Eric Remembers a Night in Grad School with a Straight Buddy

by Naughty Eric

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After completing my undergraduate degree at an instate university, I went out of state to a great university to begin my graduate studies for a master's degree. I was assigned a single room in the graduate dorm that housed over 300 men and of course many very sexy hot men to size up and down wondering who might be gay or bi-sexual for my lustful desires.

As a five feet and 11 inch tall guy, blond curly hair, sky blue eyes, a very slim 160 pound guy at that time, swimmer's body and tennis player, a very hairless smooth body except for my blond fuzz pubic hair and underarms and a thick 7 inch cock with very large low hanging balls I had not had any trouble attracting hoy gay dudes.

I soon became good growing friendship with a guy across the hall by the name of Logan that was from a town only 50 miles from where this university was located. He had been the number one tennis player at another university in the state before graduating and his admission to the state university for graduate work in the field of agriculture. His family were farmers. He was a big tall slim farm boy. He stood 6 feet and 1 inch, very sexy well trimmed brown/reddish hair, sexy green eyes, smooth almost hairless body, tennis jock body, weighed 175 pounds and so turned me on as I starred at his always big bulge in that crotch especially when he was in tennis shorts as we often played singles together.

We begin to spend lots of free time together playing tennis, playing table tennis (he was so much better than me and I never beat him at that sport), running together on the university track for exercise, eating together at the university cafeteria and going out to the bars. But there was one problem: Logan was a true blooded straight dude with a girlfriend back in his home town. He went home fairly often on the weekends to see her and his family. He often talked about her and that they planned to marry after he finished grad school. Logan and I begin graduate school the summer after undergraduate completion thus many of the dorm rooms were empty. Although I lusted after Logan, I respected he was straight and we would just be great buddies and maybe when the fall semester begin, I would have a nice field of possibilities for a hot guy. 

I do admit that Logan so turned me on, I often late at night masturbated with the fantasy that he was using that huge thick cock to fuck the hell out of my ass and breeding me. We often showered after tennis at the tennis facility and he had admitted to me that he had a 10 inch cut cock with above average balls (and a shat the size of a large beer can) and he did admit when he was not with his girl friend he often masturbated using a flesh jack that caused me to secretly lust after him as I too jerked off having amazing ejaculate sessions dreaming of his cock inside me.. 

It was about half through the summer session when Logan and I had a great three set tennis match on a Saturday afternoon. We showered at the facility and went to a greta Italian restaurant for dinner to celebrate his 23rd birthday. We had celebrated my 22nd birthday a month earlier.

We had a few two many drinks before we waddled back to our dorm. As I unlocked my door, Logan said: "Hey buddy thanks for such a great birthday and I am a little lonely so how about spending the night in your room--you have two beds and maybe tomorrow morning we can clean up and go to the church we attend most Sundays."

I felt my 7 inch cock begin to twitch as I said: "I like that very much Logan as I too am a little lonely and need of a friend spending the night."

"Eric, you have become my best friend. It is so neat that a straight dude like me can have a gay guy as best friend."

"Oh yea Logan, I do agree. You're such a great guy and have become my new best friend."

We both over slept and as I woke up around 9:00 AM I looked over at sexy Logan, he was awake and had pushed off his covers and was lying on his back with his legs spread wide only in his tight white briefs with a huge bulge and wet spot in front of those briefs. Man I became instantly rock hard and horny as hell as I looked at that gorgeous man.

Then the unbelievable happened when Logan smiles and says: "Good morning Eric, may I come over and give you a hug and lie by you to thank you for last night?" 

My cock begin to throb and get even harder leaking precum as I say: "YEA MAN, I would love to cuddle with my best friend, come on over."

My eyes were laser beamed on him as he walked over with the biggest bulge I had ever seen in a pair of thin briefs and there was  a growing wet spot. Am I dreaming?????

I pull back the covers and move over giving Logan a spot in my bed. He gets in and he pulls the covers back on us as holy fuck he grabs me in a tight hug and says: "OK ERIC, SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED, I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A REAL STRAIGHT DUDE BUT OVER THE PAST FEW WEEKS I HAVE BEEN REALLY INTO YOU--YES LUSTING FOR YOUR BODY AND THAT BUBBLE ASS. AM I REALLY GAY??? I HAVE NEVER LUSTED AFTER A DUDE BEFORE. FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS WHEN I MASTURBATE, I NO LONGER HAVE A DESIRE FOR MY GIRL FRIENDS PUSSY BUT YOUR ASS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? I got the courage last night to ask if I could spend the night with you--this was my plan."

