Eric (Naughty Eric) is the author of this series creating a love story, romance and the best erotic sex and mind blowing orgasms featuring Andy (A. Williams) and Eric (Naughty Eric). I hope our readers and fans enjoy what I hope is a HOT and yet very romantic trip down love's lane.



Andy is a gorgeous and handsome guy standing 6-feet and 3-inches, sexy head of brown hair, beautiful piercing brown eyes, weighs a pleasant 190 pounds, has very attractive body hair and wow a HUGE BIG COCK.


Eric stands 5-feet and 11-inches, deep blue eyes, weight ranges between 185 and 190 pounds, very white bleached type head of hair, light skin with light black hair on his stomach with a trail down to his always well-groomed pubic hair, very light fuzz on his legs and when totally erect a 7-inch cock with a little above average set of balls.


The Story of the First Meeting of Andy and Eric: TOLD BY ERIC

Several weeks ago I received a call from a gay couple, Mike and Mitch, that had been friends of mine ever since they became partners 10 years ago. Two months ago they got married and had been on a long honeymoon trip to Europe. When they called, they invited me to join 75 of their gay friends to celebrate their marriage and return from Europe. They had booked a local large gay bar, lounge and restaurant for the evening reserved for only these 75 friends.

When I arrived around 7:00 PM without a date, the party was under way with a local popular band performing; the dinner was about to be served; lots of liquor, beer and wine flowing; gay couples dancing; huge banners congratulating the newly wed couple; baskets of flowers around the restaurant including my basket congratulating Mike and Mitch wishing them a long happy life together; and a couple of hot guys had been recruited to perform later as hot dancers stripping down to their red hot jock straps.

Most guys had come with a date. I seemed to be one of a very few guys coming to the party solo. After greeting Mike and Mitch with a big hug, I found a seat at one of the many round tables in the restaurant with each table seating eight. There were three couples at the table. I introduced myself and ordered a whiskey and coke. I spent time getting to know the three handsome gay couples. They had interesting backgrounds with such professions as attorneys, professors, engineers, a CPA, a sports car driver and one was a CEO of a local corporation.

During the conversation, I surveyed the room looking to see who all was there and if I could spot any other single guys alone. I'm single and searching for a hot wonderful gay guy who loves romance, is sensitive, compassionate and uses those qualities to make mad erotic steamy sex. Yea, I was thinking about a true friendship that would include all these qualities of similar interests, hobbies, an incurable romantic dude and one who loves sex.

It was no longer than 15 minutes when my eyes sighted this incredible hunk on the other end of the room. Man, he was gorgeous. He looked to be about 6-feet and 3-inches tall with a head of gorgeous brown hair and gosh as I locked onto his sexy brown eyes, I thought his piercing eyes were going to burn a hole in my pants as he seemed to be trying to undress me with the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. I tried not to be obvious as I would stare at him for a brief second and then turn away but then glance back again. As a shy guy, I felt my face blood red and flushed.

It was obvious that he was not shy and I concluded that he went after whatever he desired. For the longest time, he stared at me never taking his eyes off of me. The good news was that he was alone that evening and was he actually going to approach me? He certainly had picked me out of the crowd as I had done the same spotting him. I began to sweat and feel chills up my back. Wow, he was my type and such a hunk. I pulled up close to the table as I felt my cock began to grow and before long I was rock hard. In fact, I don't think I'd ever been this steel hard or more turned on. Lust began to consume me. Oh how I hoped he would approach me. I was too shy to go over to his table and in fact I don't think I could have walked as my legs had become like rubber.

I began to fantasize that we were back at my apartment, he had ripped off my clothes, had thrown me on the bed on my back and he had begun to hump his big 6-feet and 3-inche frame down on top of my smaller 5-feet and 11-inch frame. I've always dreamed of having hot sex with guys bigger than me. I also imagined that he probably had a huge cock to go with that big body that would make him even more of a hot fuck. Yea, I wanted to be his bitch. But then I began to hope he was a gentle giant that loved romance, was sensitive and loved to take long walks, have great talks and yes was really into lots of foreplay before the big act. How was I going to meet this new dream of mine?

Soon dinner was served with a seven course meal followed with a hot white cake filled with lemon filling that was similar to Mike and Mitch's wedding cake. It seemed like dinner would never end and my chance to meet this dream man. What made me even hornier was that I don't believe the hunk ever took his eyes off of me during dinner at least when I was brave enough to glance in his direction. I believe my face stayed flush the whole time. Did he think that I had some problem with my face?

Finally dinner ended and Mike and Mitch went up to the band stand and thanked us for coming and Mitch said: "Guys thank you for coming to our party, thank you for all the neat gifts and as Mike and I take the dance floor get your partner and join us for a sexy romantic slow dance. Hold that hot dude close as you dance."

This was when I felt uncomfortable as the three couples at my table hit the dance floor leaving me alone. Holy shit, as I looked at that handsome guy's table, the couples had joined the other dancer leaving this hot stud alone at his table. It was then that the night turned into what became an awesome moment in my life. I watched as this hot dude got up from his table, made a direct move to my table sprouting the most sexy and hot smile I'd ever seen on any face before and holy shit he was showing this huge package in those really tight black dress pants. Yea, he was really well endowed even when he was not erect. How big was that tool? My ass began to pulsate thinking about taking that big cock up my innocent ass. All my fantasy was coming true. I began to feel light headed. Would he ask me to dance?

