Even as I knocked 

Somehow I had managed to stop myself from masturbating as I showered and got ready to leave my house. My mind was racing and my cock ached at the thought of what I was about to do. After weeks of responding to ads on the internet I’d finally found someone genuine who was willing to help me fulfill the fantasy I’d placed on the numerous personal sites on the internet.

I wanted to a suck cock. Although I consider myself to be 100% straight I’d been getting more and more turned on at the thought of taking a thick, hard cock in my mouth and sucking it until my mouth was pumped full of cum. My ad was simple and to the point. I wanted to arrive at the other person's house, strip naked, drop to my knees, suck their cock, then dress and leave without any words being spoken or any other kind of interaction.

I could feel my heart in my mouth as I double checked the address he’d given me and cautiously approached the door. Even as I knocked I thought about backing out but almost instantly the door was opened and I kept my eyes to the floor as I nervously stepped inside, fighting against the urge to look at his face.

I followed him up stairs to a bedroom where he stopped and turned towards me waiting for me to do what I had come to do.

Still without looking at his face, I began to remove my clothes. My own cock was sticking out in front of me as, naked, I knelt on the floor. He immediately moved closer until he stood right in front of me with his crotch at head height before me. 

With my hands shaking I reach out and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his Levis. As his Levis dropped to the floor I saw the large bulge of his cock straining against his jockeys. 

I slowly reach up and hook my thumbs under the waistband and start pulling them down. A few inches allowed his hardening cock to spring up right in front of my face. It was much bigger than my own cock, maybe 9 inches and uncut. Once again I fought the urge to look up at his face to see who owned such a beautiful cock.

My hand reached out and for the first time in my life I was touching another man's cock. As I held his semi hard cock in my palm, I unconsciously muttered “wow.” The sensation was more than I could have ever hoped for. Almost intoxicated by the experience, I grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me as I slid my lips further down over his cock. Although I had never had a cock in my mouth before, I knew exactly what to do.

When my other hand started fondling his large ball sac I felt them tighten. I massaged them playfully. Even if he wasn’t enjoying himself, I was. 

I was rewarded by a pulse throbbing through his cock. I could feel his cock thickening in his palm. I gripped it and started to slow stroke him up and down. The musky smell of him made me even harder and then, as if I’d remembered what this was about, I Leaned towards his cockhead, while continuing to stroke his hard long shaft.

I felt a little frustration building in me. I wanted to take in my mouth. When he said, 'Suck it,' without thinking, I did what I came to do. I opened my mouth and took the large swollen head of his cock into my virgin mouth. Moving my mouth down, I slowly took his entire cock into my mouth.  As he started thrusting into my mouth, face fucking me I felt the warmth of his excitement in my mouth. Slowly, my lips were working themselves up and down his hard cock.

Careful with the teeth!' he cautioned.

Obeying, I tightened my lips around them as I continued my work on his cock. I tried to bury as much of his cock as possible in my mouth, but his 9 inch cock was too long and too thick for my virgin mouth. I took it as deep as he could without gagging and started to work up and down its now rock hard shaft. It felt good…it felt right as his cock throbbed with every bob of my mouth. 

My own balls ached as he grabbed the back of my head and guided me as I bobbed up and down on his cock. I struggled to keep up with him but a few times he gagged me with his thick cock. But I didn’t care. I wanted to give him a blowjob, so I’d just have to learn to take it. My hands pushed against his hips, supporting me against the thrust of his hand on the back of my head.

We were both groaning, “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” under our breath.

I pulled away and gasped a few times before leaning forward, my slightly puckered lips touching his cockhead. I kissed it. And then flicking out my warm moist tongue I licked his mushroom head.

“I’m cumming, OOHHHHHH God I’m cumming,” he yelped. He probably thought I didn’t hear him, but I was too engrossed in his cock to respond. He ‘d moved his hands away from my head, but my mouth still continued to bob up and down on his hard shaft.

I could sense that he was on the verge of cumming. Suddenly his cock seemed to rapidly grow in my mouth and he yelped, “oh god,” but it was too late. I felt the first thick jet of hot cum spurt into the back of my throat. With his hands clamped on my head I had no choice but to greedily swallow as spurt after thick spurt shot into my mouth, coating my tongue with hot, sticky cum…man cum. 

By the time he pulled his cock out of my mouth, he’d spurted his load of cum. He knew his cum was going to hit my face, but there was nothing he could do about it even if he cared. His hips jerked forward as he released another spurt of cum.

As his orgasm subsided he slowly pulled back, his cock slipping from my mouth leaving a string of cum hanging from my lips. I slowly sucked the strings of cum back into my mouth and swallowed, savoring the taste .

After the last load of cum, his knees almost buckled and his hips fell back onto his bed. I could still feel my palm holding onto the base of his hard shaft. I was still jerking it gently when he grunted, trying to find his voice. “I'm done. You can stop now.”

The jerking stopped, but my hand was still holding on to his weak throbbing cock. It was still hard in my hand and I knew his cum had ran down fouling my hand. He twitched slightly when he felt my lips on his cockhead. My tongue licked his cum-soaked cockhead. I still wanted to taste his cum. He knew that he should have stopped me but like all men he wanted his cum to be swallowed or licked by another man. It turned him on.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh,” he groaned again as he felt my tongue licking the trail of his cum. Straight or not straight, he clearly loved his cock and balls getting the attention they deserved

Then stepping back away from him, although I desperately needed an orgasm myself I got up from the floor and started to dress. My face reddened as I realized that I must have looked like a cock hungry fag in front of this complete stranger and I quickly tried to catch a glimpse of his face but he was facing the other way. I struggled to zip up over my rock hard erection and then, as agreed, I turned and without a word walked out of the bedroom and out of the house.

Wiping cum off my mouth with the back of my hand I stepped outside into the night and started to feel embarrassment at what I’d just done. I hurried home, hoping that nobody would ever find out about my activities but as soon as I got inside my house I rushed upstairs and brought myself to the biggest orgasm of my life. I could still smell his masculine aroma and taste the man cum clinging inside my mouth as I lay on the bed with my deflating cock in my cum soaked hand. 

With cum coated thumb in my mouth, I drifted off to sleep dreaming about sucking more cocks.

The end…



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