Gene Productions and Associates had just hired me out of college. I originally majored in Psychology, but I saw a dead-end job in my future, so I jumped ship and got into Accounting. Luckily I had a friend in the business and went to the interview as a formality. When I walked in the building, I bumped into a man causing him to spill his coffee all over himself and his briefcase.

"Dammit! Watch where you're fucking going!"

"Maybe dicks like you could afford NOT to stand right in front of the doorway," I retorted.

I walked farther until I came to an elevator. I pressed the button and watched the door reveal the same man I had just argued.

"What floor," he inquired. I could just see his annoyed attitude plastered over his face.


"Hmm. Ninth..." I wondered what was so weird about the ninth floor. We exited the elevator and he told me to follow him. We made or way to the front of the office floor when he said, "Attention everyone! We have a new employee with us. And his name is," he paused and gave me an inquiring look.

I whispered, "Aiden."

"Aiden! Please make sure he feels at home. Jenna, Grace, Hannah, please get him up to speed on your schedules as it will look VERY similar to yours." I quickly saw three women's faces change and turned to look at the man whom had just introduced me. He sauntered into a room with a good plate beside it engraved with "Harrison Gene." Jenna came forward and introduced herself. She led me to my desk and gave me all the information I needed. She, lastly, gave me a schedule. After a quick analysis, I noted that the end of the week required me to travel to a certain location. It seemed a bit odd, but the next few days went off without a hitch. I got all my work done early, and I was able to go to the location without worry of being hassled for a lack of productivity. I made my way to the address and found a beautiful, modern house protected by a fence and gate. I buzzed in, and a familiar voice greeted me. The gate opened; I drove through very tentatively, not sure what awaited behind the door. I knocked at the entrance before Harrison invited me inside.

"Hello, Mr. Gene."

"Oh, call me Harry!" He seemed unusually happy. This was the same guy that was pissed at me just a few days prior, right? He was fully decked out in his suit from earlier today.

"Okay...Harry? I was told I need to be here for an assignment."

"It's not really an assignment. This is just a way to get to know each other better. We kinda got off on the wrong foot earlier this week. So tell me how you like the job. Like any of the women on the floor?"

"Yeah, the job's great! As for the women, Hannah seems pretty nice."

"Oh yeah she is." He proceeded to share how well I was doing and boasted of my efficiency. He offered me some wine. Me being socially awkward made me inclined to accept. In actuality, I rarely drank, but I wanted to get in good with the boss-man.

After getting on good terms, he asked if I had a girlfriend.

"No, but some of the gals on our floor look hot as hell."

"I know, Aiden. You know, Jenna, Grace, and Hannah? All of them." He went on a tangent about how he'd plowed them weekly. They all, according to him, were addicted to his 11" cock. I felt my pants get tighter and my underwear get sizably more uncomfortable. I may have not been 11", but I was still packing. By this time, we were both wasted and he decided to prove that his cock was as big as he had boasted. He brought out a ruler and asked me to his it. He took off his slacks and briefs to reveal his giant python. He motioned for me to come closer.

"Measure it for me." I feared being fired, and being drunk did not help the matter. I placed the ruler by his junk, but his dick kept moving every which way. I grabbed hold of it, trying to take control of the matter, but immediately felt awkward about what I had just done. I turned my gave from his cock to his face, and waited to be yelled at. He came closer and began kissing me. I backed away, knowing it was wrong for an employee to make out with his boss. I apologized, and he insisted he understood, but he plead for me to stay the night because I was too drunk to go home. I agreed and made my way to his guest bedroom. I got into my birthday suit, and fell into a deep, drunken sleep.

I awoke in time to see Harry walk into my room, only wearing his socks and shoes, as if he never went to sleep. He got in the bed and began kissing me again. I felt paralyzed. I couldn't move, or talk. I could taste the wine on his tongue. He bit at my lower lip then ventured down toward my ass. He turned me over and lapped at my opening. I could feel him biting at my ass cheeks and rubbing a finger at my asshole. He lightly pressed inward and began fucking me with his index finger. I could feel my dick getting hard again. He inserted a second finger and made me writhe of pleasure on the inside. I felt something bigger than a finger at my asshole. He lifted me up on my knees and thrusted himself into me. I felt myself regain my mobility, but it didn't matter. I wanted this now.

He whispered in my ear, "Are you ready to become my bitch?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes daddy." He thrust his entire phallus into me, seemingly splitting me open.

"You like daddy's dick in you, slut?"

"Yes daddy! Oh yeah." I didn't care if anyone heard me. His dick was the only thing I needed at the time. He pistoned in and out of me, hitting all the right spots. Slowly, he came in, almost romantically. He retreated and began to savagely kiss me again. This time, there was no love. Just an animalistic attraction ravaging my mouth. I gave my whole body to him. He picked me up and laid on the bed.

"Ride me." I raised off his dick and dropped back down. Every time I dropped down, he thrusted upwards and met my ass. I started to go crazy. I contracted my muscles to give him the ride of his life. He shouted obscenities. He rotated his hips and sent me to heaven.

"Oh Fuck!" I felt my dick spasming. My cock spurted six powerful shots of cum in the air. I pulled off his cock when he said, "I'm not done yet." He stood up and grabbed me off the bed. I was lifted off the ground and skewered with his cock. I held on for dear life, as he greatly increased his speed. He was now unabashedly pounding my ass while I clawed at his back. I began kissing his neck, leaving a 'hickey' just above where a shirt would be able to hide it. He bounced me up and down until I felt his cock stiffen. He exited me, and told me to wrap my lips around his cock. I obliged and felt his man juice fill my mouth. I swallowed and was quickly told to clean up his dick. Afterwards, we both climbed in the bed. He inserted his dick in me and said "In the morning, I want you to remember that this happened." We went back to our deep drunken sleep as I awaited the next off site meeting.

I woke up feeling empty and found I was the only one in the bed, but I could feel the cum leaking out my rear. I turned around and saw a note and an envelope on the end table.

"Out of all the women in the office, you've out done all of them. I give you your paycheck personally. You're welcome. See you next week!"

I opened the envelope to find my regular paycheck with $1000 extra dollars.




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