I began sucking cock when I was in my early teens when a bud of mine and I were jerking off together and his older brother caught us and joined in. Before it as over he had taught us to suck cock and showed us how great getting sucked felt. I was hooked and wanted more.

I began going to parks and restrooms searchng for sex. I wanted to both suck and get sucked. At the parks, I found guys in their twenties and thirties, both married and single that liked both also. We'd go out in the woods and service each other.

Then, at sixteen, after seeing a couple of my classmates that were gay and other guys get arrested by undercover cops, I began to try and play it safer. I began getting on the internet to find sex.

One guy I met was twenty-two and a senior in college. We met and chatted, and i lied and said I was eighteen. I had always looked older than my true age and he didn't question me.

Our first meeting was at a burgr joint near his apartment one Saturday morning. We hit it off immediately and after chatting a while he invited me to his apartment.

Once there, it was raw wild sex, with lots of passionate kissing and cock sucking. Then I experiened something totally new and different and I loved it. I had mt ass eat for the first time. It felt great and he was enjoying it tremendously and I knew I had to try it. I did and loved it. While I was eating his ass he said softly, "Fuck me."

I admitted that I had never fucked a guy and he ed me through it. Once in, he didn't have to tell me anything else. I soon climaxed up his ass as he was saying how great it felt.

I then asked him to fuck me and he asked if I had ever been fucked. I said no, and he warned me of the initial severe pain. I said I still wanted it. He laughed slightly saying it had been a long time since he had fucked a virgin.

He fucked me and it did indeed hurt like hell to start but before long I was totally enjoying it, and knew I'd be getting fucked many more times.

He and I met frequently during mu junior and senior years of highschool. I did confess to him about my true age. He was a litte upset at first but soon got over it.

Looking older than I actually was, by eighteen I had a fake ID stating that I was twenty-one. I began going to gay bars and adult video stores.

I fell in love with the video stores where guys left their doors unlocked as a signal that they wanted sex. Some of the booths has glory holes and I loved the annonimity of not knowing who I was sucking.

From the cocks, and their hardness I learned to guess the age of the man I was sucking. Some, I knew had to be in their sixties but they still got reasonably hard and fed me their loads.

In the private booths, I got to see the guys I was sucking and that was hot also. Lots were straight guys, some married, who just wanted to get their rocks off and leave. Sometimes, I was ucky enough to talk them into fucking my ass there in the booth. It was hot, and I loved it. At times I found another gay guy and we'd suck and/or fuck each other.

I was totlly enjoying my new found life.

About a week after my highschool graduation, I was going to meet a guy from out of town that I had met on line. He asked ifI had any sex toys I could bring. I had said yes and that I'd bring them.

It was a Wednesday night and I had told dad that I was meeting up with some friends and might be out late. He just said to be careful. I left the house and about three blocks away I remembered the toys. They were hidden in a box in my closet. I went around to the back where I could Climb in through my unlocked window.

As I headed around the side of the house past dad's bedroom window I got a shock.

Our yard had a wood privacy fence around it and dad's blinds were open. There on the bed, Dad lay naked watching something on TV and stroking his cock. I paused and watched getting boned immediately. I had never really looked at my dad sexually and never realized how hot he really was. Dad was eighteen when I was born which now made him only thirty-six. I loved guys his age.

I continued to watch a few minutes before going around to my window and climbing in. Once I had my bag of toys, I went out the same way and again stopped to watch dad stroke his cock. He was now fully boned and it was beutiful. I suddenly wanted to suck my own dad. Seconds later, his body shook and I knew what was about to happen. His cock exploded, sending huge thick volleys of creamy white cum out onto his chest then stomach.

I hurried on back to my car and left. In a way I wasn't surprised that dad jerked off. It had been just me and him for the last seven years since my mom had died. I knew he had to get horny and needed relief like any other normal male, but that didn't change my desire for wanting to suck him. However I had no idea how he'd take it if I came out to him that I was gay, much less how he'd react if I said I wanted to suck him.

I went to the man's hotel and he and I had great sex, using the toys on each other as well as sucking and fucking.

I continued going to the gay bars and video arcades, meeting guys for sex.

Then one Saturday, I had a meeting at the local college to discuss my enrollment. It ended much earlier that I had expected and on the way home I pulled into the adult arcade parking lot and went in. The clerk was not used to seeing me and didn't question my age. I paid the admission to the arcade and went in.

