant breaths you take get me going, makes me want to break your slutty

little arse into next week, you are so hot I count myself lucky to have you to myself.

'Ok, here's the deal, you do what I say, no fucker gets hurt' as I say in a flippant voice,  I grab my scissors and start cutting away at your

jeans, up one leg, up to the waist and they just fall loosely to the floor, god your legs are sweet, powerful hairy man scented sexy

mother fucking legs worth every moment to look at, I cut your other jeans leg open and pull at the remaining to totally remove your

jeans from you, from my floor from my place.

You lay there, your heaving chest with nice soft tufts of hair all the way down to your stomach, your leg hairs looking mysteriously pert

adn wafting as you shake slightly, i think you shampoo your leg hair but that would be stupid and your cock hair, you love that too, you

can tell, it sculpts itself around your shaft, all nice and short as your leg hair, and your balls are totally shaved smooth, nice long hanging

sacks of cum waiting to be released.

'Pig cunt' I authorise as I sit just slightly below your cock, gripping it gently and pulling your skin back gently, I glance at you manly piss

hole, a drop of precum eminates from it, oh yeah, you are so fucking loving this 'pig cunt, answer me'

'Yes......yes sir...' you reply.

'Fuck the sire sir lordship shite, pigs can't talk, they just grunt, got it, pig?'


I want you to piss as much as you can to get my kit nice and wet for me, can you do that pig boy?'


I think that's a yes.

I gently and lightly stroke you nice man cock, the bulbous head shaping above the veiny long shaft 'come on pig, piss now' I order

you do as you are told, you let out a slow stream at first and I squeeze your cock slightly to make it last longer.

Now how the fuck can you do that I thought to myself, piss on command, Just as it's asked of you, amazing, i think your psychic

but dismiss it and put it down to good training. 

I sit closer to your cock and angle your stream towards my shorts and shirt, your warm yellow juices flowing over me and instantly soaking in

making the fabric cling to me, fuck yeah it feels so good, the warm golden liquid pouring over me, I feel myself stiffening up because of you,

I usually dont, it's just businessto us, but you make me hard you big beautiful worthless piece of shite.  You spurt your piss over me, all over

the front of my shirt and down the shorts, every part of the fabric clinging to me, god you are good but not even this piss play lasted forever

you tense your stomach to try and get more out but you can't.

Already, both of us are hard, all of our buttons have been pressed but not all, not just yet, your manly throbbing shaft laying on your

beautiful stomach, I pull the leg away from myshorts to let my shaved cock flop out, you feel the sensation rarely felt by me, i hardly

ever get my cock out for a sub pig but you are good, better than most,

I grip both of our cocks in my hand, not too tight and we feel our foreskins loving each other, our bell ends making contact and I slowly stroke

us both off. You moan with hghtened pleasure, 'oh yeah trash, you are a good piece of shit to have around here'.

you moan again, both of us squirt a drop of precum, and i round the drops up with my finger and feed it to your lips, you poke

your pink big tongue out and take it like the worthless pig you are, I carry on wanking you for a couple of minutes then move myself up

to your face, I position myself so you can see right up the leg of my shorts, you have a spot on view of my shaved cock with a tight

cock ring on and veiny shaft, all hard because of you.

'Pig boy'


'Open your pig mouth and take your reward you fucking piece of shit'.  That kinda ruined the moment for me but best keep the act

going.  You open your grinning mouth and stick your tongue out, expecting my masterful cock you get something else, i sit on

your nose and mouth with my wet shorts on, and rub them around your face, spreading your piss over your face.

'Dry my cunting shorts and do a fucking good job you useless fucking pig' I shout at you, no need for that i though, you are good

at following orders but it sounded good, I feel your tongue probing me, licking and sucking at the nyon material, fuck you are good,

you send shivers to my spine 'good pig' i say gently, 'keep that tongue of yours going'.

I tweak your nipples round between my fingers and you moan nicely again, you love that too, combined with these sweaty smelly shorts,

your piss covering them and you nipples glowing, you should be loving it.

