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And our narrator, Shawn: http://lantoro7.tumblr.com/post/138340849106

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Enrique and Shawn

Enrique teasingly called me "pretty boy" in our first conversation, back in early September. It's true. I'm 6’2" tall (188cm), straight blondish-reddish hair, lean and fit, very good looking. And openly 100% gay.

And yeah, there is something kind of pretty in the features and geometry of my face. Like, I'm definitely male and I look it… but that time I did drag for the first time, for gay pride last June, heads everywhere turned in awe and admiration. As a temporary female, an unusually long and tall one, I was freaking gorgeous.

We had just met, Enrique and me, that first time. We were in a big group of guys and girls from our co-ed dorm, all piled in somebody's room hanging out late at night. A bong had been going around, most of us had partaken of toking, and the mood was mellow with a lot of laughter and quirky personal sharing. It was the second week of school. Enrique was 20 and I was 18, we were both freshmen. Sexual orientation came up in the group conversation. We started surveying around the room. Michael, a hot-looking Asian dude: “Straight all the way.” Danya, an equally hot white girl: “I’d say I’m bi.” Me: “Team homo here.” Two more, male and female, identify as straight. Another girl, Laurel: “Can I say it in that tawdry way from 1950s pulp novels? I confess it! I am a LEZZZZbiannn.” We all cracked up. Then Enrique said it – “Me, I’m about the ladies. But if they don’t feel me back, maybe I’ll just turn to pretty boy over there.” He grinned and winked at me. My heart started to beat fast because he’s fucking HOT. Buff, handsome, Latino dude. The moment was special for me. A recognition that, whoa, wow, anything could happen at this place, my new home, and some of it might be incredibly good.

It was funny how college was so different than high school, where I felt like I was smarter than most of my friends. Here was this dynamic of smartness and playfulness and honesty and games going on all at once in this group conversation. I liked it. Being 18 and newly away from my parents, I felt so excited to be there.

Two weeks later, I was sucking Enrique’s thick, juicy, big long dark-caramel-colored uncut dick. He caressed the back of my head, stroking my hair, and in just a couple of minutes he came explosively in my mouth as his hips bucked into my face. I savored the taste and swallowed every drop. I was in heaven. For three reasons.

Reason One. The Dick. I just described it. Perfect. A thing of wonder.

Reason Two, the dude it was attached to. Enrique, I’ll describe now, is strikingly sexy. Almost the same height as me (he’s just over six feet, or 185cm), beautiful light brown skin, handsome angles to his face. He has the kind of looks that I would want to draw or paint or sculpt if I had those skills. I now know that people of color can feel offended when white people call them “exotic” so I won’t use that word to describe Enrique’s good looks, but if I did use the word exotic, I would definitely use it for Enrique. Which in effect I just did. He's also 20 because he took two years to work and save some money for college and retake his SATs a few times.

Reason Three, where it took place. In our room. *Our* room. See, Enrique and I were not roommates starting out. He was on my hall but way down at the other end from me. Then came the ‘pretty boy’ comment. Then we got to talking more with friends one evening in the dining hall, and it turned out that both of our randomly assigned roommates were “pre-med” students taking the same exact classes, several of which were early morning classes. It was Enrique who suggested the roommate swap. I jumped on it, because really I was jumping on the idea of jumping on Enrique. The pre-med students met and liked the idea; it helped that the one who was Enrique’s roommate had been worried that Enrique liked to party. So it all happened, Enrique moved into my room that Saturday and my original roommate moved out.

And three nights later, Enrique said he was horny, I teasingly licked my lips and said “want a blowjob?” and that was it. In an instant he took his beautiful dick out, and I delivered the best fellatio I knew how to give. Though I’m just a freshman, I’ve been sucking dick since I was 15 and my mouth knows how to make a boy feel very very good.