I went to several unlocked booths and sucked cock and got mine sucked a couple of times. I then saw a hot consruction worker looking guy go into a booth that I knew had a gory hole. I hurried to the booth next to him.

After locking my door, I eased over to the hole and squatted down. Staying back a few inches from the hole, I began watching him.

He found a movie to watch from the menu and began rubbing the front of his jeans. After a moment, he unbuckled his belt, opened his jeans and slid them down to his knees. He wore no underwear and his cock immediately stood straight out. He began slowly stroking it and as he did, he turned slightly toward the hole.

I moved closer and placed my open mouth up to the hole. Immediately, he stepped up to the hole and slid his hard cock into my mouth. It was close to eight inches in length and fatter than average. I swallowed the entire cock and heard him moan softly. I took my time sucking him and eventually brought him to a roaring climax. His load was huge, thick and sweet. I was in heaven.

He pulled back and leaned down toward the hole and said, "Man, that the best blow job I've ever had. I'm here every Saturday about this same time. I'd love to give it to you every Saturday."

"I'll be here," I replied. "I definitely want it again. When you go into a booth, cough. If I'm next to you I'll cough."

"Great. See you next week."

He left and moments later another guy took his place. I sucked him and he left. I decided to wait and see if others came in. I had found that Saturdays right after noon was one of their busiest times.

As expected, soon another guy came in. He soon had his cock out and I again placed my open mouth up to the hole. He slipped his cock through the hole and I began sucking it. It was large and delicious. After a moment he pulled back and motioned for me to put my cock through. I did and he immediately began sucking me. We alternated sucking each other then he got me off and swallowed then I got him off.

He wrote me a note saying it was awesome and wanted to meet again. I replied saying anytime. We ageed to meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at five.

I met both guys regularly for several weeks. Then, the constrution guy came in one Saturday and coughed. I coughed back. He eaned down to the hole and said, "I live just a few blocks from here. Please follow me. We'll be more comfortable."

"Sounds good," I replied.

"I'm in a black Dodge Ram duely."

"Got it," I said.

I was excited at the thought of seeing this guy totally naked. He left the booth and I followed seconds later. When I got to my car, his truck was at the exit of the parking lot, waiting.

I followed him to his apartment and he waited for me to walk up to him.

"Nice to finally see who's been doing such a great job on me," he said.

"and it's great to see exactly who I've been doing," I replied. He smiled and said, "This way."

We went into his apartment and after I entered he locked the door. Turning to me he said, "I'm Rex McCoy.

I'm Nick. Glad to finally meet you."

"Shall we both get comfortable?" he asked.


There in the living room we both began stripping. I was in awe at seeing his muscular, hairy body. He had a moustache and full short neatly trimmed beard, blue eyes, stood just over six foot tall and has shoulder length medium brown hair. His chest and stomach as well as his ass and legs were covered in medium coating of medium brown hair.

Staring at him as hs cock steadiy stiffened, I said, "Rex, you're fucking awesome."

"Not to hairy?"

"Hell no! I love hairy guys."

he stepped up to me and said, "You're pretty hot yourself," as he rubbed my pecs with his hands. "Let's hit the bedroom."

I fllowed him to his bedroom and as he lay in bed with his olegs spread, I got between them.

"My body is all yours. Do what ever you want with it."

I began by sucking his nips, then licking his hairy arm pits. Then I moved down and licked his cock and began gently sucking his balls. Then. not nowing how he'd react, I gently raised his legs. As I did, he took over and pulled them up to his chest. With his ass exposed, I leaned down ad buried my tongue in his hole.

"Oh, fuck yea," he exclaimed. "Eat it all you want, Nick."

I ate his ass for several minutes as he moaned and said how much he loved getting his ass eat.

I soon moved back up to his cock and began sucking it.

"You on a time schedule?" he asked.

"Not at all. I might need to call and let mydad know I'm okay. He's pretty protective about me since my mom died."

"I'm sorry about your mom," he said. "Does your dad know you're gay?"

"No, he doesn't have any idea."

I returned to sucking him and took my time getting him off. After he eventualy climaxed, He pulled me up to him and as I lay my head on his shoulder, he closed his arm around me pulling me closer.

As we lay there, he said, "I'm glad you're not in a hurry."

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Because of this," he said and as he turned his head and kissed me his free hand began stroking my still hard cock.

