I'm Ethan; I'll be a senior. The two jocks are Scott Riley and Ryan Bates, both just graduated. School was out, the beginning of summer and I was walking home after my shift at the lumberyard, hungry as a wolf. I didn't have a car yet but I was saving for one. I was barely three blocks from the yard when a car pulled up beside me.

'Hey, Ethan, you need a ride?' It was Scott behind the wheel of his old restored Ford, and Ryan. They were both shirtless, which always sent me into a sweat. Fuck, they were two hot dudes! And they knew it.

'Naw, I'm okay,' I said. I was wondering why they were being so generous as to offer me a ride. Not that they ever mistreated me, but they never went out of their way to be friendly toward anybody who didn't play sports.

'Come on, we'll go get something to eat,' Ryan said, waving me toward the car as he reached back and opened the rear door.

They sounded sincere so I rethought their offer and climbed into the back seat.

'Just getting off work?' Ryan asked as I pulled the door shut.

'Yeah,' I said.

'You must be hungry, then.'

'Hungry as a wolf,' I said.

We were having a friendly enough conversation when I noticed that we hadn't stopped at any of the eating places along the way. I didn't know where they intended to go and they didn't ask me, so I didn't say anything. I would find out when we got there. But then I noticed we were heading out of town.

'Where're we going, over to Batesville?' I asked. Batesville was a small town named after Ryan's great-great-grandfather.

'Don't worry, we'll find a place,' Scott said.

'It's on us, by the way,' said Ryan.

But we didn't get to Batesville, which was only four miles away. Instead, Scott turned down a heavily wooded side road and a mile later, turned into a pasture field with an overgrowth of trees and brush all around the fence line. I still didn't say anything. Maybe one of them had to take piss. We drove across the hilly field and stopped, well out from the fence line. Both Scott and Ryan got out, and Ryan opened my door, indicating that I should get out.

'This isn't Batesville,' I remarked as I got out of the car. I didn't know why we were there and I was getting a little uneasy.

'We said we would find a place. This is it,' Scott said as he brushed his hand down over the front of his jeans.

That's when it hit me. How could I have been so stupid, to come with these guys! Ryan was rubbing the front of his jeans, too, and Scott was unbuttoning his.

'What do you guys think you're going to do?' I said, brave as I could. But I knew.

'We said we were going to feed you,' Scott said as he shoved his jeans down off his hips to reveal his bulging briefs.

Suddenly, Ryan had me by the arm and was leading me around to the front of the car. I wrenched my arm free but went with him. Even with the wide expanse of the field, I felt trapped. I was trapped. Scott was one of the most athletic guys in school, the quarterback, and Ryan was a running back, fast on his feet. It would've been pure folly for me to try to get away from them. A little part of me didn't want to, but still, I was scared.

Ryan positioned me standing facing the grill and reached around me and started unbuttoning my jeans. I grabbed his hands but he was successful in fighting me off and got all the button undone. Scott jumped up and sat on the side of the hood, his jeans down around his ankles. Ryan struggled to get my jeans shoved down then jerked my shorts down below my knees.

They were going to fuck me! And it was obvious what Scott was going to make me do, the way he was leaned back across the hood, mauling the growing bulge in his shorts.

'You guys don't want to do this,' I pleaded.

'Huh? Did you say you didn't want to do this,' Ryan asked Scott.

'No, I didn't say that,' Scott said.

'I didn't either,' said Ryan. 'Nobody said we didn't want to do it,' he said to me.

Suddenly, Scott grabbed me by the back of the head and jerked my face down into his crotch, rubbing my face hard into the warm bulge of his manhood. Godd, he felt big. I didn't know if I could do it. I had sucked cock a few times but I wasn't what you would call an experienced or adept cocksucker. I had only come out the last half of the school year, and then only to a handful of people who knew me, and who I thought I could trust. Obviously, somebody hadn't kept my secret.

Ryan was playing with my butt, squeezing the taut muscles, probing and feeling between them. I winced when he touched my asshole, causing him to laugh. He's gonna fuck me, I kept saying to myself.

