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Jason found it a bit odd that he felt nervous at a massage appointment. After all, he was here mostly to deal with stress. His third-year exams were coming up, and ever since elementary school he had 'not tested well', as his guidance counsellor used to say. Exams overwhelmed him. He couldn't sleep, so he was too tired to study, which made him more anxious, which kept him up. He had managed to get by so far on the strength of his term work, which was superb, but exams were approaching again.

'Damn, Jason, I love you like a brother,' his roommate said one night, 'but your exam thing drives me nuts. You toss and turn all night, you freak out, and if you sort your books one more time I'm going to lose it.'

'Nick, I'm really sorry, I've never been able to relax about exams.'

'I've told you before - go see the RMT over at the athletic centre.'

'I don't need massage,' Jason complained, 'I don't have any pulled muscles.'

'Dude, I go all the time because of football, but it's not just about muscle strains. Lots of people go just to relax.'

Finally he'd made an appointment. Jason's feelings for Nick had developed over the three years they had roomed together, first in residence and now in their own place off-campus. His early crush had turned into a one-sided love affair, which Nick responded to with naive butt-slapping friendship. Nick went through girls at a staggering rate - they hung out at the football field and threw themselves at his muscular, tough-guy persona. Jason watched, wanting something more for his roommate. Wanting something more for himself.

So for Nick's sake he had called the athletic centre, and now, two days later, he found himself sitting in the waiting area staring at a pamphlet about acupuncture. He just hoped he could find some inner calm before prepping for tomorrow's economics final.


The voice from the doorway was deep and resonant, an 'FM radio voice'. Jason looked up and saw a tall, tanned, muscular guy, late 20's, standing with a clipboard. He was wearing a white T-shirt that clung to his torso, and white cotton pants with a drawstring waist. He clearly worked out at a gym - the arms were not thick but lined with muscle, one bicep wrapped around the clipboard. His stomach was tight, and tapered up to broad pectorals topped by broad, rounded shoulders. Jason could see at least one ridge of abdominal muscle under the shirt. He wore his hair long, almost to his shoulders, and had highlighted the brown with some light blond streaks.

'Are you Jason?'

Jason realized that he had been staring, open-mouthed. Shit, this wasn't what he was expecting at all. How was he going to relax around Captain America here?

'Oh, yeah, that's me,' he stammered. 'Sorry, I'm new to this.'

'Well, I think you're going to enjoy it. I'm Luke.' The smile was easy and relaxing.

They shook hands. Luke had strong hands, no doubt a product of his work.

'Come on in this way.'

Luke led the way into a small room which was dominated by a massage table. The lighting was turned low, and there was some quiet music coming from a boom box in the corner. Sounded like flutes and guitars drifting around a tune. The room smelled of spice, but what exactly Jason had no idea. On a cart off to one side were a number of appliances. There was no window and only one other doorway, a curtain covering what looked like a small cupboard. The big table in the centre was heavily padded, and covered with sheets. The room was very warm and everything was earth-tones.

Luke closed the door behind him, and Jason suddenly felt nervous, in this small room and not at all certain what was going to happen next. He realized that he'd been looking for exits.

'Please take your clothes off and put them on that chair. Get on the table, under the top sheet, and lie on your front with your face in the head restraint over there.'

Luke moved to the small table and began working with various bottles, his back turned discreetly. Jason had an immediate problem. Should he leave his boxers on? What did people do when they were getting massaged?

'Er, Luke, should I take off everything?' He felt a little foolish.

'As much as you're comfortable with. You'll be covered up at all times. The more you take off, the easier it is for me to work certain muscles.'