I was surprised at his actions and when he offered his tongue I quickly accepted it and offered mine. After a long passionate kiss, he quickly got between my legs and swallowed my cock.

I had never dreamed that he was gay or had any tendencies, but when he swallowed my entire cock and began sucking me like a pro, I knew it wasn't his first time.

He sucked for a while then lifted my legs and began eating my hole, digging in deep with his tongue. After a while he returned to my cock and sucked every drop of cum out of my balls, swallowing it all.

As he piulled off, I said, "IRex, I damn sure wasn't expecting that. and it was obvious it wasn't your first time."

"Hell no. I've been sucking cock since I was seventeen, and I was curiuous for a couple of years before that."

"May I ask how you got started?"

"Sure," he replied. "I was a senior in high school and on the football team. Our coach was in his early thirties and hot as hell. I found out he always stayed late after school and worked out. I started doing the same and when we'd get through we'd hit the showers. Well, one day, I got a boner in the showers and made sure he saw it. He started getting boned up and as he did, I decided to go for broke and started jerking off. After he was fully hard, he did the same and said that we had to keep it secret or he'd loose his job. I promised never to tell if he'd let me suck him. He was shocked but when I started stroking his cock he agreed. I got him off and swallowed to see what it was like. I found that I liked it. Well, he then sucked me off and it became a regulear thing between us. I started going to his house at night for sex and he introduced me to fucking. Been at it ever since."

"Nice," I said.

"How about you?"

I told him how I started and how much I loved male sex.

As we talked, I found out he was twenty-seven and was indeed a construction worker. He said he had only been in town about three weeks when I first sucked him.

I asked where he was from, and he replied, "I'm from over in Piedmont. After high school, I went into the Army. Of course, I had to keep my sexual preferences secret, however others did also and somehow some of us met and played. I was assigned to a construction division and after the Army, I returned home and went to work for a local company there. When the owner had to close up shop, he said he knew someone here that might be able to use me. I came over and met with the supervisor at Davis Construction and was hired."

"Just out of curiosity, who did you meet with?"

"A guy named Brad Connors. Why?"

"I started laughing and said, "That's my dad."

"Holy shit! Did I really just suck my boss's kid?"


"Fuck, I damn sure hope you're legal. You look it."

"Well, my ID says I'm twenty-one, but my driver's license says I'm eighteen. Either way, I'm legal."

"This is unbelieveable," he said. "What are the fucking odds of something like this?"

"Who knows," I said before kissing him.

"So, I assume you have been using the fake ID to get into the arcade," he said after out kiss.

"Yep, and the gay bars."

"Unreal," he said, the as he looked at me he said, "I want you to fuck me."

"Only if you fuck me after I fuck you."

"You got a deal," he replied.

He got his lube and I was soon fucking him and filling his hole with my load then he did the same to me.

After another break of kissing and making out, we had a hot sixty-nine.

As I dressed, I told him about the night I saw my dad jerking off and how hot it was watching him shoot his load.

"I bet it was. I think he's hot as hell, but not into the gay scene. And I hope he doesn't find out about me."

"Well, the only way I can say anything about you is if I come out to him about me and I don't plan on doing that."

"Can we meet again next Saturday?" Rex asked.

"Hell yea. Just try and keep me away. Just tell me what time to be here and I'll be here. Next Saturday and every Saturday."

"Perfect. I should be home by one at the latest."

"I'll be here."

After a good bye kiss I left, still not beieveing that Rex worked for my dad.

The other guy and I met regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, sucking each other through the glory hole. Then one day, he asked in a note, if I ever went to the local bath house. I said I'd never been. He gave me the address and asked if I could meet him there Saturday night. I said yes but asked how I'd know him.

He wrote that there is what everyone calls the dark room. He said it was totally dark and only had black lights but everyone wore a snap on neckace that gowed in the black light. He said that he'd have on four necklaces. I said I'd be there. We agreed on eight that Saturday night.

I arrived at a couple of minutes after eight and after sowing my fake ID and paying my admission, I was given a towel and a key to a locker for my clothes. the key was on an elastic band you wore around your wrist.

I found my locker and stripped. I noticed that most of the guys left their towels in their locker and went around the rooms totally nude. As i headed for the 'dark' room, I noticed that there were several private rooms you could rent for what ever you wanted to use them for. I passed one that had about six guys in an orgy and another with just two guys in a sixty-nine.