'Sensitive, there, are we?' he said.

I had sucked cock but I had never been fucked. It was something in the back of my mind that I wanted to try sometime with the right guy. Either one of these guys would've been the right guy, except that were forcing me into it, and I wasn't sure I was ready yet.

Scott pulled the front of his shorts down and I was face to face with his manhood. He was big. And getting bigger. I knew he was hung, from seeing him in the locker room, but I didn't know how well; I'd never seen him with a hardon. Now I was seeing it. He was easily seven inches or more already, and he was still rubbery soft. None of the cocks I'd sucked were this big.

I heard Ryan spit then felt the warm slickness between my butt. He spit again, and again, each time, working it between my butt till he suddenly probed my hole.

'Ahh!' I gasped.

He laughed. 'That was just my finger,' he said. 'Wait till you feel my cock.'

I knew Ryan was built well, too, where it counted the most. I glanced over my shoulder but couldn't see his manhood. Maybe it was just as well. He spit again, working more split into my hole. Then he spit again but didn't touch me, and I surmised that he was lubing up his cock. I tried to brace myself, tried to curb my fear. I had no idea what to expect, getting a cock shoved in me, and the tiny little spark of desire was overshadowed by my fear.

'Come on, open up and say Aaahhhh,' Scott said.

I didn't have any choice and I figured I might as well take him while I could, before he got bone hard. I let my lips go slack and his cock seemed to find its own way into my mouth. Ryan's cock honed in on my ass like a heat seeking missile. There was heat, and intense pressure then suddenly the head of his cock burst through my hole.

Aawwgggmmmppphhhh!' I cried out around Scott's cock and he quickly clasped his hands around my head to hold me down on it. At the same time, Ryan was boring into me. Godd, how big was he! I kept groaning, almost whimpering from the pain. I could only guess by the way my ass was ripped and pried open. Part way in, he held still for a moment and I thought foolishly that he was reconsidering and might pull out; maybe he had decided he was too big. But he was only being considerate enough to let me get used to his size. And get used to it I did, for I had no choice. The incessant throbbing that seemed to stretch my asshole with each throb, also gradually sucked out the pain, and when he shoved deeper, it didn't hurt all that much. Now I had to wonder how long he was, how deep he would go, and if I had the room to accommodate him. I tried to gauge by guessing the inches as they bore into me, I could no more do it than know how big around he was. He just kept going in, deeper and deeper, and I wondered when I would feel his loins pressing against my butt.

Scott was humping his big cock up into my mouth with his hand clasped around my head to keep me in place. I did my best to suck him but it was more like he was simply using my mouth as a pussy and I relied heavily on my tongue to bring him the pleasure he wanted. If I kept him satisfied with my tongue, maybe he wouldn't force me all the way down on his cock, and maybe I could get him off quicker and get this over with.

'Oouummpphhhh!' I groaned around Scott's cock as Ryan's cock dislodged something inside me then suddenly reached bottom and I felt his hard, hairy loins pressing and grinding against my spread butt. Somewhere through the fog of lust, I prayed nobody would come into the field and see us. I could picture Scott and Ryan scrambling to get into the car and taking off and leaving me standing there in the field with my pants down and my asshole gaping wide open to explain myself.

Ryan began fucking me in the ass while Scott fucked my mouth. I could tell Scott wasn't going to be satisfied till he was fucking my throat. I tried to prevent it but he grew more aggressive with each thrust till the head of his cock burst through the opening of my throat. I coughed and gagged and tried to raise up but he showed me no mercy. Once through the opening of my throat, he wouldn't give back. He kept thrusting, going deeper each time and I watched helplessly, through misty eyes, as his pubes came closer and closer to my face. I managed to fight down the gag reflex and keep from puking; I wasn't sure he would stop even if I did, and he would probably let me choke on my own vomit without even realizing it. Finally, I was totally subdued as his hairs brushed against my lips then his hard loins smashed against my face, my chin against his balls. I didn't know where the hell his cock was; maybe in my stomach, but I was happily surprised that my throat stretched to accommodate him and I was able to take him.

