Emerati Experience

I had never had the urge to visit Dubai. A couple of my friends had moved out there a few months earlier and had been urging me to come out for a good time and some winter sun. One morning I looked outside to be faced with another grey miserable London day. As I stepped out of the house the heavens opened. Fuck this! I thought, went back into the house and packed a bag. I quickly called round and cancelled all my meetings (the advantage of being freelance) called a cab and within an hour I was on my way to the airport.I dashed around a few desks in the terminal to see if I could get a flight. Eventually I managed to get a relatively cheap one but it would mean a stop over in Qatar . I didn't mind. I wasn't in a hurry. I was just glad to be getting the hell away from the encroaching winter.

Twelve hours later I was walking through the palatial Dubai airport. I stopped at an ATM to get some cash for a cab when I realised the machine dispensed gold ingots. Perhaps not, I thought as I spotted a "normal" cash point across the hall next to which was parked a gold Bentley. These people have more money than they know what to do with I recall thinking.I got into a cab and gave the driver the address of my friends apartment in downtown Dubai. As he weaved through the eight lanes of traffic at speed I called my friends number only to get an answer phone message.

"Hi, it's Andy, I've had to go to Adis Ababa for work. Leave a message and I'll call you when I get back." Ethiopia? Was he fucking kidding? I come half way across the world and he fucks off to Africa? At least Andy wasn't my only option. I called my other friend and thank god somebody picked up. 

However it wasn't Jenny. "Hello?" "Hello, who is that?" "It's Jenny's mum." Wait a minute. Jenny's mum lives in fucking North London. "Jenny's in the shower." "Are you in Dubai too visiting Mrs Lacey?" I said hopefully. "No dear, I'm in Hampstead." Oh for fuck sake. Jenny snatched the phone off her mum and it turned out she'd just arrived in London. "What are the chances?" She laughed down the phone. Noticing my clear agitation she told me not to worry. Andy would be back in a few days and in the meantime she could recommend a decent hotel where I could "chill the fuck out."

The taxi pulled up to a shining spire of a skyscraper. As I got out of the taxi it was like walking into an oven. It must have been forty degrees. I was quickly ushered into an air conditioned foyer and within a matter of minutes and the swipe of a credit card I was being whisked off to the thirty something floor where my room was located. 

As I looked out as the sun began to set behind the Burj Khalifa, I contemplated how I was going to spend the next few days until my friend was due back from his trip. One thing I did know was that I was feeling horny. I hadn't had a shag for weeks but I knew this wasn't the kind of town you go out looking for a hard fuck. I flicked through the folder which you find in every hotel room that lists all the facilities and the obligatory emergency procedures. Two for one cocktails at the bar on the sixty sixth floor sounded like a good place to start. After a quick shave and a shower I headed up.

The bar was crowded with a mish mash of nationalities, mostly business folk in suits with a few locals wearing the traditional keffiyeh and a surprising number of what looked like Eastern European hookers. I was wearing just a pair of black skinny jeans and a tight white t-shirt. I parked myself at the bar feeling a bit like a fish out of water and began working my way through the cocktail list. After a few rounds and a few pushy hookers trying to get me interested I was beginning to regret my impromptu holiday. 

I necked what was left of my drink and was about leave when a glass of champagne was placed in front of me. "Hey, I didn't order this" I hollered to the bar tender over the dubious music. He shook his head unable to hear me and walked off. I'd never touched the stuff ever since I drank to much at an industry event a few years back. I went slightly off the rails,waking up in bed between two members of the Croatian water polo team with the worst hangover of my life. I thought I'd better take myself to bed for I got carried away and most likely end up in the local jail for trying to satisfy by libido. As I got up I was confronted by a tall dark handsome Arab. His eyes were emerald green and he was dressed sharply in black Armani complete with a crisp white shirt and black silk tie. Slightly sternly he enquired why I hadn't accepted the drink and where I was going? "I appreciate the gesture but I have to be getting to bed. I have an early meeting." A blatant lie on my part. "And besides, the last time I drank that stuff I found myself in a somewhat interesting situation with a pair of..." I left it there before giving too much away. He looked me up and down with a curious expression. "My employer would like to meet you and perhaps join him for the evening." Against my better judgement which was by then clouded by half the contents of the cocktail list I agreed.I glanced around the bar trying to work out who was so keen to meet me? "If you will follow me." 

