'?Habla usted Espanol, chico?' he growled, his voice just the way I expected, deep and masculine.

'Un poco...'

I watched the large man on the computer screen. His cam revealed the massive chest that drew me to his profile last night.

'I will speak English, but mine is not so good.'

There was a three second delay, like I was watching a movie and the sound was out of sync. I could see his lips curling into a grin under his thick bushy moustache, as he held the iPhone to his ear. He reached out with his thick furry arm and adjusted the cam downward...I shuddered as it crossed his hard muscular belly and refocused on a beautiful brown uncut cock. It looked to be at least eight, maybe nine inches, and it was only partially erect. It rose majestically from a thick bush of dark hair, flecked with silver. He cradled his heavy balls in the other hand, like two dark purple plums.

'? You like my pinga, cabron?' he hissed over the telephone. 'Su cuerpo es bastante, like a girl!' I sat naked in front of my cam, shivering, but not because I was cold. '?You like to suck on my pinga, poco cono?'

We sent IMs to each other last night. He told me his name was Eduardo, but everyone called him big Eddie. I told him I was an eager cocksucker, and the pic he had on his profile was making me drool. He said that there was nothing he liked better than to have a sweet boy suck the 'leche' out of his cock. He had already made a date for last night, so we couldn't meet then... but this morning he was free so I asked him if he could host.

'Sure, NiƱo, you can come here and trague mi jugo!' He laughed, pulling the thick foreskin back from the fat mushroom head on his deliciously plump cock, just before shutting the cam down.

He lived in East Harlem, but worked the front desk at a big storage building in Red Hook Brooklyn during the day. I wrote down the address, and he told me which subway to take.

'When you get to the corner, walk a block to the river, it's the big green building across from pier 5.' He explained. 'When you here, go to the main office, up the escaleras, the steps...?you diecheocho, 18, right?'

I assured him I was legal, and promised to bring my driver's license if he needed proof. 'All you need to bring, chico, is that hungry mouth!' We both laughed. This was gonna be amazing!

A half hour, didn't take as long as I thought. I walked up to the tall green building, very easy to find in a neighborhood of small row houses and auto mechanic shops. A group of grinning men stood on the corner, brown-bagged bottles in their hands. I felt them staring at me, the skinny white boy totally out of place in this block! Hesitating, I almost changed my mind, but thought of the big Latin dick waiting for me in that building... I pulled the door open and started up the stairs.

I recognized him instantly. Eddie was standing behind the counter, smoking a cigarette. He saw me walk into the room and his eyes lit up! Obviously I had not disappointed him.

He was much bigger than I had imagined. He was at least 6'4', mature, probably in his mid forties, maybe even fifty. Eddie was big, brawny and powerful...a bodybuilder a decade past his prime, but still amazing. His salt and pepper hair was shaved up the sides and back, a little longer on the top. I noticed a coat of coarse hair continued down his neck and spread out under his tee shirt, across his wide shoulders, travelling down his arms and almost covering the USMC tattoos on his bowling-ball sized biceps.

Hi, Eddie!' I chirped, much too enthusiastically.

'Cono...' he smirked, snuffing his cigarette out on the floor.

I leaned on the counter, and stared at the large lump under Eddie's coarse denim shorts. Eddie was aware of my focus, and grinned. Suddenly, a man came in to the reception area and stopped short when he saw me at the desk.

'?Oh, lo siento hombre. Un cliente?'

He was a small man, probably no more than 5'4', but muscular and powerfully built. He wore a white wifebeater that revealed his creamy toffee brown arms, and low rise jeans slung low around his hips showing a good two inches of paisley boxer short.

'El quiere saber acerca de la unidad 12!' Eddie replied, looking like the Cheshire cat.

The other man looked me over, and laughed. '?Unidad 12?' he growled 'Apuesto a que no puede esperar para mostrarle a el!'

'?Recepcion en la mesa por un rato?' Eddie picked up a bottle of rum from the desk drawer and pulled me roughly down the hall to unit 12 at the end of the hall.

Eddie grabbed the big key ring off his belt and flipped through them until he found the right key. He opened the door and led me by the neck into the small storage room. My eyes adjusted to the dim light from the single bare bulb in the middle of the ceiling. A windowless storage room, not much to see other than a wooden chair, a few boxes stacked in the corner, and a threadbare mattress on the floor. The walls had glossy posters held up with packing tape. They were posters of women... big boobs, lacy panties with clits exposed and big 'come fuck me' stiletto shoes.

