I walked through the door that mom had left unlocked for me and headed straight for my room. I was exhausted from my track meet earlier that day and had just been dropped off at my house by my friend Chad. I opened the door to my room and realized my cousins must had come in a day early to spend the weekend with us. My cousin Mark was asleep in my bed and seemed to be completely knocked out because he didn't hear my heavy sports bag hit my closest floor, or how noisy I was trying to take off my little track uniform and racing flats. I stepped into the bathroom to wash my face off before I went to bed, and when I came back I found Mark spread all across my king size bed.. and to my surprise he was naked. My thin white sheets couldn't disguise the big hairy bush on top of his thick dick and hefty balls spread over the center of my bed. I was stripping down to get in bed next to him and I was just too tired to be turned on by my ripped, muscular hunk of a cousin who was right next to me in bed.

I jumped in and nudged Mark over so I could have some space. He sort of moaned and rolled over with his perfect 8 pack and pecs of an olympic athlete facing me. His dark brown hair laid over his forehead and his thin line of hair leading down his rock hard stomach was right in front of me. I began to fall asleep, and as I was dozing off, I felt his hand reach over and land on my pec. He grabbed my nipple and began twisting it and moaning loudly.

I slid closer to him and couldn't tell if he was awake or just dreaming. I then felt his other hand move down my perfect stomach and begin pushing down my tight little boxer briefs. He grabbed the root of my dick and began pumping as his left hand squeezed my balls as far as they would go. I was about to scream with all of this pleasure/pain that I could hardly keep quiet. I knew he was awake because his breathing changed and he began sucking and licking my hard chest and moving his sweet mouth down towards my dick. He finally arrived at the now rock hard slab of meat that I have and began sucking like a champ. Each time he would come up for air I would push him right back down with my strong arms on his head. He was still playing with my lemon sized balls as I began feeling them churn and prepare a tasty drink for him.

He sucked faster and faster as I was now moaning and screaming out for him to suck me harder and deeper. He took all 10" down his sweet, warm throat as I began to feel my sweet load of fuck sauce come up my thick shaft. He was moaning in pleasure when I shot countless bullets of cum down his throat and he began cleaning it all up and finally swallowing.

Mark then worked his way back up my muscular body until his lips were on mine. He began humping me and rubbing his huge rock hard dick all over mine. I couldn't believe I was still hard after that pro blow I had just gotten. His tongue was deep down my throat as I moved my big strong hands down to his tight football player's ass. I smacked his sweet ass over and over until finally I began to push 1, and then 2, and finally 3 fingers into his tight hole. I was still in so much shock as neither of us had ever spoken about being gay at all! It was such a surprise to have my fucking sexy cousin on top of me about to get fucked by my monster cock.

He rolled over and now I was on top of him. I pushed my tongue down his throat and ran my fingers all over his body. Squeezing his big red nipples and massaging his fine pecs and delicious abs with that sweet line of hair leading to his cock. I reached down and grabbed it with two hands and began pumping it until I felt pre-cum squirt all over my hands and stomach. He grabbed my ass and pulled out of our erotic kiss and hump session to say, "Get that fucking cock in my ass right now!" And he turned himself over and spread his legs for me. I brought my head down to his tight little ass and tongued over his sweet hole. I shoved my tongue deep into his hole which had him squirming and moaning and begging to be fucked. Then I positioned my shaft of sold steel above his sweet ass and the next thing I know I was all the way in that perfect hole.

I rammed in and out of his perfect, probably virgin, ass hole as he screamed and shouted for me to keep fucking him over and over. He loved the feeling of a fat cock up his ass and wanted me in him forever. Before I knew it I had shot a fat load of fuck sauce up his now, not so tight, ass and was still hard! I didn't pull out I just kept fucking and fucking and feeling that velvety smooth ass around my massive meat stick. I was in heaven with the way he would push out his little ass for me to have more accessibility. We rolled over with my cock still in him and he sat on top of me and began bouncing up and down as his big juicy balls smacked up against my tight abs again and again. I cummed again and finally he collapsed on to me and hugged me tight. Then I reached down to see how he was feeling downstairs, and he said he had cummed 3 times while I was fucking him senseless!

We laid there with his tight body under my strong arm and fell asleep naked, not caring if we were related or not. We had just had the hottest, steamiest, most romantic sex ever and couldn't wait for the rest of our weekend together.


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