Totally impaled on the two big cocks, I submitted myself completely to their lust. I could do nothing else except let them use me for their own pleasure and satisfaction. I was over the shock, and the pain was all but gone, and I was coming to the stark and awful realization that it was starting to feel good! Ryan's hot, hard cock sliding back and forth through my guts and pulling my asshole out was making me shiver inside, and another spot he touched inside me made me feel like I wanted to come with every thrust. It was all I could do to keep from shoving back onto his cock so that I was fucking him; all I could do to keep from moving my mouth up and down on Scott's cock so that I was sucking his cock instead of just being used as his pussy.

They fucked and used me for a long time. I lost track of the time till I glanced at my watch. It'd been over an hour! Shit, how could they go on so long! Over an hour without even being allowed to come up for air. I was breathing okay, but I desperately wanted to just suck my lungs full of air. I tried repeatedly to raise up, and managed to suck in a quick gasp of air now and then but Scott would shove my head back down and force his cock into my throat again. Finally, I wrenched free of his hands and raised up.

'You gotta let me breath,' I pleaded as I quickly put my hand around his slick cock and jacked it. 'I'll suck it, just let me breath.'

'Okay. Sorry,' he said.

So I was sucking cock; I even said it out loud. Willingly. Being forced to a degree, but I think I would have been disappointed if they had suddenly taken their cocks away from me. Ironically, I hadn't given a thought to it coming to an end, till I heard Ryan snorting and gasping and felt him thrusting into me like a stallion mounting a mare.

'Cummin', man,' he groaned, as his loins smacked against my butt.

'Yeah, me too,' Scott gasped.

Oh, fuck, was he going to shoot in my mouth? Fuck, no! I'd never taken a load before! I'd gotten blasted in the face, but I'd never even tasted semen before, except for an accidental taste of my own when I was jacking off, and I spit that out real quick. Scott must have read my mind, because when I started to raise up and get off his cock, he took my head in a vise-like grip and held me in place. He didn't choke me with his cock but he held my head firmly in place while he fucked my mouth. Helpless, I braced myself. Ryan shot off first. He slammed into me and I felt his body tremble and his big cock buck and throb hard inside me an instant before he exploded and sent spurts of hot, thick come spraying into my ass. I have to say, it felt wonderful. My prostate quivered under the come-bath and I felt my own climax mounting. A moment later, Scott let his load go in my mouth. The stuff shot out and splattered against the back of my mouth and quickly flooded my oral cavity till my tongue was covered and I got the full taste of him. At the same time, I shot off such a violent load that I thought my nuts were going to be pulled through my cock. I could actually hear my whimpers over their guttural groans.

Scott didn't let go of my head.

'Swallow it,' he said.

I couldn't. It would make me sick and he would get pissed if I threw up all over him and his car. But he insisted.

'You gotta swallow it. I don't like my come being wasted.'

I did as he said. I swallowed and was surprised how easily the thick slime went down my throat. But there was so much of it I couldn't get it all down and I started to gag. Still, he held my head in place.

'Don't waste it, man,' he warned.

I kept gulping, forcefully, till I had it all down and was swallowing my own spit to wash it down. I couldn't believe the amount of spit I was producing; like my mouth was watering for him. When he was satisfied that I had it all, he let go of my head and let me raise up. Ryan was pulling his cock out of my ass.

'Whew! You were right about him, he's got one hot, tight ass,' Ryan told his friend.

'You oughta feel his mouth, and his throat,' Scott said. 'Shit, better than any pussy.'

'I intend to, next time,' Ryan said. 'Aw, Fuck!' he swore suddenly as he stood back from the car. 'He shot all over my grill! Motherfuck, if that eats the chrome, you are going to pay to replace the whole fuckin' grill.'

'I'm sorry, I couldn't help it,' I said as I staggered to stand.

Then they both started laughing.

'You couldn't help shooting your load when I was fucking you? You must really love getting fucked,' Ryan said.

