Sitting in the coffee shop as the sound of Christmas music played Max looked into his mug of java, inhaled the fragrancy and sighed. Facing the holiday season alone, again, was going to kill him. He hated being single. It wasn't because he was an asshole or ugly, he had plenty of women express interest. He had gone out on dates and tried to enjoy himself, but he couldn't get into it. Even when the dates ended up in bed he wasn't interested. He knew why. He had known why for years. Women were attractive to look at, but it was men who raised his heartbeat.

Frustrated with himself he played that mental mind fuck game, if he tried not to think or act upon it maybe the interest in guys would go away. After years of trying he wasn't sure it would.

The mug of java became fuzzy, his vision blurred as he realized he was about to shed a tear. "Hell NO! I am not going to let this happen!" He screamed to himself in his head. Standing up he left the cafe and made a beeline for his apartment.

An hour later he had reservations to Las Vegas, six days, five night starting Dec 23rd.

One state over, close to the same time Ryan sat at his computer reading the email from his mother outlining the itinerary for his Christmas visit. Family, old neighbors, meals, outings and of course, the eligible women who would be in town, it was overwhelming. He felt too old at 26 to be treated like he was a freshman in college. Closing email he opened up tumblr and surfed the images of handsome naked men, posing alone, having sex with other hot men, his cock responded. Absentmindedly he reached down and gently squeezed him cock.

Two years ago he acknowledged he liked guys. He had even tried to meet up a few times with guys he found on an internet gay dating site. His efforts to meet nice guys never worked, it was all about sex. Excited to meet a guy he would show up, freshly showered and dressed nicely, but not too nicely, expecting to go out. Every time he ended up naked. The sex hadn't been bad, in fact he had enjoyed it. He had told two close friends about being gay but had not revealed a thing to most people or his family. The email from his mother was like acid. She wasn't cruel in any way, but being set up with women when he was interested in men was almost painful.

Opening a new window he surfed for a cheap getaway, soon he had booked a short trip to Vegas, over the holiday. His mother wouldn't be pleased but he would escape the charade for another year.

Stepping off the plane Max smiled. The heat and lack of moisture in the air greeted him like a dear friend. He was going to enjoy himself for Christmas for the first time in years. Stepping onto the shuttle to the hotel he kept smiling as he looked at the other hotel guests. Middle aged, married and frumpy he suddenly wondered if he was the only single guy his age in town.

The plane Ryan was on landed, he grabbed his carry on, his only luggage and made his way to the shuttle buses. As he approached he saw the bus for his hotel pull away. Damn. At least it was warm out, he could wait half an hour.

As Max settled into his room, which amounted to emptying the contents of his carry on, he wondered if he should hit the indoor or outdoor pool. Stripping down he looked into the mirror. He looked good, needed some color but otherwise his five o-clock shadow fit his square jaw, his pecs were firm but not huge (he was working on that, sort of) and his abs, he slid his hand over his abs, were perfect. His hand went to his cock, he grabbed it, squeezed and smiled, "You are a great looking piece of meat and someday a lucky guy will get his hands on you." Pulling on his swim suit he left for the pool.

The other guests were indeed the same type of people he saw on the shuttle. Middle aged couples who were revealing far too much pale flab. Yuck. He laid back in the lounge chair and closed his eyes then realized there was no sun to bask in. All he could 'enjoy' was the smell of the chemicals in the pool water and the shrieks of unattended children. This was not relaxing.

Ryan caught the next shuttle, went directly to his room and changed into his swimsuit. Having been on the dive team in college he had the body of a swimming. Lean, taunt, ripped, he could justify the rather skimpy diving briefs he wore. Plus, he knew his ass looked great in them. The pool was not too busy, married couples and loud children. He went to the diving board and stretched for a moment before climbing up. Standing at the end of the board he looked down at the water making sure it was clear. Then he stopped, a very nice looking guy was getting out of a chair. Mid twenties, dark hair, great body and alone. Shaking his head he refocused and did a simple dive into the water. When he came to the surface the hot guy was gone. Damn.