'Get the clothing off, poco hombre!'

I stripped quickly, and stood in the middle of the room waiting for more instructions. Eddie had taken off his tee shirt and started popping his chest muscles for me. His broad chest was covered in silver and black hair, swirling from armpit to armpit. His belly was big, but it was in perfect proportion to his massive pectorals, and hard as a rock. The glorious glossy hair continued down his body, whirling around his belly button and continuing unbroken under the band of his underwear, reappearing at the hem of his shorts on his thickly muscled calves.

'So what you come here for, nino? You come to taste my big daddy dick? You want to swallow my hombre crema?' He guided me to the mattress and I kneeled in front of his impressive cock. I reached up to grab it. 'No hands! Just open your mouth nino, and be ready for it!' I held on to his round hairy ass and leaned into his crotch. He held my head steady in his big hands, a wide gold band on his ring finger...married, that's cool. His thumbs, as large as most men's dicks, wrapped around my cheeks and wedged my mouth open to receive his manhood. Nine inches of dark brown uncut meat swayed in front of my face as he slowly pushed the fleshy sheathed head across my lips.

'It's time to show daddy how much you want the big pinga!' Eddie growled, as his massive penis pushed against the back of my mouth. I tried to flick it with my tongue, but there was not enough room in my mouth to move! I panicked a little, gasping for air as he lodged it into my throat. Seconds went by. I started feeling faint. I began to gag on his cock, tears streaming down my cheeks, but he held my face firmly in his thick pubic hair. Finally he released me, and I flew backwards onto the filthy mattress, gasping and panting.

I lay on my back, panting for air. Eddie kicked off the shorts that had fallen around his ankles, and stood over me. 'You want more?' he laughed. Dropping to his knees, he sat astride my chest and positioned his huge cum-filled scrotum on my quivering lips. I licked hungrily at his swollen testicles, knowing they held the essence of this incredible man, and I needed to coax it out!

Eddie took a deep swig of the rum, and poured some onto his round belly, letting it drip down through his pubic hair and dribble into my waiting mouth at the base of his balls. His cell phone started buzzing in his pocket across the room.

'?aldicion, por que ahora? Bueno voy a escarlo!' he shouted into the phone. He pulled himself off my chest and stood hovering over me, the rum still glistening on his swollen nut sack.

'So I be back soon. Have a drink. It will make you borracho, a little drunk, I think that would be good, huh?' He chuckled. 'You want to go, I leave the door unlocked. Now's your chance, because when I come back we gonna finish this! You be ready for it, or be gone, cono!'

Big Eddie pulled on his baggy shorts up around his powerful thighs and slipped his tee over his gigantic upper body...the fabric was so thin I could see the coarse texture of the hair that trailed down his neck and spread densely across his shoulder blades. He left the cell, his white briefs still lying on the floor next to me. I shivered naked on the bare mattress, my little dick shriveled between my legs, thinking of my options. I could go now, get the fuck out of this flea-infested little hell-hole. I picked up his underwear and pressed it to my open mouth. A curly loose pubic hair brushed against my tongue... the crotch was still damp, and smelled rich and musky...a little funky, but totally masculine. My head swam as I pictured the huge dick and hairy ass that had filled them just a few minutes ago. I picked up the bottle of Bacardi Eddie left for me, and choked down several mouthfuls of the burning hot liquid. I decided to stay, and see what pleasure or pain fate had in store for me.

Half an hour went by, forty five minutes...an hour. I waited patiently for my punishment and reward. The grinning women in the posters seemed to be laughing at me...mocking me for being such a pussy. Had Big Eddie forgotten me? Or maybe he found something else to do that was more interesting than me.

The door opened. I was surprised to see not Eddie, but the hot little Hispanic who had taken over the desk an hour ago, when Eddie led me to unit 12.

He was so fucking cute! Just a little man, but perfect in every proportion. His hairless chest and shoulders were tawny brown, one bicep decorated with praying hands, the other with a crucifix dripping blood, emblazoned with the name Jesus. His torso tapered down to a miraculously thin waist, ripped with a perfect six pack that the wifebeater couldn't conceal.

