It was the morning of a big board meeting with my company, and maybe a possible climb up the business ladder for me. So, I decided to dress to the nines. Brand-new $4k Dolce & Gabbana suit that I had had tailored especially for this day, in a beautiful light gray silk/cashmere fabric with a faint windowpane. A crisp white $500 Egyptian cotton shirt with an elegant spread color. An exquisitely patterned blue silk tie from Gucci. Sheer black silk socks. Black Gucci wingtips polished so well I could use them as a shaving mirror. My cufflinks were white gold with a single, though small, blue diamond in the center of each. I didn't wear any underwear (I never do), and I decided not to wear an undershirt, as it was going to be warm that day.

I made sure my dark reddish-brown hair was that perfect, just-barely-toustled look that I love so much. And it was.

I got settled into my Mustang Cobra, turned it on, and was surprised when the 'check engine' light blinked on. I cursed, looked at my watch, and decided that I had time to have it looked at.

I pulled into the dealership an hour and a half before I was to be at my meeting. But, since I am a high-paying customer, they placed me in the front of the list. My car was in the garage within five minutes. I stayed in the garage instead of the waiting room, mostly because I was nervous and couldnt sit still. So, eventually, I had to take a piss.

After I had releaved mylelf, I went to the small sink to wash my hands, trying not to touch anything in the tiny, filthy bathroom. Suddenly, the door swung open, bumped me, and before I knew it, I was sprawled, face-first, on the sticky piss-scented linoleum floor.

'Watch it, asshole' I said as I stood up, brushing the front of my suit off. I had forgotn to lock the door when I came in, and standing there in front of me was the most beautiful mechanic I had ever seen. He was at least an inch taller than me, had light brown hair and brilliant green eyes. He was the man I had seen working on my Mustang, just not this close. And he was also so very, very filthy. His navy work uniform was covered in greased, and his hair was full of it. His hands were black and shiny.

'Whoa, excuse me, dude. Sorry. You okay?'

'Yeah, I'm fine. Just let me clean up' I said as I checked my suit for grime in the mirror. And trying to hide my erect cock trying to find it's way out of my tailored suit pants. But Shawn - that's what his nametag read - noticed anyway. He gave a lopsided smile that just made my hornier, but I acted like I did'nt see it.

'And I thought Christmas was still six months away,' he said as he placed his hand between my legs and grabbed onto my growing bulge. 'But, hey, I'm down for a present any day'

I could feel the grease from his hand soaking through the thin, silky fabric of my suit trousers and making my cock slick. I looked down at my crotch.

'Hey!' I cried, pulling away, 'Dude, your're ruining my suit!'

'Oh? Well let me wash that nasty little stain out for you,' he said as he shoved me onto the floor and pulled his massive cock out of his work pants. Then he started pissing onto my crotch, then my chest, and then my face and hair. I quickly forgot about my greased up suit as my cock got even harder and I began drinking his piss thirstily as it hit my face.

'You like piss pretty boy?'

I nodded.

'Well, try this on for size' He bent me over the sink, squeezed my ass a few times, then grabbed my delicate suit trousers and ripped the back of them totally off. He plunged his massive cock in, deep and hard.

I screamed, but that just seemed to encourage him. My own cock was ready to bust through my ruined pants, so I unzipped and pulled it out, jacking to the rhythm of his fucking. His hands moved my chest, first staining then tearing my white shirt. He grabbed onto my nipples, pinching them hard.

He pulled me off of the sink and slammed me into the wall, his cock still inside me. He continued with his fucking, but his right hand went to my cock, his left pushed the back of my suit jacket up, ripping the center seam. Then he pushed me onto my knees facing him, and he shoved his meat into my hungry mouth.

'Yeah, you little fuck, taste me. Mmmm, take it all,' he said as he pissed again, the bright yellow man beer running out of my mouth and onto my lapels and tie. His greasy hand grasped my hair, pulling my face in with every thrust of his groin.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and began jacking it fast. His moans got louder and louder, until finally he emtied himself all over fy face, hair, and suit. I licked his cock clean, sovouring the taste of his salty cum.

I was still jacking when he pulled me up by the back of my suit jacket, ripping it in two. 'Finish up and git yourself cleaned up. I'm gonna go get you some clothes,' he said, then kissed me long and full on my lips and left the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My suit was totaled. It was tattered and torn, hanging limp from piss and grease. Most of my shirt and pants layed on the floor, but my tie was still on, tied tight but dirty at the top button of my shirt's collar. The sight of me in my ruined designer duds just made me hornier, so I jacked even harder, shooting nine shots of my thick creamy cum all over my tie and bare chest.

Shawn came in with a change of clothes and a trash bag. I stripped out of my rags and put on the clothes he had brought. Cargo pants and a white Hollister polo smudged with grease.

My car worked great. As for my meeting, I wasn't so lucky. Do I have any regrets? Nope. That oil change was a helluva bargan and worth every penny.


David Sullivan

[email protected]


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