I had the sudden urge to get away from everyone and everything and go to the coast and chill out. My parents had a beach house. When I get there I would be able to do as I please, no routines. I arrived late, I had something to eat poured myself a whisky and watched the sunset then turned in for the night. I was fast asleep when all of a sudden banging noises woke me in the morning. I pulled back the drapes to my bedroom and looked out. Further along the beach was another beach house. I was bleary eyed and it took me awhile to focus. When my eyes did focus they nearly popped out. I could make out about 8 guys with hard hats on just wearing shorts. They each had a belt around their waist that supported tools.

They were all suntanned; all looked fit guys with athletically toned bodies and muscular legs. I pulled away from the window so they would not see me looking at them. My cock was starting to get hard and I was feeling horny just laying there looking at them. I started to have fantasies watching them. My cock was rock hard and aching. I was squeezing and stroking my cock. It didn't take me long to shoot my load. My body was shuddering and jerking as I shot my juice into the palm of my hand. As I licked it off my hand I imagined it was theirs and they made me eat it. For me this was better than a movie show.

I went and got the powerful zoom binoculars that we kept in the house and focused them on the guys working. I made sure the sun didn't reflect on them and give me away. Shit, it was just like standing next to them. I could analyze every inch of their bodies. By what I could tell by looking at them. One guy possibly the foreman looked to be in his 50s, the others ranged from my age 20 to 40ish. Watching them through the binoculars was giving me another erection. I just at to jack off and shoot another load. I'd brought my vibrator and lubrication with me. I checked myself and lube my ass. Imagining that I was getting ready to be fucked by all of them. Horny fantasy.

I fixed the binoculars onto a stand so my hands would be free. I slowly penetrated my ass with the dildo switching on the vibrator. I watched the guys and stroked my cock. The vibrator massaged my prostrate gland and made me moan. I was fantasizing that they were taking turns fucking me. I jacked off into the palm of my hand. Swallowing another load of my juice. I felt shattered but still kept looking at them.

They must have thought our house was empty. They were quite relaxed in what they did, thinking they were not being observed. They would lower their shorts and stand there pissing. Exposing their lily-white un-tanned asses.

I don't know about relaxing, so far it had been an exhilarating day. When it got dark I noticed a light on, maybe just for security or maybe they were living in while they did the work. I knew that when I put the lights on they would know someone was here. I went to bed early. Thinking of them and jacking off.

The next morning they woke me again with their banging noises. My cock was sore from all the jacking off. I decided I would go for a run along the beach. I must have stood out. White skin no tan. I was conscious that they were watching me.

The days went by and I spent a lot of time looking at them through my binoculars. I jacked off at least twice a day. One morning when I set out for my run I saw from the corner of my eye, 2 guys were running down from the house. I was trying to watch them without it being too obvious. They both had a good running style, and looked good runners. I knew them both instantly from observing them through my binoculars. One was my age and the other was 30ish he hot. I jacked off more over him than any. Broad shoulders narrow waist and athletic hairy legs.

One of the guys shouted, "hey dude you mind if we run with you". No tag along," I said. We made small talk. They told me they were doing the place up. I tried to look surprised when they told me they were working on the house. I said "Ah! So you are some of the guys working on the house?" "Yeah I'm Mark and this is Pete " Hi I'm Rick," I said. They told me that they slept over some nights in the house after drinking in the bars near by. "Why don't you join us tonight?" said Mark. "Sure that be cool," I said.

I met up with them and we went to a straight bar. It wasn't long before Mark had a verbal confrontation with someone that led to a fight. Mark was a strong guy and knew how to deal with anyone that caused him trouble. The other guy came off worse. Mark only suffered abrasions on his knuckles. The air in the bar was heavy with testosterone. Eventually we made our way back to the beach. "Fuck. I've lost the key. We'll have to sleep on the beach," said Mark. "You can sleep in my house," I said. We made our way to my house. I thought Mark had, had enough to drink. So I made them a coffee. We sat chatting. Mark now and then would touch my thigh briefly with his hand. Which made me shudder with delight. I tried to conceal the effect it was having on me. As we chatted his hand touching of my thigh turned to hand stroking my thigh. Making my thighs trembled with excitement. He started to squeeze my thigh making me jump. No way could I conceal the effect it was having on me. He looked over to Pete and they both laughed. Mark looked into my eyes and said. "I'm going to fuck you." He reached over to unbutton my shirt. I stood up. (I was thinking, "yeah I would love you to fuck me." My mind went back to how he was in the bar. I was thinking, maybe he is just teasing me. Would there be a violent reaction if he found out I was gay.)

