I didn't know when I met him that I would fall in love with another man. I certainly had urnings twords other men of my age or younger but I had never really acted on them, choosing instead to pleasure myself high up in the hayloft of our family's estate. It would not do for a son of a well known, well liked man to be found in the embrace of another man.

England had finally known a time of peace, prosperity and joy. Mary Tudor, King Henry VII's daughter was dead and her young, beautiful sister Elizabeth was now Queen of all England. I was 21 at the time and learning to run my fathers estate. He had died a few years previous and my mother had moved with my sister to London. I didn't really mind. I was a quiet, contemplative sort of chap who didn't really speak all that much unless I was spoken too.

I had hired a new grounds keeper and his son. I had yet to meet them though. I am tall with short, dark hair, piercing dark eyes and a lean, lanky build. I am by no means too skinny nor do I look emaciated. I do have some muscle deffinition. I have a mustach and a goatee. One day I was out for a walk along the banks of the Thames. It was high summer and you couldn't ask for a better day. The sky was grey and dark, yet the sun came through in patches setting the river afire. The royal palace where our new Queen held her court was situated just on the other side of the river.

I had gone for a leasurely walk just to get away from it all when I spotted him. Tall with short brown hair, starteling brown eyes and a lean, athletic build. His face was smooth and fresh as a winter peach with rosey cheeks and thin, pink lips. I felt a stirring in my neather reigions. I am well endowed if I may be so bold as to say so. 9 inches at least. The young man was laying in the soft grass reading a book. I watched him for a few moments until he sensed my eye upon him and looked at me.

"Hello!" he said, his suculant pink lips turning up into a smile. I nodded. "Hello young sir." I moved closer. "Pray tell, what is that volume you read there?" He looked down at the book and then back up at me. I could see he was blushing. "It is a book of erotic poetry sir." I liked him. "I am Nathan." The youth stood and bowed. "It's an honor. I am Timothy." The new caretakers son was named Timothy. "You must be the son of the new caretaker I have hired to take care of my estate then!" The boy started. "Yes, sire I am."

I laughed. "Come Tim, I shall buy you a glass of ale and we shall get to know eachother better." He smiled. "Thank you sir." Over the next few days Tim and I got to know eachother better. We took walks together along the lake that bordered the estate and talked of art and books and the new Queen. "She is I hear most beautiful. I long to meet her one day" Tim exclaimed excitedly. I nodded. "My father once met her father." Tim gasped. "You lie!!" he said it not in a mean way but with a smile. I shook my head. "I mean every word." He nodded. Occasionally I caught him looking at me in a strange way and noticed a buldge in his breeches.

One day I happened to walk into the barn and I heard a noise comming from the loft. Quietly I crept up the ladder and looked up. There laying in a mound of hay was Tim. He was completely nude. The sun shown through the open window onto his smooth, firm body. I felt my cock become hard. I watched as he stroked his own erec memeber. He had the biggest pair of balls I had seen on another man. His hand rested on his ripped stomach. I watched as he jerked himself furiously until his ab muscles tightened. I saw his pink lips part as soft moans escaped and he thrust upswards as his cock erupted, casting hot, creamy sperm onto his stomach.

Over the next few days I thought about what I had seen. I certainly pleasured myself alot, sometimes in the very spot Tim had. On our walks out together, it took every ounce of my self controll not to throw him down and ravage him. Luckily I didn't have too. One day we were walking along the banks of the lake when Tim stopped and looked at me. "Nathan, do u like me?" he asked. I smiled. "Of course, I am very fond of you...." he shook his head. "That is not what I mean. What I mean is, do you like me in that special way only two men who are in love can feel?" I was quiet for a moment before nodding and telling him I was.

I was afraid he would scowel and be angry with me but to my suprise, he smiled. "I have guessed as much. I know you want me as I want you." I nodded. "What do you purpose we do about it?" He traced a finger along my neck. "Come with me." I followed him to the barn and climbed up into the hayloft with him. It was hot and stuffy until Tim opened the window and a cool breeze floated in from off the lake. "From this moment on, we begin our lives together." I smiled. "What do you mean." He took my hand. "I love you Nathan and cannot bare to be parted from you." I felt my heart swell and tears come to my eyes.