I wanted more, a lot more. But didn’t want to fuck everything up – I liked Enrique as a roommate and new friend, as much as I wanted him. We had a good rapport going, I called him “E” for short and we talked about all kinds of stuff. He was chasing girls and getting them. A code developed on our phones where he’d text me an emoji of a woman’s high-heel shoe, and that meant he had a girl in the room and I should find something else to do for a few hours. Then randomly once in a while he’d request a blow job from me and I’d eagerly provide it. Then I’d lay awake half the night remembering sucking him off, the feel and taste of his dick, the raw funky delicious taste of all that fresh cum he’d shoot into my mouth.

I had a sort of new boyfriend, a cute guy named Keith I was getting close with, so that helped to take some of the intensity off of my desire for Enrique. Still it was difficult, when Enrique would come back to the room wearing nothing but a towel after taking a shower down the hall, or he'd come barreling in all heated up after an intense gym workout.  He just looked so hot, so beautiful right there in our own private room, and it was all I could do not to just stare at him and think, FUCK ME NOW.

Things went on like this for a month. There was one girl in particular he was getting more and more tight with. Then in late October I came back to the room mid-afternoon and found him laying across his bed looking sad. “What’s wrong amigo?” I liked to use my ten beginner-Spanish words when we kidded around. “She dumped my broke ass.” He went on to explain that his new girl wanted to be with a guy who had some money in his wallet. And Enrique doesn’t have much there. He turned to me and there was an unusual raw immediacy in his eyes. “It hurts, dude. I come from not much, I get that, but I’m not some —I mean she just, man, to kick me to the curb like that. It fuckin’ HURTS.” He said that was the third time that had happened to him, with a girl. One in high school, and another right away here at college, before this girl did the same.

I tried to assure him, “Well come on, E, I’m sure there’s girls who aren’t like that. Forget her, you can do a lot better with someone who’s really into you and doesn’t care about money.” I realized as I said it, I was thinking of me. And it didn’t seem to help him much. Enrique was really feeling hurt and depressed, it was like his spark of life had gone out. I wanted so badly to climb onto his bed and hug him and kiss him. I tried to offer some more words of support. “Just get out there and keep going. You rock! A lot of girls would be so happy to be with you.”

But that was just punch one of the one-two punch that hit him. And the second punch was far, far worse.

There was a really pretty girl on another floor who I’d seen a couple of times. I heard the guys talk about her, Beth, “the hot virgin.” Apparently the lovely Beth had been homeschooled until now, a very sheltered life, and was a strict born-again Christian. “I’d like to be the snake in *her* garden," joked Enrique. All our friends heard it.

Just a few nights later I got the high-heel-shoe emoji text from Enrique. Ok, good I guess, he’s scoring with a chick again, hope it makes him feel better. It was no problem for me logistically, I was across campus in my sorta-boyfriend Keith’s room, and we were cuddling in bed listening to some music that Keith liked.

I got back to our room and Enrique was there, looking a bit uncomfortable. “What’s up?” I asked.

“It didn’t go so good. She changed her mind and freaked out and left.”

“Who?” He then told me the full story. Beth. The girl who looks like a wholesome church-going version of a young Lana Del Rey. Apparently Enrique was with some friends that combined with Beth’s friends, alcohol was involved, and Beth doesn’t drink but somebody gave her a spiked drink. The room was crowded and noisy. Enrique saw she was getting drunk, and saw opportunity. He suggested she come with him to “lie down some place quiet.” She said she shouldn’t, but she was drunk and Enrique persisted, and finally she came with him to our room. He started kissing her and she giggled. “I could tell she was uncomfortable. But she was kind of smiling and giggling, maybe like nervous giggling.” He then made a direct sexual advance, putting one hand on her ass and another on one of her breasts, and she suddenly pushed him away, got really upset, even got kind of panicky, and left, stumbling out of the room and down the hall. Leaving him alone and feeling guilty. “I struck out, bro.”

The hammer hit two days later. Enrique got notified that he was being formally investigated by the College for sexual assault. He was advised to get an attorney to represent him, because the alleged victim and her family had hired one. But Enrique’s family could not afford one, and his mother in particular was furious that he’d got himself in the situation.