Mark stood up and reached out towards my shirt again. I pushed his hand away and told him to stop fooling around. He grabbed me around the neck and glared into my eyes. "I'm not fooling with you. If you struggle you could get hurt." Your going to get fucked whether you want to be or not." I gulped down nervously. I thought they could still be teasing and taunting me. I had no alternative but to go along with them. Pete had stood up and was behind me. I felt him stroke my butt. I glanced around quickly, same time trying to move away from him. "He sure has a nice firm ass," said Pete.

Mark pulled my shirt open, tearing the shirt. Pete put his arms around my waist and held me firm. Mark was stroking my chest and kissing my nipples. Pete moved his left hand down my thigh. His right hand moved down to my crotch brushing over my cock. "This boy is horny. His cock is hard," said Pete. He unzipped my zipper and dug his hands into my pants. Roughly fondling my cock and balls. Pete whispered into my ear, "You want mark and me to fuck you?" They stripped me. They made me kneel while they stripped. Marks' approx 190-lbs. Athletic build, approx 6', broad muscular shoulders and a narrow waist and hairy muscular legs. Pete's about 170lbs 5'10" tight muscular smooth body. Narrow waist.

Mark knelt behind me with his arm around my shoulders and neck. He ran his hand down the crack of my ass. Finding my hole, he dug his fingers deep into me. Finger fucking me. I gave out a loud pleasurable moan. He held his cock, and was rubbing the head up and down the crack of my ass, until he located my hole. He leaned into me and pressed hard. Stretching my hole until the head slipped in making me jolt and cry out. More pressure and my sphincter relaxed. I felt the whole of his shaft to the base slide into my gut. "That feels good," said Mark. He held me around the waist with his left arm. He grabbed my hair with his right hand and pulled my head back. "Open your mouth fag so Pete can fuck your face." I opened my mouth and Pete snaked his cock deep into my throat.

"Go gentle with him. We need him for more fun," said Mark. Mark was gently fucking my ass as Pete fucked my face. "Try and come same time as me," said Mark. I could feel marks cock sliding up and down inside my gut as Pete penetrated my throat. Mark held me tighter. He was about to shoot his load into me. "I-I'm- about to shoot." Said Mark. "Me too" said Pete. Pete threw his head back and moaned out loud. I could feel Marks cock throbbing as he convulsed and shot his load into my gut. Pete filled my mouth with his cum juice I tried to swallow as much as I could. Some spilled out my mouth and ran down my chest. Pete held my head tightly between his hands as he squeezed the last drops into my mouth.

Marks hold of me relaxed as he rested his chin on my shoulder. I could feel Marks cum trickling down my balls. (My dream had come true) we were all inhaling and exhaling rapidly as we gradually recovered. Marks cock shrank in my gut and slipped out. Cum juice spurted out my ass and ran down my legs. Mark stood up and held my head and licked the cum off my face. He licked Pete's cum off my chest. Sucking on my nipples. He looked over to Pete. Pete was stroking his fast hardening cock. Mark said," you want to take your turn fucking him? Pete nodded and said, "yeah."

They made me standup with my legs slightly apart. Pete stood behind me with one hand on the back of my neck and the other around my waist bending me forward. Mark held Pete's cock and directed it to my hole. Pete thrust hard and the whole of his cock easily slipped into me on Marks Juice. Mark knelt down in front of me and started licking and sucking my cock. Fuck this was mind bodling! Getting fucked and my cock sucked same time.

To be fucked and sucked same time was an awesome feeling. Mark was massaging my balls as he sucked on my cock I could feel his pouting lips sliding up and down the shaft of my cock. He squeezed and pulled roughly on my cock. His fingernails scratched around the base of my cock and along the shaft. Now and then I could feel his teeth sliding along the shaft of my cock. As he slid my cock in and out of his mouth. (I doubt he had sucked a cock before)

Pete was pulling his cock all the way out my gut. Then thrusting it all the way back into the base. He held me tightly around my neck and waist. I cried out in ecstasy. It was like paradise

Mark ran his hands over my thighs and hips. His rough handling of my cock made my cock sensitive to the touch. The whole of my body was quivering and shuddering. I just could not hold it any longer. I gave out a loud moan as my cock started to squirt into Marks mouth. It took him by surprise as it hit the back of his throat. He squeezed my cock harder trying to control the flow of cum, as he drew back. It spilled out his mouth. I was shooting loads.

He was trying to catch it in the palms of his hand. Some of it was dripping off his chin onto his chest. He was wiping his hands down my legs. Pete's cock was throbbing in my gut. The whole of his body shuddered as he shot his load up my gut. I could feel his warm juice running out my hole and down the inside of my legs. Pete inhaled deeply and thrust deep into me to squirt more juice in my gut. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he exhaled. He relaxed his hold of me and held my hips with his hands and slowly pulled all the way out of me then thrust his cock all the way to the hilt several times. He made sure I got the last drop of his juice in my gut

Mark had a mouthful of my juice and was licking the last drops out of my pee slit. I was struggling to stay standing, my legs felt so weak. Pete finally pulled his cock out my gut and wiped it on my butt.