As he got near my table, I stood up and extended my hand to greet him. He took my soft hand clamped between those two big sexy hands of his, and smiled that caused a stirring in my groin. Oh how I wanted to grab him and plant kisses on those red sensuous lips. Then he said: "Hi there, I've watched you all evening. I guess you have noticed my starring at you. I hope you do not think I'm crude or rude but I think I'm in love with you. I've never been more interested or turned on by any guy before. I was delighted when I noticed you were alone. Do you have a bro or boyfriend? I'm single and I hope you are as well. By the way, I'm Andy."

I became almost tongue tied as I tried to blurt out and utter my name:"Ugh, Myyyyy, Nammmeeee is Eric. Sorry, I'mmmm nervoussss, you are soooo cuteeee."

"Oh Eric that is so cute, don't be nervous. I'm just a regular guy looking for love and a really neat guy who loves to spend long romantic evenings holding hands, holding each other, embracing for hours naked in bed or in front of the fireplace, taking long walks, cooking together, going to the movies and frankly having the most erotic steamy sex almost ever night. Am I being too forward? I hope I don't embarrass you but I really want to spend time with you. Yea, you do turn me on. I hope I do the same for you?"

By that time, I had gotten control of my nerves and replied: "Oh Andy, you do turn me on. I feel like I'm having a dream. I love romance and a guy who is sensitive and loves to make mad love. Yea, I want to really get to know you. Man, this is my lucky night."

"Hey Eric, may I have this dance? I love that mellow romantic dance music."

"Yea, Andy, I'd love to dance with you."

Hot Andy continued to hold my hand as he led us onto the crowded dance floor. He put me in a tight hold as he put his hands on my lower back. I put my arms and hands around his neck as we began a slow dance. Soon I felt his hands lowered to my bubble ass as he pressed my butt and crotch hard into his crotch. Holy fuck, I began to feel his huge cock drilling into my crotch, over my balls and cock. It was not long until both our cocks were stone hard as our bodies seemed to melt together. I felt his warm breath blowing against my neck and ears as he lowered his head and face down level with my head. I thought I might blast a load of my cum just from the feel of his warm body, his huge cock hard against my crotch and his breathing on me. I'd never felt more heat or lust.

Soon things heated up even more. He began to lick, suck and kiss on my neck and ears. I was in Heaven with pleasure. But next he began to whisper the most sexy words into my ears that I had ever heard. Man was he ever a hot romantic wonderful guy. He began to whisper: "Eric, Babe, you are so hot. I love your face, that beautiful smile with those ivy white teeth, the feel of your hard cock against my cock, the feel of that red hot bubble ass of yours on my hands, you smell so good, what kind of cologne is that as it drives me wild with lust for you, I love the feel of your soft neck and those sweet ears, and yea I've got to taste those hot lips and your hot tongue."

I was at that point I felt electric jolts in my body. My cock began to twitch and pulsate with pure pleasure. I could also feel his cock pulsating and attempting to escape his shorts. Then Andy took his hot lips and pressed them against my lips and began to give me the most erotic kisses of my life. I so wanted him to plunge his hot tongue inside my mouth that I opened my mouth wide and invited his wet sloppy tongue deep into my throat. He began to devour my mouth with one hot French kiss after another. Soon we both were spilling gobs of saliva out of our mouths and down our chins. We were oblivious of all those dancers around us. In fact, many of the gay couples on the dance floor were kissing and even playing with their partner's crotch. It was heating up to be a wild evening on the dance floor. Some couples had even gone to the restroom where they could be heard making mad love as they cried out: "Fuck my ass, drill my ass with that huge cock, Come inside me."

Andy became so horny that next I felt him unzip my pants. He took his hot sexy hand and put it inside my briefs where he located my hard cock. He began to jerk me off while continuing to explore my mouth with his hot tongue. Soon I coated his hand with my thick pre-cum and finally asked him: "Baby, please stop, I don't want to shoot my load now, Baby."

He pulled his hand out of my pants and took it up to his mouth and sucked it dry of my pre-cum and then kissed me as I too tasted my own pre-cum and then he said: "Eric, baby, that is the best tasting cum I've ever had. You must not eat red meat. I bet you eat lots of pineapple that makes that cum so sweet. Man, I look forward to you climaxing in my mouth so I can get a full load of that terrific tasting cum meal."

I answered: "Baby, I look forward to feeding you a full load later."

After several dances, the dance floor was cleared and Mike and Mitch took the stage to introduce the two hot male dancers for a strip show. One of the guys was about 5' and 11" and around 150 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. The other stud was around 5' and 10" tall with dark black hair and dark brown eyes. He looked to weigh also about 150 pounds.

As they danced they swung those hot hips and soon were down to only their sexy red jock straps. They began to play with their cocks that were really BIG.

Andy had joined my table and during the strip dance we had unzipped each others pants, took out our hard cocks and masturbated each other while the hot dancers turned us on. Once again we covered each others' hands with our pre-cum. Many guys in the crowd were also jerking off their partner including Mike and Mitch. That night had turned out to be a hot night of a gay sex party to celebrate Mike and Mitch. Andy and I fed each other our pre-cum covered hands.

When the dance ended, we zipped up and all the guys had one final dance before beginning to leave.

Andy turned to me and said: "Baby, can I spend the night at your apartment? Lets spend time getting to know each other. Let me hold you in my arms as we are naked in bed. I want an entire evening of romance with you and in the end can I give yuo my HUGE cock. I so want to fuck that bubble ass. Man I'm so into you."

OH BABY ANDY, there is nothing more that I want. Lets get out of here. Here is my address and follow me in your car. I want you so bad. Yea, I want your cock up my ass. Please fuck me until you come inside me. I want your seed to become part of me, Baby!!!!"



Naughty Eric


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