Word spread around that Enrique was being accused and investigated, and it was interesting and sad to see which friends stuck with him… and which ones scattered like a school of fish when a stone is dropped in the water. We had all only known each other a few months. I heard some kids in the student lounge arguing about it: arguing whether a victim should always be believed 100%, arguing whether or not the incident was “like rape”, was Enrique “like a rapist” -- or is some other language more accurate.

It turned out Beth really fell apart over the incident, and she needed psychological care. She withdrew from school and went home. I can understand it more now from her angle, maybe she was already in shell-shock about being at college in general, she was a devout fundamentalist Christian. And during the incident, she probably was terrified as well as intoxicated and confused, while Enrique knew what he wanted and was older and bigger than Beth, and was pushy about going for it. I saw the parts where he was at fault, and he was definitely at fault. Beth said no at first, repeatedly, and she was obviously drunk – and it was probably the first time she’d ever been drunk in her life.

But at first my loyalty ran strong to Enrique, out of roommate friendship and out of desire. And he took it so hard, the investigation. He said the administration treated him “like a fucking dog, like a criminal” during the questioning. He learned that Beth’s testimony was that he pushed her into his room and locked the door and pushed her toward the bed. He swore that the truth was he just opened the door like normal, she walked in first, and he locked it behind them naturally out of privacy, hoping they’d be getting intimate. But maybe she felt pushed, psychologically, being drunk and going along reluctantly. And maybe that feeling became her memory. Or maybe he did guide her in, hands-on, and it felt like a push. Unknowable.

He also complained bitterly about the collision between his Dominican culture and the campus culture. “Where I’m from, the man is supposed to do stuff like this. The woman ain't gonna say yes at first but it’s like a dance, man, it is understood you are supposed to keep going, pushing, *you* make that move. Get her to yes. It’s up to you as the man. Now I’m here, and if you do that here, you are a disgusting evil person, a rapist? So fucked-up. So fucking unfair.”

Then came two long weeks where he had to just wait for the ruling. Knowing that her side had a professional lawyer involved, and his side was just him, age 20, new here like all of us, but alone, accused. And in danger.

Enrique became like a ghost during this time. He barely left the room, skipped half his classes, skipped half his meals, stopped going to the gym. Most of his former friends distanced themselves. His eyes took on a look of guardedness and distrust. It broke my heart to see this. Even though I knew the true story was mixed, and that he did push too far with Beth, it hurt me to see him in so much pain, and to fear that he could get expelled from college and maybe even prosecuted further as a potential felon. It just seemed so crazy that one messed-up sexual incident like this – one that did not even involve the performing of a sex act -- could have such huge, bad, life-altering consequences.

The first weekend of this waiting phase, on Sunday, I got an extra roll of quarters, scooped up all Enrique’s dirty laundry, and did it with my own. Wash, dry, fold. He protested from his bed – “Man you don’t gotta do that- don’t – I’ll do it” but I just went ahead. When my activity finally rallied him to get up from bed and go take a shower, I stripped his bedsheets and washed those too. They were kind of ripe, way overdue for a washing. I actually washed them twice. And I opened our room window to let the cool November air in. When I came back with all the clean laundry, he was sitting at his desk, embarrassed but grateful. “Thanks man. I just – I’m so messed up.”

“I know. I’ll try to help you out, you know, in little ways like this.”

I didn’t know what else to say without bursting out about how much I cared about him. His normal big energy and aliveness were gone, his muscular gym-toned body was slacking a little, and there were faint pockets beneath his eyes from lack of sleep and lack of food. I made his bed for him, put the pile of his clean clothes on it, and said I had stuff to do, and went to the library. I really did have a bunch of homework and reading. I was so worried about Enrique, it was hard to concentrate a lot of the time.

Late that night, as I was drifting off to sleep in the darkness of our room, I heard Enrique whisper softly. He whispered my name which was unusual, he almost never calls me by name. The voice was so low I almost didn’t hear it. “… shawn...... hey shawn…”

My eyes blinked open. I called back in the dark, “yeah?”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

“No, I mean, *thank* you. I was fucking falling apart today, yo. They really might kick me out of here and there really might be other court stuff. This is serious shit. I used to think I was all strong… strong and confident… but that’s bullshit, I’m nothing, I feel like I’m nothing. And now –

“You’re not nothing, bud. You’re a great guy who made a mistake—“

Our voices flowed back and forth from our beds, across the dorm room, in darkness.

