There was a gentle knock on the door, almost too quiet to be heard. Sighing to himself Blake looked up from the Racing Post he had been reading. The article on his rival's latest win at the Derby had done nothing to calm his already simmering temper.

Praying that the person behind the knock brought good news he growled "Come in."

The door opened and a slender young man tentatively walked in, closing it behind him with a quiet click. Blake's heart sank for Kevin, the lad standing in front of him, left a trail of accidents and destruction wherever he went. It had proved to be a big mistake employing him as an apprentice. Cracking his knuckles he absent mindedly glanced longingly down at the paper before slowly folding it up and putting it to one side.

"Morning Kevin, what can I do for you?"

"Ur, morning Sir, umm...." Kevin replied nervously wringing his hands and looking in any direction except at Blake.

"Spit it out lad. How old are you?" Blake asked as irritation began to colour his perceptions.

"Nineteen Sir."

"Well act like it, not like a six year old. You knocked on my door, what do you want?"

"You know I was working with Tim and Paul this morning in the far paddock?" Kevin started after taking a deep breath.

"No but go on" Blake replied suspecting that the day was about to go from bad to worse.

"We had been repairing the fencing next to the common, it had been vandalised."

"That's right, I remember now. Tim mentioned it yesterday" Blake smiled wondering what was coming next.

"We had one section left to complete when we ran out of wood. I offered to fetch more fencing from the yard using the tractor and trailer."

"But you can't drive a tractor" Blake pointed out frowning.

"I know but I can drive a car and I thought it would be much the same. So that's when it happened......."

"Go on."

"I, well..." Kevin hesitated before blurting out "I put it into reverse by mistake and drove straight into the barn door ripping it off its hinges.

Blake just sat there numbly for a moment taking in Kevin's latest blunder before rage consumed him like a fire driving out all logical thought. His ruddy complexion reddened further contrasting with his blonde close cropped hair and beard. Abruptly he stood up knocking his chair over in the process, his six foot muscular frame seemed to fill the small room and Kevin could have sworn that like the Incredible Hulk he grew bigger before his eyes. Trying not to flinch he watched with growing fear as Blake taking just a couple of steps, stood towering over him.

"What have you done you stupid half-wit? You've cost me dearly and now you're going to pay, one way or another..." Blake growled taking hold of the lad's arm in a vice-like grip.

Pushing the lad roughly before him Blake strode out of his office, along the corridor and out into the court yard. The sudden commotion attracted the attention of the other stable lads who looked over, some with alarm and some with amusement. Once in the centre of the yard Blake, still holding Kevin firmly, called the other lads over in a tone which demanded obedience. Running over they formed a closed ring around the two guys and stood silently unsure of what was to follow.

For the next ten minutes Blake berated Kevin, listing all his misdemeanours and the damage he had caused. Kevin made no comment, he simply stood there visibly shaking and tried to avoid eye contact with the other lads. Blake's tone then changed becoming fatherly and reassuring as he asked Kevin how he was going to cover the costs he had incurred.

With tears in his eyes Kevin shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know. I could do some overtime I guess."

"Not good enough" Blake hissed his face only inches from Kevin's.

Kevin flinched but made no reply.

"I'll tell you what you're gonna do. For the next three months you're going to work without pay, that'll cover two thirds of the costs. The other third I want payment now."

With a look of panic in his eyes Kevin replied "I only have a tenner on me in case of emergencies. I could go to a cash point on the way home if that's okay with you?"

"No it damn well isn't!" Blake shouted in his face before stepping back and looking the scared lad up and down.

In a calmer voice he continued "You've got some decent clothes on you and those boots look expensive. I'll accept the lot in part payment and then I'll think about the remaining shortfall."

Kevin stood there frozen like a statue unsure if Blake was joking or being serious.

"What are you waiting for? Get your kit off NOW!" Blake barked stepping towards Kevin to emphasize the point.