'I couldn't help it. You were touching places inside me with your cock,' I said as I fumbled to get my clothes back on, hurrying so I would be dressed by the time they were.

'Well, we know where to get a regular piece of ass from now on,' Ryan said.

'Yeah, and regular head,' Scott put in.

When I was about to put my T-shirt on, Ryan grabbed it from me and wiped the come off the grill with it.

They were ready to go and I started to reach for the car door.

'No, man, you're not riding back with us,' Scott said.

'But I.....we're miles from town.'

'Yeah, we know,' he said.

'You can't leave me out here,' I said.

'Are you afraid of the dark?' Ryan asked, laughing, as he started the car.

'No, but......'

'We'll send somebody out to get you,' he said as they slammed the car doors. Then he took off.

I stood watching the car rock and roll across the rough field then disappear onto the road. There was the sound of gravel being thrown behind tires, and their laughter. After I stood there in a daze for moment, I started walking, naked to my waist, carrying my cum-laden T-shirt. I couldn't put it on, but I couldn't afford to throw it away either. I didn't realize how unsteady my legs were. I didn't know for sure how far I was from town; all I knew was that I wasn't going to get much sleep after walking home, showering and fixing something to eat, and I was going to be dog-tired in the morning. I could not have known how right I was. I was a good distance down the road when I saw a vehicle coming toward me. My luck, it was going the opposite direction. It slowed and as it drew closer, the car pulled over alongside me.

'Need a lift?' the driver asked. His massive bicep spread out across the open window and his thick neck muscles rippled when he turned his head. He looked about mid-twenties. There was a younger kid in the passenger side, maybe eighteen.

'Yeah, but not that direction,' I said.

'Hop in, I'll turn around,' he said.

I don't know why I trusted him, but I climbed in the back seat. He drove on down the road and turned into the field I'd just come from, I thought to turn around.

'Scott and Ryan said I might find somebody along the road who needed a ride,' he said. And he didn't turn around. He drove right on into the field. My heart sank. He knew Ryan and Scott, and he wasn't taking me back to town. I took hold of the door handle, contemplating jumping out and making a run for it. But I thought better of it; I would be no match for him in his car and he might run me down. I would be less of a match for him when he caught me. He was big. Easily forty pounds over two hundred, and all muscle.

'Hey, buddy, you ready for your first piece of ass?' he said to the younger kid.

'Fuck, yeah. Only I thought it would be a girl,' the boy said.

I began resigning myself to my fate once again, and thankful and hopeful that it would be the boy who would fuck me instead of the behemoth behind the wheel. I was still fairly loose and stretched out but I could imagine the size of cock a man that size might have. He pulled headfirst into a clump of trees along the back fence line and opened his door.

'Don't do anything stupid, like trying to get away,' he warned me over the back of the seat as he got out. 'The boy, here, can run like a deer; he would have you down before you got twenty yards. Then I would have to beat the crap out of you.'

'I won't,' I said.

'Smart boy,' he said. 'So, just get out and get undressed.'

The boy, his name was Cody, practically tore his clothes off, right down to his work boots and socks. He also left his baseball cap on. The big guy, Bryan, took his time and I found myself getting sort of excited as I watched him bare his muscular body. Godd, he was built! Watching him as I took off my clothes again, I hadn't paid close attention to Cody till I felt his hand on my butt. I glanced around and got the shock of my life. I had been worried about the big guy's size; Cody had his fist wrapped around the biggest cock I'd ever seen, or even imagined.

'Geezussss!' I gasped without thinking.

He laughed. So did Bryan,

'Yeah, you're going to like the ride he's gonna give you,' Bryan said. 'He ain't never fucked anything but his hand so you better hold on to the top of your head.'

I didn't resist when young Cody flattened his hand on my back and pushed me toward the open rear door. If I didn't bent over for him, I would have to bend over for Bryan. I sprawled across the back seat with my legs spread, bracing myself. Cody stood between my legs and kicked them wider apart. I hunkered over the seat when I felt the head of his cock against my hole.

'Don't try to get away from him,' Bryan said as he opened the other door and crawled inside, on his knees on the seat.