“I don’t know who else sees me that way.”

“It’s true, E.”

“Well anyway lemme tell you these sheets smell great.”

I laughed. “Good.” We drifted off to sleep.

Over the next couple days I just felt like I was falling deeper in love with Enrique. I had a fantasy that if he got kicked out, maybe we could get an off campus apartment and he could find a job nearby or something like that. He was still in a bad way, laying in bed and hiding from the world and barely eating, despite all the clean laundry I did. I brought him some food I sneaked out from the dining hall. Grapes, a muffin, half a turkey lettuce tomato sandwich. He did eat some of it.

Then it was Thanksgiving break. Enrique didn’t want to go home, but definitely didn’t want to stay on campus alone. He did go home. I texted him twice to ask how it was going, was he ok. “its rough tbh” he texted back. My heart went out thinking about him. I was having a cozy nice time with my old friends and my family. My life seemed so carefree compared to his.

When we got back to school, he looked about the same, still sad and tired and kind of broken inside. I on the other hand, I was feeling horny.  It was selfish but I started trying to get him to notice me physically, sexually, despite how bad shape he was in. I wore long underwear and tank T shirts around the room, showing off my body more. I lingered with the towel while changing, momentarily naked, from the shower. I thought I was being subtle but then one day Enrique looked at me with those big sad brown eyes and said “If you’re tryin’a turn me on, ain’t gonna happen.”

I literally blushed. “I wasn’t.”

“Yeah you were. It’s ok man. Just, even if you were a girl, I’m done with sex. With anyone.”

“I’m sorry E. I don’t wanna confuse stuff between us.  I'm real sorry.” I smiled. “I promise I’ll tone it down.”

Enrique stayed silent for a long minute. He slowly rose and stood up and turned away from me, looking out our window.

“I just, I just want a fucking second chance. Just a second chance…” his voice trailed off and he started to cry. His body shook as he stood there in the middle of our room.

I said, “E… can I give you a hug. Please? Just a ‘hug’ hug; nothing gay, I promise. Please.”

He was still sobbing almost silently, his chest rising and falling sharply, tears on his face. He softly said “yeah.” I stepped to him and gently cradled him in my arms. We stayed like that for a long ten seconds. I opened back up and let him go. “I’m going down to dinner with the gang. I’ll bring you something.”

“Nah, I’ll come down later.” These days he would often say that, but then he’d stay holed up in the room. I left. I brought back two plump chicken drumsticks wrapped in a bunch of napkins. The next day I found the bones and scraps in a napkin on the corner of his desk, and took them out to the hall trash.

The next day, the verdict came for Enrique. He got the email at 9am sharp. He had to go meet with the Dean’s liaison in person. I asked if he wanted me to come with him. “No. Thanks Shawn. But I really wanna be alone for this.” I understood but was longing so badly to be with him. He needed to have somebody at his side for the news, which could be bad.

I waited in our room for him to come back. All my friends knew about it and were texting me. They also knew I had developed a crush on Enrique and were encouraging me to let it go. Straight, roommate, likely to be expelled… not the best prospect.

Enrique texted me one word from the Dean’s office as soon as he got out. In all caps:


Tears came to my eyes. I was so relieved and excited. He got back to the room and told me how it went. There were four faculty there, and very intimidating language was used. They wanted him to know he came extremely close to being expelled. And to know that just one more offense of this kind, even just an accusation of this kind, ever again, would absolutely condemn him to expulsion and probably criminal charges. They emphasized over and over again where he went wrong with Beth, taking advantage of her intoxication and her inexperience. They kept saying his permission to stay enrolled at college was now “conditional” and if he does anything to change the conditions, one more slip-up, he’s out.

“But you’re staying!”

Hesitant relief, still guarded, came into his face. “Yeah.” This time he was the one who initiated a hug. It was quick, natural, he grabbed onto me for a moment and squeezed real tight. Then let go. “Yeah. Staying.”