He pulled himself out of the pool, dried his face with his towel and looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of the hunk who caught his attention. What did catch his attention was the noise of rambunctious kids. Forget this, he left for the outdoor pool.

Sure it was the desert, but in December it wasn't that hot. The pool was empty, a few people sitting around it. Ryan was feeling let down when he realized that laying in the sun next to a pool wasn't going to be the ideal he had hoped for. Turning to leave he spotted the dark haired hunk. His spirits lifted. He walked toward the other set of doors, which happened to be on the other side of the dark haired hunk. At least he could check him out close up. Walking slowly wondering if he should unwrap his towel from his waist he decided to leave it, not wanting to embarrass himself, this guy could be straight.

As he got closer he saw the guys swim suit. Yep, straight. A gay guy his age would not be wearing that big box swimsuit from the nineties. Damn. At least his looked better and better the closer he came, a little eye candy. And he was busted. The dark-haired hunk looked up at him as Ryan was checking him out. Damn. He tried to look away but caught the guy look at him and he could swear the guy smiled. He nodded, 'Not as hot out as I had hoped." He said to the hunk, keeping his comment as meaningless as

possible as he kept on walking. Inside he took at seat at the pool bar and ordered a cocktail. He was so tempted to get something fun, something with fruit, but he didn't feel it was appropriate. Instead he settle on a simple Bacardi Coke.

A few minutes later he felt someone take a seat next to him. "You're right, it isn't warm enough to bask in the sun. You mind?" The dark-haired hunk nodded at the empty seat next to Ryan.

"Not at all. Ryan from Michigan."

"Max, Pennsylvania. What are you having?"

"Bacardi Coke."

"No umbrella?" The dark haired hunk named Max laughed. Ryan smiled, chuckled and replied, "Nope, not yet."

The sat and chatted a bit. Ryan was thrilled this good looking man his age was sitting next to him. He tried not to check him out, but it was impossible not to eye the bicep as Max's are rested on the bar. Or the developed forearm, was that from jerking off? Or the shoulder that was strong and met up perfectly with his neck. Damn he was hot.

Max was attempting to do the same, checking out this lean ripped stud to his right. Not big but there was hardly an ounce of fat on this guy. His arm had a nice layer of hair running from his wrist to just before his elbow.

During the conversation, and additional cocktails, they learned they were each single, alone. "Avoiding the holiday's with the family?" Max asked.

"More like escaping my mother setting me up with every eligible female in town." Ryan replied before he realized his gaff.

"Her idea of potential ladies not like yours?" Max responded. Maybe he didn't catch the subtle reveal.

"More like potential gender." Ryan decided, without thinking, to get past the inevitable. "Oh."

Ryan looked at Max who was looking into his drink. "Guess my drink is done. Thanks for the chat." He started to rise.

"Um...wait. I was going to have one more. You don't want to leave me drinking alone do you?"

Perked up Ryan settled back down. "I guess that would be rude."

Max ordered two more cocktails. Silently they sat as the bartender, a quite woman who had a faint smile, mixed the drinks.

"I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." Ryan had to break this deafening silence. "Uncomfortable? How?"

"Sitting next to the only good looking guy at the bar, in the entire pool area and telling him I'm gay. Uncomfortable." Ryan fessed up.

Max wasn't sure if he was blushing, then realized that his scruffy growth would hide it he replied, "I sat next to you, remember."

Both men were a little unsure what to say or do. They were each feeling some sexual tension build unaware the other was feeling it too. Small talk ensued as they tried not to look at the other guys nicely muscled back, or see if his chest matched. At least sitting next to each other they could look straight ahead.

Then the conversation turned, quickly. Ryan's stomach grumbled loud enough to be heard by anyone within ten feet.

"Wow! That was impressive!" Max exclaimed as he laughed.

"Guess I need to get some food." Ryan blushed. He was attracted to this straight dark haired hunk and now his stomach was talking.