'Eddie is busy, carino, he says we should have some fun till he gets back!' The wiry little Latin said, with sarcasm... 'I am Jesus, ?What's your nombre?'

'Jimmy' I said weakly. He crossed the dimly lit room and took the bottle from my hand. He dropped his pants and took a deep swig of the rum as I crawled to the edge of the mattress. 'You are a beautiful man, Jesus!' I said. He smiled broadly and grabbed my mop of blonde hair, pulling me closer.

On all fours, my face was perfectly in line with the glorious uncut penis swaying in front of me. It was the only thing on his small athletic body that was not in proportion. Jesus looked like one of those morphed pictures on line, his thick hard salami grossly too large for his slender hips and thin body. I took another hit from the bottle, the rum tingling on my lips as Jesus' fleshy foreskin peeled back and his thick cock head slipped past and buried itself deep in my throat.

I looked up at him as he pumped my mouth. His rippled belly undulated as he thrust into me, my hands firmly grasping his rock solid ass. Jesus had his cell phone in his hand, and was taking pictures of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy mouth. He eventually pressed his entire dick into my esophagus, and I relaxed and took it without complaint.

'?Un buen muchacho. Jesus te gusta?' he moaned, as I gently stroked his buttocks and buried my nose in his fragrant pubic hair. I wanted him to know I certainly did like Jesus! 'Why don't you jerk off nino, I am going to cum soon!'

My own little dick was as hard as a pole. I pulled at it feverishly as Jesus continued his attack on my tonsils. I was more than a bit drunk, and the feel of his fat throbbing dick in my mouth was incredible!

'Iiieee!!! Usted sucia zorra, trager mi leche!' He shouted, as we shot at the same moment, my cum falling in spray across the floor, his heavy thick load deposited special delivery into my belly.

We stayed in that position for several minutes, me on my knees adoring his dark Latin pinga as he squeezed out the last of his seed. I licked the pearly drops off the tip of his thick fleshy dick, which was losing some of its hardness but still remarkably big. He continued to take pictures of me lapping up his cum. I fondled and tickled his back and ass; he sighed with pleasure and stroked my head with his coarse, calloused hand. 'Gracias, sweet Jimmy. Eso fue muy caliente!' he moaned. ' These pictures will remind me of your hot mouth later tonight!'

I sat on the edge of the mattress, slick with sweat. Jesus dressed quickly, and was about to leave when he turned toward me. Holding my face in his rough hands, he pulled me up and pressed his lips against mine. His tongue entered my mouth and he gently licked my teeth. I held his head, the oily black hair stiff and coarse in my hands. 'Mmnn, Que es bueno... I taste me, I taste what you tasted!' He dropped me again and went to the door. I was alone again in unit 12.

I fell asleep on the mattress, under an old dusty packing blanket. I don't know how long I slept, but I woke to the sound of the door creaking open. I could see through the opening that the sun had set. The colossal dark silhouette that filled the doorway was unmistakable...big Eddie had returned to me.

'Jimmy! ' he growled. 'You still here?'

'Yes... Si, I'm here, Eddie. I waited for you like you wanted.' I whispered back from the darkness.

I sensed him moving around in the room. He stubbed his toe on the chair, and yelled out in the dim light. I pretended to sleep. I heard a zipper opening, and keys clattering as they fell to the cement floor. I felt the blanket being pulled back. I lay on my stomach, and the cool moist air was chilling on my ass cheeks. I felt a rush of anticipation as Eddie positioned himself on top of me, the solid roundness of his hairy belly pressing into my back, nine inches of hardness sliding into the crack between my quivering ass cheeks.

'Eres muy bonita, como una dulce nina!' he cooed into my ear. 'I want to fuck you now like a pussy!' He handed me a small foil package. I flipped over and quickly unwrapped the Magnum and rolled the translucent sheath snugly over his penis. Eddie reached down and spread my cheeks. I spit into my hand, holding his throbbing manhood as I guided him to the target. Big Eddie was so enormous, so oppressive; his weight was crushing the air out of me! I squirmed as he adjusted his bulk and positioned the angry red head of his cock at my slimy pink asshole.


With one swift move he thrust his sabre into my body to the furry hilt. I almost blacked out! There was no time to adjust, no way to prepare for the searing pain of his nine inches slamming into my soft belly. He kneaded my chest with his heavy hands, thick sausage fingers twirling my nipples until I sobbed.

