I'm a poor exchange student from Eastern Europe. My parents kicked me out after they found out I was gay. Luckily a teacher was willing to let me live in his house and helped me to finish high school and enroll for university abroad. I worked at a local super market to pay for a living. However the teacher was willing to lower the rent in exchange for sexual favors (I had just turned eighteen) so I had saved some money to travel here, pay for my tuition fees and even had some money left for living. I really like university life here: people are nice and open, the professors are great and the university has great sporting facilities. I love to work out: I go to the university gym at least four times a week. I like the feel of my muscular body and the looks of especially the other men in the gym.

I had tried to get a job at the gym, but they didn't need anyone. My charm and looks seemed to get me nowhere. However the next time I saw the manager, he said I should apply for a job at a local gay bar. He gave me the phone number of the owner, who was a friend of his. Luckily the owner wanted to see me and apparently he liked what he saw. I got a job as a bartender. My looks brought new guests to the bar and soon the owner decided it would be better if I would work bare chest. Since my looks were bringing in the new guests, I asked for a pay rise, which in fact I needed really hard: life is very expensive here. The owner didn't want to give me a pay rise, but thought of something that would bring me more money: I would be promoted to gogoboy, could keep the tips I would receive and maybe, the owner mischievously said, I could even earn some money on the side.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday I would start dancing at eleven o'clock. I would dance for shifts of fifteen minutes, and each shift I would wear less ending in just a thong or a jock strap. After each shift I got ten minutes of. Soon I understood what the owner had meant by earning money on the side. Sometimes guests came to my tiny dressing room for a very private performance.

The bar closes at two o clock in the morning, or that's when the doors are closed. The guests inside are allowed to say for another hour. This is when the prices go up and my thong or jock strap goes out: I dance naked and the boys and men that tip me can touch me. You'll understand why this soon became the most popular time at the bar. Of course I'm aroused most of the time dancing, that what they pay me fore. Dancing naked I really have a beautiful hard on. At about 2h45 it becomes time to close the bar and the owner then invites me to cum in public. He invited a special ritual for this moment. I would stand on the bar, dancing and yearking almost in trance while a member of the public (who has to pay for the honour) would keep a big glass jar ready. When I am about to cum he keeps the jar at the end of my cock: I cum in the jar and then the guest takes a long spoon and feeds me my own cum. When I have emptied the jar eating my own cum I take the jar from the guest and ask the guests for a final tip if they liked my performance.




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