"Want company? Not much fun eating alone."

Max's comment was music to Ryan's ears. "Sure. Half hour at the Sage? It's near the registration desk."

"Sounds good." They finished their drinks and rose from their chairs.

Ryan wanted to check out Max's ass and was excited to walk behind the hunk. Turned out differently. Max was a gentleman and allowed Ryan to pass by first. Ryan silently swore to himself at the missed opportunity as Max checked out Ryan's towel wrapped ass.

Back in his room MAx stripped down, started the shower, stepped in and jerked off think about the lean ripped swimmer had had spent the last couple of hours chatted with. His firm tight body, his tight ass and how they would be having dinner together. He easily shot a nice load, finished his shower and went to get dressed. Wore jeans, a flannel, sweatshirt and a couple of tees. Not much of a wardrobe.

As he approached the restaurant Max noticed Ryan standing at the hostess stand. Jeans and a sweater. He felt like a slob. The hostess looked up as Ryan said he was waiting for someone. Ryan looked and saw Max. Immediately he thought, straight.

They ordered dinner, chatted about life, school, entry level jobs that were unfulfilling, being single. Max didn't give any clues to being anything but straight. Ryan was disappointed but was content with conversation with a handsome man over dinner and not sitting in his room eating some crummy frozen pizza from room service.

The one thing that was different was they were sitting across form each other. This gave both of them the chance to look at the smile, teeth, chin, cheekbones and eyes of the man they were interested in. After they finished eating the server asked if they wanted anything else. Max quickly replied, "My friend would like a drink with an umbrella. Surprise him."

Ryan blushed. Thankfully the lighting was on the romantically dimmed side. "Yes. I would."

The server left and when she returned she placed two large glasses, each with fruit and an umbrella. "Enjoy guys." She smiled in a flirty manner at Max and left.

"She likes you." Ryan said.

"Max took a sip of his drink. "I like this drink. Wow!"

An hour later and another umbrella drink they were laughing like old friends. Ryan was bummed his hunk was unavailable but happy to have company. Max on the other hand was bummed he couldn't tell the hunk across the table from him that he wanted to kiss him.

Past a little drunk the two finished the drink, paid the bill and left for their rooms. As they rode the elevator arrangements had been made to do a little site seeing in the morning. Ryan exited on the tenth floor. The doors closed and MAx rode up one flight. The doors opened. He pushed the button for the tenth floor and rode down. His heart racing. The doors opened. He stepped out and looked to his left, nothing. Looking to his right he saw Ryan enter the last door on the left a the end of the hallway.

His heart was pounding as he quickly walked. He wasn't thinking, wasn't sure what he was doing, but he was going to do it. Standing outside the door he raised his hand to knock, he could hear his heart beat. Three raps on the door and he waited. Ryan opened it a moment later. "Max."

Max stepped in as Ryan stepped back. "Ryan. I'm gay. Never told anyone before." He stood there not sure if he would cry or flee.

Ryan looked at him. "That was not what I was expecting. You don't dress or act..."

"I know,' Max interrupted, "years of practice."

They stood looking at each other. Both unsure what to say or do they stood until Max stepped forward and gave Ryan a quick kiss. With the speed of a diver Ryan reached up placing his arms on Max's shoulders, drew him back in and kissed him back, deep and long. Max not only accept the embrace and the kiss, he held on and they continued to kiss, passionately.

It didn't take long before clothes were being pulled off and Max went a little out of control as he explored Ryan's firm body with his hands and mouth. Ryan was hard as hell and wanted to feel his cock in Max's mouth. Max wanted to have every inch of Ryan. As he kissed his way across and down Ryan's body he reached for the obscenely stretched briefs Ryan was wearing. As soon as his hand wrapped around the hard cock Max settled to his knees and pulled it out. A cock in his hand. Not just a cock, but a hard cock with a thick base and a large head.

