Eric stood in the corner of the room quietly studying the rest of the applicants. They huddled in groups, muttering to themselves, and fidgeting. He, however, stood alone, as he often did, sure that he would be accepted. But he was worried, not about the tests, but he was worried about something else entirely.

"What am I?" he asked himself, "I must be an unwanted freak. I don't have any friends, because I always know what they are thinking and feeling. Yeah, sure when people first get to know me, they seem to like me. But then I start answering the questions that they aren't asking, and responding to feelings that they aren't showing, it really seems to bug them. Then they just go away and leave me, alone, always alone." Again he looked out at the other applicants. He envied them, and their ability to have and make friends. They were finding solace in the fact that they were all quite nervous and then sharing it with each other, each trying to bolster another's confidence. He sighed and looked away becoming lost in his own thoughts. He remembered the letter that had started all of this:

Dear Eric G. King

You have been accepted as a candidate for joining Cyberforce.

Your previous PSI and IQ scores caused our application to stand out from the rest of the sea of applicants that we receive each year. With your past experience in ROTC, and due to your exceptional abilities in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer programming and medicine that you will be a useful addition to any team. Now while the test that we administer to all of our applicants, will simply confirm what has been tested many times before with you, they will tell us what areas that we need to provide further training in. Also we have made another decision regarding you, if you are curious to find out what exactly that is, and what human would not be, the please report to the Assembly all of the Testing Center, on May 7, 2730.

We will begin opening ceremonies at 10:30 am. Best wishes and warmest regards,

Commander Joseph Lar

Commandant Cyberforce

When he had received this letter, and even now, two emotions warred within him. He feared that once again that his scores would single him out as a freak. The first time that he had been tested his scores, and interview had been broadcast from one end of the galaxy to another. It had caused him no end of problems from an endless amount of mail to a stalker or two. However he had gotten quite a few dates out of it. From both men and women.

He wasn't quite sure which he like better yet, none of those encounters had been what one would call memorable. But he knew without a doubt that he would be accepted and maybe, finally, he would have a home and friends. Again he looked out across the Assembly Hall at the applicants.

There were exactly one hundred candidates this year, as there were every four years, when Cyberforce recruited soldiers.

Perhaps only twenty would be selected, depending on how well they performed on the last three tests. As he began to gauge the crowd, he could almost feel, who would be accepted and who would not.

The ones he felt would be accepted were the ones that were handling their stress well. The ones that were less likely, were clumped tighter together trying to draw solace from their new found companions. All of the candidates in this room were men, very beautiful men in fact. Cyberforce did accept women but they were trained separately, and the two sexes were brought together only when the teams were put together for the final year of training. Eric looked out at the other men in the room, beauty it seemed was also a requirement that the applicants had to fulfill.

All of the applicants were quite handsome, and Eric knew that pairs and plans for latter were being formed.

They were all waiting for the opening ceremonies to begin. As the appointed time drew near, the fidgeting gained a more tangible feel, as though a fast spreading virus was racing through the crowd. Some were immune, as was Eric, but he was plagued by something else loneliness. An aide walked up to the podium that had been set up in front of the seats, "If you will take your seats then we will begin shortly," he announced.

Eric jumped at the voice and slid back into the shadows by the pillar he was standing next to. Someone spotted Commander Lar standing in the back. His presence was quickly pointed out to the people around him and the word spread like wildfire. The applicants that had been through ROTC jumped to attention, as did Eric, although his salute went unnoticed, cloaked in the shadows as he was. Silence descended upon the group as Commander Lar walked to the podium and acknowledged the salutes. Eric took this time to study the man who would be responsible for his well being for the next four years. He was a tall man with an olive skin complexion. Short cut black hair, and blue eyes that could be seen from all the way across a room, bright as they were. His muscles moved underneath the silver trimmed black uniform that marked him as a member of Cyberforce. The man was quite alluring, and Eric could feel things stirring within him. The other applicants started walking toward their seats to await the commencement of the ceremony with an assumed air of indifference.

Eric stepped out of the shadows and startled a fellow applicant.

"Hey, where did you com from?" the fellow asked

"Right there," he said point to the dark area beside the pillar,

"where I have been standing for nearly an hour."

"But, that's impossible. I wasn't but five feet away for the last half hour, and I never saw a thing. Hey don't I know you?"

Eric sighed, "I'm Eric King. Have you seen my seat?"

"Yes, its up front, where else would they put the super genius?"

"I don't know," Eric said regretfully as he turned to check his appearance in the reflective surface of the wall. He was very attractive man, who stood about six feet tall with a good looking body that wasn't overly muscled, shoulder length jet black hair, and deep grey eyes. He was dressed in his normal attire of a grey hooded cloak, with a matching pants and shirt. His eyes were another thing that set people on edge the fact that they were grey and elliptical , like a cat's, so he usually hid his face in the hood of his cloak which he did now as he walked to the front row.