'Wouldn't do much good, would it?' I said. Suddenly my asshole was pried apart by the baseball-size head and the boy's cock bored through my hole. 'Oh, My Goddd!' I cried out, tossing my head back. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back as he shoved forward. I couldn't tell how many inches he gave me but already he was in deeper than Ryan, and I didn't feel his pubes against my butt.

'Fucker's big, ain't he,' Bryan said with a chuckle.

'Ohhh, man, I don't think I can take it,' I whined.

'Show him,' Bryan said to Cody. 'Show him he can take it.'

Cody showed me. He shoved the rest of his cock into me and ground his loins hard against my spread butt.

'AAAwwwhhhhhhh!' I cried out. 'Ohhh, Goddddd'

'Fuck, lock your mouth around this before you have all the farmers on us,' Bryan said as he grabbed my hair and tilted my head back so he could shove his cock in my mouth. He was big, and thick, but not as long as Cody. He held it tight and firm for a moment, as if to show me he was boss, then he started fucking my mouth. Behind me, Cody was plowing my ass, gouging and tearing up my insides, boring to depths I didn't know I had.

Cody was a wild man, slamming into me so hard that we made the car rock back and forth. For a kid getting his first piece of ass, he lasted a lot longer than I expected. He drilled me a new asshole. It must have been an hour before he went off inside me.

'Ohhh, fuck,' he gasped suddenly as he fucked me even harder. 'Fuck, I'm gonna come!'

Brian laughed as he kept fucking my face. 'Yeah, give it to him, fucker.'

I sort of wished Cody had pulled out; it felt like he shot off about a gallon and I wished I could see him come. Even when he was finished, he didn't stop fucking me. While Cody was still fucking me, Bryan shot off in my mouth. He was forceful and plentiful and thankfully, the head of his cock had spread my throat open so he shot directly into my throat and I didn't get much of a taste. I was hoping Cody would pull out now that Bryan had gone off; I didn't want him to make me go off like Ryan had.

'Are you gonna fuck him all night?' Bryan asked as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

'I could,' the boy said.

'You could, but you can't,' Bryan said. 'I've gotta be getting back.'

Cody extracted his cock from my ass. It was a long process, and it felt like he was still pretty hard.

'Geezusss, kid you didn't go down?' Brian said.

'No, it felt too good.'

'Well, shit, go ahead and fuck it down,' Bryan said.

With that, Cody shoved his cock back in me and began fucking me again. I was really loose now, and well lubed with two loads of slick cum inside me, and it was feeling good. It was a good half hour more before he finally shot his second load. Most of that time I was frantically trying to fight down my own climax. I didn't want them to know that Cody was making me feel that good, and I was scared to death that I might go off and shoot my load all over the seat. I just knew Bryan would kill me if I did that. Finally, I couldn't help myself. I was going to come. I grabbed my cock with both hands, one around the shaft to squeeze it off and my other hand cupped over the head of my cock to catch it if I wasn't able to hold off. But I knew my hand would never contain it.

'Please!....let me up!' I gasped. 'Ohh, Godd.....p-please, let me up, guys, I'm gonna come!....I'm gonna come and I don't wanta mess up your seat!' I was so frantic there were tears in my eyes.

'Shit, pull him out of the car, I don't want him shoot all over my seat,' Bryan blurted.

Cody stepped back, pulling me with him, without missing a stroke. I straightened, fisting my cock hard and he pulled my body tight against his.

'Yeah, shoot it, dude.....making you come.....fuck, you're a hot piece of ass,' he muttered as he slammed into me.

Suddenly, I went off, realizing seconds later that it was so intense because Cody was going off inside me again. It was a stupendous climax. I can almost feel the intensity to this day. But he hadn't pulled me far enough away from the car and I heard the soft splats of my semen landing on the car seat. Fuck, the big stud was going to break me in half. When he was finished, Cody eased out of me, leaving me to stand on my own two trembling legs, holding onto the car door. I stumbled to my knees at the open door, causing them to laugh. I could see the thick globs of my semen clinging to the seat, the thinner stuff beginning to run. I didn't know what to do. I looked around for my T-shirt. But Brian had come around to that side of the car and saw it too.