He leaned in. Ryan looked down as this gorgeous man was about to put his cock into his mouth. Max opened his lips, stuck out his tongue and liked the underside of the head. Ryan yelped it felt so electric. Max didn't move, except his mouth. Slowly he took the beautiful cock in and began to suck and enjoy the feeling and sensations of flesh that can only come from cock.

What he lacked in skill he made up for in enthusiasm. Ryan was not remotely unpleased, having a man this handsome, this eager to suck your cock and a man who had never done so before, this was a fucking gift!

Not wanting to blow his load yet he pulled back. Max looked up at him with questioning eyes. "My turn." Ryan smiled, gently raised Max from his knees and guided him to the bed. "Sit back stud."

Max leaned back and Ryan took his place between the firm legs.

The sounds Max made as Ryan sucked his cock, balls and inner thighs were clearly of a man who was enjoying himself. When the signs started that a load would soon be released Ryan pulled back and crawled up onto the bed, kissing Max's body as he moved his body on top of him until they could kiss.

Moving to Max's earlobes he heard another moan. "Please tell me you want to fuck me." Max said in a whisper.

"Oh do I ever." Ryan smiled as he raised himself up. Grabbing Max's legs he lifted them high and went in to rim that virgin hole. The cheeks that protected it were firm, warm and smooth. Rimming had not been one of Ryan's favorite things to do until he saw that ass. As he explored it with his tongue he found a new favorite activity.

Before he being to finger him Ryan stood and went to his backpack. When he left for the trip he had hoped for sex and brought along a package of condoms. A three pack, he was hopeful but realistic.

Turning he looked at the stunning man on his bed. The stunning naked man who was a virgin and asking for his first lay. The stunning man he had checked out hours earlier at the pool only to think he was straight due to his clothing. The stunning man whose ass was about to be wrapped around his aching cock. Max was looking at him, eyeing his strong lean body, smiling.

"Are you sure about this Max?"

"Sure times ten." He said as he smiled.

Getting into place Ryan rimmed a few minutes and then began slowing fingering the tight bud, warming it to intrusion. One finger, moans from Max. Two fingers, louder moans. Three fingers, groans. Ryan was ready and decided Max was ready, even if he wasn't. Ripping open the condom package and rolling it on he kneeled, shaking a little, he hadn't fucked many times and was a little nervous. He steadied himself, aimed his cock at the loosened hole and positioned the head on it. Max moaned the moment the two made contact.

Straightening up Ryan began to lean in. He pressed a little harder. Max flinched. He pressed some more, Max continued to flinch. Then the hole relaxed and the head of his cock entered that amazing warm world. At the same time Max gave a little yelp and his body tightened. The feeling of this tightening squeezed Ryan's cock. He leaned in and pushed. His cock sank into Max's hole almost to the pubes. Max let out a rather loud yelp in a higher pitch than the first yelp.

"Breathe Max. Relax."

MAx raised his legs and wrapped them around Ryan's waist, instinct. His toes curled. It hurt but felt so right. Ryan pulled out a little and slowing slid back in. "I'm being fucked!" Max said in a raspy delighted voice.

Ryan wanted to ram his cock in to the hilt, he wanted to pound away at the amazing tight willing ass he was inside of but resisted. Carefully he took his time and went slowly until Max was relaxed and grinding with him. "Now Max, you are truly fucking." Ryan whispered into his ear as he laid on Max's heaving body.

The two fucked until Ryan came. Max was a little disappointed not to see Ryan shoot. But kept quiet. They kissed and caressed. "Max, your turn."

After the shower they ordered room service, umbrella drinks. Sitting on the bed, naked and next to each other they talked about things. Max revealed he jerked off before dinner. Ryan admitted he had too. They both wanted to fuck again but had only one condom left. They decided that whoever finished their drink first could have the condom and decide who would wear it. Laughing they kissed and explored and took sips from their large drinks. Ryan finished his and stood up. Bouncing on the bed he reached for the condom. Max, you are going to fuck me again tonight!

And he did.



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