Normal conversation had almost started again, when the applicant that he had startled whispered to his companions who he was.

Silence one again descended as all eyes turned to him. He could feel the waves of envy, anger and lust that the crowd was feeling toward him. The lust caused his dick to twitch and begin to stiffen in pants. Grateful that he was wearing a cloak he pulled it around him hiding the bulge as his nine inches began to reach its full length. Fortunately he reached his seat, dead center, right in front of the podium, he sat down picking up his name tag, and the envelope that was waiting for him, covering him self as he did so. The words of the other applicant came back to him,

"In the front of course, where else would they put you?" Where else indeed, though Eric. The name tag was small, and diamond shaped with the Cyberforce emblem on it, a triangle, formed from three other triangles. Normally the emblem of the unit that one served in was in the center superimposed upon that triangle, but as applicants had no unit there was no emblem. His name was on the outside edge of the diamond.

Commander Lar stepped up to the podium, his eyes met, and locked with Eric's for what seemed to be an eternity. The Commander was searching for something it seemed. He nodded, and then smiled as he cleared his throat. Silence descended upon the hundred young men in the hall. "Welcome to Assembly Hall Gentlemen. I am Commander Lar. In a moment you begin on a journey that will shape the rest of your lives. We will be administering our final tests and your future will be decided upon based on those tests. In the envelopes that each of you found on your seats, are instructions for you to follow, so that the individual who will be administering your tests can find you. You may now open those envelopes and then follow the orders that you find inside. You are dismissed, gentlemen."

Eric ripped open the envelope and pulled out the sheet of paper that waited inside. It was odd that in the twenty-eighth century Cyberforce was still using paper, but Eric supposed that is was tradition. His orders were quite simple "Wait, and don't move until you are told to." The rest of the applicants filed out of the room on their way to their individual rendezvous.

"Mr. King," said a deep voice behind him.


"Please stand and turn around." Eric did and came face to face with a gorgeous red headed lieutenant. He quickly looked at this young man, who was just a little shorter than he was, skinny yet obviously in shape. He had a very nice bulge in his crotch.

"Please follow me."

"Yes, sir." Eric followed the Lieutenant watching his tight ass move up and down as he walked. They walked out of the Assembly Hall, and as they passed through the Arch the world lurched and they were in a clinical testing room. Eric's medical experience and past experience at being at the end of most of the machines in the room helped him to identify most of the equipment. There was a chair in the center of the room.

"Well, Mr. King, if you will be seated we can get started. My name is Michael Neal, and I will be administering your tests. He brought out a thin head band which Eric recognized as a typical cyber interface. Now if you will put this on we can begin with the PSI scan."

"Yes, sir, Lt. Neal." He put the band on his head, and Michael walked over to the computer station. The room hummed as the computer began to probe his mind.

"Well, let's see you still have the highest energy levels that anyone has ever seen, but let's find out what areas you are good at. Hmmm, your empathy is really strong, as well as telepathy.

You also have a strong healing ability." Eric blushed as he realized what this meant. He had, more than likely been broadcasting his thoughts -- and his emotions. He closed his eyes and began to think about a wall. "You also have areas of telekinesis, and energy manipulation. Hmm, lets see just how high you tolerance is--" Tolerance? This was new. Suddenly all of his pain receptors fired at one and he went rigid, and then he passed out.

He woke up with Michael leaned over him. "Sorry about that, but it is standard procedure." Michael stood up, "Now if you will take off your clothes, we can get started with you physical examination." Eric quickly pulled off his clothes his dick spring to attention, as he did so. "Hmm, very nice."

Michael quickly performed the standard examination, and then he fell to his knees in front of Eric's still erect penis, and said

"Now, let's see if I can help you with that." He started licking Eric's penis with long strokes. Eric moaned, and Michael began to lick the head. Eric reached out and pulled Michael further down on to his shaft. Michael reached up and grabbed on to Eric's ass and began to pull his cheeks apart.

"Oh, gods," moaned Eric, as he began to face fuck Michael. In and out went Eric's prick and Michael's fingers began to tease Eric's hole.

Eric pulled Michael up off his swollen dick and kissed him passionately. His tongue exploring Michael's mouth and fencing with Michael's tongue. "I think your wearing too many clothes Michael." Eric said as they broke off from the kiss.

"I would have to agree Eric." He said as he began to take off his uniform. Teasing Eric as he did so by doing it quite slowly, relishing in the fact that Eric's nine inch dick jumped with each new part of his body was revealed. Michael had very pecs, and a washboard stomach. He turned around and revealed the muscular ass which Eric had been admiring earlier. Eric dropped to his knees and began to eat that wonderful ass plunging his tongue into the rosebud that was surrounded by red downy fuzz which tickled his face. Michael's ass tasted clean and slightly musky. Michael groaned and pushed himself further onto Eric wet tongue.