Mark stood up. He had his mouth open. I could see my sperm juice in his mouth. He grabbed my hair with his left hand and forced my head back. Then forced my mouth open with the fingers of his right hand. From his mouth he fed me a mixture of my cum juice and his saliva. "Keep it in your mouth," he said. I could taste my salty creamy white juice on my tongue.

Mark forced me down onto my knees. The veins stood out on his hard cock. They both spat a mouthful of saliva into my mouth, and mixed it with my cum juice. Mark dipped his cock into my mouth and smeared juice and saliva over the shaft of his cock. Pete stepped up and did the same. Mark told me to swallow what was left. He looked at me and said, "fucking bitch you made my hands sticky." As he wiped my face and neck with the palms of his hands.

He knelt behind me and dug the fingers of his left hand and right hand into my warm wet hole and stretched it open to take his cock. Juice gushed out my gut onto the shaft of his cock. He leaned into me I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my hole. The head of his cock easily slipped in. he teased me with the head of his cock. Holding the shaft of his cock he pushed the head in and pulled it all the way out. The fantastic sensation this was having made my body shudder and tremble in a state of ecstasy. I moaned out loud continuously. I was arching my back and sticking my ass up. "You like that sissy boy?" Said Mark.

He suddenly thrust the whole of his cock into my gut making me yelp. He held me around the neck and waist tightly and flipped onto his back rolling me on top of him. I lay with my back on him. Mark said," you ready Pete?" I looked up. Pete with his hard cock sticking up and swaying from side to side stood looking down at us. Pete knelt down between Marks legs. He slung my legs over his shoulders. I could see the globs of white cum covering the shaft of his cock. Jeezzzzzzz their going to double fuck me. Mark was licking the back of my neck. My immediate reaction was to try and struggle free. Mark held me tighter. "You think you can fight us off," he laughed. I resigned myself to the inevitable. No way could I struggle free. I just at to let them have their way. They didn't really care a damn about me.

Pete was facing me holding his rock hard cock in his hand, with its Precum glistening on his pee slit.

Mark reaches out and takes Pete's cock in his hand. Rubbing the head over my hole. Pete supports his upper body with his arms and pressing down on my legs. He leans into me pushing hard moving his hips gently. Mark held Pete's cock firmly as he presses hard on my hole with the head of his cock. I gave a nervous twitch as I felt his cock stretching my anus. Pete is determined to penetrate me and ignores my pleas to stop. The head slips in. I scream out as the pain shoots up my body. Making me take a deep intake of breath. The whole of my body shudders.. He just laughs. He waited until my hole gets used to being stretched to its limit, then feeling my body finally relax, he began this slow even pumping. Pete slowly drives the whole of his shaft into my gut. I could feel two fat cocks in my asshole

Mark strokes my belly and chest and teases my nipples. Pete supports himself with his arms as he thrust into me. They start to fuck me vigorously in unison in order to satisfy their insatiable sexual appetite. They were like animals
I was shaking like a leaf as ecstasy radiated throughout my body. Pain had given way to a feeling of pleasure.

I had fantasized about being double fucked. I never believed that in reality I could take two cocks up my ass. They were both breathing rapidly and sweating profusely as they fucked my ass. I lay between them soaked in their sweat whimpering in delight. They both started to convulse and moan out loud. I felt the warm sperm laden juice shoot into my gut from both their cocks. And heard the slapping sound of their groins as they smacked on my butt.

Pete slumped down onto me. I could feel their cock's shrinking inside my gut. Pete pulled his cock out and stood up. He looked down at me and smiled. Mark pulled out and rolled me off him. He stood up. They were both looking down at me and laughing. "Lick us clean boy" demanded Mark. My hole was on fire. Their juice was bubbling in my stomach. cum was running out my loose wet warm anus hole. Without hesitation I began licking and sucking the sweat and juice off their semi hard cocks.

"That was awesome, both of us fucking your sweet juicy ass same time," said Pete. "Now you know pretty boy what its like to have two real men fuck you same time," said Mark. They had turned me into a whore I wanted more I didn't want it to end.

I could tell by their eyes and the way they were yawning that they wanted to sleep. I told them they could sleep in my parent's bed. They could have a lie in, as they did not need to work the next day. They were both fast asleep by the time their heads hit the pillow. Awesome sight two naked guys stretched out fast asleep.

I could not resist the temptation to stroke their bodies it was the first time that I could explore their bodies with my hands and eyes as they lay there motionless. I had a massive hard. I jacked off and smeared my cum juice over their flaccid cocks. They were unaware of what I had just done they were in a deep sleep. What will tomorrow bring?