'Motherfuck!' he bellowed. 'You shot all over my seat! Shit, does that stuff eat leather? Or stain it?' Suddenly he grabbed me by the back of my neck. 'Get down there and clean it up,' he growled.

'Let me get my T-shirt,' I said meekly.

'You don't need your T-shirt. Use your mouth and your tongue, lick it up,' he said as he forced me into the back seat.

Again, I had no choice. I was sure part of it was to humiliate me further. He let go of my neck but kept his hand on my back. I leaned down and began lapping at my still warm cum clinging to the seat. I quickly went after the thin stuff before it ran into the crack of the seat. The taste, mixed with the taste and the smell of the leather, sent chills through me. I hadn't developed a taste for the stuff, but I liked my own, and made a mental note not let my loads go to waste anymore when I jacked off. When I was finished and started to raise up, Brian grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up, but held me till he inspected the seat.

When I stood up, I felt warm cum running down the inside of my thighs, out of my ass. Brian broke out laughing.

'Shit, Cody, what'd you do, turn a hose on inside him?'

I retrieved my T-shirt and wiped the semen off my legs and stuff the cotton material inside my gaping ass to soak some of it up before I pulled my shorts up. As we were all getting dressed, I wondered if they would really give me a lift back to town or if they would drive off and leave me as Scott and Ryan had. I waited till Bryan told me to get in the car.

'You'll have to tell me where you live,' he said as we drove off.

I was smarter than that.

'Just let me off at the drug store, I have to pick up a couple of things,' I said.

'Like mouthwash and a douche, huh?' Cody said, laughing.

'See you,' Bryan said as I got out of the car.

'Yeah, thanks for the ass,' Cody added, laughing.

I felt humiliated as I watched them drive off. I waited till they were out of sight then started walking home. First thing I did was look in the mirror to see if I looked any different. There was nothing there that would give me away as gay, even after I had performed gay sex acts. What was there about me that made those guys think I was? Why was I having doubts myself? I didn't shower; it was late. I stripped off my clothes and climbed into bed. I explored my ass with my fingers. I was still loose, but not gaping open like I expected it would be after taking Cody's huge cock.

Sleep was evasive. Every time I dozed off, I woke up, out of a dream where I was getting fucked by dozens of guys, all naked, standing around stroking their cocks and making jokes, waiting their turn. I clenched my ass against the itchy, good feeling there that was still there, and I didn't mind that I still had the taste of come in my mouth.

I had to drag myself out of bed the next morning. I thought about calling in, but I couldn't afford to loose work. I got up slowly and carefully clenched my butt real hard then reached back to feel and see if I was still loose. Nope, it felt normal except for the itchy feeling. Without even thinking, I wet my finger and felt my ass again.....rubbed my asshole and squirmed at the good feeling. I probed gently, then harder, till I forced my finger though my hole. That felt good too. I shoved my finger in deeper, searching for the spot those guys had found that me wanta go off. I couldn't find it, and it was getting late; I had to get to work.

I plodded through the day, praying for the hours to pass. It was payday, and I was going to eat supper out. When the hour finally arrived, I closed up and headed down the street to the only decent restaurant in town. A car rounded the corner behind me and slowed down. I slowed my step but didn't stop. Just then the rear door came open and I saw someone move over in the back seat.

'Get in,' the passenger in the front said.

I slowed my pace to a stop, wary, but curious. I peered in the back and was shocked to see that the guy was naked! A chill went down my spine.

'I was going to eat supper,' I said, fearful about going with them.

'We got your supper in the back seat. And two kinds of desert in the front seat,' the guy said.