Eric reached up and grabbed Michael's rock hard uncut dick, and began to stroke the seven inches. Then he stood up and began to nibble on Michael's ear. "Would you like me to fuck you?" he whispered?

"Oh, gods, yes!" Michael moaned.

Eric reached down and pointed his dick at Michael's waiting hole. He plunged in to hilt, Michael just groaned and pushed himself back further trying to get more of Eric's dick in him.

"Oh, gods, Michael you so tight." Eric pulled out and pushed all the way back in and then developed a rhythm. He stroked Michael's dick in time with his fucking, going faster and faster. He could fell his load churning in his low hanging balls that were slapping up against Michael's legs.

"Oh, gods, I gonna cum, I gonna cum." Waves of emotion washed across him, his lust, Michael's lust each fueling the other urging them both further than they had ever been before. He came with great force plunging deep into Michael's hot, tight ass."

His orgasm set of Michael's who hit the wall over six feet away in front of him. Eric ad cum so much that some of it was dripping out of Michael's ass. Both of them shook with an ecstasy that they had never known before. As Eric pulled out of Michael's ass, Michael turned around and licked cum off Eric's dick causing Eric to come a little more into Michael's luscious mouth. Eric pulled him up and kissed him again tasting his own come. After several minutes of kissing, Michael pulled away.

"As much as I would love to continue this Eric, I have to take you to Commander Lar. He wishes to speak to you."

"I understand." Eric said reluctantly.

They quickly cleaned up and redressed themselves and then left the cum soaked room.


Meeting the Commander

Eric walked down the hallway that led forward from the arch that he had just walked through. Ahead he saw opening and paused, clearing his throat, awaiting some answer from the man that could and in fact did control his destiny here at Cyberforce.

"Come in Mr. King. I have been waiting for you."

Eric walked into the most breath taking office that he had ever seen. It was an octagonal room, each wall holding a large crystal display window, framed by some of the most lush black velvet curtains that he had ever seen. Each of the display windows held a different view of the training grounds that were at the Cyberforce compound. Some showed some young men struggling to over come an intense obstacle course. Other showed various psi training grounds, flight training in others. The most impressive sight was Commander Lar himself. The details that he had missed while watching him in the Assembly hall now assaulted his senses. This man had presence. Nothing else could describe what he felt when he looked at Commander Lar. He stood at least six feet tall, and jet black hair was just long enough that it crested upon his forehead as a wave crested in the wind. The Commander's eyes were mesmerizing and Eric felt him self getting lost as he stared into them.

Eric broke the spell those delightful eyes were casting upon him and said, "Eric King, reporting as ordered, sir," coming to a quick attention.

The Commander's muscles rippled under the skin tight uniform as he returned Eric's salute. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person Mr. King. Would you join me for lunch. There are a few things that I'd like to discuss with you."

"I would be honored to join you for lunch, sir."

"If you wouldn't mind while we are in this office, I will call you Eric, and you can call me Joseph."

"I wouldn't mind at all si- Joseph."

"Good, Eric, I'm pleased. Now if you would sit down we can discuss what we need to discuss and then have lunch." Joseph said as he smiled at Eric.

Eric was glad that he was already moving toward a chair, because that smile made his knees go weak. He sat down quickly, and lost the idea of a wall that he had been holding in his head.

"I'd wondered what had happened, I see that you have learned that you are a telepath. Will you let me help you with that? I can if I have your permission."

Eric suddenly felt a stabbing pain at the base of his skull, "Yes, please, especially if you can make these pains go away." He had experienced this type of pain before, and had usually ended in something disastrous.

"Just, relax and look into my eyes..." Joseph said gently

Eric looked up and fell into those deep piercing blue eyes ... and then blackness took him.

Eric woke up in Joseph's strong arms and looking up into those blue eyes concern glowing in the depths.

"Are you okay Eric? I had to move quickly, you were building up power for something in reaction to the headache. They were a trigger for something that someone had set long ago when you were just a babe."

"A trigger what do you mean?"

"Any time that you tried to shield, you would then lash out at someone close to you. Its what happened to your mother, your not responsible for that, and your not a freak. That trigger was self-reinforcing, it caused you to think those things and when you came to believe them, it gained access to more of your power. I removed the trigger and fixed some of the damage that it did to you."

Eric reached out and did the most natural thing for him to do. He kissed the man that was holding him. A long deep throated passionate kiss. Which Joseph returned whole heartedly. Joseph hugged Eric close to him and gently began undressing him. Caressing each new piece of skin as it became available. Eric simply began to loose himself in the touches, and he opened his mind up and invited Joseph in.


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