I tried to scream, but Eddie placed one great fleshy hand over my mouth. I groaned into his calloused palm as he began his slow, methodical pumping, every plunge bearing down on me, crushing the air out of me. I felt like I was being punched in the gut, over and over. Gagging, I threw up a little into his hand, but it had nowhere to go so I swallowed it again. The taste it left in my mouth was Jesus!

My body ached, my asshole burned like it was being pierced with a branding iron. Eddie's prodigious cock kept punching at my prostate, and I groaned with an indescribable combination of agony and joy. I couldn't move, Eddie had me pinned to the mattress. I thrilled at the feeling of his heavy beard and thick moustache rubbing on the nape of my neck as he fucked the shit out of me. Sublime agony!

He lifted his torso off my chest and slipped out of my ass. It gave me a chance to take a deep breath. He stretched across me to reach the bottle, and took another gulp of rum. He poured some of it into the palm of his hand, and I lapped at it like a puppy.

'Finish me off, baby. You promised you would taste my leche!' he said, rolling over on to his back and yanking the stretched out condom from his cock. I crawled up between his legs and sucked again on his scrotum. It tasted salty with sweat, and the mound of hair around his dick continued between his legs, covering his heavy balls. I took his impossibly hard dick into my mouth. 'Mmnn, suck on me cono!'

Again, he was very aggressive with me, face-fucking deep into my throat. I was much more relaxed than last time his cock was in my mouth, the rum and sex with Jesus had loosened me up quite a bit. I took everything big Eddie had...his immense dick was lodged so far down my throat I felt it in my neck! We rolled over together so he was on top again. He seemed most comfortable when he was on top of me, and fully in control of the action. He continued his attack on my mouth, those big hairy balls slapping on my forehead as his stiff shaft swelled in my mouth.

'Si, carajo, eso es todo cono chico! Voy a escupir en la boca!' Eddie screamed, as his body tensed up and he drove himself into me. Shuddering, he released his sour cream into my mouth. It filled me up; I choked as it blew out of my nose. I tried to pull away, but he held my head firmly in his crotch until he was finished.

I cried softly, my head laying on the inside of his beefy leg, his slime covered penis growing soft in my mouth. His other thigh held me firmly in place in a sweaty leg-lock. We stayed like this until he went limp.

Eddie jumped up. 'Oh , He olvidado. I brought you an egg sandwich; I figured you might be hungry. It's probably cold now, algo bueno!' I took the fast food bag gratefully; this was the first thing I had eaten all day. I nibbled on the muffin as Eddie smoked.

'Eddie!' a voice came from the other side of the door. 'Puedo pasar ahora? Usted hace el cono de mierda?'

The door opened. It was another Latino, one of the men I had seen earlier this morning on the street corner. Not as big as Eddie, not as small as Jesus, but much swarthier than both. His skin was the color of chocolate. He was grinning, and his impossibly white teeth seemed to glow in the dim light.

'What the Fuck! Me puede pasar?'

'Vamos, Eddie, que ha tenido suficiente tiempo con el!' the stranger said, as he moved farther into the unit, standing near us at the edge of the grubby mattress. I didn't understand everything he said, but I got the impression he wanted a turn on me. I looked him over and quickly decided that I could handle one more, he was stunning! He was one of those dark 'Ricans, much swarthier than either Eddie or Jesus, a rich chocolate color. His thick black hair that was greased forward, cut bluntly across his forehead. Pencil-thin sideburns that tapered into a point, like two black ice picks on his cheeks. A naturally hairy man, I love that! His chambray camp shirt was open to the navel, exposing a thick blanket of oily black chest fur that he stroked languidly as he spoke.

'Hello, Jimmy! Jesus tell me all about you! He say I have to come in and meet you that it'd be fun!' he said to me. I couldn't control the little pale wiener between my legs; it started to stiffen up at the sight of the handsome man rubbing his nipples at the side of the mattress.

Eddie moved his awesome naked body into the little wooden chair. I heard it creak as he lowered his delicious hairy ass onto the stained corduroy cushion. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pants and offered me one, but I turned it down. I don't mind smokers; just not interested in smoking myself...I can think of more interesting things to suck on to satisfy my oral fixation!

