I started a new job at COCO Beach Florida. My wife and I moved into a nice two-bedroom apartment not too far from my new office. I must have lifted something wrong because my back hurt. The pain was a distraction when I was at work. One of my co-workers said I should go get a massage. I laughed it off but each day the pain got worse. I asked the co-worker the name and contact information of the masseur. I gave him a call and set up an appointment that afternoon. His name was Carl and he had his masseur table set up at his home.

I drove to his house in an up scale subdivision, found the how number on the mailbox and parked in the driveway. Carl met me at the door, inviting me into his home. Carl said that he was working on his masseur license so he is not able to charge for a massage, but donations are always welcome he said with a smile. Carl was dressed in short and a golf shirt. He had a nice tan. He said that he worked at the tennis pro shop at the County Club and that he is doing the massages on the said, working on his certifications and then a license. We sat on the couch drinking a soft drink talking about Coco Beach, my recent move to the area, and a little about my wife.

Carl asked me about my back, where the pain was, when it started and if I had this injury before. I told him this was my first injury and my first time with a masseur. Carl asked me to walk back to one of his bedroom. A massage table was set up with oils and other things used for massages. On the table were candles, burning incenses, and different oils. Carl asked me to take off my cloths I did down to my boxes. Carl tossed me a towel and told me to drop the boxers and put the towel on. I wrapped the towel around me and pulled off the boxers. I was not uncomfortable but I was aware that I was almost naked in a room with a stranger. Carl directed me to lay face down on the table.

Carl turned some new age music, something soft and would make you relax. He lit some candles and burned some incense. There was a flat screen TV on the wall in front of the table, which he turned. He turned the TV to a yoga class with woman in body stockings doing incredible bending movements. My sense of sound, smell and sight were all being massaged.

I all ready felt relaxed. Carl spoke in a low monotone voice asking simple questions that I could answer with on nod of my head or with on yes or no. Carl told me to expect something cold and he dropped some oil on my back. The oil smelled of winter mint, and in a short time, I could feel the heat warming my back. I jumped when Carl touched me the first time.

Carl hands felt great pushing and rubbing and it was not long that I was lost in-between conscience and dreams. Carl tapped me on my shoulder and I realize where I was. He asked me to roll over which I did but realized with some embarrassment that I had an erection. As I flipped over the towel became loose. My erection caused the towel to tent. Carl said, "Do not worry that is normal."

Carl notices my erection, I was now uncomfortable being in a room with a man and having an erection. I had to decide if I wanted to stop the massage and leave or to continue. The massage had made the pain go away and the massage now was relaxing my body. I decided to remain but to be more aware of my almost nude condition.

I was lying on my back; Carl was rubbing my legs, then to my thighs. Then his hand started to rub the inside of my thigh and was just outside of the towel. I was going to protest but Carl stopped. Carl stated, "I think I got the knot out of your back but you will need to return every day for the next week. I agreed.

I returned the next day. Carl did not have to ask me to put on the towel; I did so the same way as the day before, putting on the towel and then dropping my boxers. Carl asked if I minded him drinking a beer and said know. Carl opens up a small refrigerator and pulled out two imported beers, opened both and gave me one. Carl was dressed as he was the day before. The massage was the same as the day before but this time when on my stomach. Carl pulled the towel down showing half of my rear then continued with a deep tissue massage of my ass cheeks that felt good, too good to day stop. Carl asked to be excused and went down the hall to the bathroom. I could hear Carl pissing, a long steady stream. I am not sure if he intended for me to hear him pee or not. I again was aware that I had an erection and could not figure out why, was it Carl's hands touching my body, or maybe the sound of a man peeing.