I let out a moan and grunt as Logan put his arms around me hugging me hard as our warm almost naked bodies except for our growing wet briefs collided. HOLY FUCK, our diamond hard leaking cocks rubbed together as we begin to hump, pure animal lust was taking over us. Logan was smelling so great with those manly odors that had me in pure ecstasy for him. As we begin to moan, shiver and thrust our bodies together, Logan goes down and puts his hand under the elastic of my briefs as I lift up my ass letting him take them off throwing them across the room. I am ready to be his bitch as my whole body is in total heat and goosebumps as he sheds his briefs throwing them across the room.

This sexy farm boy places his thick lips on my smaller pink lips  as I open my mouth inviting his wet warm thick tongue to invade my throat as he plunges that now gay tongue to the back of my throat as we begin to French kiss as our mouths flood with spit. We smell and feel the wildest sloppy kissing with much salvia running out of our mouths and down our chins and onto our naked chests. Never had I had such incredible wild kissing, man he must have learned how to kiss this way with his girlfriend over the years but he seems wild giving into his lust for a man.

As we kissed and begin to play with each other's blood filled rock hard leaking cock, the lust was consuming us. Logan took charge as we stopped the kissing. He threw off the covers and he tuned his naked smooth body toward my feet and soon we were in a steamy wet 69 as he took my pulsating cock deep in his throat as I took hold of that giant man meat and sucked it to the back of my throat. We were moaning and whimpering as we devoured all that man meat enjoying that spewing precum. So over come with pure animal lust as we suck those cocks, we use our fingers to ram them deep into those two warm asses loosing those man pussies for future cocks deep inside. Holy shit, Logan's precum was so sweet and tasted better than any cum I had ever had. I suck hard on that spin precum swallowing all of it. He seems to be enjoying my precum as well. We go wild sucking cock and finger fucking ass and then use our fingers to massage each other's prostate driving us to the edge.

Finally Logan could not wait any longer to service my ass like a true gay guy would do. We get out of the bed and he has me lie down on my stomach on the carpet, he spreads my legs wide and gets between my legs and lowers his mouth and begins to lick, suck, kiss and tongue my white hairless clean pink puckering ass causing me to hump my ass up into his face, he eats me out for the longest time until I cannot wait any longer for this manhood. I cry out" OHM MY GOD LOGAN, I WANT TO BE YOUR BITCH, PEASE FUCK ME WITH THAT MASSIVE DICK, I WANT YOU TO BRED ME, SHOOT THAT BABY MAKING CUM DEEP IN MY ASS, I WISH I COULD HAVE YOUR BABY, OH FUCK YEA, PLEASE DRILL MY ASS WITH THAT HUGE 10 INCH COCK UNTIL YOU COME."

"OH Eric, you want me to fuck that man pussy and talk dirty to you, correct?"

"OH FUCK YEA, fuck me, fuck me, let me be your bitch, your slut and your male whore."

"OK Eric, I am going to fuck that whore pussy, you fucking fag, don't you resist my giant hard cock as I pound that experienced slut hole. Here goes, baby slut."

HOLY FUCK, Logan lines his leaking giant cock up to my puckering eager ass and  he takes hold of my shoulders, lowers his crotch and cock and with a very hard push he goes balls deep in my ass channel until I feel his mighty cock balls deep in my ass with his balls up tight against my backside.. He begins slowly going deep and almost all the way out of my ass with that throbbing cock over and over until he is over come with desire and lust to fuck me hard. He begins to jack hammering my ass as I feel his cock drive into my prostate over and over until I can not last any longer as I erupt with a big load of my cum all over the carpet and on my stomach and abs. I manage to put my hand under me and collect some of my thick cum and feed it to Logan as he continues to drill my ass. The taste of my cum sets him off as I feel his huge cock head swell, he lets out a loud grunt and gives one last mighty push emptying his balls of a huge load of cum as I feel that warm cum all over my ass walls and tunnel. He finally is drained and pulls out that still rock hard cock, turns me over and I suck his cock clean f that cum enjoying the best cum taste ever. 

We shower and get dressed for church. It was a great day and much to look forward to.

Maybe a little more about Logan and me??????

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