The stable guys watching this started to smirk and nudge each other for they all knew the rumours about Blake's liking for young men and his bad temper but none had ever encountered this situation before. With one final glance around the ring looking for an escape route (which of course there was none) Kevin slowly unbuttoned his padded jacket before handing it to Blake, who then threw it to the guy nearest him.

"Come on faster, we haven't got all day" Blake said impatiently.

Obediently, a little quicker, Kevin pulled his jumper over his head and passed it to Blake followed by his T-shirt, boots, socks and jeans. Finally he stood there shivering in just his underpants hoping that his ordeal would soon be over.

"And the pants" Blake said holding out his hands.

"Please no, not them as well" Kevin replied blushing bright red with embarrassment.

"Yes them as well. Give them freely or I will take them from you."

With an air of resignation Kevin slipped his fingers into the waistband of his pants and pushed them down around his ankles before stepping out of them and placing them in Blake's outstretched hands. Stark naked he stood there covering his crown jewels with his hands and staring at the ground wishing it would open up and swallow him. Blake ignored his discomfort as he circled the lad admiring the slim body before him tanned except for his white bum and crutch. He too had once been slim before adulthood had transformed him into a muscular hairy bear of a man with a temper to match.

Reaching out with a calloused hand he gently felt Kevin's smooth hairless chest before abruptly pinching a nipple, drawing a gasp from the lad. But at least Blake had his attention now as big blue eyes stared back at him in surprise at the sensory assault. He stood transfixed as his assailant continued the exploration of his body. He didn't resist as Blake pushed his own hands away and massaged his balls before pulling down hard on them. Groaning in pleasure from the discomfort, Kevin's cock became erect almost instantly much to the amusement of the audience. Embarrassed Kevin looked down at his feet willing everyone to vanish into thin air, but not once did it occur to him to challenge his treatment by Blake.

"Ow!" he cried as his bum received a stinging slap leaving a pink hand print on his creamy white cheek.

It was followed by several more in quick succession turning the whole of his bum a glowing pink and bringing tears to his eyes.

Grabbing hold of his rock hard cock Blake whispered in his ear "You liked that didn't you?"

Kevin simply nodded enjoying the sensation of his cheeks being on fire while Blake gently stroked his cock.

"I didn't hear you" Blake growled giving Kevin's balls a hard tug "say it louder!"

"Yes Sir, I like what you are doing to me."

"Excellent! Because there's more coming your way before you've repaid your debt to me. So what do you want to say to me?" Blake asked still holding the lad's balls firmly in his grasp.

"Thank you Sir!"

"Good lad. Now tell me, are you a virgin?" Blake asked loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Er, yes Sir."

After the laughter had subsided Blake put his arm around Kevin's shoulders, gave him a reassuring hug and informed him that very shortly his cherry would be taken. Kevin just looked at him too confused about the recent developments to make a comment. Taking his silence as acceptance Blake kept his arm in place and used it to steer his captive towards the stables. The circle of lads parted before them and then after a moment's hesitation followed behind curious to know what was going to happen next.

Inside an empty stall within the stable block they found the two men already in a passionate embrace, or rather Blake had Kevin pinned against a wall and was kissing him fiercely on the lips. His prisoner initially stood there passively under the onslaught before snaking his arms around Blake pulling him closer still. The onlookers crowded around the entrance to the stall, trying to get the best view and betting amongst themselves on the outcome. Blake continued his oral onslaught while playing with Kevin's cock and balls, driving the poor lad wild with desire. At nineteen he had never been in such a passionate embrace whether with a man or woman. When Blake was sure the lad was about to explode, he abruptly stepped away leaving Kevin even more confused, had he done something wrong he wondered.

Pleased with himself Blake told two of the onlookers to fetch two lengths of rope, his riding crop, an old towel and to be quick about it otherwise they would be in the firing line too. They quickly found the required items and gave them to Blake who had in the meantime stripped to his waist revealing his muscular torso thickly covered in golden hairs.