My new chaperone said and lead me out of the bar towards the elevator. As the door opened and we stepped in we were joined by a second Armani clad guy. The lift descended rapidly and I began to feel slightly nervous. It was then I noticed both of them were wearing ear pieces. Oh fuck! Had I inadvertently been picked up by the local police? "Where is your employer?" I asked nervously. "He is in his car downstairs. He prefers to host his guests in a more." He paused."Refined environment." He turned and smiled. If their idea of a refined environment was the local jail then I was ready to make break for it.We reached the lobby and walked out of the front door where a shining black Bentley was waiting. If this was the local paddy wagon then these people really did have more money than sense. I was ushered to get in and without another thought I threw caution to the desert wind.

We sped through the streets of Dubai. Me in the back whilst the other two rode up front. I must have drifted off as the next thing I new we were driving along an empty desert road. We came to a halt at what looked like an encampment in the desert. There were about six large white tents arranged around a large roaring fire. I stepped out of the car. It was like a scene out of Lawrence of Arabia except the camels had been replaced by a Hummer, a Ferrari and the Bentley I had arrived in. There were a few men dressed in traditional attire sat around the fire talking. "This way." I followed my two escorts to the entrance of the largest tent at the centre of the camp. "He will be with you shortly, please make yourself comfortable." I stepped inside whilst they remained outside.

I hadn't been "camping" since I got flooded out at Glastonbury years ago where I had had an interesting experience with some magic mushrooms. As I looked about I felt as if I were tripping again. The tents interior was decked out like a palace. Persian rugs, elaborate furniture. It was as if someone had just cleared out Harrods and dumped it in the middle of the desert. It was bigger than my apartment back in London. As I wandered around trying to take it all in I was joined by a young Indian guy dressed in a smart purple tunic. "Good evening sir." "Good evening, and you are?" I replied"My name is Palash sir. I am here to ensure you are comfortable." "Comfortable?" "Yes sir. Would you like a drink?" "No, I'm fine." I said in a somewhat nonchalant fashion. Still taking in the overwhelming scene around me. There was more gold than in Fort Knox."Perhaps sir would like to change into something more comfortable?" I stopped and looked down at the state of my very casual attire. If I had known I would be speeding about town in a Bentley and coming here I would have made more of an effort. What he meant by "comfortable" was "suitable". "Sure." "You will find something behind the screen" He pointed over to the corner of the tent to a huge gold fret worked screen. "Thanks." I went behind the screen hoping to find a matching Armani suit. Much to my disappointment I found one of the traditional white robes the Emeratis wear. Not wanting to appear rude I pulled off my t-shirt and kicked off my knackered old Nikes which were full of sand. I undid my jeans and yanked them down until I was just standing there in my tight black briefs. Do I loose these too? I thought but decided to play it safe, left them on and pulled the crisp white cotton robe over my head. As I steeped from behind the screen I notice Palash had vanished.