I found the 'dark' room and went in. The only thing you could see ws the necklaces, arrows on the floor howing you the pathway through it, circles on some of the walls where glory holes were, and of course the teeth of those in the room when they smiled.

I made my way along the pathway feeling several hands grope my hard cock. Then as I rounded a corner, I saw the four necklaces. Stepping up to the man, I leaned cose and asked, "You from the arcade?"

"Yea. I was afraid you wouln't show up."

"Hell, you suck a great cock and I love sucking yours so why not show up. This pace is wild."

"I know. In other areas guys are fucking and sucking while others watch. It gets crazy here sometimes, especially after midnight. Take my hand and follow me."

He ld me to an area where the crowd was sparse. Then facing me, we kissed, quickly exchanging tongues and spit. Then he began licking down my body, pausing to suck on my nipples for a second or two, then moved down and began sucking my cock. After a few moments he turned me around and began eating my ass. After a moment he turned me back around and returned to sucking me, bringing me to a wild climax. Afterward, I did the same thing to him.

Then we talked for a short while and he asked how old I was.

"YI began sucking cock when I was in my early teens when a bud of mine and I were jerking off together and his older brother caught us and jined in. Before it as over he had taught us to suck cock and showed us how great getting sucked felt. I was hooked and wanted more.

"Twenty-one," I replied. "How about you?"

"Thirty-six," he answered. "How long you been into guys?"

"I've been curious since I was in my early teens but started sucking as often as possible when I was about fourteen. How about you?"

"I was a senior in high school and buddy and I were out on a double date and after fucking our girl friends they dared us to suck each other. we were pretty drunk so we said what the hell and did it. They thought it was hot to watch. After that whenever we double dated they wanted us to suck each other. Then they wanted us to fuck each other. We did and we found we bth enjoyed sucking and getting fucked. then in college we were room mates and had sex for one semester. I found out my girlfriend was pregnant and we married but he and I continued having sex together."

"You still married," I asked.

"Not any longer," he said.

We then began making out again and once hard he asked me to fuck him which I did. Then I had him fuck me. He deposited a huge load up my ass and I loved it. While we were fucking each other, others were wanting to suck the one getting fucked. We each declined.

"You on a timetable?" he asked.

"No, why?"

"I've got a private room, number 4. Meet me there and we can be more relaxed. I'll go ahead and unlock the door and be waiting in the bed."

"I'll be there shortly."

He left and I sucked off another cock before making my way out of the 'dark' room.

I found room 4 and turned the knob and slipped in. Only one small night light on the far wall illuminated the room. I eased over to the bed and lay next to the man. After a long hot passionate kiss he asked, "You mind if I turn on a light? Your body feels hot and muscular and I'd love to see it in the flesh."

"Not at all. I'd love to see yours also."

He turned away from me and turned on a small lamp next to the bed. When he turned back and looked at me we both froze.

After a moment he said, "Mother fuck! You mean all this time at the arcade and then tonight, I've been having sex with my own son?"

"Dad, you're not any more shocked than I am, but in a way, I'm glad it happened."

"Why is that, and how the hell did you get in here?"

"Well, it has brought the fact that we're both gay out in the open and we don't have to keep it secret any longer or try to figure out a way to tell the other. As for getting in here, you know I look older than I am and I've been using a fake ID or just over a year now to get into gay bars and the arcade."

"I'm not believing this. All this time, I've been sucking my own sons cock and tonight I fucked his ass and had him fuck me."

"Dad, I don't know about you but I've enjoyed the hell out of it and want it to continue at home."

We talked a few minutes and I tld him about seeing him jerk off.

Casually, I reached over and began fondling his cock. He looked down at my hand then up at my face, then said, "Oh, what the hell."

As he began to fondle my cock I asked, "How would you like to fially get to actualy watch your son suck your cock and eat the seed that made him?"

"It will be awkward to see but at the same time be hot as hell," he replied.

I smiled at him and after a hot tongue kiss, I slipped between his legs and after gently lifting his cock, I sowly swallowed it, soon burying my nose in his thick pubic hair. Slowly and lovingly. I sucked his cock eventually bringing him to another climax. I pulled back when he began shooting so he could wtch his seed shoot into my mouth. When I had it all, I swallowed.

As I lay back up on the bed he did the same to me. It was hot as hell watching my own father swallow my cock. When he brought me to my climax he also let me watch my load fire into his mouth before he swallowed.