I looked down at them lying naked fast asleep on the bed, no space for me to lie between them. I needed to get some sleep, the only place I could is my bed. No sooner had my head hit the pillow and I was fast asleep. It was mid-morning when Mark came into my room. "Here you are sissy boy, we need some breakfast. Pete's got to meet his girl. So come on get a move on," said Mark. "Ok, ok," I'll do breakfast," I said. I made breakfast. Fuck I was hoping they would fuck me all day. Pete left soon after breakfast. No time to fuck me his one thought was his girl.

Mark left with him, after admitting he had the key all the time. Shit! Is that it? They had me, now I'm of no use to them. At least my ass feels like their cocks are still in me. I went to the bathroom to have a shower, I bent over and looked at my ass in the mirror. I stretched my hole wide open and some juice trickled out. After the shower I lay on my bed naked, reliving what had gone on the day before. My cock was stiff; I just had to see to it. I lay with my legs apart and my stiff cock in my hand ready to jack off. My bedrooms door opened and there stood Mark. He had his hard hat on and just shorts with his tool belt on. Wow my eyes shot out. I looked him up and down, I just could not take my eyes off him. "You look so fucking fuckable laying there," he said. I was thinking you look so fucking hot. My cock was aching it was so fucking hard.

Mark climbed onto the bed and looked down at me. "I know you like me with my working gear on," he said. His cock was sticking out of his shorts as he straddled my face. I opened my mouth and let him snake his cock into my mouth and down my throat. I could taste his precum, which was oozing out of his cock slit. His hairy balls were resting on my eyes and forehead, as he deep penetrated my mouth. When he touched my cock it made me jolt upwards and stretch. The coarse surface of his tongue was sending excruciating sensations through my body. I was moaning and inhaling deeply as I felt his tongue licking my cock slit. The rough way he was handling my cock was out of this world, making me delirious. (We were in 69 position)

He was fucking my face and sucking me off. His cock was thrusting down my throat to the base, I was gasping for breath. His hairy balls were slamming on my eyes and forehead. I could not hold back any longer. My body convulsed and I shot my load into his mouth. I felt some spillage on my balls and groin, as I emptied my seed into his mouth. He gave out I deep moan as his cock squirted down my throat making me gag. He was shooting so much juice that it spilled out over my face, chin and neck. I tried to keep as much as possible in my mouth.

He withdrew his cum dripping cock out of my mouth. He reached over for the glass that was on my side table. He spat my cum and his saliva out his mouth into the glass. He turned to me and said spit it in the glass. I spat his cum into the glass to mix with my juice. He scooped the spillage off him and me into the glass. He placed the glass of sperm juice and saliva on my side table. He lay on his back and said to me," be nice to me." I straddled him and stroked his arms, legs and body for a whole half-hour. His semi hard cock was getting hard again. "Ok, you've had plenty of time to enjoy my body. I'm ready to fuck you agen," he said.

He told me to get on my hands and knees. "Stick your ass up sisssy boy," he said. He knelt behind me and reached over and got the glass of cum juice and saliva. He ran his hand along the crack of my ass. I felt his fingers running around the rim of my ass. "Stretch that hole open for me boy," he said. I reached back with my hands and using my fingers, I stretched my anus hole open. He poured some of the sperm laden juice into my anus hole. He worked the sperm laden juice down into my hole with his fingers. Fuck it was electrifying to feel his fingers working the juice into my hole. He continued pouring more juice and working it deep into my gut. He poured some cum juice over the shaft of his cock. Smearing juice over the whole length of his cock. He poured the remainder into my hole and made me lick the glass clean. I continued to stretch my hole open. He kept dipping his cock all the way into my hole and pulling it all the way out. It was blowing my mind. Sending vibrations of sensuality through every tissue of my body.

Mark roughly held me around my waist and neck, forcing me up into a kneeling position. I felt his stubble chin on my shoulder. "I have you to fuck all to myself, queer boy," he said. I could feel the whole length
of his cock sliding up and down in my gut, making me moan with delight. As he roughly fucked me I could hear the tools on his belt making a noise and feel them hitting the side of my legs.

Mark fucked me twice during the day. Very long sessions. When I was not being fucked I cooked food for him and pampered to his every need. He said I looked after him better than his wife. "You should have been born a girl your just what a man needs, a good cook and a good fuck," he said. He told me that he had four kids, sex with his wife was not good anymore and she was a rotten cook. I was a good substitute.

It was late evening when Pete got back from seeing his girl. He was in a bad mood. Pete was talking to Mark and looking in my direction. Mark said, "Yeah have him if you want him." Pete told me to strip and go and wait for him on my bed. Hell what's going on here just left his girlfriend and he wants more sex. I lay there waiting and longing for Pete to come and fuck me. I had turned into a pussy boy whore. I loved it.

