I pull my jacket on as I step out of the men's room, out to the chilly air of the park at dusk. The sun was soon going to set but was currently projecting orange light all over the earth. The breeze was strong today and I almost started to shiver, but I pull my jacket on tighter. I was in just gym shorts and the jacket though, and that's probably why I was so cold. I had left my jockstrap with a hot hunk back at the glory hole, who wanted it as a trophy. Now I was commando as the hunk leaves the bathroom and pinches my ass as he passes.

"See you again hottie" He whispers as he walks to the parking lot. I watch as he leaves and notice my jockstrap can be seen poking out the top of his jeans. The sight of it alone causes my crotch to start to warm up. I bite my lip and watch his ass bounce as he leaves. Before I realize it, he's at his car and I am alone. No one is around. The hunk and I were the last ones in the bathroom, so no one was coming from behind. I look around and can't see anyone except for a single man, sitting under a tree, reading a book by the fading sunlight.

I check my watch. I have nowhere to be. This park is a popular cruising site, so maybe that guy wants some fun. "Why not try" I mutter to myself. I start to walk towards the tree, swaying my hips, causing my dick to sway in my shorts and my tip to rub on the material. I grin at the feeling but hide it as I approach. Soon I am standing in front of this mystery man, looking at the blank book cover for a moment until he looks up to see me.

"Can I help you?" He asks. His voice is dreamy. It was smooth like silk but had a hint of roughness at the end of his sentences. I had to inhale sharply to control myself. I smile and look into his eyes.

"Sorry, I was just wondering if you had the time" I say, making sure my sleeve was covering my watch.

"7:47" He says after looking at his watch then looking back at me.

"Thank you so much" I smile at him. "My name is Aidan. Who are you?"

"I'm Jessie" He says in his dreamy voice, before shooting me a toothy smile of pearly white teeth. Fuck I was falling for this stud. And just as I was thinking that, he closed his book and put it down to focus on me. "Care to sit with me and watch the sunset?"

Was this heaven? Watching the sunset with a stud of a man? How could I say no?!

"I'd love to!" I smile and sit down, our hips touching in a romantic but ever so sexual manner. I turn my face to look at his. His face was tanned with brown stubble that matched the color of his hair. I bit my lip and had to control myself from getting hard.

"So Aidan, why are you in the park this late?"

"Just stopped by to get something to drink from the...vending machine, and then realized I had nothing else to do, so why not talk with a new friend" I smile and close my eyes. "Why are you here?"

"I like to come here to cruise..." Was this my lucky day?! "...through my favorite book" Fuck, it wasn't. But close.

"Just here to read? That's really nice. I wish I could spend a day just in the sun"

"It was nice. There were a lot of good looking people here to watch too" He giggled

"Oh were there? I only noticed a few people recently"

"Well the hottest guy just arrived"

"Did he?" I say, looking around.

"He's right next to me" Everything seemed to pause. My vision blurred for a moment and my heart skipped a beat. This stud of a man was coming onto me. This was the best day of my life. I felt like dancing.

"Oh, why thank you" I muttered out. "You aren't half bad yourself" I giggle.

"Thank you too. But to be honest, I don't want to flirt"

"Oh?" My heart sank. Guess this dream couldn't last forever.

"I wanna fuck" My heart rate wasn't the only thing to rise at that statement.

I was in awe. The sun was half set and the shadows from around the park were covering us. I was looking into his eyes and I was about to kiss him right then and there. But would he be okay with public? My mind was racing faster than my heart.

"I want to fuck too. My balls have been tight ever since I've seen you"

"These balls?" And his hand catches my crotch. I can only gasp as his big hand grabs my whole package. There is no doubt he feels the hardon in my shorts and my tight balls. I look at his face while I blush red.

"Yes... those balls. Want to see them in the open?" I could only pray he wants to go to the bathroom and fuck me. I need this boy right now.

"I'd love to see them" And that was when he did the shocking thing. He grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down, causing my cock and balls to pop out. My cock was hard and pointing to the branches of the tree above us. The cold breeze hit it and I shivered. I was in awe yet again.

"Jessie...? We are in public" I say softly. I was so conflicted. I couldn't stop looking around to make sure no one was around, but the park was empty but us, and it was only getting darker.

"And what? Don't you want to fuck?"

"I do...but what if someone catches-" but he cut me off when he began to stroke me and muttered.

"Such nice balls you have. Want me to suck them?" I couldn't help but submit.

"Yes. Please. Suck them Jessie" And that was all I had to say.

Jessie pushed his book away and moved between my legs. He was bent over with his ass high in the air for me to see. I was mesmerized and could only reach a hand out to grab his fat but firm ass. But right as I touched it, his mouth touched my balls. I moaned loudly and throw my head back. He started to lick and take them in his mouth and it was amazing. He had amazing skill with his mouth and it made my toes curl. I looked down to watch him suck my nuts as my dick sits on his face.

I slide my hand into the back of Jessie's pants, letting my fingers brush over his soft flesh. I put another hand next the original and started to massage both his cheeks. I raised my hips slightly and kneed his fat ass. I slide one finger up his crack, causing him to moan on my balls, which caused me to moan in response. This whole event was so stimulating.