I group messaged the four friends of ours on the hall who were still being kind-of-supportive to Enrique through all of this, and who were waiting for the news. “Not guilty! E is staying! #exhale”

I thought things would get back to normal soon after that, but Enrique was still really shaken up by the whole ordeal. He stayed kind of quiet and guarded, still more a loner compared to how he was before the incident. He started eating a little better. He started trying to catch up on his classes but he was freaking out about failing; he had not been able to concentrate at all on academics during November, and now it was finals time, and he wasn’t the strongest student to begin with.

But Enrique stayed, he studied hard for two weeks, and he got through finals, and he failed one course but passed his other three. Things got better for him socially and tensions eased back home with his family. As final exams came, he started feeling even better, putting himself together each day, and he even went back to the gym a few times. I did his laundry for him again, all of it. I just wanted to help and it seemed like he had a scarcity of both time and money.

He was starting to get a bit more back to his natural self. Not there yet, but getting there. And then it happened. The night before we left for winter break, December 18, the biggest surprise of the whole story.

We were both laying in our beds, he’d been asleep (I thought) and I’d just crawled into my bed. Then he quietly got up and went down the hall to the bathroom with a bag of stuff. He came back to the room ten minutes later, got back into his bed. A full moon was shining a soft blue-silvery light through our fifth-floor window. Then from his bed, his voice whispered again in the darkness, like that time before. “hey… Shawn.”

I whispered it back, “hey, E.”

And in the darkness, I heard Enrique rustling around in his bed, then I heard and saw him get up out of bed, his silhouette and his footsteps coming over to mine. He opened my bedcovers and whispered “move over” and then he slid right into the bed with me. I could hardly believe this was real, but it was. Enrique, warm, breathing, his body stretched long alongside mine. My dick swelled and got absolutely rock hard within half a minute. I moved over further so he could have enough room. I had no idea what would happen next, and if I should initiate it, or what.

I reached over to touch him and to my surprise my hand felt bare skin along his belly and the side of his hip. He was naked! I uttered “oh my god” in surprise, I couldn’t help it. My hand moved down and touched his dick. It was as large as I remembered, and mostly soft. In contrast to mine which was solid wood poking up against my underwear. I moved to get free of him for a moment, to pull off my T shirt. As I did, he rotated his body to face away from mine, and lay there at rest on half of my bed. I wanted to snuggle up behind him, “spooning” but I was suddenly shy about my huge hard erection. I lay sort-of next to him but not really holding him. Breaths rose and fell in both of us, in the dark, beneath my blanket.

He then reached back for my arm and gently pulled it up over him to embrace him, and he arched his butt back into me, alongside me. His voice rose up quietly as we just lay like that. "Shawn. What's the first thing I said when I met you?"

My mind went blank, then I remembered that September night with 15 friends and a bong. And I chuckled. "I, uh, I believe you called me a pretty-boy."

"Do you remember more?"

Oh wow. "Something about how if it didn't work with the ladies, you might turn to me instead."

Enrique took in a much deeper breath, held it, and exhaled slow and long. I felt the exhale, felt his smooth warm skin, the growing heat of his body nestled against mine. And then he said it.

"I turn to you."

He then pulled further on my arm, wrapping my body around his, pressing his butt back more into me. I reached down and pulled my underwear down, sliding it to just past my knees. My hard cock sprung free and stood out upright.

I decided in that instant to not hesitate. I snuggled into Enrique's body from behind and wrapped my long arms even tighter around him. I carefully rested just the head of my dick on the cleft of his ass. He slowly humped his butt back against it. I nudged my hard dick just a bit further in there. He murmured "ummm" in pleasure and I pushed a little more, held him a little tighter, and leaned my face in to plant a soft kiss on his warm neck, just above his ear. The shape of his ear looked so beautiful in the moonlight, and the feel of his warm thick butt holding my dick between the cheeks felt so fucking good to me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me even closer into him and moaned "ohhh fuck yes" and by this point he was feeling my whole dick sliding in there, up and down, along the cleft of his ass.