When Pete came in he was naked with a big hard cock swinging between his legs. He climbed on the bed and laid a top of me, I could feel the warmth of his body. "I'm going to fuck you silly sissy boy," he said. (It was then he told me about his girl. She was menstruating and had a headache. No sex for Pete) Wow this delicious testosterone laden guy lay atop of me telling me he was going to fuck the shit out of me.

Pete didn't waste any time, he lifted my legs over his shoulder and leaned into me. With his large cock buried deep, he started to pound my ass. I wrapped my legs around his narrow waist. I could feel his muscles on his back as I moved my hands down to and over the cheeks of his ass. Each thrust sent waves of pleasure through my body. Every moan and whimper I made compelled him to fuck me deeper.

"You like the feel of my cock in you," he asked. "Yeah I love your cock fucking me," I said. The urge to fuck me more vigorously possessed him. Until with one long grunt and deep thrust he shot his load into me. He slumped down on me breathing in and out heavily. "I've not finished with you yet," he said. His softening cock slipped out my hole. I sucked his semihard cock until it was hard again. He told me to get on my hands and knees and spread my legs. He knelt behind me with his hands pressing down on my back. I felt his cock pressing on my anus hole. His cock easily slipped into my well-fucked hole. Pete still had loads of adrenaline to burn off. Sliding in and out of my warm wet hole, he pounded my ass roughly. The whore they had turned me into loved every centimeter of his shaft.

I was moaning with delight my whole body was writhing at every thrust. I felt Pete's cock throbbing inside my gut as he shot another load in my ass. Sperm laden juice was spilling out my ass and running down my legs. Mark came in the room. Pete slumped onto my back. I could feel his cock shrinking inside me. I had a massive hard. Mark reached underneath me and grabbed my cock. He started squeezing and stroking my cock. As soon as he touched me, it sent ripples of delight through my body. "Time to milk you sissy boy," said Mark. Pete used his hands to caress my chest and play with my nipples. Mark jerked me off and swallowed my cum.

I know that if at the beginning I had said "NO" they would have raped me. Now I was their slut, whore, bitch, cum eating pussy boy. Hell I loved it. I could see in both Mark and Pete's eyes that glazed tired look of sexual satisfaction. The guys got dressed and left. I lay there, cum juice over my face in my mouth and down my throat. Juice in my gut over my ass cheeks and down my legs. I felt completely knackered I had a tingling feeling all over my body. I was in heaven.

I had a long lie in, I didn't get up until early afternoon. Not even the noise from the workmen woke me. It was late afternoon when Mark came over. By that time my tongue was hanging out for more sex. "Well bitch are you ready for some more fucking," asked Mark. "Always," with confidence I replied. "Come with me," he said. "Where are we going," I asked. "You will see," he said. We walked over to the house where they were working. "

This is Rick," said Mark, to his boss. He's a big stocky guy, dark skinned Hispanic, in his 50s. I reckon he is about 6'2", ( 250lbs. He ran his hairy hands over my shoulders and down my chest to my hips. I could see he had a hairy chest, hairs on his back and hairy legs. This guy must look like a hairy black grizzly bear when naked. "My boys tell me you a cock lover and let them fuck you like a whore," he said. I heard Mark laugh. I looked over to Pete he grabbed his crotch and simulated fucking, much to the amusement of the other guys that had stopped working and were looking over at me. The boss reached down and unzipped his zipper. His semi hard big veined black cock slipped out. "Hold it boy." As I reached out to hold his cock, the other guys were gathering around me. I didn't need telling I knew they were going to gangbang me.

I reached out to hold his semi hard black Hispanic cock. His cock was thick and heavy. I couldn't close my hand around the thick girth. It was larger and thicker than any cock I'd seen or touched before. He was looking at me with those piercing eyes of his, to see how I reacted. More and more blood was pumping into his cock making it grow bigger in my hand. I stared at him in disbelieve. "It scare you white boy," he laughed. "I know you can take a big fat cock, because my boys tell me they double fucked you." He looked beyond me to where Mark was standing behind me. He nodded his head. Mark moved up to me and started to rip the T-shirt off my back. My instant reaction was to turn and resist. Mark grabbed me around the neck. "Don't fight me pussy boy. I told you before if you fight me you will get hurt." I soon willingly surrendered to his control. Mark ripped my T-shirt off.

The boss, whose name was Alano, grabbed my hair and spun me around to face him. "Did I tell you to let go of my cock?" No- no you didn't. "Then hold it boy." His cock was now bigger and harder and sticking up. (I measure guy's cocks with my hand. From the tip of my middle finger to my wrist measures 7.5" when I touch the tip of my thumb with the tip of my inner finger the circumference of the circle is 6.5" I use this as a rough measurement. Alano's cock is at least 10.5"long, 7"thick) His hairy balls hung low. He unbuckled his belt around his waist and undid the button to his shorts. His shorts fell to the ground; he kicked them to one side. Fuck this guy had bushy pubes and a hairy ass. He had a shaved head, moustache and goatee. He had stubble where he had not shaved for a few days. Even the backs of his fingers were hairy. Both nipples were pierced with a gold ring.