Jessie's tongue went from my balls and slide up my length until he opens his mouth and closes his lips on my tip. He starts to suck like a vacuum and I was in heaven. I gasp and moan as his expert mouth went to my sensitive head. My legs were tense as he starts to slide down my length. "Jessie, you are heavenly" I moan, only for him to shock me by deep throating me and massaging my tip with his throat. He knew what he was doing.

My hands slid off his ass, my whole body tensing at his blowjob. But when I thought it was perfect, he came off with a pop. I looked up at me from under my wet cock and licked his lips. I glanced around to see that we were completely hidden in darkness. Even if anyone looked over, they would see nothing. This was when my nerves were gone, and Jessie noticed.

Jessie grabbed the waist band of my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles, before taking them off and throwing them off into the shadows. I didn't care, but his hands grabbed my hips and threw them into the air. My eyes widened as the cold breeze hit my now exposed ass hole. I shivered and felt goose bumps cover my body and especially my ass cheeks. Jessie placed his middle finger on my pink hole and started to massage.

I slide down on the cold grass, my shirt sliding off and my ass only going towards Jessie. His finger left my hole and was soon replaced with his hot tongue. If I thought his mouth on my dick felt good, I was in heaven now. I could not stop moaning and gasping as he ate my hole and massaged my cheeks. I felt my skin warming up and the goose bumps leaving. He slurped and sucked at everything he could and once I thought it couldn't get any better, my weight was shifted and my hips crashed down on Jessie's thighs. I looked down just in time to watch him remove his shirt.

Even in the darkness I could see that he was tanned all over, until he pushed his shorts down and revealed a speedo tan line. It made my balls tighten. His cock was hard and pointing at my hole. It looked long and thick and it was moving towards my hole quickly. He spread my legs and started to push in, without any notice. I gasped as it pierced my hole but as soon as his tip was in all the pain stopped and it was nothing but pleasure. I threw my head back as he started to pull out then push back in. His fucking was slow at first but he was eagerly speeding up. His hands grabbed my body and started to rub all over me; touching my chest and sides and making me shiver. It was perfect, until another cold breeze hit and we both shivered.

That moment made us realize what was happening and Jessie's eyes lit up. "Do you like this?" He asked, genuinely concerned.

"Are you kidding? I love this! Being outside while a stud fucks me? This is heaven"

"Are you ready for a pounding?" He said with a grin.

"Give it to me!" And his eyes burned with lust and excitement.

He didn't wait. He pulled all the way out and rammed back in. It hurt like hell then felt amazing. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure that I rarely felt. I threw my head back and closed my eyes, panting and gasping. I shoved my hips to his cock and moaned as it hit my prostate. My eyes shot open at how deep it got. He was giving me the pounding I needed.

Jessie lasted a long time. It must've been a half hour of constant fucking until he even showed signs of being close. It was then that his body tensed up and his eyes turned to squints. He yanked his cock out of me hard and placed it on top of mine, grabbing bother of them and starting to stroke furiously, showing all the signs of a man about to cum, and I was too.

He stroked fast, our balls bouncing together and precum flowing onto my stomach. I looked him in the eyes as he stroked and my tip swelled. "Jessie...Jessie....I'm cumming...I'm cumming!" I couldn't help but shout, right before shooting thick cum up out of my slit, hitting my chin and soaking my chest. I was shaking with ecstasy.

Jessie kept stroking our dicks together, my cum lubing them together and making it smoother. Soon my cock tip was super sensitive but he kept going. At this moment my whole body tenses, aching from the touching but somehow enjoying it. I gasped and moaned. "Jessie, it hurts...it hurts...it hurts so good!" And that was it, I was hard again.

I shocked myself. Jessie was that good. Without saying anything he brought me to orgasm and got me hard again. He kept going and my body was tensing, as was his. "I'm cumming..." He said under his breath, just as his cock head visibly swelled and shot. His jizz flew up and smacked my cheek, before soaking my chest and stomach. His cum was so warm and hot on my tip, it brought me over the edge. I clawed at his back, moaning and gasping with his strokes until I shot off again, this time shooting cum onto my stomach until it turned to a heavy flow. In an instant both of us were super sensitive and he fell off me.

We lied there on the grass, both of us naked and soaked in cum, with two deflating cocks and three orgasms between us. I was panting and shaking. Jessie grabbed my hand and held it. That small gestured turned this sexual moment into a romantic one. I tighten my grip on his hand and looked up at the stars.

"Thanks Aidan" He muttered, sounding shy and ashamed.

"Thank YOU Jessie. You made me cum twice. Did you enjoy it?"

"I loved it. I have never shot so hard. I won't need another orgasm for weeks" And we both laughed. "Do you want me to get you your shorts? They are somewhere in the shadows" He giggles and I sat up.

"Ya' know Jessie, find 'em, and keep 'em." I grin and his confused face. I stand up and grab my shirt and car keys (which had luckily fallen out of my pocket before we started) and started to walk away, letting him watch my bouncing ass. "Hope to see you again here stud"

"You too, Aidan! I'll be here every day!" He shouts as I walk away. I giggled. And with that, I walked to my car, butt naked in the darkness and feeling no shame in it with cum drooling down my body and dripping on the pavement.


Gay Aidan


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