I reached around to feel his dick, it was mostly hard and was dripping with pre-cum. As I humped his butt and kissed his neck and earlobe, my fingertip swirled around the hooded head of his dick and scooped up a few drops of his pre-cum. I tasted it on my tongue. Mellow, kind of sweet. Enrique bucked his ass again alongside my dick as I held him.

"I want you inside me, papi", he whispered.

"You sure?" I humped his butt with just a little more force.

"I need you inside me right now, Shawn, I need it so fucking bad" he murmured.

I kissed his ear and jawline with more hunger and humped my hips and hard dick even deeper along his butt. "I need it too, E." The truth was I had no idea until now that fucking him was a possible thing. Now it was all I wanted in the whole world.

As i humped on him, Enrique took my arm, found my fingers, brought them to his mouth and kept murmuring as he kissed them. "Show me it's okay. Make me feel it. Show me it's okay to fuck somebody, really fuck somebody. Oh god I fuckin' need to feel it. Feel it. Feel. I need to feel. Give it to me, show me."

I held him tight, humping him slowly, and kept kissing his neck as I took in the full import of what he was murmuring. The trauma, the sexual shutdown, the longing to get back to Yes. Was this his first time with a guy? I asked, as he sucked on my fingers and grinded his ass to meet each humping motion I was giving.

"First time takin' it, yeah."

Fuck, at this point I just went wild with lust. I stretched overhead to my nightstand drawer, found the lube, and he rotated his body so he was on his back, looking up at me on top of him. The handsome angles of his face looked almost otherworldly in the moonlight from the window. We kissed, for the first time. A tender, soft kiss. I looked down into his gorgeous deep-dark eyes and closed mine and kissed him again, more hunger this time. His mouth moved in a juicy sensual dance with mine. and we didn't stop kissing for a long time.

I spent the next ten long minutes getting his warm soft virgin hole all wet and open and ready for me to slide in. We kept making out as my fingers, long and warm and wet, penetrated his hole gently. His mouth moved sensually with mine as we kissed and kissed. He felt ready after a few minutes but what we were doing felt so fucking beautiful I didn't want to rush a thing. I slid two fingers together in him and he moaned as we kissed, "ohhmmff", his voice low and soft and rough all at once.

I took more lube and slicked up my whole long hard dick. I pressed in toward his hole, nudging around with the head of my cock until I located it. And he was so turned on and lubed up and ready, all I had to do was nudge, nudge again a little more, and the gateway just softened and yielded and said Yes to me. I slid right on into Enrique with more than half of my almost eight inches.

It felt incredible, being in him for real. So warm and natural. He gasped in surprise and wonder. "Ohhh FUCK.... ohhh..." We kissed some more as I just stayed in him, hard, gentle, letting him feel me and get used to the intense new sensation. I slowly started to fuck him, just an inch more, then slowly pull out, then slowly slide back in just a little deeper... he was really feeling it, he reached up and held onto me really tight. Grabbing onto my back and my ass, he actually pulled me into him more on every "in" stroke. I went for it and started fucking him with more force. At first he loved it but I then went really wild and fucked him too hard and there was a sudden "OW!" and we had to stop. I pulled out swiftly.

Enrique looked up into my eyes and apologized, "I'm sorry, yo, first time-- "

I kissed him as our breaths still rose and fell fast. "No, no, my fault, I was supposed to go easy."

We kissed for a while and then I suggested he turn over, get back into the "spoons"/sidesaddle position. "I think that'll be easier on you."

He laughed. "You sayin' we gonna fuck some more? I like this side of you, papi, never seen it before. Takin' charge, yo."

I grinned and reached down and softly stroked his hole. It felt so soft, tender, yielding, open, lubricated. I looked back up at his strong, masculine body, and marveled at the contrasting elements of Enrique, the fit muscles and the soft vulnerable hole. All of him. It turned me on intensely. At that moment I felt more like a 'Top' than I had ever felt before.

"E... I'm saying I want more if you do."

