I am the Rocker in the title. My name is Spencer Ames...Spence to my friends and lovers. I am sexually ambidextrous which doesn't mean I can jerk off with either hand (which I can) but means I am into all genders and kinds of sex. I'm only nineteen but I have lived pretty fast.

I am six two, very slim, wild blond hair, big blue eyes and a nice face. I am in a wonderful time of my life. An aunt died I was her favorite. She left me fifty thousand dollars. I left college immediately and booked a trip to Europe. My folks couldn't say anything....I had the dough. I brought my guitar. I play awesomely only object was to make contact with other freaks like me. I'm sociable. So far I hooked up with some great kids in Amsterdam and also in London. The center of towns usually yield the best. At the moment Helsinki, Finland, about five miles from town center at a Youth Hostel. I checked in and was told that they were overbooked but I could stay one night If I shared a bed room. Room is a compliment, it was as small as my closet at home. I looked around at the stuff my absent roommate had handing up. There was a black suit, a while shirt and dark tie on a hanger. 'Neat guy I thought.'

Apparently he was in the john. Yep, a moment later he came in, a towel wrapped around his waist. He was slim, yet husky.. He had the kind of build that hard work, perhaps farm work built. He was about my age but prettier, I thought. His large luminous dark eyes widened when he saw me.

'Sorry babe,' I offered, 'The joint is packed and they shoved me in here. Hope I don't spoil your nightly jerk offs.' He looked pained but held out his large warm hand. 'I'm Elder James.'

'You look too young to be an Elder.'

'Thats my church title. I'm only nineteen. My partner, who is away today visiting a relative is Elder Caleb.'

I introduced myself and began stripping for a shower. 'Hope you left some hot water.' I have a long thin cock. It is about the same size soft or hard and I was pleased to see that Elder James glanced at its magnificence.

Back from the shower, I flopped on my bed. I noted that there only about a arm's length between the beds and I had a long arm. This could prove interesting. I hoped to get religion, or at least a religious doll.

It was close to eleven o'clock. Both of us were getting sleepy. James put his bible down and turned on his sides facing me. I could see he was using that old trick of closing the upper eye tight but peeking through the lip of the lower eye. He could see by now that I was reading a porno novel. No doubt he'd have to ask forgiveness for just being in the same room for me.

This was a favorite story, one that always managed to get an erection out of me and it was no different now. I was shy. I let my pal fill with blood and gradually snake his way to a full blown woody, curving nicely toward my flat belly. Occasionally he would twitch and I had to pat and sooth him.

Jimmy the pius kept his slitted eye on my crotch. He was wearing thin white boxers. I could see his big bulge. He was likely built big. I glanced over at him. He was quite appealing. His skin was pure white but his strong arms boasted nice shiny black hairs. I had noticed earlier that his legs were muscled and hairy but his chest was smooth. (I bet his ass was hairy, I mused.)

In any event, we were both getting a little sexed up. Me from my hot story about a younger guy seducing his older big brother. I could see his cock, across the room, straining against the fabric and my own piece was trembling and hanging curved over my six pack.

I could see that this situation was at an impasse and me, being the nervy one. I told my courage in hand, sidled out of bed and sat down on his bed. 'Stand up,' and stated authoritatively. The dear child slid out and stood up in front of me. His hand were cupped to cover his cock. I knew he would obey. He must have had a stern father and then his years in a strict church had trained him to follow orders.

I grabbed the elastic shorts and pulled them down his hairy legs. In one motion I leaned forward and put my mouth on his hard cock. He expelled a held breath like this is what he had been waiting for since he was ten years old. But then after I began to pleasure him I looked up. He was in orbit, out of it. But suddenly his morality kicked in. He almost painfully and reluctantly pulled out of my mouth. 'We shouldn't do this. It is wrong, against my churches' teaching.

I looked up at him. His eyes were swollen with passion. He cock was dripped pre-cum and my saliva.. I whispered, 'Do you really want me to stop?'

He was quiet a full minute. I could see the wheels turning in his handsome head, I looked at him and could see the lust fighting with chastity on his face. Finally he said 'No, don't stop.'

I reached my head forward, slipped my mouth full over his cock. It was thick, a real mouthful. I stroked his muscular ass and ticked an gently pulled on his large balls. He was enjoying every minute, every stroke of my mouth and tongue, He mewled and groaned and muttered and drooled. He was really into his first suck. Suddenly he pulled out and stood there swaying, his cock dripping wet. 'What is it now,' I asked , thinking he had another guilt attack. I was really disappointed. I was really into his cock and his obvious excitement. I was painfully hard. 'I'm afraid I'm going to ejaculate.'

I gave his cock a quick lick. 'That's great Jimmy boy. Go for it! ' He didn't need anymore encouragement, with a loud moan he pushed into my hot mouth. He put two farmboy hands on my face hebentknees slightly and began a powerful fucking motion. He had forgotten his politeness and everything and he became like all of us atthat moment....selfishing seekingsatis factionn the form of a great cum. And cum he did, powerfully, thickly and pulsatingly. I had to swallow fast and swallow again. All the time he was shaking and and sagging. I had to hold tight on the back of his legs to hold him u;. Finally he was through. He sat on the bed and put his face in his hands. At first I thought he was crying but then I realized he was just embarrassed and revealing a part of himself that had been previously hidden.

Finally he spoke. 'Something so overpowering so divine can't be a sin. Thank you.'

Suddenly he reached toward me. I was standing in front of him. 'You penis is beautiful.' he said in wonder. Can I suck it. It's only fair.'

I loved his version of the Golden Rule and I thought, let him do unto me as I did unto him.

He wasn't a good cocksucker but he was so earnest and loving that I found that I got off pretty fast. He ate it all.. He fell back on his bed and was snoring softly in a moment.

When I woke up in the AM he was gone. I packed up and headed down to the reception area. As I descended the stairs I saw Elder James being greeted by another young guy. It must be Elder Caleb I figured. Caleb was fat and I was glad it worked out for me to get Jimmy. The shook hand gravely. Not much comfort with Caleb. I wonder, naw, did Jimmy say 'You'll never guess what happened to me last night...'



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