It was about an hour past midnight. Jamie was being driven home from a party in the city. "Come on Jamie, are you still mad? 1:35 isn't too early!", his brother Adam said.Jamie was upset because his brother forced him to leave the party so early."Yeah, well it was supposed to be an all nighter. I cant keep doing this, you treat me like a kid",Jamie said, still pretty upset.He never really got used to the suburbs especially since all his friends lived in the city. " Well I'm sorry, but you're all I've got." Adam shrugged.Adam was driving the Porsche his parents got Jamie for his 18th birthday, the week before they died in the accident.

Lost in thought Jamie almost didn't see the dark figure suddenly appear in the middle of the road but it was too late for Adam to do anything, he was gonna hit him.Adam Grey hit the breaks as hard as he could but he was going too fast, just as he was about to hit the figure everything turned into a blur. Before he knew it, Jamie's car was flying over the railing and and crashed into the forest, glass shattering and pieces of everything flying everywhere before the car finally tumbled one final time and crashed up side down. He was out cold.

Jamie came to, after what seemed like hours. His head was spinning, his mouth tasted like blood, probably from his lip which hurt bad, among other things. He looked around to check if he was still in one piece. His shirt was torn in a few places, but aside from that, he was fine. He looked at Adam, he was still out, but Jamie could see something glisten over Adam's forehead, it was blood.

He didn't know how bad Adam was hurt but he hurried and undid his seat belt and as he heard the click of the belt he fell from the seat to the roof of the car with a quiet thud. He tried to wake Adam, but Adam just wouldn't come to. Jamie was starting to get worried, even though he'd rolled his eyes earlier, Adam was all he had.

As he was fumbling with Adam's belt, Jamie heard rustling in some bushes around them. He looked around at the up side down world outside.

But before he could see anything he felt a searing pain in his head and everything turned into a blur again. Jamie woke up with a start, he thought he'd had a wild dream but that hope was was short lived.It took him a minute to notice his surroundings, but when he did, he knew he was in the hospital.

It was a month since the accident, all Jamie had now were scared. But ever since that night Jamie had experiences. He'd feel like someone was standing behind him, but when he'd turn around he'd be all alone. He'd never feel like he was alone. Paranoia was getting to him. He'd read the books. He'd seen the movies about things strong enough to fling a car. Neither Jamie nor his brother had any memory of how they'd gotten to the hospital that night. As he googled 'inconclusive animal attacks' seconds later links to various websites popped up. He clicked on the first one.

As Jamie was reading through the article, Justin Johnson walked up from behind him. Jamie always had a thing for Justin. They had a lot of things in common. Even Justin had just moved to Mistburrow but always avoided the topic. Justin was erratic. He was always late for school, he missed school at least one time a week, but he always managed to get straight As. Jamie could never figure out how. "What are you looking at?", Justin asked. "Oh, uh..nothing. just bored", Jamie replied. " Okay, so.. do you wanna come over after school? we could watch a movie or something", Jamie asked, hoping that he could finally make his move although he wasn't sure about Justin. "Sure", Justin replied with a grin, the two of them had gotten really close after the accident.

It was almost 12 and Jamie was sitting on his couch watching the movie that he and Justin were supposed to watch, but Justin never showed. While he was sitting there, Jamie heard a crash in the kitchen, like something fell over. "Adam", he called out. Adam was usually still working at this time, but his hours were weird. Jamie barely saw him anymore, because when Jamie was home, his 23 year old brother was out working and when he got back, he'd wake up long after Jamie'd left for school. Jamie got up and walked towards the kitchen with the TV remote in his hand like a weapon, as if it could actually protect him.

The lights were off but the refrigerator door was ajar, and there laid Justin at the foot of the open fridge. He was conscious but barely. Jamie saw all the blood on Justin and hurried to help him. He said next to Justin and grabbed his phone to call for help but Justin grabbed it and said "no, I'm fine". "But Justin, you're bleeding." Jamie protested."I'll be fine, just take me to the shower" Justin said. Jamie grabbed Justin's arm and put it over his shoulder. He took Justin upstairs and into the bathroom. Jamie couldn't help but notice Justin's beautiful body as he helped Justin undress and then when he pulled down Justin's boxers he almost gasp out loud when he saw his dick, it was beautiful. He was lean and he had abs that could cut glass, Jamie looked at his beautiful gray eyes. Jamie got Justin into the shower and was about to step out but Justin grabbed his arm, with surprising force for someone who was half dead on the kitchen floor and said " no, stay". Jamie didn't need to be told twice. He stayed and help Justin shower.

Jamie grabbed a clean towel and hurried back to Justin who was sitting on his bed. He looked much better now. He helped Justin dry off and sat next to him on the bed. "Now, tell me what the fuck just happened?!" Jamie demanded. But before he could say anything else, he felt Justin's COLD lips on his. Instantly Jamie saw Justin's cock rise and it.Was.Big.

Jamie dropped to Justin's now completely hard cock and began to lick it. Justin grabbed the back of Jamie's head and began to moan and pant. "Feels great", Justin moaned between breaths. Justin got off the bed and pushed Jamie onto his back. He pulled down Jamie's shorts and got in between his legs and began to suck. Jamie moaned a little. He'd never noticed it before but Justin was PALE. Justin pulled Jamie closer to him so that his cock was directly aligned to Jamie's butt. Jamie just looked at him, still dazed that this was actually happening. Justin grabbed Jamie's cock and began to jerk it. Jamie just rested his hands behind his head and moaned.

Justin lifted Jamie's body in one hand and began kissing his butt. Jamie was in another world. All Jamie could see were his sock covered feet in front of his face. And he moaned again as Justin slapped his ass. As he let Jamie's body back onto the bed Justin jerked his own cock a few times, got into position and pushed into Jamie. He missed the first time, and they both laughed. Jamie threw his head back and pulled off his teeshirt over his messy long hair. Justin got into position again and pushed in. He just stayed there for a few minutes to let Jamie adjust to his cock but Jamie was already moaning. Justin began to thrust and Jamie's moans got even higher pitched. All he was still wearing were his socks but Jamie didn't care, he was screaming as Justin ploughed into him. Justin fell on top of Jamie and began to kiss him all over his face and neck and he bit him.Jamie felt a tiny surge of pain but just kept moaning as he grabbed the back of Justin's head. Justin stood up again to go even faster and threw his back as he blew his load into Jamie's hot butt. Then Justin grabbed Jamie's dick and began to jerk it like there were no tomorrow. And Jamie screamed in pleasure. Jamie moaned one last time before his body began to spasm and he shot his load all over his face and chest.

Justin came over to him and kissed off the cum from Jamie's lip. But as he was kissing Jamie's neck his body froze. He saw what no normal eyes would be able to detect yet, the scar of the bit forming. But this was no ordinary bit.

"Oh shit" was all he could say.



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