I hesitated, but as my curiosity overcame my fear, I found myself moving toward the open car door. Closer, I got a better look at the naked guy. Fuck, he was hot! Couldn't see his cock, but he was built, and nice and tan. Forgetting all about supper, I crawled inside and the door slammed shut behind me as the car took off. I didn't know any of them. They were all older than me. The guy next to me dug his fingers in my hair and pulled my head down between his legs. I didn't resist. There were three of them, I wouldn't stand a chance, and I had gotten in the car on my own so I couldn't plead that I didn't want to do it. I opened my mouth and the guy filled it with his warm, thick cock. As I started sucking him, I felt a hand on my butt.

'I hear you like to be fucked,' the guy in front said.

I had my mouth full so I didn't reply, but I guess I pretty much confirmed it when I didn't try to stop him from feeling my butt. We were barely out of town, driving down a dark country road, when the other guy in front crawled over the seat into the back. He started undoing my jeans and I let him, again, without protest.

'Ohh, man, you oughta see this, and feel it,' he said as he pulled my shorts and jeans down off my butt.

'I can't ogle butt and drive,' the driver said.

'Well, reach back here and feel it,' the guy said.

The driver reached back and felt my butt. 'Goddamn, I'm ready to pull over!' he exclaimed.

The guy was struggling with my clothes and I finally raised up to take them off myself. I kicked my shoes off and removed my jeans and shorts, so I was naked below the waist except for my socks. The guy I'd been sucking pulled my shirt up and over my head then shoved my face back down to his cock.

They must've used up a whole tank of gas, driving around the countryside while they took turns fucking me and making me suck their cocks. They turned me every way but loose in the back seat, using me in every position imaginable. We never stopped except to change drivers. I lost count of the loads of hot come that were shot inside me and in my mouth. When I first whimpered that I was about to come, they didn't care that I shot all over the place. The driver said he would have the car professionally cleaned. I was thankful for that. I didn't have to fight it, and I shot off another half dozen loads before they were finished with me. I was so exhausted I could barely get my clothes on.

They didn't ask me where I lived. They dropped me off at the same spot where they'd picked me up. It was late, the street was deserted. I stumbled to a bench in front of a furniture store to rest and regain my strength for the walk home. Thank heaven I didn't have to work the next day. When I was able I shoved myself to my feet, tested the strength in my legs, and headed home. My head was spinning, but my mind was dull. What was happening to my life? How was word spreading so fast? In a matter of days I was being turned into a sex toy, even for strangers. At my apartment building I made my way up the stairs to my apartment, struggling to make it up the last flight. I willed myself to shower; I wanted to be clean for a good, long night's sleep, hopefully to face the next day with a new perspective, whatever that might be.

Clean and tired, I fell asleep without any trouble. I was sleeping soundly when I was suddenly awakened by a knock on the door. I listened, thinking it must be someone else's door. But it was mine; someone was knocking on my door and it was.....I glanced at the clock......it was two in the morning! I pulled the covers over my head to ignore it. Whoever it was, they must have the wrong apartment. But the knock came again, and again, and turned into pounding. I decided I'd better answer it before they woke up the whole building. I was naked but didn't bother to put anything on. I cracked the door but it shoved open in my face.

'Well, well, looks like you're ready for us.'

It was Bryan and Cody! Standing there, smiling, leering, their eyes raking over my naked body. How had they found out where I lived?

'Aren't you going to invite us in?' Bryan asked.

'It's two in the morning,' I said, still holding the door, although I knew I couldn't keep them out. All it would take was one gentle shove from that huge, muscular arm.

'I guess that's an invitation,' he said as he shoved the door and came in, with Cody right behind him. 'Aww, man, you even smell good,' he said. 'You must've showered and was waiting for us.'

'How did you know where I live?' I asked.

'We followed you when we let you out,' he said. Suddenly, his hands were on my body, feeling my muscles, caressing me; then he was lifting me up in his powerful arms, cradling me like a toy.

'Which way is your bedroom?' he asked.

'There. That way,' Cody said, pointing down the short hallway.

Bryan carried me down the hallway, into my bedroom, and laid me on the bed. Then they began taking off their clothes. Tired as I was, fearful as I was of Cody's monstrous cock, I couldn't deny the tremors of desire that tingled all through me.



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