I think I am losing what is left of my mind after my college

courses bake my brains. Here I am a 20 year old junior and I am acting

this way since I first saw him. It ought to be the other way around: I

am the one usually ogled and propositioned. I am every gay guy's idea of

hot--almost every gay guy--altho' some like a dirty, hairy, trade-like

dude. That's not me. I am only five feet five but in that package I

pack a lot of sex appeal. Strong body, great hair, blue eyes and lightly

body haired. I'm a red head.

Who's driving me nuts, it's this kid Desmond Lee. He's Chinese,

born in Hong Kong. Oh yeah, I know quite a bit about him through careful

detective work. A girl in his class told me that his father is Chinese

and his mother American. That explains the long lashes and jade green

eyes shimmering through his Asian lids. He's also 20. He's over six

feet tall (must come from Dad.) I was waiting on line at the Bursar's

office, he was in front of me. He speaks with a slight British accent,

softened by Chinese. I leaned in toward him to get a sniff. He smells

from Jasmine, or is it Sandalwood. Whatever it is, it made me dizzy and

I swayed against him. He looked back at me with a puzzled expression but

then went back to him business. I was sweating and my lungs suddenly

stopped working the way they should.

That was the last time I was that close but I did get a look at

him in the gym showers in the Health Building. Fabulous is all I can

say, well I can add: glorious, a masterpiece of male beauty. Long of

cock and no body hair. His color was of expresso with lots of cream in

it. His penis was a little darker in color, more tawny and his ball sack

was even darker, almost the color of egg plant. He had no fat on him, he

was a symphony of smooth muscle, tiny waist, flat abs and pecs, no knobby

muscles to spoil the sweeping arc of his body. But the ass...oh

wow...elongated pear on each side, so muscular that you could see his ass

hole easily between the halves. But best of all is that it protruded

saucily. You could rest a condom on the top of his ass!

I didn't see much of him after that as classes started, but after

a week in my Modern Styles, he suddenly showed up. I guess he had been

excessed out of his choice. He sat a few rows in front of me and to the

right. I could see some other great things about him, his puffy lips for

instance. I'm afraid that he caught me looking twice and I smiled and

nodded. He seemed nonplussed. Well anyway, at least we were sharing a

room even though there were 25 other students there. But the second day

a wonderful thing happened. The professor described a piece of furniture

that he had projected on the screen as 'Art Nouveau'. Both Desmond and I

called out: 'It's Art Deco.' We both laughed at the simultaneous

outcry. It was almost as it we came together. The Professor corrected

himself and the class droned on. On the way out, Desmond caught up to me

and said that he collects Art Deco. 'I have a roomful in my apartment.

Immediately I judged that his father was rich because an apartment

off-campus is expensive. And add to that that he collected furniture. I

told him that I had a few pieces that I picked up from garage sales: An

Eames chair, a bureau by George Nelson and a water pitcher of Russell

Wright. He was very impressed. 'Come up to my flat,' he said, 'Right

now and I'll show you what I got.'

Yeah, I thought, I'd like that! This was developing into a great

day but I had no idea how great.

He lived in a classy elevator apartment. We went up together.

There was no one else. In a few minutes the small space began to take on

his sandalwood scent. I could sense his closeness and I began to breath

a little deeply. In addition, a could feel my dick chubbing out in my

thin shorts. I am certain I saw him glance down. I hoped so.

He opened the door, held it for me. I stepped in and he

followed. As soon as we were inside he faced me, put his face close to

mine: 'You are s-o-o-o cute,' he said, and dropping his cultured accent

he took each of my ears between his fingers and gently stroked. 'China

boy want you to such cock.' He pushed gently on my shoulders until I was

kneeling on the floor. 'Take my pants down, American boy.'

I opened his zipper, pulled the jeans down, and quickly grabbed

his string bikinis and pulled down. I was gasping with passion. He

seemed under control. His lemon/gold organ lay soft between his legs,

the bristly black hair standing out. 'Blow on it,' he said, 'Say HA HA

hotly and you'll get a result.' I opened my mouth and 'Ha-ed' hotly. He

sock began to lengthen and then rise slowly. I looked up at him, his

slitty eyes were even smaller and his jade green eyes glinted behind lip

opening. He began to breath through his mouth. 'Lick it!' he

commanded. I leaned in, I could see the pink head beginning to protrude

through the foreskin. He leaned forward and I licked him hungrily. He

tasted clean and wonderful. Finally I took the whole thing in my mouth

and let it slowly move into my throat. I licked the underside. He began

to huff and moan audibly. I held his full balls in my hand to judge how

close he was and they began to pull so light that they almost formed an

until with the base of his cock. I knew he would deliver the Egg Drop

South soon. But then he stopped. Moved backwards to his bed, lay on his

back and lifted his long legs. 'Fuck me. Now!'

I shucked my clothes in record time. Grabbed a condom from the

basket near the bed and put the head of my dick against his smooth dark

tan hole. He held his cheeks apart for me and we both pushed until the

large head of my uncut cock cleared his anal ring. He seemed to love it;

didn't seem to feel any pain. 'Push it fully in,' he grunted. Suddenly

I was all the way in. I leaned forward and kissed him hotly, licking his

lips and wetting his whole face. I could see that he was in a sexual

daze. I began a slow fucking as he mewled and cried in ecstasy. I reach

out and took his cock in my hand and began masturbating him in time to my

fucking. We were both so hot that it took only a few minutes before he

began to stiffen and shouted 'I'm cumming.' His cock seemed to draw into

itself and then extended stiffly as he shoot great shots of pearly cum on

his sleek body. The sight was too much for me. My thighs became stiff

and buzzy and suddenly a began unloading in his beautiful ass.

As we lay there panting, finally relaxing and kissing I said,'I

never did see you art deco things unless it was you cock you meant.

'I'll show you later,' he said, 'But we aren't finished here. I want to

fuck you also. China boy still hot!'



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