Episodes from the slave trade.

I have been a PI, security expert and a cop and a vice squad detective in my time and during it all I have seen it all. As a gay man I have always had an interest in sex crimes, especially those involving the gay sex trade. I have kept everything and in the episodes below I have written about some of the most interesting stuff I have come across. I have changed names and places where I need to but the facts are for real...

It's a Business: Zeppo and Chuck

Thirty years ago Atlanta Georgia was beginning to emerge as a focal point for the American slave trade - sex slaves, that is. Easy connections throughout the States- and the south American countries meant that business was going to grow. Today the place is a roaring industry and no amount of vice policing is going to get it under control. It wasn't that long ago that we did get inside one pretty big operation. It was a hard enough organization to crack. One of the principal guys behind it, we'll call him Chuck, took a page out of Bin Laden's book and then some. He only communicated by courier but rather than carry thumb drives he typed his notes on tissue paper. It could easily swallowed by a courier and no amount of IT talent was going to retrieve it.  We did get one communication and it was the one that cracked the case open for us. Chuck had a plan for coercing new talent into his line up of boys and girls that serviced a growing list of high end johns-and this communication gave us a look into how he operated. The language has been cleaned up a little, otherwise this is straight from a note Chuck wrote to a contact called Zeppo...read it for yourself:

"Okay Zeppo, here it is. read it all cos it pretty much spells out how we do it. It may sound complicated but remember, once you've got one piece of talent turning tricks they will last five, ten years if handled right and even then you can sell what's left for a good price in Mexico or South America. You can find individual talent to start with but if you're lucky you can find one that leads to another. This is an example I'll explain. You'll remember the Minnesota gold I now have working in Atlanta. Well, she came from a large foster family - just the sort of talent we look for, no parents and anxious to get away from the foster parents once she turned 18. No one was going to miss her so we lucked out there. Once she got working she was offered better conditions in return for turning us on to any other talent in the foster family. She had a guy in the family she knew of that was due to get some money when he got to be 18 and she seemed to know him pretty well and thought he was bi...not that it mattered to us as you'll see. He was already just over 18 and had gotten his inheritance and was just as anxious as she was to get away from the foster family parents as she was. We got her to encourage him to come to Atlanta where she said she had found a job for him. We arranged for Jenny (remember our "Judas goat?) to meet him at the bus station. You know what a looker she is. She offered to put him up for the night and of course a few hours later he was fucking her. Of course we were watching the entire show on the video system. We waited until the best possible moment and then had Vinny burst into the room and catch them at it. You know Vinny, he is pretty big and intimidating. Vinny starts screaming at the kid for fucking his bitch when she should be working. We were laughing at the screen as Vinny is going berserk about losing money as the kid is standing there buck naked and scared as hell. Finally he offers to pay Vinny.

Vinny tells Jenny toleave - and then tells the kid that instead of paying money he's going to have to make up Vinny's losses another way. That's when Vinny strips off and sports an erection (he loves his work!). The kid gets terrified but Vinny is holding a wicked looking knife by now. Amazing how fast they fold in that situation. A few minutes later the kid's crimson face is wrapped around Vinny's cock as Vinny uses a thin cane to sting the kid's ass to "make him perform right" You gotta know wer'e laughing as we watch Vinny go through his routine. I think the best scene is after Vinny has gotten into his ass and when the kid realizes that Vinny isn't going to pull out (like he always promises to) and we watch his face on the screen as Vinny goes wild as he lets loose a huge load inside the guy. Sometimes the kid will come as well but usually they are too scared. This is better for us cos the kid thought it was over once Vinny had finished. It's only then that Vinny explains that since the kid didn't come he's going to have to jack off as Vinny watches - and shoots a video. By this time the kid is too beat up to offer much resistance. He thinks it's going to happen right there in Jenny's bedroom - but Vinny gets dressed and then drags the naked kid down to the basement where the video studio is. To cut it short, Vinny uses the cane and the kid is pretty soon sitting on a stool in front of the video camera with a vibrating butt in his ass as he pulls on his cock. They usually come pretty quickly even tho they are humiliated as hell. They still don't get it by this time thinking Vinny is going to let them go. That's when he explains that he is still pissed about the "money he's lost" and tells the kid that he is going to have to work it off or get one hell of a whipping with the cane. It usually takes an hour or two, no more, but after that the kid was sitting in one of the rooms upstairs on a leather 'bed' with a chain attaching his ankle to the iron bed frame. Martha, the house madam, shows him how to clean up and wipe off the bed after every trick...and that very first night he gets fucked by half a dozen customers. Vinny makes a point to use the cane to explain that each john gets to tell them how well the kid does with his mouth and ass...and before long he was doing as he was told and getting the routine off pretty well. Within a day or so he was fucking 20 johns during the day and another 20 during the night. You can do the math and see how well that pays! After a while we put a ring through the head of their cocks so they can't jack off. We'll do other things like nipple rings and teach them how to wear garter belts and hose and other lingerie the customers might ask for. You'll find some customers like one particular guy and will ask for 'special performances' like the lingerie and stuff. Pays even better. Sometime we would give this kid a break by sending him down to the second floor where he sits in a booth with a glory hole and sucks dicks for three or four hours. We would make sure they always swallow, the customers like it and we tell the kids it's better than a hamburger for lunch if they do 40 to 60 customers a session! This particular guy had credit cards and a bank account so of course we got all that as well. All you have to do is look for the kind of talent we know we can turn pretty easily, we can help you find them and then once they are working we take a split and pay you the rest - while you sit back and look for more talent! 

So, think this over and let me know if you want in. The kid I mentioned above has been working for six months now. no one has asked after him and I think he's gonna work out well. We have him now where he's learned to use make up and looks good in drag - some of the regular johns love to pay to have there boy in makeup, a garter belt and hose. We have him seeing 30 johns a day and another 15 regulars at night seven days a week. lot of real money there, not to mention a ton of cum that he takes in all the time. He'll probably be worn out pretty fast but in a few years we'll sell him to a porn film guy in Colombia where he'll be fucked by dogs and donkeys -lotta bucks in that and we'll get a cut of course. 

so-let me know...

It didn't work out well for Chuck and Zeppo, but their operation was pretty large and still going strong, but that's later story...



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