I did my warming up session before I set out for my morning run, about 10k (6-to7 miles). The hardest part is getting through the door and starting the run. Once warmed up and into the run that contented feeling sets in. Looking out of the window I could see it was overcast with drizzle. I can cope with most conditions.

It had been a good solo training run. On my return home the weather had deteriorated, the drizzle had turned to heavy rain and the wind had picked up, blowing the rain into my face at times. I was getting near to home so I was not too bothered. Home to a warm shower. I was about 400 meters from home when I could see a guy walking towards me wearing a hooded jacket and sky blue skinny fitting jeans. He was hunched up and leaning into the wind. His hood covered part of his face. He must have heard me approaching because he looked up. I recognized him he was a buddy from my high school days Rory. "What the fuck are you doing out in this weather?" I asked him. He looked at me with his wild angry eyes. He was about to give me some verbal shit when he realized who I was. "Hey Steve how are you man?" "I'm good", I replied. He stood there drenched and shivering. Water was running off his jacked and soaking his jeans. His jeans were so tight that you could see the contours of his leg muscles.

In high school Rory was strong-willed and domineering, a thug, into gangs and fighting I gained his respect because I was good at sport like he was.

"Why you out in this fucking weather?" "My girl the fucking bitch she's been annoying me I at to get away from her before I did something bad." Standing talking, I soon starting to feel the cold. "You don't have to be out here. You want to come to my place and have a coffee and get dry?" "Hell yeah," he replied. "Can you run? My place is not far". "Hell yeah I can still run". "Ok lets go." Yeah he kept up with me all the way to my place. At high school we had both been good at sport and we were used to stripping off and taking showers together so we had no inhibitions. I told him to take off his wet clothes and we'll have a shower. There was one big difference the showers at high school were spacious, my shower cubical was small.

I kept taking discreet looks at him as he stripped, I could see he had tattoos and his nipples were pierced. His body was still in good shape. I put his clothes in the drier. He stood there shivering. "Lets get in the shower and get warm", I said. I turned the shower on it was a relief to feel the warm water cascading down my body. "Fuck man this feels good," said Rory as he ran his fingers through his long hair. Rory was the same age and weight as me. 28 years old about 120lbs (54kg). He was 6' (183cm), 2" taller than I am. Now and then our arms and legs would touch due to the restricted space. Looking me up and down he said, "fuck man you look in good shape, look at those muscles on you." He patted my six pack, "fuck there hard. You been doing weights? He asked. "Yeah" I replied. "You look in good shape too," I said. "What's with the tattoos? I asked "I was into bad stuff, I was in prison for 6 years. He pointed at the tattoos and said "They mean stuff to guys, you know gang stuff"

He raised his arms up in the air and stretched his body; water was running off his cock in a way that it looked like he was pissing. He shook his head as the warm water cascaded over him. Then he looked at me in a way that told me he wanted to ask me something. "At high school you were like me into sport and girls, the macho guy. You know man when you came out and said you were gay I could not believe it your no fem no sissy boy and all those girls you messed with." "You don't have to be fem to be gay I just like having sex with guys. I was faking with the girls." "The guys get turned on by ya hot body?" He asked as he reached out and ran his hands over my shoulder, down my chest and started to stroke my thighs. I was starting to get an erection. I couldn't control it.

I suddenly felt my hard cock rubbing against his thigh which made him look down. "Am I making you do that?" He asked as he looked into my eyes. "Sorry I can't control it", I said. He reached down to his cock and held it in his hand. "Look I'm getting hard too. Man I feel so horny now I'm warm. You want to hold it and make it hard?" He asked. I reached down and held his cock, I could not take my eyes off it. It was swelling and getting hard in my hand. "I used to fantasize about doing stuff like this with you", I said. I saw the look of surprise on his face.