"I feel the same about you Tim." he wrapped his arms around me and gently forced me down onto the hay. He covered my body with his own. Our lips met and I sighed softly. His tongue parted my lips and entered my mouth. I felt his hand move down my body to rest on my groin. He massaged the hardness he found there. I moaned and thrust my body upwards. "I want to taste you!" Tim whispered. I sat up and took off my shirt. He did the same. His chest was smooth and his abs were sculpted and muscular. He resumed our kisses. I ran a hand down his back and felt him shudder. "You're touch is electric!" he exclaimed. I smiled.

Tim moved down to my neck, sucking and kissing the tender flesh. He moved lower to my nipples, sucking and gently biting each sensative bud. I felt his tongue trace a path down my chest to my groin. With his long delicate fingers, I watched as he undid the laces of my breeches. I sighed as I felt Tim reach in and free my aching cock. He stroked it gently and licked the bead of precum that had formed. "MMM!! That feels so good!" I moaned. I gasped when he took my whole cock into his warm mouth. He began sucking gently, his head bobbing up and down. I was panting. I loved the feel of his thin lips on my rod.

With his free hand, Tim unlaced the laces of his own breeches and I slid them down. His backside was smooth and firm. I put my hand on it and kneeded the firm skin. I felt myself dawing close to the edge. "If you do not stop, I am going to cum". He looked up at me and smiled. "That's the idea." I laughed. "Well at least let me work on that magnificent organ you have there." He moved so that we were in a 69. I took his cock into my mouth and heard him moan around my own cock. We sucked and licked eachothers cock. Soon I could hold back no longer. I thrust up into his mouth and blasted his throat with my hot seed. "UHHHHH!!!!" I moaned. Tim must have been close himself because I felt his cock twitch as he fed me his sweet boy cream.

We lay there trying to slow our breathing. "I have never felt something so intense in my life!" Tim exclaimed. I nodded. "Neither have I." We kissed and stroked eachothers cocks until we were hard again. "I'd like to feel you inside me." I nodded. I lay on my back as he positioned himself over me. I held my cock steady as he lowerd himself. When he was all the way in he was still for a moment, his eyes closed and his pink lips curled up into a smile. "You fit me like a glove." I laughed. The heat from his insides felt amazing on my cock. Tim began moving up and down on my cock. I watched his slide in and out of his hole.

"MMMM!!! God I love your cock!!" he exclaimed. I put a hand on each smooth, cheek and pulled them further apart. I thrust up into him and heard Tim whimper. "Yeah! Fuck me hard!" I began pounding his ass, my balls slapping his ass as I did. Before long I felt my balls draw up. "I am close to comming." Tim smiled. "Yes! Cum in me, I want to feel it!" I was pounding his ass like a jackhammer. My breathing became ragged as I arched my back, thrusting my cock deep into Tim and I exploaded, coating his insides with my sperm. "AAAAHHHHH!!!" I moaned.

We lay still catching our breath. When Tim slipped off my cock a trail of cum came off. "That was fantastic my love!" Tim said kissing me tenderly on the lips. I smiled. " Now my love, it's your turn!" I pushed him down and devoured his cock with my mouth. "OH MY GOD!!" he moaned loudly. I sucked and licked like a madman. I wanted to taste his sweet cum again. I did not have to wait long. "OOOHH! I AM CUMMING!!!" Tim yelled. I felt the head of his cock twitch as did the veign underneath. Hot, sweet cum flooded my mouth. I struggled to swallow it all, not wanting to waste a drop. When Tim stopped cumming he put his head on my chest.

Tim moved in with me and we have been lovers ever since. One night at the Royal ball Tim's wish finally came true when we were presented to Her Majesty. The Queen smiled and spoke to us for a moment. Her skin was pale and smooth as alabaster and the flickering candles made her red hair seem on fire. We had a wonderful time and made love that night like it was the first time.

The End.



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