Today there was no Yoga on the TV but now showing semi porn of topless woman on summer break. Today I was more relaxed than the day before, the pain was gone. I am not sure if it was the talents of Carl's hands or the beer. Carl asked me to rollover on my back, which I did and again I was hard, erect and tenting the towel. Carl made no comment this time. On my back Carl massage my face, neck rubbing my lips, my ear lobe, I became flushed, I could feel myself responding to his touch, it was sensorial. Carl's hand went to my chest and massage my arms, hands and then to my chest. I was on a little aware but became more aware that Carl was massaging my nipples. He would rub around each nipple then pinch the nipple causing them to become erect. Carl commented how am man's body reacts the same way as a woman. He mentions that he would do massages to woman and they would insist he would massage them. He commented that he was sure that some would have an orgasm. Before I could respond, say stop, or comment he moved on to my feet. If I had to admit to myself, the nipple massage was great. That evening after the wife went to bed, I massage my nipples and jacked my cock to some porn that I had. I was not looking forward for some nipple play.

The next day I arrived and got ready for my massage. Today Carl was wearing some type of short shorts but it did not leave much to the imagination and I did notice that Carl had a package of some size. I could not help to notice because has Carl did his massage he would only be inches form my face. Carl and I had a couple of beers this day; I was enjoying Carl's touch. The smell of the oils, the sounds, the sites on the TV, still soft porn. I noted that I would get hard at the first touch of Carl's hands and by the time he was working on my nipples, I was ready to shoot.

I would not say that I was having any gay desires but when I was receiving a massage, I also needed sexual release. The massage felt so good, my pain went away, but I was also horny. After each massage, I would go home and with the wife in bed, I would jack off. I would run my nipples as if Carl had touched causing me to shoot. I returned the next afternoon. The pain was gone but I had agreed to meet Carl for a week, I had four more days left.

Carl had a good taste in beer handing me one as soon as I arrived. We sat on the couch watching sports on the TV. I have not had too many male friends who I would socialize. Carl was a nice person, had interesting stories to tell and could carry on an intelligent conservation. He would express his point of view that was different then the norm and then provide supporting comment to prove his point. He had a good point about global warming being a conspiracy for the rich and powerful to control the masses. He had a point about region being another attempt for a few powerful people to control the masses with manipulation, false information and fear. After two beers and at half time, Carl asked if I was ready, and I was.

I entered the room, stripped naked and wrapped the towel around me. Face down Carl started the routine of deep tissue massage. Today on the TV was a light porn movie with a lot of kissing and foreplay but no real showing of the genitals. It was still hot with big titted woman and men with trim and fit bodies. Carl today was dressed in tight shorts. He removed his golf shirt to reveal a trim and fit body. He had a dark tan. I commented on his tan, Carl said that he can use the facilities at the County Club and they have a tanning room. Carl said that I could be his guest and if I wanted, I could get an all over tan. I laughed and said that that would be hard to explain to my wife. Today Carl was in a talkative mood.

Carl asked, "How is your back, is the pain gone?"

I said, "Yea, it is gone and your hands are like magic."

Carl said, "I give five to eight massages a week to clients of the County Club. I pack up my things and go to their houses. They tip very well and I sometimes the receive a special benefit."

I question, "A special benefit?"

Carl answered, "Yes, for the guys I would end the massage will a oiling of their cocks and a few strokes of my hand, they climax and the result of the massage is doubled."

I knew what Carl was offering and I responded, "Carl thanks for the offer but I am not into gay things."

Carl said, "It is not a gay thing, I am not gay. The men I touch are all straight married men like me. I have touched your body all over and did you feel as if it was gay?"

I agreed, "No Carl, I never felt that your massage was a gay thing. The titty massage does arouse me but I guess it is natural. Would not matter if it was a guy rubbing my tits or a woman."

Carl continued, "I would like for you to trust me, I have done this with guys before and it is real relaxing for them."

At this point in the massage, I was relaxed, my cock was hard and I knew I was going home and jack of later tonight. I have never had a gay thought about another man but rationalized that Carl would be providing a complete massage. He has done this before with other men, why should I say no.

I told Carl, "Ok, you can oil me up but promise that you are not gay."

Carl respond, "I am not gay, I am as straight as your are. Now let me change to some real porn that you might like." Carl starts the DVD play showing a hard-core movie with two men and one woman. Carl continues, "I have something that will heighten your climax, you breathe it in through your nose. A couple of breaths hold it in and when you cum it would be unlike any that you have had before." "You owe it to yourself to experience an extreme orgasm."