That didn't help as much as he'd hoped. Jason took off his sneakers and socks, then jeans and t-shirt. He hesitated then, looking at himself in the mirror. It would be a number of years before he really appreciated being 22. With relatively little work his body stayed in great shape. His abs weren't ripped, but a six-pack was visible under a little softness. He had very little body hair except a light coat on his arms and legs. The hair on his head was thick and dusty brown, and he kept it spiked just a little. Sure he wished his calves were a bit more muscular, his chest a bit broader, his arms a little more, well, a little more like Captain America over there. But while competitive swimming didn't build huge muscle, it sure kept him trim. Glancing to see that Luke was still turned, he chucked off his boxers, noting that next time he should remember to wear a pair that didn't have holes. Then he climbed on the table and under the sheet.

'All ready over there?' asked Luke.

'As ready as I can be,' replied Jason. The table was really comfortable. He was face-down, his head in the padded, circular restraint. Every part of his body was supported so he could relax completely. He couldn't see anything except the floor below him, so he could only hear Luke moving around. A warm hand touched his back, hesitated, moved to a new spot, hesitated.

'Is there anything in particular that's bothering you Jason? Anything you'd like me to spend extra time on?'

Yeah, thought Jason, I'd like you to help me get my roommate to go out with me. Don't think that's what he means.

'Nothing in particular, no. I'm just really stressed about exams.'

'Say no more - we get a lot of that this time of year. I can definitely help.' That voice was incredibly soothing, Jason thought. This guy could put you into a coma. He felt the sheet being removed from his back and folded over his butt.

'And I'm going to be using some massage oil, so don't be shocked.'

Suddenly Luke felt warm, slippery hands massaging his upper back. The sensation was incredible. The hands worked his muscles with incredible skill, kneading and smoothing, pulling and stretching. Periodically they would detect a muscle knot, and Jason would flinch, and Luke would dwell on that spot for a while, working it out. The hands got warmer, almost hot, as his back melted into them. Jason grunted periodically, but otherwise they were silent, and Luke quickly got into a regular, hypnotic rhythm.

After ten minutes or so, Jason felt something else. His hands were down at his sides, and the table was just wide enough for him to lie on, so his arms and hands ran along the edge, supported but slightly overhanging. Periodically as he worked, Luke's thigh would contact Jason's hand or arm. At first it was clearly accidental. Then Jason noticed that the contact seemed to be happening more frequently, and lasting a second or two longer each time. Of course, it could simply be that Luke was leaning over more to reach his mid-back. But even the thought that it might be deliberate caused Jason's cock to thicken slightly under him. He couldn't move his arm away, trapped as it was, but he found he didn't want to, either.

Luke had been working his way down, and now his magic hands were massaging and kneading Jason's lower back. Periodically he would move up onto the gluteals, then return to the small of the back. Sometimes he used his fingers to squeeze up along the muscle tissue, sometimes he used his whole hand to spread the muscles outwards. Jason found it intoxicating. He was more relaxed than he'd ever been. Thoughts of exams had completely fled his mind, and moreover, when he thought about not thinking about them, he still didn't freak out. Incredible.

Luke's thigh had now made permanent contact with Jason's left arm, and even stroked him gently as Luke's body moved while he worked. Jason rotated his arm a couple of times, to make it obvious that it was there and see what happened. When nothing changed, he started to push back ever so gently against the hard thigh. Luke turned slightly, and Jason noticed with a start that he was now pressing against a firm cock. He debated with himself whether that was true, or could it be something else? No, it was definitely a semi-hard erection behind the white cotton pants. Jason's breathing became slightly laboured, and his own cock ached as it tried to grow between his belly and the table.

Luke moved down his body, and Jason felt let down that the cock had moved away. Was it over? he wondered. He felt his left leg bent at the knee, and his foot was placed against the broad chest. Luke started a long kneading action down his leg from ankle to knee, working the calf muscles. Jason loved it. He loved even more being close to this strong, warm body. The physical contact made him feel cared for. He realized that this is what RMT's DO, this is what he was paying for, but it didn't matter. He was just going to enjoy it.

Luke finished the left calf and moved to the right. After a few minutes he placed Jason's leg down carefully and moved back alongside.

'Okay, Jason, I'd like you to turn over on your back now. I'm going to hold the sheet up, and you roll away from me. As you do, try to slide down so your head is on the table.'