He leaned towards me supporting himself with his hands on the shower wall. Looking down at his hard cock. He asked, "was it one of your fantasies to suck my cock?" "Yeah" I said. "You wanna suck it and live your fantasy? Go a head," he said. He turned the shower off as I got down on my knees. He leaned over and above me with his legs spread apart looking down at me. "I wanna watch you suck it", he said. His cock was now hard. Veins rippled down the shaft. I pulled the foreskin back then massaged the base of the cock and balls with my hands while I licked the oozing head sucking and drinking his precum. He arched his back and stretched his arms in the air. He suddenly pulled his cock away from my mouth. Precum continued to ooze out of the pee slit of his throbbing cock. Strands of precum hung from the end of his cock, slowly dripping to the floor. He stood there looking down at me. "Do I taste good? He asked as he stroked the side of my face with his hand. I let some precum drip onto my tongue, I swallowed it then looked up at him and said, "you taste fucking delicious." "Man you have got me so horny you gonna let me fuck your face?" I looked up at him with wide-open eyes and nodded to indicate I would let him

He shoved his hard cock between my wet lips and open mouth. He moved his body back and forth in a gentle rhythm. He was slowly penetrating my throat deeper with each forward thrust. I looked up at him he was looking down at me with those wild eyes of his. He was like a man possessed completely absorbed by his inner thoughts in order to get his maximum satisfaction.

His movements got more and more rapid. He was inhaling and exhaling rapidly as he thrust back and forth with his hips. He began grunting and groaning like an animal as he held my head firmly between his hands. I gulped for breath when he pulled his hard cock nearly all the way out my mouth. He continued to fuck my face like this for about 5 minutes then he changed the rhythm, pushing his cock all the way in and holding. I was kissing his pubic hairs. I felt his cock head swell in my mouth. I knew he was about to cum. The first hot squirt of sperm juice shot down my throat making me gag and struggle to free my head from his hold. I pulled away just a little. He was not going to let me pull away anymore. One then 2, 3 powerful jets of hot juice squirted down my throat. I struggled to breathe. I swallowed as quickly as I could. Cum juice was spilling out of my mouth as he squirted more juice down my throat. He was arching his back and stretching. Throwing his head back as he used the full force of his hips to thrust his cock deep. He released his firm hold of my head. I pulled away from his cock and took a deep breath. His cock continued to squirt in my face, it was coming out of him like piss. I took hold of his hard cock and sucked the remainder of his sperm juices down into my belly. I could taste and smell the aroma of his semen. His cock was getting soft as I continued to suck and lick it. I looked up at him sweat was dripping off him as he looked down at me. "WHOOOOAA....Ohhhhh ... MANNNNNNNNN!! THAT FELT SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!", He said with a deep sigh.

He reached down and put his hands under my armpits and lifted me up. "I just at to let it cum my girl never lets me fuck her face like you just let me." He looked into my eyes and said, "man that was hot."

I gave him a towel to dry off with. I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist. "Coffee?" I asked. "Sure", he said. We sat chatting and drinking coffee. I was dying to ask him what it was like in prison. I asked him what was it like in prison? "You want to really know? He asked "yeah " I replied. "Life is hard and violent you have to get inmates to respect you, guys that look out for ya. I was in a gang that's what some of my tats are. He reached out and grabbed me around the neck. "You know what fear is? He tightened the grip around my neck and shook my head. He raised his voice and looked at me with a wild angry expression on his face "WELL DO YA?" "Shit, yeah I do right now, what's got into you?" he laughed into my face and released hold of me. My neck felt sore. "No matter what. If you don't, you become an outcast and anyone can mess with you, you understand?" "Yeah I understand." That was more like the Rory of past.