After anothe passionate kiss, I asked, "Dad, are you seeing anyone in particular?"

"Well, I have been dating a guy for a couple f months now. I usually only go out like this when he has to work nights."

"Do I know him?"

"Yes, Nick, you do. It's Drew Baker."

"Oh fuck!" I exclaimed. "The deputy sheriff friend I've met a few times?"

"One in the same," Dad replied.

"Shit, I can't believe he's gay. How did you find out about each other?"

"I was leaving here one night and he just happened to pass by at the exact same time and saw me. A couple days later he invited me to his place for dinner. After I got there, he came right out and told me that he saw me leaving and aske if I was gay. I admitted I was and he laughed and confessed to me that he was also. that night we had our first time in bed together."

"He's fucking hot," I said.

"Don't I know it, but you keep this to yourself."

"Oh, I will. I'm not like that," I said.

"Son, I know you're still young but are you seeing anyone regularly?"

"Yes, sir, I am."

"Is it getting serious and do I know him?"

"The answer to the forst part is 'it could be' and the answer to the last part is yes, but before I say who it is, I'll have to talk to him first."

"I understand."

"Do you mind if I tell him about us and how it started and about tonight?"

"That's up to you, but if you trust him, I don't mind."

"Dad, how serious is it between you and Drew?"

"Well, he's asked me to be his lover but so far I've declined because I didn't know how to tell you I was gay and in love with another man."

"Dad, call him immediately and accept. All I want is for you to be happy."

"I want the same for you, son," he said.

We decided to go home and after we arrived, he called Drew.

"Drew, when you get a chance I really need to talk to you."

"Sure," he replied. "I'm about to take a meal break and I can come by if you're going to be up."

"I am. See you soon," Dad said.

Drew arrived a few minutes later and dad let him in. He was shocked to see me there with dad.

"What's up?" he asked. "Is something wrong?"

"Definitely no," dad answered. "You know that question you have been asking me and I've been hesitant about answering?"

"Yea, I do, and I'll keep asking it."

"Well, the answer is definitely yes, as soon as possible."

Drew looked at dad then at me and back to dad. Dad smiled and stepped up to the uniformed deputy sheriff and kissed him passionately. When he stepped back he said, "Drew, I love you with all my heart and would love to spend the rest of my life with you."

"Oh fuck yes, baby. I love you too, and I assume Nick knows everything?"

"Oh, yes. Sit down and I'll fill you in."

Drew sat on the sofa with dad sitting next to him and told him everything, starting with the arcade meeting and endind with everything that had happened that night.

"Un-fucking-believeable!" Drew exclaimed.

Then looking at me he said, "You now have two dads to report to. All I have to say is that you need to destroy that fake ID. If you get caught with it, your ass is grass."

"I will," I said, "I promise. I then asked him what time he got off duty and he said at six in the morning.

"Come by here when you get off and have breakfast and we can talk more."

He agreed and after kissing dad goodby he headed for the door. I stopped him asking, "Does your new son get a kiss also?"

He looked at dad who smiled and nodded. Drew held me and gave me a hot wet tongue kiss like he had dad.

"Umm," I said, "very nice."

Drew left and dad and I went to bed. When Drew arrived, we had coffee waiting. We shocked him by both answering the door nude.

Looking as us quizically, Dad said, "We've seen each other and done each other so why not?"

Drew smiled as dad told him to feel free to join us. He did and was soon totally nude wih us. I looked at him and said, "Damn, Drew, I see why dad fell in love woth you. You're beautiful!"

"Thanks, son,"he replied.

"I like the idea of having two dads," I said.

"And I've always wanted a son."

"Here I am, Dad," I told him. He puled my naked body to his ahd hugged me saying, "Damn, that sounds good."

We ate breakfast and talked. During the conversation, it was decided that Drew would move in with us that weekend when he was off.

Then after breakfast, I shocked Drew by grabbing his cock and fondling it. As it stiffened, he looked at dad.

"He's your son also," Dad said. "I've aready experienced him."

There on the floor of the den, Drew and I made out and had a hot sixty-nine as dad watched. After the sixty-nine, I watched Drew suck dad off. Later Drew and I fucked each other then Dad fucked Drew.

"After you move in, expect some three ways," I warned them.

"Promises, promises," Dad said smiling.

Drewent to bed in dad's bed and slept several hours. When he got up, I watched he and dad have a sixty-nine then drew watched me fuck dad.