"It suits you." I turned slightly startled. Laid, stretched out on a large sofa wearing a matching robe but also with a keffiyeh was the hottest man I think I've ever seen. His eyes were grey as the moon, his beard immaculately trimmed and despite wearing a robe I could make out an impressive physique. He must have been in his mid to late thirties no older. His smile was warm and open and I felt immediately at ease. He stood up and walked slowly towards examining me from head to foot. He stood a good six inches taller than me. As I looked with curiosity into those eyes a stream of questions poured out of my mouth. "Why did you want to meet me?. What's your name? Why were you at the hotel?..."So many questions." he replied with a muffled laugh. "My name is Rehan. I was at the hotel for a meeting with some Japanese investors when I spotted you alone at the bar. Shall we say you kind of stood out from the crowd. You looked as though you could do with a little, relaxation?" "Why didn't you just come over and say hello? Why the need to bring me all the way out here?" I quizzed. "It isn't really my style. I don't really enjoy what Dubai is becoming." "Apart from the fast cars and Armani suits?" I couldn't resist the sarcasm. "British humour!" He laughed. "Perhaps, but I prefer it out here in the desert between the dunes and the sky." I felt his poetic outlook put my cynical outburst to shame and I looked down at my feet. He reached out his hand and raised my chin gently and kissed me.

He pulled away momentarily to gage my reaction. As our eyes met he knew I was all his. In a flash he had pulled off my robe. I stood before him in my bulging briefs. He stepped forward and kissed me passionately with his tongue. His hands stroked my shoulders and grasped my biceps. His mouth moved down my neck, softly kissing and caressing me. I embraced him and could feel his toned body beneath his robe. He suddenly lifted me off the floor, lifting me under the arms. As I wrapped my legs around his waist we kissed, he lightly bit my lip and grinned. He carried me through the tent, through a curtain and threw me backwards onto a bed of cushions. I lay there looking up as he stood over me examining every inch of my body. "So you've seen what I wear under my robe. What's under yours?" I flirtatiously challenged. 

Without saying a word he removed his keffiyeh to reveal a head of cropped jet black hair. He looked even more handsome. He began to lift his robe slowly, teasing me. Higher and higher he raised it until he got as far as his upper toned thighs where I clocked the massive helmet and a heavy shaved ball sack. I raised an eyebrow in intrigue. On that response he whipped off his robe and threw it over my head teasing me further. There he stood. His hands on his hips, completely naked. His chest was broad. His chest hair, black but trimmed which lead all the way down across his defined abs. As my eyes moved lower the hair got thicker and thicker until in engulfed his cut, thick semi-erect cock. I though I was well endowed with my eight inches aching to break out of my tight briefs but the sight of him made me feel self conscious. 

He knelt down and began kissing and licking my feet, along my leg and up my inner thigh. My breathing deepened. He nuzzled his nose in my crotch, then slowly with the tip of his tongue licked the entire length of my eight inches through my underwear until he came to the damp patch of pre cum seeping from my rock hard head. He glanced up with a smile and with one fast action pulled off my briefs, my cock springing out and hitting him on the lips. As he lay on top of me I felt his huge fully erect cock resting on my abs. I reached down to find I couldn't even get my hand fully around his girth. We kissed the writhed around. Our hands exploring every inch of skin, every muscle. His ass was smooth. I held both cheeks tight as he dry humped me. I say dry but his hard cock oozed pre cum over my stomach. He moved down my neck and across my chest tweaking my nipples with his perfect white teeth. Lower he went lapping up the glistening liquid on my stomach before taking my cock fully into his mouth. I groaned as he lightly pulled my balls, swallowing my cock whole. After deep throating me until I was on the verge of blowing my load he pulled away. He sat up, his knees apart. His cock almost reached his erect nipples. At least twelve inches. I sat up and examined the specimen before me. Aware of what a daunting sight this was for me, Rehan grabbed my hand and guided it towards him. He exhaled deeply as I took a firm hold of him. I positioned my mouth over his head, breathed in and attempted to suck him off. Both hands pumped him rhythmically but I could get little more than a few inches down. He held my head as he tried to force himself further down the throat. I struggled to breath and had to pull away coughing and gasping for air."Forgive me." He whispered into my ear holding me tight against his chest. 

