I could have never imagined how great it would be not to be in the Senior AP English class. I have always considered myself an intellectual and would have never thought of being with 'normal' students. I liked school.

I am your normal American guy. 5'-8'', 180. I had been in wrestling my junior year, but had to give it up. I found it harder and harder to hide my boner. All those hot and sweaty guys, who could control themselves?

I am a 2nd generation Mexican-American, well built, but my best attribute is my ass. I have always gotten compliments for it. I loved wearing my skinny jeans for that purpose, but enough about me, let me get back to my English class.

Summer vacation had ended, but the fun was about to begin. I arrived early that day, and sat in the back, like most kids. I started talking to a kid I had seen around school when the bell rang. The teacher started to talk when the class door opened. I turned towards the door and to my amazement I saw the most gorgeous guy walk in. He was pretty tall, with a body that would make any swimmer jealous. He had that Mexican sex appeal and his pecs were clearly visible through his shirt. He was so adorable. He had greens eyes and a smile that would make you want to jump on him.

All the girls were starring at him, but I was starring at something else. Through his shorts I could see his impressive bulge. He wasn't excited, but he was clearly 5 inches soft. My mouth started to water, but I had to straight myself out.

'Why are you late?' the teacher barked at him. 'I woke up late.' he said. I finally realized that he must have been running to school, but I preferred to think that he was jacking off before school. I had to quickly fix my shirt to conceal my increasing cock.

To my excitement and horror he sat right next to me. I wanted him to sit in the front, so I could stare at him until the bell rang. But now, how would I keep him from noticing my bulge. He glanced at me, but I convinced myself he didn't notice my crotch. He gave me the exact same smile he walked in with and I thought I was going to melt.

'Hi, I'm Mario. I haven't seen you around here before.' he asked me. I couldn't think of what to say. I felt a notch in my stomach. 'Hey, I'm Juan. I don't think you would have seen me either.' He kept smiling. How I found the will not to jump on him I don't know.

The teacher paired us up to do a reflexive essay. To my joy she put me and Mario together. We spent a while talking about each others lives. Well, basically he talked, I stared and nodded. The shower bell rang and the teacher stood up. She said we had to finish this together, so that meant we would have to meet after school. I got so nervous, spend time alone with him. I couldn't control myself during wrestling. How would I be able to do it being all alone with the hottest guy I had ever met?

He told me he had swimming practice, that explained the body, so we would have to meet tomorrow. I didn't mind. We traded information and decided to meet at his house after school. The dismissal bell rang and we got up. I waited until he left. I wanted to have a look at his ass.

I couldn't hold it in during 2nd period. I asked to go to the restroom with the excuse that I really needed to go, but I had other plans. I locked myself in one of the stalls and dropped my pants. My 7 inch cock had not been that hard in a long time. Stroke after stroke I could only think of Mario. I pictured myself doing everything possible to him and with him. How I would suck him. How I would let him fuck my brains out.

After one last memory of his ass I felt myself trembling. I shot 4 or 5 shots onto the wall. I didn't even try to aim at the toilet. I stood there for about a minute and cleaned myself off. I had not felt that amount of pleasure in a long time.

I pulled up my pants and realized I had easily taken about 9 minutes in the bathroom, how would he explain himself to his teacher? I didn't care; I had just had the best orgasm I have had in a long time.

While I walked out the door, Mario walked in by me. He said hi and I walked away. I felt like walking back in and masturbating while he was also naked in there, but I decided not to.

It felt like school took a long time to end that day. I raced home. All I wanted was for the day to end and to meet up with Mario the next day.



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