This produced Jason's second uncomfortable moment of the session. He was still hard. Not rock hard, but definitely swelled. When he was lying on his back it would be clearly obvious. Then he thought, he does this for a living, I'm sure he's seen other male patients get a little excited before. Fuck it.

So he rolled over, and Luke repositioned the sheet. Jason could feel his erection clearly outlined by the cotton material, but Luke had the grace to ignore it. The cool air, and the thought of Luke seeing him made his cock swell completely. Not only that, he could feel a small wet spot under his butt where his precum had been leaking out before. The big man walked behind him and removed the head restraint from the table. Then he gently touched Jason's shoulders and chest with that same touch, wait, move action from before, like he was getting acquainted with the body beneath him.

Luke moved back to Jason's legs, and started in on his quads. Kneading, pulling, melting again, the muscles giving in willingly to his strong hands. He positioned himself at Jason's side, and the younger man once more felt a warm, slightly furry thigh against his hand. Jason's prick bounced, and more precum oozed out the head, puddling on his abs. He slowly moved his hand behind Luke's leg, freeing it up, and he stroked gently up and down, making clear his interest, wondering if now Luke would stop him. Instead, Luke's hands got ever higher, moving slightly closer with each repetition to Jason's crotch. Jason felt that knot in the pit of his stomach, that one he got when he knew something exciting was about to happen, like reaching the top of the roller coaster. Eventually Luke's fingers brushed across Jason's balls, and that lightest touch was enough to make him gasp. Luke did it again a moment later, a bit more deliberate this time. Then he just stayed on the nuts, gently touching and stroking them, before reaching up and sliding his warm, oiled hand up Jason's hard shaft.

Jason had never felt anything like it. The anticipation, the lead-up, the sense of security, it all came together, and absolutely nothing had ever made his cock feel like Luke did right now. Never in his wildest jack-off session had he produced the sensations he was now feeling. The hand behind Luke's leg moved up and grabbed the man's ass cheek, holding on firmly while his body quivered. Luke started stroking the immensely hard shaft, up and down, the oil warming further with each passing moment. Then, when he thought that there was nothing in the world that could feel better, Luke leaned over and licked his cock from base to tip in one long, smooth motion.

'Oh FUCK,' he called out, and Luke said, 'shh' gently to keep the student from alerting others at the centre. Then he licked again, the same long, slow motion. This time Jason managed to stay quiet, but only just barely. He was grabbing at Luke's ass now, squeezing the firm, thick glute like it was holding him up. Luke's magic hands stroked up and down, squeezing and releasing, touching the tip and then sliding away. Jason brought his hand to the front, and was delighted to feel Luke's hard cock behind the cotton pants. It was a solid shaft of engorged flesh pointing down the man's leg, and when Jason held it Luke let out his own gasp.

One part of Jason's brain was screaming at him to let this continue, to let Luke stroke and lick him to a massive climax, to blow cum all over his abs and chest. Another part wanted more, wanted to be taken by this big, protecting man. He reached over with both hands and pulled Luke's boxers and pants down in one fluid motion. The thick cock sprang out. The circumcised head was covered in precum, and as the pressure was released a large glob spewed from the end. Jason scooped it up, and slicked up the hard shaft with his hand, mimicing Luke's motion on his own cock. Jason was fascinated by Luke's cock, staring at it while he stroked, memorizing the pattern of veins, watching the blood pump, feeling the raw heat of it.

With the grace of a dancer Luke hopped up onto the table, swinging one leg over so that he was straddling the swimmer's chest. He slid forward and held his cock, holding it over Jason's mouth. Jason looked up at the long, cut prick, knowing exactly what he wanted. Luke slid his hand along the shaft, milking out the precum, and it fell into Jason's waiting mouth like nectar. Then he pushed the head in and watched his shaft disappear into the student's mouth. Jason felt the heat, the hardness, the energy inside him. Unconsciously he started sucking, pulling on the cock, wanting to make it feel good, wanting it to stay in his mouth. He reached down and stroked his own prick, hard as steel, lube pouring down over the shaft. He had to slow to keep from cumming, his hand barely moving.