Tearing the towel into wide strips Blake gagged and blindfolded Kevin with experienced efficiency telling the lad that it would all add to the enjoyment. Kevin for his part was beginning to wonder where this scene was going and if his employer was a psychopath, a fabulous lover or both. Either way Blake was now in total control, all Kevin could hope for was that he would get out of this alive and in one piece. The two ropes were wrapped around each of Kevin's wrists and secured with a slip knot before being looped around opposing stall posts. Then both ropes were pulled taut and tied around the posts preventing Kevin from moving his outstretched arms at all.

Blake stood to one side taking his time to admire the view of his captive, knowing that he had everyone's attention. The only sounds to be heard came from the horses in nearby stalls quietly munching on their feed or the occasional snicker. Silently he took the riding crop and tiptoed over to Kevin until he was standing beside him, then without warning he dealt a stinging blow with the crop on the unsuspecting lad's arse leaving an angry red line behind. Kevin reacted immediately by arching his back and trying to pull himself free, he would have cried out if he hadn't been gagged. Before he could recover, Blake struck him again this time on the back of his legs and then on the shoulders. Over the next half an hour he used the crop on Kevin another twenty times, each one in a different place and randomly timed so he never knew when or where the next blow would land.

Finally Blake seemed satisfied with his handiwork admiring the criss-cross of red marks covering the lad's body and legs. Kevin for his part was exhausted from his ordeal, his brain numb from the sensory overload and half-stood half-sagged against the ropes. Blake walked around the stall and under the ropes until he stood facing the lad. He noted with pleasure that Kevin's cock was semi-erect and copiously leaking pre-cum, this lad showed promise indeed he decided. Cupping Kevin's balls in one hand he weighed them judging them to be full of unreleased jism.

Leaning forward he whispered into the lad's ear "Are your balls aching?"

Kevin nodded after a momentary pause taking this question to mean that he was about to be released, he was wrong.

"We'll take care of that for you. Don't you worry. You're doing very well young man."

With that he began stroking the lad's cock to full erection before gesturing for one of the other stable lads to join him. Unsuspecting the lad in question walked over only to be horrified when told to give the captive a blow job, but as he felt Blake's hand grab hold of his shoulder and push him downwards he realised that Blake wouldn't take no for an answer. Even so, he refused to open his mouth, until that is Blake pinched his nose closed cutting off his air supply. After a minute or two he opened his mouth gasping for air, at which point Blake pushed the lad's open mouth straight onto Kevin's throbbing cock. Blake continued pushing until the cock had been stuffed down the other's throat as far as it would go. Kevin acted on instinct and thrust his hips backwards and forwards driving his cock in and out of the reluctant mouth, not caring about the recipient's need for air. With a muffled cry Kevin thrust his hips forward for a final time as his balls released their pent up load of jism filling the stable lad's mouth and throat with the salty but sweet fluid.

Choking and spluttering the lad crawled away from Blake and spat as much of the jism into the straw as he could before wiping his mouth clean with the back of his hand. The other lads at the entrance to the stall cheered and wolf-whistled at their colleague's discomfort before falling quiet as they realised Blake was watching them.

"Funny is it?" Blake asked in a dangerously quite voice.

"No Sir" they replied in unison.

"No sir" Blake mimicked in a falsetto voice before dropping back to his normal baritone and asked "so who considers themselves a man amongst you?"

One lad immediately put his hand in the air and said "me sir!"

"Okay Mike, join me here in the stall it's time to put your money where your mouth is" Blake chuckled darkly.

As Mike did as he was told the other lad was given permission to rejoin his comrades who jostled him good humouredly and ruffled his hair. With an arm draped over Mike's shoulder Blake casually asked him if he was a virgin to which Mike grinned and shook his head puffing up his chest slightly.

"So have you ever fucked a guy before?" Blake asked nodding his head in Kevin's direction.