He was caressing my bare smooth white chest with his large callous black hands. Wow it felt and looked awesome. I was so excited. I felt my heart thumping away in my chest. My legs were trembling uncontrollably. He was looking at me observing my every reaction. He moved his hands over my belly making me inhale suddenly. The expression on my face must have given away how much I was enjoying this. "You like that pussy boy," he laughed. He looked over to his workmen they all laughed. He unbuckled my belt and undid the top button of my shorts. He slipped his hands into my shorts and over my butt. My heart was beating faster. He looked into my eyes. "You have a nice firm butt boy. My boys will love fucking you when I finish with you." He was taunting and teasing me. His taunting only made me want him more. I knew my ass and mouth were going to get well aquatinted with all their cocks. He unzipped my zipper. My shorts dropped to the ground.

My hard cock shot up at an angle. "Looks like you enjoying this boy." He ran his right hand down over my hip to my thigh, with his left hand he stroked my back. "Ok show my boys how much you like me." I sunk my fingers into the hairs of his chest. I stroked my hands over his shoulders and arms. He pressed me down onto my knees, in front of him. I was face to face with his thick veined black cock. He rested his cock on my head and told me to lick his balls. I licked his balls, licking up to the base of his cock and along the shaft. Sticky precum was hanging from his cock slit. The temptation to lick his precum was too great too resist. "You dirty fucking slut, eating my precum." He grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and whipped my face with his cock. "I like that you are dirty. For that I'm going to fuck you."

He pushed me back and told me to lie on my back. He knelt down and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. "Stretch that hole open for me white boy." I watched has he held his big black cock in his hands and pulled the foreskin back, revealing the shiny black glans of his cock. Wow the length and thickness made my eyes water. That cock was going to cause me some pain and lots of pleasure. I just could not wait to feel it in me. He spat some saliva on his cock and smeared it over the shaft and head. He leaned into me and pressed hard against my hole. Aahhhhhhhhhh I screamed out as he stretched my anus. I reached up to push him away and told him it hurt, it needs more lube (after all the fucking, my ass had tightened up) he hit me with the back of his hand." Causing me to fall back.

Don't you tell me what to do you little slut. Your soul purpose here his for us to fuck you." He had one hand around my neck holding me down, with the other hand he held his cock and pressed into me. I gripped his wrist and forearm trying to pull his hand from around my neck He was too strong for me. He looked down at me. "I like a bitch when she struggles, makes me more Horney." He kept punching my anus with the head of his cock. He was attempting to penetrate me. I was not going to get anymore lube until he seeded me, he wanted to feel my ass tight around his cock.

He liked to show he had control of me, like he bossed and bullied his workers. He was the alpha male. He used the whole weight of his body to press and stretch my hole. I was screaming and struggling. The head of his cock was almost in me. I was staring at him, he was looking down at me and grinning. The head slipped in making me jolt and scream out. He held it there letting my inside relax and adjust. Pain was giving way to a feeling of pleasure. Hell he had still got to sink the whole length of his shaft into me. Fuck that shaft looked so beautiful! He must have seen something in my facial expression that told him I was ready to take the rest of his cock. He slowly thrust his shaft deeper into me. When he met resistance, he pulled back, then went again. He did that a few times, getting in a little deeper each time.

The other guys were standing around watching. Holding their rock hard cocks, dripping precum. Excited by what they were watching. Alano kept looking up to them and smiling.. He relaxed his hold on me. My hands were free to feel his magnificent body. I could feel his cock sliding deeper into me. Then with one powerful thrust the whole of his cock to the base was in my gut. I screamed out Aahhhhh, as I felt the head hit the inside of my stomach. I could feel his wiry pubic hairs on my ass cheeks. It felt so fucking good. No cock had felt so good inside me before. He had made me do what he wanted. Now he was going to fuck me his way and for his pleasure.

He was pressing my legs down to my shoulders making my ass rise up more. Just my shoulders were in contact with the ground. He began fucking me in long slow thrusts, pushing in as deep as he could. Sending jolts of ecstasy throughout my body. I could feel his hairy thighs on my hips and his hairy chest on my hamstrings. My hard cock was swinging up and down spitting out precum into my face. Alano was sweating profusely. The palms of my hands were wet with his sweat. Sweat was running off him onto my back and chest.

I could feel his raw power as he started plunging up and down like a wild animal, slamming into my ass. I loved every minute. He had that wild look in his eyes. He was like a big wild black grizzly bear. We were both moaning. I could see and feel the expansion and contraction of his chest as he was exhaling and inhaling rapidly. He was working up to that final moment when he would release his seed into my gut.

