I have always been a little oversexed. Maybe not a sex fiend, but I always loved men's magazines and pornography, even when I was in my late teen's.

I think the reason I was so oversexed was because I'm pretty well endowed, about 8-inches, cut and very thick. Women have always told me that I have one of the biggest and most attractive cocks they've ever seen. I remember I used to masturbate a lot as a kid, behind a locked bathroom door. I always liked women so never paid much attention to the men in the photos of the pornography I used to jack off with. I would say I was definitely heterosexual.

I got married when I was 22 to a beautiful girl and the sex was fantastic. Not that it matters, but back then I was about 6-feet 3-inches tall, 190 lbs. and considered attractive. This all changed one day.

I was at the mall shopping, hanging out while my wife was looking at shoes. I excused myself to go to the restroom, the nearest one being on the other side of the mall from where we were shopping. Leaving her I walked to the men's restroom. There were two stalls side by side and one had someone in it so I entered the other one. When I walked in I noticed that there was a guy standing at the sink combing his hair in the mirror. As I was entering the unoccupied stall I noticed him glancing over at me.

As soon as I closed and locked the door I noticed a hole in the partition between the two stalls about waist level. The hole was about 5-inches in diameter and written above it was graffiti that said, "For a great blowjob stick cock in hole." As I stood there getting ready to pee, noticed movement and shuffling from the person in the next stall. When I hauled out my cock and balls, I noticed an eye very close to the hole watching me. I was a little scared but always liked showing off my cock. When he saw how big my cock was the eye moved very close to the hole so he could watch my every move. For some reason I started getting stiff so I decided that I would give the guy a little show.

Rubbing my cock, I got a full erection in about thirty seconds and kind of turned to face the hole. I was really getting into it and had an urge to make myself cum before I left. While I was jacking off the eye was replaced with a pair of lips that I could tell belonged to a well shaven and clean-cut face. As he licked his lips, offering me to a blowjob I figured I'd just let him suck on the head for a second and then get the hell out of there. I put that big purple plum shaped head in the hole and he gobbled it up. As he pressed his lips as far into the hole as he could I fed him a couple more inches so he could get some more meat.

I'm not gay but this guy was swallowing as much as I would give him and I loved it. I'd only given him about 3 or 4-inches up until then, so I just plowed through the hole, showing the whole thing off. My cock was as hard as I ever remember it being, a true solid 8-inches. I even pushed my balls through him to worship. He took my nuts in his mouth and started slobbering all over them. I was hoping he would hurry up and get back on my cock when all the sudden he just quit.

I heard a 'click' and felt a breeze on my cock. Thinking that he'd left me just hanging there, I was just about to pull out, zip up and leave when I heard that 'click' again and felt him rubbing my cock and balls with what felt like more than two hands. I instinctively knew that the guy at the sink that I'd seen earlier had entered the next stall and now one guy was sucking my cock and one guy was sucking on my balls. They were working on my cock and balls like pros. I'd never felt anything so good and just wanted to cum as quickly as possible.

It felt like they were just teasing me now, slurping and stopping or nibbling and quitting. I started pumping that hole begging for more so I could cum. All the sudden it stopped. I thrust forward but nobody touched it. I kept humping that hole but they'd just quit. I pulled back, fell to my knees and looked into the hole and saw two enormous cocks fully erect within inches of my face. I couldn't see their faces but both guys were hung like porno stars. I thought I had a big cock but one guy pushed solid 9-inches of the thickest cock I have ever seen in that hole.

It was hard as steel and unlike I imagined, it looked like the healthiest, cleanest, and most masculine piece of flesh I'd ever seen. I couldn't help looking at it. It was so massive that it commanded my attention. Unthinking, I started licking the huge head. He groaned and loudly and clearly he said, "Suck that cock bitch, you know you want it."

I was scared someone might walk in and hear all his loud talking, but I couldn't stop working on that head.

