Hi everyone i'm Andrew. i've been teaching history at college for as long as I can remember. The college has an excellent reputation for its teaching standards but I've been promiscious in terms of my relationships.

I've somehow managed to keep my relationships with ex students a secret from my work and have had many satisfying one night stands with these students. But you see I would like an official relationship with a younger mentally mature man with an amazing physique.

As I walked into the classroom and set up the presentation and my notes I notice a student sitting in his usual chair.

His name is Travis and he is my prime example of a man. Short black hair with an amazing torso and he is possibly the smartest in the class even to the point of suggesting the information that I should include in my lectures

"Hello Mr Vaughan" he says to me.

"Oh please call me Andrew" I reply as i turn my back to him to write down the main title on the whiteboard.

To cut the story short a little the lesson went great I think my students paid attention to what was being said and Travis answered the majority of questions I asked.

I was just about to pack my stuff away when Travis stood right behind me.

"God you scared me" I said as my initial shock came over me

"Sorry I didn't mean it sir I was just wondering if I could apply for extra tuition with you?"

"Sure but I personally think you don't need it" I reply quickly.

We then fjnally agree a date for our extra tuition lessons which would take place at my apartment

I then made sure my apartment was spotlessly clean to the point of obsession and only just managed to dress casually when the doorbell rang.

I opened the door to see Travis also dressed casually but with skinny jeans and an unbeliveably tight t-shirt.

"I know i shouldn't but i bought you a little gift as a token of appreciation for being an awesome teacher" Travis says as he hands me a pack of beer.

I take the pack from his hands and place it on the kitchen counter.

"I was thinking we go over what i previously taught you. Slavery" I said to him

"That sounds great" he replied as he took out a pen and his notebook.

So we go over that particular topic and he seems to be getting the jist of it so I ask the obvious question.

"Why have you asked for extra tuition lessons when you clearly don't need it?" I wondered as I looked into his eyes

"Because i've felt this attraction towards you ever since the first lesson we had together. Your clearly a smart man and very sexy" Travis admits.

I looked at him in total disbelief that somebody like him could find an older man attractive. But instantly he pressed his lips against mine forcefully and in a manly way which has always been a turn on for me for me to be dominated by an athletic stud muffin

We continue to have our makeout session but I slightly push him away.

"Wait I think we should take it slower" I said

"Not an option for me get those pants off" he said seductively

for some reason I was in a trance and following his orders I took my pants off and could feel him kissing my cock which made me moan slightly as I could feel him craving for it.

I reached over to him and ripped his shirt off revealing his muscular torso which I licked up and down like a lollipop.

Next I unzipped his pants using my teeth and pulled them down and made sure that he was completely naked before I removed my own clothes

So as we were kissing, cuddling and making out I could hear the front door opening and slamming shut.

Ignoring this as possibly the wind or other natural occurence I continued to snog Travis.

I suddenly froze in fear as I heard footsteps outside the bedroom door as Travis hide underneath the bedsheets and the door slammed open.

"Andrew I've made a mistake please take me back?" This anomynous person said.

I immediately shot up from the inital shock of my ex just slamming my bedroom door in and demanding to take him back

"I want you to leave your trespassing on my property and I will call the police" I threatened

Surprisingly he caved in easily and left whilst i sighed a huge relief that I could still be with Travis

I held Travis's hand and said to him. "Will you please stay with me and protect me from now on?" I asked

"Sure" he replied as we kissed for a long time.

At this present moment me and Travis couldn't be happier as we are now together and living in perfect harmony.

The End....




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