I was so excited sexually by the massaging of my prostate with his big hard black cock that I was near to ejaculating. The sensation at being fucked and controlled rough and brutal, made my cock spontaneously explode its load over my chest and face. I gave out a loud moan and threw my head back. Alano was looking down at me, grinning at what he could see. His men started to laugh seeing my cock swinging up and down, shooting my juice all over me. Alano's body started to convulse as he gave out a loud moan. He drove his magnificent throbbing cock all the way to the base. It was a delirious moment as I felt his warm sperm laden juice gushing into me. Three powerful thrusts deep into me emptied the last drops of his sperm out of his cock tube into me.

He exhaled his hot breath into my face. I could feel his breathing begin to slow and to calm as he relaxed. He slowly lowered down on me allowing me to lower my legs. His shrinking cock slipped partly out my gut, as he lay a top of me with his whole body. He was wet with sweat and so was I. He pulled his cock out of my ass and raised himself up. His cock was glistening with the white pearly beads of his cum juice. Looking down at me he said, "that was intense and hot. I want to see you fucked some more," he said.

Alano picked up his shorts and pulled out a $10 bill. Looking over to two Mexicans he said the first one of you that gets your cock into this pussy boy gets this $10 bill. I'll give you $10 dollars each to double fuck him. Fuck he was paying guys to fuck me. Hearing him say that gave me an inner deep feeling of extreme sensational pleasure.

They both had light olive colored skin and hairy chests. Cristiano was in his late twenties 160 lbs. (72.5kg) Slim athletic guy 5'10" (1.55m) tats and piercing. Diego was more muscular and heavy in weight 200lbs. (90.7kg) 6'0"(1.82m) late 30s with tats. Neither of them to me appeared to be attractive looking, more thuggish. They were both strong physically from the hard laboring jobs they did. They both had horse hung cocks. Alano, Pete, Mark and the other guys had a bet between them on whom out of Cristiano and Diego would penetrate me first. What I at to do was try and protect myself from getting injured.

They all stood around watching as the Mexicans moved towards me. Fuck this was awesome. It sounded like an argument had started behind me, I couldn't really see. I closed my eyes and waited for them to grab me. I was suddenly grabbed roughly from the back. I felt the firm grip of their hands around my ankles and my wrist, as they pulled on my arms and legs. They man handled me to the ground They were grunting and panting like animals. Meaty hands were all over my body. I could feel the weight of their bodies on me. Their cocks and balls were swinging between their legs, as they each fought to gain dominance. Even though I was hungry for their cocks. My natural reaction was to thrash out when their hold of me was too painful. It was futile, They could do what they wanted with me. They had total control of me.

Diego being the stronger of the two was gaining the upper hand. Christiano had almost given up due to the shear strength of Diego. I could feel their fingers digging into me and scratching my skin. Diego stretched my legs apart using both hands. It was then when he let go of one of my legs to hold his raging hard cock and lean into me, that I accidentally kneed him in the groin. The scream he gave out told me it was painful. He clasped his hands around his manhood and rolled on the floor in pain.

Cristiano seeing this happen immediately got between my legs and spread them apart. I felt his cock pressing against my hole. One thrust and his magnificent cock slipped into my gut. I gasped loudly. He had a smile on his face as he looked into my eyes. "So Gringo I win."

Diego soon recovered. Cristiano rolled over onto his back pulling me a top of him. I felt the fat fingers of Diego digging into my hole and stretching it to take his hard cock. I was nervous as hell, but who wouldn't be. I trembled in anticipation. Cristiano held me firmly as Diego thrust with his cock, stretching my hole. I was struggling and screaming, at the same time enjoying every moment. I felt Diego's cock stretch my inside as it slipped all the way to the base.

They started fucking me gently at first working my hole, loosening me up so they could fuck me more vigorously.
All the other guys including Alano, Mark and Pete circled us and were cheering and shouting encouragement, and issuing a verbal serenade of degrading taunts and cursing "Fuck the bitch silly." Fill that pussy boy up good. Make that sissy boy scream. Come on get your cocks deep in that fucking queers ass." They were abusing me and degrading me both mentally and physically. I was in a bottom's paradise.

My body was shaking in waves of ecstasy as they thrust their hard cocks into me with the full force of their hips. They were both breathing heavily and sweating. Diego grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and whispered in my ear. "Gringo you like we fuck your white girly boy pussy." Mark knelt down in front of me. "Open that mouth wide sissy boy." I was being double fucked and now I was going to get my faced fucked same time. (Fucking awesome) Mark snaked his cock down my throat, sliding it up and down. As he thrust into my mouth his wiry pubes rubbed up against my face.