I sit harder on your face inhibiting your breathing and you squirm for breath, forcing you to gulp harder down on my groin, you breath in

deeper the foisty smell and taste of piss and damp rain, it smelled good to me and it certainly smelled good to you as your cock

was still producing precum all loaded onto your stomach, i scoop it up and raise myself, showing you your own man juices to you on my

fingers licking them dry.

'God, you are so fucking good, always nice to me, always eager to please me, you pig'.

'Grunt' and a heaving breath.

'You remembered to grunt, good pig, im going to be nice to you now pig, would you like that, eh pig?'.

I see your eyes gleam slightly, 'hmm, grunt'

Your grunt made a pleasing sound to my ears, 'aah, good pig'. I stroke around your body savouring every second i have you, then I stand up

and drop my piss soaked shorts to the floor making a deep sloshing sound on the laminate and stand over your chest.

I start to play with my metal ringed cock again, keeping it hard, vainy and painful, tight rings always did that, but it was a nice pain, a pain

worth savouring.

'Pig, you ought to remember, i only do this to find your limits and i dont think you have any do you?'


Fuck you I think, what a perfect answer. I spread my hands above your head and let my stringing juicy cock waver over your mouth

and place a peg on your nose to keep your mouth open, there is no other choice for you, i lower my bellend, my juicy wet bell end

into your mouth and you close your lips around it.

'Ooh fucking yeah pig, nice lips for a slutty trash faggot like you'.  You suck and pull on my hardened purple bell end, it feels like you

want to suck the cum out manually, instantly from me, dirty pig, keep going, keep sucking my cock.

Finally I let go, you cant breath through your nose and you keep making gasps of air whilst sucking me off, then suddenly I force it

out, I make the biggest fountain, the hardest muscle i can find and push all my piss into your perfect mouth as fast as I can.

You gulp and squirm, writhing because you certainly were not expecting that one, I never did that to you before, you perfect pig

with your perfectly trimmed cock, take my hot gushing stream of hot piss.  I feel it splashing back on me, along and up my shaft

and on my stomach, piss running down the gaffa tape and resting on the floor.

'You gagging already pig, can you handle this pig, you saying what you fucking piece of shit?'

I never heard a thing but you gulping down my piss and sucking on my cock, sucking really hard, your cheeks pulled in needing more

and more of my golden piss in your stomach, you aint no whore just a good past time for me.

I eventually finnish of my piss and I am satisfied with you performance but you aint ever gonna hear that line from me, you should

never hear that line from me, then where would this go, where would you go, some other sleazy fucker would get you and I would be left a

large space on my floor.

'Hey pig' as I kneel above your taped face, you cant move your head at all can you?'


'Good, cos for a change, this time, you are gonna gag on my cock.'

I position myself upsidedown in the 69 postition but I'm not gonna suck your cock, that's for later, 'open wide boy' I said firmly, 'open

your pretty fuck hole for me' I wasn't going to make this nice for you either, you cant move your head so making you gag and choke is

going to be dead easy, I lower ym burning hard solid bell end into your mouth and just pump yout throat for all I have, pushing

deeper and deeper into you mouth feeling your throat flex and pulse with nearly every thrust of my piss soaked slimey meat, this is what

you deserve, no luxuries, no mercy, and I keep on pounding your throat, you delicate man fuck hole forcing my precum out into you.

Thrusting away I feel my stomach tightening, my cock getting hotter and hotter, you pull on my shaft and head, forcing me to cum quicker

needing my hot thick spunk in your mouth, I start to pound your mouth harder, I feel the need to cum inside you, give you my rotten

dirty seed to taste and choke on, pounding your mouth I get faster and sweat develops on my back and forehead.

'You cunt' I yelp, I cant hold it back any longer, you are a real good cock sucker, the power of your lips draws the cum out from my cock

and then all of a sudden, I feel my thick hot cramy jizz shoot hard and fast into your mouth, I push hard into your mouth with every pulse

that my cock makes, 7, 8, 9, 10 shots of thick cum deposited into you mouth and you gulp every single drop not even wasting any of it.

'You greedy pig' I laughingly say, and draw my cock out from you, drops of spunk falling onto your face, I bend down and lick them off,

keeping them on my tongue I pass the back to you, sliding my cum coated tongue over yours.

'Perfect' I say, 'Just perfect'


Chris Robinson

[email protected]


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