"Ugh! Definitely not!" Mike grimaced.

"Well you're about to, so get your kit off and get yourself hard" Blake said squeezing his shoulder to emphasize the point.

Reluctantly Mike pulled his T-shirt over his head and draped it over the side of the stall, then turned his attention to the rest of his clothes. As he did so Blake instructed another stable lad to fetch from the first aid room the large tube of KY. Turning round Blake was just in time to see Mike remove his jeans leaving just his boxer shorts on. With a glance towards Blake, he quickly pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them revealing to everyone for the first time his naked body. Like Blake he was hairy but that was where the similarity ended for Mike was slim, average height and wore his shoulder length curly black hair tied back with an elastic band. His packet was also average in size and decidedly flaccid to Blake's displeasure.

"I said get yourself hard" Blake growled.

"I can't with everyone watching" Mike muttered.

"Do it or I will do it for you......"

As Blake levelled this threat the KY was handed to him with a flourish. He immediately removed the cap and squeezed a decent amount of the clear gel onto his fingers. While Mike fondled himself in an attempt to get his cock hard Blake walked over to Kevin and kicked the lad's feet apart with his own. Then with his fingers he smeared the gel along Kevin's hidden crack until he found the tight little button that was Kevin's anus. Squeezing a little more KY onto his fingers Blake did his best to insert a finger up inside the lad's rectum. He was so tight that Blake had to slap the lad's arse hard to distract him long enough to slip it inside up to the second knuckle before Kevin clamped down hard, locking it in position.

"Relax goddamit!" Blake growled to Kevin.

At first there was no response but slowly very slowly Blake felt the grip on his finger relax just a little, enough for him to slide in deeper. Once more the ring clamped shut but then relaxed again and finally Blake was able to fully insert his finger. He left it there for a moment or so to allow Kevin to get accustomed to the intrusion before exploring his rectum smearing the KY around as he did so. Satisfied he pulled his finger out wiping it clean on Kevin's cheeks and turned to Mike to see how he was doing. Unfortunately he was still only semi-erect.

With a sigh Blake squeezed some more KY onto his fingers and standing in front of Mike took hold of his cock and massaged it, lovingly coating it with the gel. Despite his embarrassment Mike responded well to the attention his cock received and within a minute he was rock hard. Holding him by the balls Blake led Mike over to where Kevin stood alert listening for every sound which might indicate what was happening. Kneeling beside Kevin Blake reached across and pulled the lad's cheeks apart exposing his little pink anus glistening with the gel.

Mike stood for a moment staring at the parted cheeks all the while stroking his erection before deciding to go through with Blake's request. Moving into position behind Kevin Mike had to crouch down a little to place his cockhead at the entrance, then, with some awkwardness he thrust his hips forward in an attempt to push his cock inside. Kevin tried to pull away groaning as he did so only to find Blake was holding him in position with his muscular arms. For his part Blake said nothing, he was enjoying being so close to the action and watching the two lads learn by experience. Mike tried again, this time with cockhead in position he held onto Kevin's hips and slowly pushed forward. Gradually bit by bit he forced his cock past the very tight ring and up inside the lad, this was far better than any fuck he'd had with a girl for they had never been so tight!

Eventually he was fully inside pressing hard against the pert white cheeks striped with red, cool to the touch despite the recent beating they'd received. Unable to resist the urge any longer Mike slowly started to thrust in and out, in doing so he stood up forcing Kevin to stand on tip toe and lean against Blake for support. With each stroke of the cock inside him Kevin groaned in pain for this was the first object apart from Blake's finger that had ever been up there. As time went on and his anus grew accustomed to the presence of the cock within it the pain turned into pleasure, much to his amazement. Blake noticed the change when he saw Kevin's shrivelled cock expand and become erect oozing pre-cum as the fucking became more vigorous. As for Mike, he was in heaven, Kevin was now actively pushing backwards to meet his thrusts trying to get even more cock up inside him.

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