I was gagging and spitting up saliva. Mark held my head firmly as he thrust time and time again into my mouth. "You like to be fed by a real mans cock, don't you girly boy?" He soon shot his hot load down my throat. There was so much I could not swallow it all. He pulled out, wiped his cock over my face, and stood up. Marks cum juices were running down my chin. Pete knelt down and wiped his hard cock across my chin. Scooping cum juice on his cock. "We don't want to waste any of this pearly white cum. Do we boy?" He grabbed my hair and jerked my head back. "Now for me to feed you boy." He thrust his cock into my mouth making me take it deep. All this action was too much for me. My cock and balls were aching. My torso was shuddering in pleasure and in near unbearable ecstasy. I gasped out loudly as my cock exploded shooting my warm cum between my belly/chest and Cristiano's

Diego and Cristiano were holding me firmly and thrusting vigorously into my hole. Loud moaning and heavy breathing told me they were about to shoot their load. Their bodies were convulsing and shuddering as they both released their hot sperm laden juice into my gut. Seconds later Pete shot cum juice down my throat and into my face. I could feel warm cum juice oozing out my ass and mouth. I felt the Mexicans cocks shrink in my ass and slip out. Pete pulled out my mouth and wiped his cock on my face and stood up. It went quite for awhile as they recovered. Then Alano shouted, "get off the bitch." Diego rolled off me, and Cristiano pushed me off him.

Alano lifted me up off the ground with his huge hairy arms. I had my back to him. I could feel his hairy chest on my back. His nipple rings dug into my back as he pulled me towards him. "Now it's my turn to fuck you again queer boy," he said. He held me suspended off the ground with his hairy left arm around my waist and his large hairy right hand grasped around the back of my neck. Looking down I could see his thick long black veiny cock sticking out between my legs.

Mark knelt down before us and took hold of Alano's cock. Looking up to see where my hole was. He rubbed the head of Alano's cock over my well used hole. I could feel the head stretching my hole as Alano's cock penetrated me. I could not touch the ground with my toes. He had a firm hold of me as he moved me up and down on his cock. For about 10 minutes he fucked me in this position (suspended back thrust position) while the others looked on. I could feel his hairy legs rubbing against my legs. His hairy chest and belly were rubbing on my back his wiry hairy pubes were rubbing my ass cheeks, as he thrust into me.

Eventually he pinned me up against the wall so he could fuck me harder and deeper. All the time I was screaming and yelping in exquisite joy. I felt the whole of his body shudder and press hard against me as he released his hot cum juice into my gut. He stood there for awhile pressing hard into me making sure he released the last drop of his seed into me. Juice was spilling out my hole and running down the inside of my legs. He pulled away from me and let me slip to the ground.

I was picked up and laid face down across a workbench that they had positioned in the middle of the room. If I had wanted to protest (I didn't I was enjoying every second. I was being fucked) it would not have made any difference. They were going to fuck and use me for their own pleasure.

They secured my wrists and ankles to the legs of the workbench. Alano looked over to the guys that had not fucked me yet and said, "Ok boys he's all yours to fuck as many times as you want. When you have finished with him, I'll take him and tuck him into bed," laughed Alano

They placed a bowl on the ground under my ass hole and mouth to catch any juices that spilled out of me. I lost count how many times they fucked my ass and face. There was a lot of spillage. They made me drink it all. My gut was full to over flowing. They all had that tired sexual look of satisfaction on their faces. Alano had sat there watching them fuck me. He untied my wrist and ankles. Lifted me up over his shoulders. "Ok boys now you finished with him, I'll take him and put him to bed," he laughingly said. It was good that Alano carried me. I was having difficulty walking after being fucked so many times. Cum juice was still running out my ass, as Alano carried me naked home over his shoulder. (It was dark by this time) cum juices were spilling out and running down onto his hairy butt and down his hairy legs.

Alano not only put me to bed he went to bed with me. He was entirely different when he was with me on his own. His sex was more like lovemaking. Kissing me and fucking me gentle, and saying nice things to me. "You're a pretty boy. Your body feels like a girl to the touch. I just love fucking that sexy ass of yours. You love a mans cock and make him feel good."

I was shagged out exhausted, tired and well fucked. Yet for this guy I would fight all that just to please him. The sexual stimulation that I got from him kept me awake until he had been satisfied.

He told me a lot about himself and his family. He continued to talk to me and fuck me over the next few days. When it fitted into his work.

He was in his 50s yet he had the body and stamina of a guy much younger. He had a beautiful big thick long black cock, and hell he knew how to please you with it. I would love him to be my daddy my master, I would even marry him. All that is impossible. This guy is a happily married with 6 kids 14 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. You could taste the testosterone that exuded from his body. I'm of no importance to him or the others just entertainment at that time for them. I never did see them again after that time.



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