I'm a top to a couple of local boybitches. During the day at work I'm used

to dominating other people through my superior intellect, and sometimes at

night I like a submissive boy slobbering over my hard cock and hairy,

sweaty balls. Sometimes I like the bitch tied up very tightly while I

force my thick, hard cock into her face and down her throat until she's

gagging and ready to puke. Other times, I let the bitch service me without

restraint. Whether or not they are bound, however, these whores always

serve me with total devotion to my desires and complete subjugation of

their own inferior wants. Later, I'll explain to you how I use pain and

total physical and psychological control to break whatever independent will

and personality these faggots may have in order to make them my devoted sex


Why do I refer to these submissive faggots as girls? Because that's what

they are, dude. Real men like me know that faggots are just another type

of girl. All woman are made to be penetrated by real men. I don't go in

for that politically correct bullshit about women being equal to men.

There's a reason why the Universe made men powerful and muscular and

equipped them with hard cocks and sperm-making balls. Real men where made

to rule the Universe and control everything in their world. Faggots are

just one of the things that the Universe gave real men the authority to use

and control. Like all women, faggots have tight, passive holes that are

made to be penetrated by the cocks, fingers and hands of real men. That's

what they were fuckin' made for, dude!

Submissive whores like these boybitches of mine have one reason in life to

exist, and only one: to serve as passive receptacles for the sexual

aggression of real man like me. Once they come to understand why they were

born, they can find fulfillment in life. Until then, they are lost --

trying to be something they never can be: real men. Once, though, a faggot

understands that 'he' is simply another type of submissive woman born to be

used by real men, she can find true fulfillment through selfless service to

a real man.

Don't be fooled by these bitches' oversized clits and external ovaries,

dude; they are as female as any other kind of woman. Sometimes they just

need to be broken like a wild horse before they can recognize why they were

put on earth. And just like a wild horse, once their will has been broken,

you can ride them HARD without any objection. (In case you're wondering,

yes, I do sometimes tie actual leather horse gag bits onto my bitches'

heads before climbing on top of their backs and riding their forced-open

pussies long, hard and deep.)

Once a bitch has been properly broken in, she will accept whatever you want

to do to her, however painful or humiliating it may be. As with any

animal, firm and relentless training without quarter is the key to breaking

a faggot to your will.

If you can't fuckin' understand what I'm explaining here, then you're

reading the wrong story, asshole. Try reading a lesbian love story,

instead. Maybe that's better suited to your worldview.

Like all real men, I do fuck real pussy. The problem with real women,

though, is that most of them expect to be treated respectfully and gently.

With a few exceptions (which no doubt would be worthy of separate, but

straight, stories), if I tried to treat a real woman like I treat my

boybitches, I would fuckin' land in prison. My friend, try beating and

raping a real woman and see how quickly you end up in jail! Do it to a

properly trained faggot, however, and the cunt will just thank you and beg

for more. Ain't the Universe marvelously constructed, dude?

Faggots are a breed apart. Yes, they are women, but they were made to be

used and abused. Now don't get me wrong here, man. I would never do

anything truly nonconsensual with anybody -- be it a real woman or a

faggot. That's not what it's about for me. I like bending people to my

superior masculine will. For me, the true satisfaction lies not in

physically coercing others to comply with my wishes and demands, but

instead in getting them to see that they actually WANT and NEED to serve me

and make me happy.

Yes, harsh treatment is sometimes necessary to allow a faggot to fully

understand and accept her true place in the world as a submissive woman.

In such cases, however, the pain is about helping the whore understand

herself; it isn't about inflicting pain simply for the sake of pain.

Sadism isn't my bag.

Or I should say that sadism wasn't my bag -- until I met a little faggot

named Jason. This tender young bitch brought out a sexual aggressiveness

of which I didn't know I was capable. Somehow, that sick whore tapped into

a vein of anger and dark control that I didn't think I had. The bitch

truly brought out the worst -- the best? -- in me.

This, then, is the story of how I took a naive but eager young faggot named

Jason and brutally enslaved the bitch to my every arbitrary and capricious

wish. After I harshly crushed what little independent will and personality

the pathetically sad little motherfucker had, that whore became

single-mindedly devoted to my superior personality and sexuality, and

remains so to this day. It's a match made in heaven, dude.

To Be Continued...


Pete Smith

[email protected]


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