'So you want your dick sucked, Carlito? Little Jimmy un moy bien mamon!' Eddie hissed, smoke curling out of his nostrils as he slowly exhaled.

I sat cross legged on the mattress, wondering what I should do next. Carlito took his shirt off and started to fumble with the thick leather belt on his baggy pants. I got up and stood in front of him, instinctively reaching out for his almost black nipples. He squirmed for a second, but I soon had him moaning with pleasure. I kissed them, and licked the thick dark hair into swirls around his nipples. I felt him shiver.

Eddie sat in his chair and started to stroke himself. He was getting aroused again. I watched his pinga swell as he pulled the hood down, exposing the angry swollen head.

Carlito had gotten his pants off, and pulled the belt through the loops. I slid my tongue down his perfect torso, hairs catching in my teeth as they combed through his luxurious blanket of fur. I reached a glistening mound of darkness that covered his crotch and trailed off towards his hips. His cock rose dramatically out of the darkness, potent and engorged.

He looped his belt around my neck like a dog collar. 'Jimmy, you like to being my bitch?' Carlito said as he yanked on the belt, jerking my head out of his pubes to face his angry cock.

He took a step forward, and I opened my mouth for his manhood. He tasted wonderful, bitter and sugary at once... his masculine odor was like sweet perfume, I was overwhelmed. Carlito held firmly to the leather strap around my neck, pulling my face onto him with short jerks on my lead. He stepped forward again, and I felt myself falling backwards. I tried to release his cock, but Carlito held me firmly in place. Losing balance, I tripped back, into the waiting lap of Eddie!

He held me firmly on his thighs and encircled me in his hairy arms. I felt his dick pressed up into my ass crack as he twisted my nipples.

'You like that cono? You like your tits pinched?' Eddie laughed his twisting becoming harder and more violent. Carlito, still tugging on my leash, repeatedly jabbed his erect dick into my head. I began to jerk myself off.

I felt Eddie release one of my tits. He held something up to my face, a small yellow bottle. I inhaled deeply. Carlito was laughing hysterically, like a madman. The noxious fumes began working, my head was spinning and I lost all control. Eddie lifted me by the waist and repositioned me on top of his arching erection. He dropped me on his shaft and penetrated me, but in my popper induced fantasy it seemed like Carlito's cock was a huge snake, slithering down my throat, into my belly and coming out my ass!

I shot my load into my hand, and massaged the slippery goo into my dick. It felt incredible. The poppers started to wear off, and I realized how raw my abused butt was! Eddie's dick was on fire, searing my asshole as he bounced me sadistically on his lap.

Carlito swelled in my mouth. He reined me in with my leash, his cock released from my lip-lock just as he ejaculated. A thick wad of hot cum hit me right between the eyes, running down my astonished face in thick milky ropes, to drip off my chin. I collapsed my head against his hard stomach, my tousled blonde mop against his coal black belly fur, inhaling his scent as he shuddered with satisfaction.

Eddie kicked away the chair, and was now standing behind me, his dick still firmly in my ass.

'Eddie, you're killing me, man! You're ripping my ass apart! Where are those poppers?!' I screamed.

He handed me the bottle, and continued to pump my ass. I snorted in both nostrils, and then took Carlito's still hard dick back into my mouth. Oh yeah, there it is, that amazing feeling, my head swirling around like a tornado. The indescribable pain of Eddie's fat Latin cock rammed up my rectum was still intense, but with poppers it becomes part of the pleasure, they become one and the same.

Minutes went by, seemed like hours...Eddie had taken control of the belt, and was riding my sorry ass like a bronco. Carlito held my head against his belly, and brought the bottle up one more time to my flushed face.

'Hold on, little fag boy, I think he's almost finished! Hold on, cono!' Carlito murmered, hugging my head and patting my sweaty brow, as his slick cock slipped out of my mouth. 'It's okay bebe, Big Eddie's cummin' soon!'

Eddie plunged his dick in as far as it would go. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, like he had shoved a knife into my abdomen. He tightened up on my lead, and I felt light headed. He arched his back and planted his seed deep inside of me. Carlito laughed loudly as I fell sobbing to the filthy floor in a puddle of semen and sweat, my leather collar still snugly around my neck.

There was a loud knock at the door.

'Eddie, Aesta acabado? Estamos aburridos aquA!'


Jimmy Gordon

[email protected]


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