He rolled over. I wrapped my body around his and lifted his upper leg, to fuck him. He arched that sexy round ass back into me and we found the position, and I slid right in, very slow at first. But in this position he was even more open, no resistance at all, and he started murmuring in a mix of English and Spanish that drove me wild with lust.

"ohhh yeah fuck give to me ohh mas, mas, fuck ohhhh, mas duro, ohhh yeah me follar, fuck fuck fuck, si, si, ohhhh"

I grabbed onto Enrique and really drove it into him, fucking him as deep and strong as I could. Throwing the whole length of my body into it. He was moaning and babbling and breathing so hard. I was silent but panting like a dog as I fucked him, sweat starting to pour between our bodies, my chest pressing strong into his back and shoulders as we fucked in deep rhythm.

I reached around and grabbed onto his chest as I fucked him, and as my fingertips moved over a nipple I felt it was pointy, hard. I stroked his nipple as I fucked him deep, and oh my god Enrique went crazy as I did this. "UHHH! UHHH!" he cried out as I squeezed his pec muscles and tugged on his nipples and kept on fucking him strong and deep.

I didn't realize I was that close to coming. But just a second later, I fucking lost it inside him, and went into the most intense orgasm ever. I held Enrique's sweat-drenched body so fucking tight as I shot three, four, five, six, seven etc jets of cum way up deep inside him. Gasping for breath, I just kept holding onto him, not pulling out, just staying there, all the way in him. My whole body was tripping out and reverberating as my lungs rose and fell. I kissed the side of his face and murmured "holy fuck..."

He murmured back "It sure was."

My dick still inside him, I reached down and stroked his dick. It was mostly hard and dripping a lot of pre-cum. I started fucking him again, very gently because I was wiped out, but I really wanted to give him an intense orgasm like I'd just experienced. Enrique started murmuring softly again, and my other arm went back around his chest and my hand reached again for one of his nipples. Gently fucking him from behind, stroking his big dick with one hand and his nipple with the other, I took him there in just a few minutes. He moved my hand down to the base of his dick, and he stroked the tip, our two hands working his big cock together. His breath got quick and hard and he suddenly bucked his whole body and came with intensity. He shot cum all over my bedsheets and my hand as I held his body tight and squeezed his dick gently, coaxing those last few drops of semen out of him. 

Finally he lay back in my arms and we just breathed together. Then he sat up and said "uh- I gotta go down the hall, yo" and leapt off my bed, threw a towel around his hips and a t shirt over his head, and ran out the door. Ha ha, I almost forgot about that part of getting fucked raw. Hearing his footsteps scampering down the hall, I lay back with a feeling of satisfaction. Thinking, that's right, Enrique. I fucked you good. I came inside you. I'm inside you right now, in fact. And there's millions of sperm in a cumshot, you'll sit there on the toilet and get most of it out, but not all of it. I'll still be in you when you come back to our room and back into my arms.

I was surprised at how dirty, animal, piggy my thoughts were. But then when he came back and did climb back into my bed, into my arms, this intense feeling of love for him came roaring up inside me. The moonlight was still shining through our window, and it caught a glistening drop of E's cum on the wall next to my bed. I pointed it out to him and we laughed.

That was December 18. Winter break, we missed each other like crazy. Now it's the end of January and we've been fucking and cuddling nonstop ever since we got back. It's intense. The fucking has turned kind of versatile, but mostly me on top; I struggle to take his dick, whereas he just loves mine and wants more and more. Which I gladly provide, anytime, morning noon or night. I have to remind both of us to study, do our homework, remember why we're here in the first place.

The whole hall knows about us, and in a twisted way it restored things socially, us being boyfriends or like boyfriends; Enrique's relationship status is now known as something completely different than "that guy who got accused of sexual assault by that girl who left." That was 2015. New year, new world.

I have no idea what happens from here, if we stay in love or if he breaks my heart. But it's gonna be one of those two outcomes, because I'm his. And it's not my business to worry about the future, it's my business to just love Enrique and bring out the best in him. I'm still amazed at all of this, amazed, every time we kiss, every time we fuck. Amazed.

== END


Paul Lantoro

[email protected]


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