I know this title is also the title of a popular song from my favourite band (Cascada) but i feel the lyrics relate to this story. this is the next chapter in my life and i hope you enjoy! (PS story is set in UK

Hello i'm Andrew i'm 18 years old and i am currently studying computing and general IT at college. I guess you could say i'm your typical geek since i've loved computers since the age of 5.

As well as computers there is this one guy who i am interested in and i always meet in the canteen. His name is Shaun and he is so hot that i blush like a schoolgirl whenever i see his perfect smile with white glistening teeth, as well as his smile from what i've seen he has a muscular build and he works out alot from when i pass the college gym to the computer labs.

Anyways one time when i am in the canteen with Shaun we start a conversation about past relationships when he asks me the awkward question

"So how many girls have you slept with?" he asks me with great curiosity.

"Um and i have not slept with anyone because i'm a virgin" i reply honestly

This then leads Shaun being sympathetic towards me even though he has no ideas about my closeted homosexuality

we embrace in a friendly hug which stiffens my aching cock even more as we disengage from the hug.

"Andrew i want you to be honest with me. do you fancy me?" Shaun asks in a serious tone

"Honestly i do and i realise that you may not want to talk to me ever again after my confession" I say as i get up and leave the canteen.

Trying to hide my tears i hear footsteps behind me and Shaun locks his arms around my waist

we don't say anything just the raw passion between our bodies say it all and the people around us start applauding their approval

"Andrew i've never fell in love with another man before but theres a fire burning inside me for you" he says as he kisses my neck softly.

The following day after me and Shaun have spent more time together and we have been working on projects in our respective homes.

whilst at his place i notice he is getting more frisky and never leaves my lips for a single moment and whilst i am enjoying it i think it is too soon to have sex

i push him off me and look into his eyes

"i'm sorry i can't have sex this early in our friendship plus we haven't agreed to be a boyfriend" i admit to him

he looks a little upset but he still asks me on a date which i agreed to as i start to leave his place and get ready for the date out for a meal i thought

anyways the time for the date arrives and i am waiting for Shaun to pick me up but the first of many surprises is that he pulls up in a limo and he gets out and sees my gobsmacked face

"before you ask my parents are ridiculously rich and they wanted us to have a good time" he said as he gives me a peck on the lips and cheek

i go in the limo with him and i sit next to him wondering where we are going? and if there are more surprises yet to come?

well we arrive at the place and i am immediately greeted by the fact that we are on the beach and Shaun lays a towel on the sand for us to sit on and have some food in a picnic basket

the date is a massive success as i rest my head on his chest when suddenly i look up into the night sky and i can hear fireworks exploding and also see their brightly coloured sparks

he then kisses me much more deeper and passionately now as he asks me "Andrew all my life i have been waiting for someone like you to walk into my life and since i have found that special someone will you go out with me?" he asks as he stares deeply into my eyes

"of course i will" i replied. "like you had to ask?"

we then celebrate by him lifting me in his arms and we end up going back to his place. sure we shared the same bed but nothing happened sexually just yet

but i am going to develop this story step by step and i hope you are enjoying it so far

(PS sex will come after this chapter)





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