I could feel his heart pounding as he caressed my hair and kissed me affectionally on the lips. "I want you in me." I whispered back not knowing if I could even take him. All I knew is that I was utterly infatuation with this man and I would do anything to satisfy him. I pulled away and turned over. Lowering my face down into a cushion I offered my ass to him. Shivers ran up and down my body as he leant in and spread my cheeks, planting his tongue in my hole. Deeper and deeper his tongue penetrated me. His beard slightly tickling me. Eventually his tongue was replaced by his finger, then a second and a third. Gradually widening my passage whilst lightly massaging my prostate. I turned and looked over my shoulder to see him spit a wad of drool onto his monster of a cock whilst stroking himself off. I buried my head into the pillow in anticipation. His head pushed against my wide open hole. He held my hips firmly and attempted to push into me. My body suddenly tensed up, paralysed by the excruciating pain which shot up my spine. I screamed into the cushion and momentarily passed out. 

When I came too I felt impaled. My head was spinning and my hole burned. Rehan laid on top me. His muscular arms wrapped around me kissing the back of my neck."Hey, hey, are you alright?" He said softly. "Aha." Was all I could murmur. He slowly began to move his hips pulling out slowly before pushing back in. I tried to catch my breath as he picked up the pace. As his momentum increased I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. He had somehow worked his cock fully into me. I didn't know up from down as the intense pain gave way to mind blowing pleasure. By now we were dripping with sweat further lubricating our bodies. He raised my ass higher as he got to his feet allowing him to plunge vertically into my gaping hole before fully pulling out briefly and then drilled back down as if looking for oil.

We fucked for what seemed hours. As a lay on my back with my legs clamped around his torso, we kissed insatiably as he pounded me senseless. From nowhere the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced materialised. My fingers dug into his back as I blew my load across my chest. I groaned in utter ecstasy. Within a second Rehan pulled out and with a few swift strokes launched stream after stream of warm white spunk over my quivering body. By the time he had finished I was bathed. My face, chest, stomach glistened in the light. He buried his head into my groin and worked his tongue up my body licking up our combined juices. When he got to my mouth our tongues entwined as we savoured the taste of our sweet and salty spunk. We laid together saying not a word, simply looking into each other's eyes smiling. We soon fell asleep exhausted.

I woke to find myself alone in the tent. It was still dark. "Rehan?" His robe was still on the floor I noticed as I looked around. I got up and walked around the tent which was illuminated by the moon light. I saw the entrance to the tent slightly open. I popped my head out to find the camp silent and still. The remnants of the roaring fire glowed faintly. It was then I spotted a figure stood at the summit of one of the dunes which encircled the camp. When my eyes adjust to the light I saw in was Rehan, wearing nothing but the moonlight which made his skin shine blue. He turned to look at me with a smile as I struggled up the dune. He wrapped his arms around my waits and peered over my shoulder. On the horizon you could see the bright lights of the city. The warm desert breeze brushed our naked bodies. As I turned to kiss him I was aware his heavy cock stirring. Before I new it I was flat on my back with my legs over my head being fucked in the sand. It wasn't long before Rehan shot his load deep into me. His heavy body collapsed on top of me breathing heavily. He cock slide out as is cum slowly wept from my hole.

"Hey, wake up." I felt a foot nudge me. As I struggled to open to open my eyes I recognised the figure standing over me. It was my friend in Armani sporting an equally stylish pair of dark sunglasses. I on the other hand lay there stark bollock naked sporting morning wood. "Time to go lover boy." My clothes all of a sudden were thrown at me. "Where's?" "Left for Abu Dhabi, we leave in five minutes." With that he marched out of the tent. I fumbled around and found my underwear, got dressed and walk out into the searing desert heat. 

We sped off back towards the city, this time in the Hummer. Exhausted from the previous nights activities I soon nodded off into a deep sleep. The car swerved suddenly sending me flying as we turned off the main road. "Hey where we going?" I shouted. "A slight detour." the second of the Armani clad duo harked back. Not sure what situation was unravelling I nervously kept quiet.After about a mile driving into open desert we drew to a halt. They both hopped out, opened my door and dragged me out. As I hit the sand I screamed,"What the fuck? What do you fucking want?" They both laughed as they lifted me to my feet. As one of them held my arms the other pulled my t-shirt off. I struggled as he undid my jeans and pulled them off too leaving me in my underwear. I was really freaked out. "What the fuck is it you want from me?" "We wanna see what all the fuss is about" The guy restraining me whispered into my ear. Sheer terror engulfed me when the guy standing in front of me opened his jacket to reveal a knife. "Whatever you want, it's yours." I stammered. He grabbed a handful of my underwear and with a flick of the blade cut them off. 

