I worked in the City Hall area of New York City. I was nineteen. I had been

hired as a document clerk by an import/export company.

I took the aubway each weekday from Northern Manhattan. I think I cut an

appealing figure in those days, slim, light blond/brown hair, intense blue

eyes, dressed in an open oxford shirt, seersucker jacket and black pants.

The City Hall Station had a men's room the just before the exit. It was

small, unexpectedly clean and rarely used. I used to stop off and pee

before heading to my office. This day after I entered and unzipped, I

noticed a young man standing near the far wall watching me. He was almost

handsome in a soft way. His most arresting feature was his soft doelike

eyes. Just as was about to let my stream flow he spoke to me. His voice

was trembling. 'Can I hold it while you piss?'

I was astonished. I couldn't imagine the reason for such a request but I

was very curious, but his plea made me feel strangly superior. 'Why would

you want to do that?' 'Please, it is a great thrill for me to do that.'

I could not believe my reaction. This must have been a strange day for me.

I knew there was some danger to the situation but it was true that there

was an outside and an inside door to the restroom and there was no doubt

that anyone coming in would announce his presence in sufficient time for us

to make ourselves presentable.

I didn't directly answer him but I signalled by turning toward him and

pointing at my penis. He quickly came to my side. As As soon as he was

near me I could dedect a pleasant odor of aftershave, a sort of lilac

smell. Up close he looked very well groomed and his dark beard was

carefully shaved and slightly powdered. He surprised me by putting an arm

around my waist possessively and reached his other hand a captured my penis

in his soft white hand. It felt great. I had to pee very badly. That

urgency and his hand resting under my penis caused it to thicken slightly.

'Go ahead, let the stream flow,' he said almost reverently. His voice

urgent and shaky.

I couldn't hold it anymore. I pressed those muscles deep inside me and

soon a thick stream of pale yellow urine shoot out and apashed noisily into

the water of the bowl. He sighed in pleasure and awe. 'Beautiful. You

have beautiful pee. Your cock is perfect looking.'

I finished finally. It was a long pee which I had held all the time from

my morning coffee at home. 'May I shake it?'

We had shared such an intimate moment that his request did not seem out of

the way. I shugged in acquiscence. He gently shook it. I began to

instantly harden up. I felt my breathing deepen. 'Poor boy,' he said

softly. 'You need a little relief so you can face the day. May I stroke


By this time he had become almost a brother to me, sharing very personal

acts. 'OK,' I said and leaned toward him.

He took my head and coaxed it into his shoulder. My face was against his

nect and the fragrance of lilac was almost dizzying. I thought he would

jerk me off, masturbate me the way I did, but instead he softly stroked me

with a feather touch, hitting every sensitive spot until I was moaning with

pleasurable sensations. 'That's it sweet lad. Enjoy. Let all the good

feeling wash over you until you can't bear it anymore and then cum for me.

Let your boy cum shoot out.'

I was dizzy with passion. He was serving me but I was performing for him.

It was a perfect synergy. His soft hand and his soft urgent voice was

driving me toward ejaculation. Finally all my emotions jammed and my bady

stiffened. My thighs became numb. He sensed it and he speeded up his

ministrations. I let out a howl of triumph and began coming harder than I

ever remember. My knees collasped and he held me again him. He also was

breathing heavily. I shot great amounts of cum into the bowl. Finally the

moment passed. I moved away from him. Zipped up and put on my stranger's


He said, almost embarrassedly, 'I came too, when you did. It was great to

be with you. Come here tomorrow, same time. I'll be waiting.'

I met him for three days. He got bolder each time, finally taking out his

enormous cock. Our trysts became too gay for me and I stopped but I never

experienced such tender moments from such an unselfish partner again.

Looking back I wonder why I didn't ask for his name and telephone number

and meet for a real sexual experience, naked and on a bed. But I already

know the answer as I ask the question. He was the men's room bandit,

dangerous and nasty. That was the appeal.



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