'That's a good lad, suck my cock,' growled The Voice.

He reached down and grabbed Jason's head, and started fucking it up and down on his shaft slowly. He remained motionless while the kid pinned beneath him eagerly sucked down his hard meat.

Then, just as his own orgasm was approaching, he slid back, his ass moving over top of Jason's spewing prick. He reached back and positioned the fat head at his hole, then sat down and let the wet cock slide inside him. Jason gasped as his cock was engulfed in a warm glove of velvet, utter disbelief on his face that this was happening. Unconsciously he thrust his hips upwards, driving his cock further up the ass held over him. Soon his dick was thrusting in and out, his hard muscles undulating like he was swimming a race.

'Oh... fuck... yeah... fuck... my... ass...' Luke grunted as his butt was assaulted from below. Jason was lost in a haze of sensation, his mind reeling, his breath in short, hard gasps. Luke leaned forward onto the kid's big pecs and kneaded them like he was still performing massage. HIs own cock bounced up and down with the motion, slapping his abs and then Jason's over and over. The bodies slamming together rocked the table from side to side.

Jason felt his orgasm building, churning his balls as he pounded up into the hot ass above him. He put his hands on Luke's hips and used the leverage to pull himself even further up, burying his cock deeper still. He stared up into the deep green eyes and felt his consciousness blurring at the edges, his life force completely focussed on his prick and the muscular torso above him. Reading the look in his eyes, Luke put his big hand over Jason's mouth just as the kid screamed out, 'OH FFFUUUCCCKKK...' and arched his back right off the massage table.

The pressure in Jason's balls exploded, and cum shot out his prick up into the warm, wet ass, coating Luke's insides with hot cream. Jason felt another shot, and another, his balls draining themselves up inside the gorgeous body holding him down. His yells were muffled by the meaty hand and he drew breath in frantically through his nose. Luke moved his other hand to his own dick, and pumped the slick shaft. He leaned back, Jason's cock still buried up his ass, and shot his own load. The cum arched up over the kid's chest, a huge glob landing on his nose. The second shot poured into Jason's mouth and he tasted the salty liquid flowing over his tongue. The third shot hit his chin and dribbled down onto his chest. The rest pooled on his abs, Luke's cock still pumping fitfully but completely drained.

The two men lay there, exhausted, for several minutes. Luke could feel Jason's cock slowly deflate in his ass. Jason had never tasted cum before, he'd always been too scared to try, but the load that hit his tongue was incredible. Finally Luke's quads got too sore, and he lifted himself back to the floor.

'Shit...', was the most Jason could say, still on his back, the cum cooling on his body.

'Well Nick,' said Luke loudly, 'I'd say he's comfortable with guy sex.'

Jason's eyes went wide as he stared at Luke, trying to comprehend what he'd just heard. Then a movement caught his eye, and he saw the curtain move aside and Nick appear from the closet. He was completely naked, his cock standing at attention, his hand still gripping it and covered with cum from his own orgasm.

'Hey Jason,' he said sheepishly.

'Nick told me you were coming over to see me,' said Luke. 'He and I have been playing around during our massage sessions, and he told me how much you mean to him, but that he was scared to try anything for fear of losing you. So I volunteered to test the waters. I hope you're not mad at us.'

All Jason could do for several moments was to babble incoherently. The events of the past hour swirled through his mind like flakes in a snow globe, the meaning of it all too much to comprehend. He stared up at the two naked men standing beside him. Finally he jabbed his finger at Luke.

'You,' he said in mock seriousness, 'need a treatment room with better soundproofing.'

'And you,' pointing at Nick now, 'are going to help me prepare for my econ final tonight.'

He let Nick look alarmed for just a second before placing a hand on his butt.

'And I mean ALL night.'


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