I later excused myself and left the house so that they could be alone. Shortly after five, I called Rex and asked if I could come over.

"Hell yea," he answered. "I've been thinking about you. I miss you."

Soon I was in Rex's bed with him both nude. As we cuddled, I filled him in on everything just as we had filled Drew in.

"Holy Fuck, man," He said, "all that time you were sucking your dad and didn't know it?"

"That's right. Then at the bath house we fucked each other in the dark not knowing who we were fucking. It was a real shock when he turned on the light but I can't think of a better way to come out to each other."

"That's unreal," he said.

I told him that I asked dad if he as seeing anyone special and what dad had told me. Then I told him that dad asked if I was seeing anyone special and that I had said yes and that he knew him but that I refused to say who.

"He didn't push it?"

"No, not at all. He said he understood if you wanted to keep it secret."

"Nick, do you consider me special?"

"Very much. I've been with lots of guys, I admit, but no one has meant anything to me except you."

"You're special to me also. And I have to say this while I have the nerve, but I'm falling in love with you. I hate it when we're apart."

"I feel the same way about you," I said.

"Well, what should we do about it?" he asked.

"I don't know. What do you think?"

"Well, you could move in here as my lover and still go to school."

"I'd like that. Plan on coming to dinner this weekend and we'll break the new's to dad and Drew.

I called dad and said that I wouldn't be home that night. He asked if I was with my specia person and I said yes. He simply said "Good."

Rex and I had sex most of the night, pledging our love for each other.

That weekend, Drew moved in on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Then together they prepared dinner for their meeting with Rex.

The time arrived and Rex knocked on the door. Dad and Drew were in the kitchen when I let

Rex in. After shutting the door, as we hugged he said he was nervous as hell. Trying to calm his nerves, I gave him a hot passionate kiss.

As we kissed, I heard dad clear his throat. We seperated and as I said "Dad, I think you already know Rex," dads mouth fell open.

"Holy fuck! No way!"

"No way what?" I asked.

"Oh. No way he's gay is what I meant. I'm totaly shocked. I figured you were srtraight as a board."

"No, Brad, I'm not."

Dad introduced him to Drew and explained that Rex worked on one of his construction crews.

"I understand congratuations are in order for you two. I wish you both the very best," Rex said.

"Thanks, they both said.

Things settled down and as we ate we told Dad and Drew how we met and began seeing each other.

Then after dinner, I looked at dad and Drew and said, "One moves into the house as the other moves out."

"What do you mean by that?" dad asked.

"Well, the day you accepted Drew proposal and Ispent the night with Rex, he asked me to be his lover and I accepted."

"What about school?" Dad asked.

"Brad, don't wory about that. I'll see that he goes to college and keeps his grades up. That's a promise."

"Well, that's all I can ask for. Congratulations toyou both. I'm happy for you son."

"Thanks, dad."

"Rex, I will say this. I'm a prtoective father and if you ever harm him you'll answer to me."

"And me," Drew added.

"Brad, I assure you that he is my iffe and I'll never harm him in any way."

"I truly believe you," dad said.

I moved in with Rex over the next few days. Rex saw dad every day at work, which he said felt strange. Two weeks later, Dad and Drew invied us over for dinner on a Saturday.

When we arrived, we walked straight in and found Dad and Drew both nude in the kitchen, working on dinner.

Lookingat us, Dad said, "Make yourselves at home."

Rex followed me back to the living room where we stripped nude. I could tell Rex was nervous.

However, during the evening as he saw dad and Drew kiss and playfully fondle each other he relaxed. By the time dinner was over and we had settled in the den everyone was at ease.

Then the fun began. Dad and Drew began kissing and fonding and I started it with Rex. He soon got into it also and before long the two couples were on the floor in sixty-nines.

Before the night was over, dad and Rex had had sex, as had Drew and I. Then Rex and drew had sex wile dad and I had sex. Everyone ended up sucking the others fucking the others getting sucked and fucked by the others. It was an all night sex party.

Those occurred once a month.

I've now graduated college and am employed in the accounting office of the construction company. Dad and Drew are still together as are Rex and I. Rex and I have applied for adoption of a three year old boy. Hopefully it will go through.

Drew came out to the sheriff's department and was told that his private life was just that..private, as long as it didn't interfear with his duties as a law enforcement officer.

Things are well with us all and we couldn't be happier.




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