From Part 1..........

We  stopped at arest area for the night and went back into the sleeper.  He was amazed  at how big and well furnished it was. 

Since i had started driving,  i had also started sleeping nude, but decided that tonight i would wear briefs.  He did the same and as he undressed i had to admire  his extremely muscula body and semi hairy chest and pecs.  

We slipped into bed with me on the inside and him on the outside.  I was  facing the back wall for a while before turning onto my back.  It was extremely quiet except for the ocassional traffic on the highway when after a moment i felt his right hand again resting on my thigh.  My cock began reacting as my breathing grew heavier.

Part 2............

I quickly sat up and said, "Duke, I am aware of what your suggesting,but i have never done anything with another male before.  I am not saying that i am against it but tings that happened in the past, i am  curious.  Letme  take it  day by day and wrapmy head aroundthings and see what developes."

"Sure.  I can undertand how you feel."

We again lay down and and were soon both sleeping soundly.  Then, at some point, i roused slightly and realized my arm was draped over another human.   In my hazy state i imagined that it was Jill, until my hand rested on the curly fine hair on his chest.  Not wanting to apear revolted, I left my hand where it was  and realized that i was enjoying having another person in bed with me,even if it was another male.

Bright and early the next morning we awoke, dressed and before hitting the road, i slid the bed  back into its daytime place to be used as a sofa.  the pillows went into a cabinet above the bed and next to the rear  window.

Duke looked around and said, "With the bed pushed back like that, there is tons of space back  here."

"I designed it that  way,"I replied.

We hit the road and a short time later, stopped for fuel and breakfast.

Soon, we were again rolling down the highway and i asked Duke about  his family.  He becamesomberand said ,"All my family is deceased."

"Fuck,man, I am so sorry.  May i ask what happened?"

"I lost my mom when i was thirteen to breast cancer. Then the day before i was scheduled to leave for boot camp, my dad was killed in an auto accident.My entry was delayed so i could settle the estate.  I sold off everything with the helpof a family friend,and decided tomake a careerof the marines.  I figured that with no family, i would make the marines my family."

"You have no aunts or uncles?"

"None that i know of.  Dad never mentioned any relatives."

"Duke, may  i ask another question?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"Well, I am also without a family.  I do have a company,well, actually to companies.  When my dad passed, I inherited the family auto repair businessthat my grandfather started, plus, i have my trucking business.  I was wondering, since we are both without families, why not consider ourselves brothers?  I'm not old enough to be a father to you but i can be your  older brother."

"Mark, are you serious?"

"Yes, Duke,  i am.  I would love a  brother,and if you decide  to get  out of the marines, you can join me in one of my companies."

i looked over at him and could see him tearing up.  Immediately, i pulled off at the next exit and stopped and  took him back into the sleeper where i hugged him lovingly.  Then, to my shocked surprise, he looked into eyes before kissing me on my cheek.  I then did the same to him and knew that things would go further.

We returned to the road and he asked about me catching my wife with my buds.

"After i had videoed them in action i stepped into the room  and they were scared shitless.  I gave the guys twenty seconds to get out of the house.  They only hadtime to grab their clothes ad head for  their carstotally naked.  Theni gave Jill fifteenminutes to pack what she could and get out.  As soon asshe was gone i went to Wal-martand bought allnew locksfor the  house and went home and replacedthem.  Then, the next day, I had a close friend make me eight copies of the video i took."

"Why eight copies,"he asked.

"Well, one went to her dad after i visited my lawyer and filed for  divorce.  I hadinsisted on a pre-nuptial agreement that said she only got what she brought into the marriage and half of  what was acquired during the marriage. When i handed the video to her dad  he askedwhat it was.  i told him to watch and see why i filed for divorce.  We watched it together and he was totally shocked.  He was in total agreement that i file for divorce."

I paused and took a sip of coffeefrommy  mug, then continued.

"While i was there, she came in and found  out that i had filed for divorce.  Her dad told  her that  she wasn't welcome in his home and that he never wanted to see her again.  He called her a 'filthy slut'  and a disgrace  to the family.''

Then  i  sent copies  to the  wives of my buds who also soon filed for divorce after seeing their husbnds having sex with another married woman,but also having oral and anal  sex with each  other.  Then one copy went to Clay's father, the sheriff,and one  to his father-in-law, the state senator.  The seventh copy went to Abe's father-in-law who is a state judge. Abewasordered to leavethe state and never come back or the judge would  find some reason to have him imprisoned for life."

"What happened to the eighth copy,"Duke asked.

"I have it.  That is what has gotten me curious about ex with another man.  They all seem to be sincerely enjoying giving and receiving both oral and anal sex."

"Mark, from experience i can say that they probably are, however receiving anal does take some getting used to."

"Duke, when did you start?"

"I had been curious about looking at other men nude  and enjoyed it, but my senior year in high school as the decisive time when i caught my baseball coach sucking another student.  I told him he had to suck me or i would turn him in.  He and the other student both sucked me and on the third time coach sucked me i sucked him off and loved it. I had been dating and doing some fucking  but never touched a cunt after that.  All i wanted was to suckand be sucked.  then during the summer coach and  i started fuckig each other. The rest is history.  The thing i enjoy most is sucking one guy while  another is fucking  me."

"Holy shit, man.  You are fucking wild."

"I just love male sex,"he replied, then asked if he could watch the video. 

"We will watch it together, tonight," I replied.

Our  conversation changed and Duke said how much he liked the idea of having a 'brother' to call on the phone and to visit when on leave.

"Call me daily if you want to and when you can get leave let me know and i will pay for your air fare."

The day soon turned to dusk and we pulled into a truck stop for dinner and a shower. I put our names on the waiting list for  a shower then we went to eat dinner.  Soon after eating we were called for the shower  and again we showered together, but this time was different.  I felt totally at  ease being  nude with Duke and enjoyed seeing his long semi-thick cock.

Once back at the rig, we secured the privacy curtains and as wepulled out the bed, i said, "Duke, usually when imhere in the sleeper watching TV or surfing the web,  i am usually nude.  Would you be offended if i went nude?"

"Hell no, but i have to be allowed to do it also."he replied.

"Go for it," I replied with a smile.

Immediately, we both began stripping and soon stood face to face totally nude. I looked over his  muscular nude body and had to admire it. 

"You ready to see the video?" I asked.

"You bet," he replied, "but  be prepared to see me get a raging boner from watching  the action."

"No problem. It happens to me also."I replied.

I started the video and soon we were both sitting their with hard cocks.  Looking over at his, i made up my mind.

TO BE CONTINUED.............................



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