He went quiet for awhile then looked at me. "I shared a cell with a guy same age as me he never stood up for himself, life in prison was hell for him both mentally and physically. Before he was put in a cell with me two other guys raped him. He begged me to protect him in return for favors; one would be sex. Fuck no I don't do that I told him. He made several sexual advances; I always pushed him away. He was desperate and I was getting more and more sexually frustrated. Eventually I let him stroke my cock. I felt like it was wrong but I couldn't help myself any longer. He slipped his hand under the waistband of my pants and started to squeeze and stroke my hard cock. Man what he was doing made me feel good, he pulled my pants down to my knees and started to lick and suck my balls, I was in ecstasy. Then he took my cock deep down his throat. Man in no time I shot my load down his throat making him gag. That first time I felt bad after letting him do it. Then I started to just focus on what made me feel good and forget the rest. He wanted to be my bitch and have me protect him. I didn't have a girl; his ass got more tempting by the day. One night he came as usual sucking my balls and cock. Right or wrong my sexual needs needed to be satisfied. I flipped him over onto his back lifted his legs up and penetrated him and fucked him. From that day on we had sex when I wanted it. The sex was good he was more physical than any girl I've fucked. I let it be known he was my bitch the guys left him alone. He was no longer the communal bitch. He satisfied my sexual needs only, cleaned my cell, and washed my clothes and stuff. To show is gratitude."

I sat there listening to him my cock was tenting in my towel. He must have seen it. He lifted his towel and uncovered his semi hard cock. Looking at me, then his cock, he said, "I'm gonna take your fantasy further." "What you mean?" I asked him. "Did you fantasize for me to fuck ya?" He asked. "Cus I'm gonna fuck Ya and make you my bitch." I looked at him sitting there his tight muscular body made me shiver with delight at the thought of him fucking me. He had a grin on his face as he stood up and approached me. I stood up my towel fell from my waist, my cock like his cock was hard and sticking up at an angle. "Before I went into prison I never wanted or thought I could get sexual satisfaction and pleasure from fucking a guy", he said. "I know I will when I fuck you."

He wrestled me to the ground. I was fighting back purely because his sudden attack on me had taken me by surprise. "I like it that you are resisting it makes me more horny and determined to fuck you", he said. I gradually resisted less; I was enjoying the feel of his body on top of me. I imagined that this is what it was like for his bitch in prison. I lay there in a passive and submissive mode as he took control of me.

I lay on my back as he ran his hands up and down the inside of my legs making them tremble. Then lifted my legs up and pushed hard down on me making my legs spread apart, my knees pressing down towards my chest. My ass was sticking up exposing my hole. He spat on his finger and slowly pushed it into my hole. 1 then 2 and 3 fingers lubed with his spit stretched my hole. I felt the head of his cock pressing against my hole. He leaned into me and using the full force of his body drove his cock its full length inside me. I felt his hairy balls squeezing into my ass crack as the whole length of his shaft penetrated me. Looking into my eyes he said he wanted to see my face as he fucked me. I was bent almost double as he slowly slid his cock up and down inside my gut. My hard cock was swinging from side to side as he crouched over and above me supported by his arms straight out and with just the ball of his feet on the ground. He used the full force of his body and the power of his legs to thrust his hard cock deep into my gut.

The intense fucking rhythm made me ejaculate without touching myself. Cum was squirting out my pee slit onto my face neck and chest. I saw the surprise look on Rory's face as he saw my cock squirting "Man you sure enjoying me fucking you aren't you?" I reached out and ran my hands down his back and gripped his firm ass cheeks and pulled him into me as he thrust. I moaned and groaned out loud with sexual gratification. Sweat was pouring off both of us and we were moaning and groaning loudly. I saw that wild look in his eyes. His body shuddered. His thrusts were more intense. I was bent over so much that I could have sucked my own cock. I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass. He fucked harder and yelled " I'm gonna cum Ahhhhhhhh!" his cock squirted hot cum juice into my ass he continued to fuck more vigorously as he made sure I took his juices deep in my gut. He gradually slowed; his cock was going limp.

He pulled out of me and lay on his back. I lay there getting my breath; I turned to look at him. He looked at me and smiled. I looked down at his semihard cock. Cum juice was still trickling out his pee slit. He saw me looking. "You want to suck the remaining cum out of me? He asked. I got down on my knees. I felt his hand on the back of my head as he held his cock in his other hand. "Suck it bitch," he said as he pushed the limp cock into my mouth. I liked the way he dominated me making me do what he wanted. I know he likes to be in control. "Have you anymore fantasies?" he asked. "Many," I said. " My cock will always be available," he said. His cock still is.



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