I was let go and fell to the ground. I lay face down in the burning sand butt naked. I rolled over to see them both laughing. "Don't be scared. We're just messing with you." "Fucking messing with me?" I shouted back, relieved. They both took off their sunglasses and smiled down at me. Then to my amazement they began to strip. They kicked off their shoes and threw their suit jackets on the bonnet. Slowly they undid their black ties and unbuttoned their white shirts casting them off onto the floor. Both were buff, their chests shaved smooth. As I lay naked in the sand my anxiety turned to arousal. My flaccid cock began to stiffen up and there was no way to disguise the fact. Both dropped their trousers in unison to be left standing there wearing matching black jocks. I managed to get to my knees. They both approached me so I was face to face with their expanding bulges. With a single grasp of my hair they shoved face first into their groins. I reached out and pulled both jocks down around their ankles releasing to shaved cocks, both cut and about eight inches long. I opened my mouth as they both battled to push their meat into it. I sucked them alternately as they took it in turns to hold my hair and fuck my face. They kissed each other passionately whilst I worked on them below.

The heat was becoming unbearable when all of a sudden one of the two stopped and glanced behind him. "Get it the car, quick." The wind was picking up and fast. "Sandstorm, get in the fucking car!" As we looked over you could see the dust cloud bearing down on us from over the dunes. I scrambled to me feet. We all jumped into the back of the car completely naked.The sandstorm swarmed around the car with an almighty roar. "What do we do now?" I asked concerned. The both looked at each other and smiled. "You!" And with than they both pounced on me. Kissing, licking, stroking. I felt fingers sliding into my ass. Whilst one blew me the other forced his cock into my mouth. After sometime they spit roasted me on the back seat. Pounding me at both ends whilst slapping my ass cheeks raw. The temperature in the car was stifling and the air was rancid with the smell of sweat and sex. Both shot their loads into me. My mouth barely able to contain the amount of semen being pumped down my throat. Equally my ass was being filled to wads of hot spunk. Both fell back panting, sweating, laughing. I too needed to dump my load and with a few strokes I finished myself off."You need to clean that up or the boss won't be happy." "Lick it up!" The other ordered. Without I word I obeyed and licked up every drop of cum off the black leather seats. 

The storm had begun to dissipate. We hopped out of the car to realise that in our rush to escape the storm we had left our clothes outside which unsurprisingly were nowhere to be seen."Oh fuck." They both looked slightly uneasy. "How are we gonna get out of this predicament? If we get pulled over or if anyone sees us we're fucked." "We'll take him back to the hotel, then drive to yours and climbed over the back wall.The windows are blacked out so we should be able to make it." I appreciated his confidence. This was not the country where you want to be pulled over to be caught naked in a car with two other naked men.

As we pulled up to my hotel one of them somehow managed to find a spare robe under his seat. "Here!" I quickly threw it on."What about you two?" "We'll be fine." The one driving laughed. My door was swiftly swung open by the door man. I dashed out of the car and flew across the lobby into the first glass elevator which opened its doors. 

As I ascended I could see the car speeding off into the distance. I couldn't quite believe what had just taken place. It was insane. 

When I reached my room I realised my key card was in my jeans pocket which by now were buried somewhere in the desert. After a rather awkward situation with the concierge I managed to get back into my room. 

I left without seeing my friends. Andy got held up in Ethiopia so I spent the rest of my trip hanging by the pool and for a week after I got home I kept finding sand in my ass...


S. Starling


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