As I took a couple of inches into my mouth, I heard him say, "That away girl, swallow that big cock," and "you need it don't you?" I wished he'd be quiet but I also loved the way he was talking to me. His words made me flush with embarrassment but they really turned me on too. He kept pulling more and more cock back out of the hole until I only had a couple of inches to suck on. I pressed my lips as far into the hole as I could. My face ground against the hole until my lips actually extended into his stall. Grinding my lips to the hole I got to work on the 5-inches that he was letting me suck. He wouldn't allow me the whole thing.

I felt his fingers tugging on my exposed lips, roughly pinching them with his fingers and rubbing on them. I just kept my face ground against the wall, my lips through the hole, praying that he would give me more cock to suck. While my face was pressed as tight as I could get into that hole, he suddenly shoved the whole thing deep into my throat. My throat opened and accepted almost the whole thing. I gagged at first as it stretched my throat. But he ignored my gagging and punched deep into my gullet he shot his first squirt. I knew that he did this on purpose so that I'd have to swallow some of his cum. He was in so deep that I couldn't help but swallow the first spray. I didn't even know that I'd swallowed it until the third squirt. And then only because I'd pulled back from the chocking that his big cock was giving my throat. After that I could really taste his cum and was surprised that it was kinda sweet tasting. (I found out later that only diabetics, thanks to their insulin had sweet cum) He kept saying over and over, "Swallow all that juice girl, and don't miss a drop."

He quit moving and just let me relax and suck on his cock for a moment, then pulled away. I backed up but stayed kneeling for the moment. Under the partition that did not reach the floor I saw a pair of boots step up and take the guy's place. They were those big thick army type boots, black and shiny. This was the second guy and he wanted his turn.

I put my face closer to the hole and he almost poked me in the eye with his 10-inch cock. He shoved it through the hole, balls and all. I thought the first guy was hung but this guy was bigger. It was a solid true 10-inches long. It almost didn't look real it was so big. This cock was so hard and straight and as big as any cock that I'd ever seen in any of the porno movies that I'd ever watched.

Unlike the other guy, he didn't tease me at all. He just let it stand rock hard, giving me a chance to enjoy it. I started really concentrating on taking the whole thing an inch at a time. For some strange reason I wanted so desperately to please this man. I got comfortable with about 6 or 7-inches as I tried hard to do a good job. I heard him say, "now that you've already gotten your first taste of cum, show me you know how to swallow it without being forced to."

I wanted to prove that I could swallow it for him so I just kept going deeper and deeper. I had a steady rhythm of about 8 or 9-inches but it was really gagging me. Drool was rolling off my chin onto the floor. I tried so hard to press my face into his pelvic bone, but I just couldn't handle it all. It was too big. The more I tried the more I gagged. Tears were dripping from my eyes. Gagging spasms were wracking my body.

Finally he grunted and hollered loudly, "Swallow that load sissy, and don't miss a drop." I locked my lips on him and let him spray into my throat. He seemed to love the job I was doing. I swallowed every single spurt. While he was cumming in my mouth, I sprayed the wall with my own cum even though I'd never once touched myself. I couldn't believe I had cum with no touching.

I was so proud of myself for the job that I'd done for him. He slowly started pulling away, but I wanted more. He pulled back more until my lips and mouth were pressed deep into the hole. Then he just letting me suck on about 3 or 4-inches while he softened. I knew it was over but I wanted more. While my lips were extended into his side of the wall nursing on that sweet cock, again I felt him touching and rubbing my lips. I didn't care.

He zipped up and I watched both of them leave the stall and exit the bathroom. I quickly pulled my pants back up and hurried to get back to my wife before questions arose about my absence.

I exited the restroom and immediately saw two young guys and two young girls sitting on a bench close to the restroom. One guy was wearing those black shiny boots. They all stared at me and burst out laughing. They became hysterical, laughing and looking at me.

I scurried back to my wife and on the way noticed people were staring at me. I know it was my imagination but I felt like everybody knew my secret.

I then realized I still hadn't peed so I rushed back to the restroom. Thankfully the guys and girls had left. When I entered the bathroom, I glanced in the big mirror and saw that they had painted my lips bright red with lipstick. No wonder everyone had been staring. I was so embarrassed.

The end...



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