With three beers, with being all most naked on the table, with being aroused by the nipple play, I wanted to cum. I needed to cum. The offered to be jacked off and to have an extreme orgasm, all I could say was. "Ok Carl I trust you, what do I do now?

Carl told me to lie on my back. He showed me a small bottle open the cap and asked me to sniff. I did and there was no real smell but there was a buzz in my nose. Carl told me to sniff again but this time to hold on nostril closed and to put the bottle to my nose, exhale completely and then breathe in. I did and was hit with a wave light headiness, felt like I was floating. In ten seconds, I was back to normal.

Carl removed the towel exposing my cock. My cock is small only about four inches. It is cut with a large gland. I found that when having sex in the missionary position, I would keep coming out and my wife and I had to find another position. The best was with her on top sitting on my cock but I guess that was too much work for her and we only done that a few times over the five years of marriage. My wife is a catholic went to high school just for girls and has a prudish thinking about sex. No anal sex, only oral sex to get her wet or me hard but cannot climax, no extreme positions, missionary or spoon and with my cock size nether was pleasurable with me. I told Call of this, I just rather spilled my guts about my sexual frustration at home.

The first touch of Carl's hand on my cock was like a bolt of electricity. Besides my wife, no one ever touched my cock before. The touch of another person on your genitals is a most pleasurable experience.

I let out a sigh, "Oh God that feels good."

Carl responds, "Yea, I agree, feels good in my hand. You are smaller than most men but have a larger glad. It is this spot here that can really turn you one." He touches around the glad head then on the underside. I can feel myself getting ready. Carl had placed a pillow under my head so I could watch. I really did not want to watch, just feel a strange hand on my hard cock. However, for some strange reason I wanted to watch.

I told Carl, "Your hands, oh, I am getting ready to shoot."

Carl said, "Ok get the bottle to your nose, when you fill yourself cumming, and take a long deep sniff." By the time Carl had finished, I was cumming; I took a deep sniff from the bottle. I started to float, my mind went blank, my climaxing continue to build but at a much higher pleasure. Carl jacked my cock with one hand and rubbed my gland with the other. I came like a guise. Big squirt of cum shooting out of my pee hole, shooting on my chest, three, four five times. I was still high, floating, my whole body respond to the release of my cum. I lay there exhausted. Carl stopped holding my cock, it was retreating to it normal small size of less than two inches. I lay there cum on my chest. Coming down from a wonderful high. I do not move for several minutes. I stood up, I had to go pee. I walked out of the room naked down the hall to the bathroom. I relieved myself and cleaned off the cum on my chest. Returning to the room I retrieved my cloths, dressed and went to the living room where Carl had another beer waiting for me. We sat on the couch not saying a word.

After a few minutes I said, "Wow Carl that was amazing, I had no idea that I could have cum so hard. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced deport. Your hand on my cock was exciting, then you added the oil and stared to stroke me, I sorry I came so fast." "But what was that I sniffed?"

Carl responded, "Poppers, Poppers are butyl or amyl nitrate. Nitrates improve blood flow through blocked arteries. Amyl and butyl nitrites increase your heart rate, dilate your arteries and cause your blood pressure to drop. This produces a "rush" as your heart struggles to keep blood flowing to your brain. This can be enjoyable, albeit brief, because you experience a warm flash and intense sexual desire. The effects usually last about 30 seconds to 1 minute, but no more than 2 minutes."

I ask, "Is it dangerous?"

Carl responded, "It can be but if you are in good health, you should not have a problem. I use them when I jack off." Carl continues, " I meeting a lot of men to give them a massage. Most of them want me to jack them off and I do because the tip is larger. It is no big deal to me, just another muscle to massage. When someone cums in my hands I get horny, I do not know why. I am not gay. But there is some sexual arousal for me."

I ask, "You felt sexual arousal when you jacked me?"

Carl responded, "Yes and no. I cannot explain it you just have to experience it."

I did not understand what Carl was saying, usually he was very clear when he spoke. I questioned, "What do you mean I just have to experience it? I just did, you touching my cock and making me cum."

Carl answered, "No, I mean you need to jack another man off to understand what it is like. I jack guys off, yes it is sexual, how can it not be? But it is also just physical, another body function like sneezing. A involuntary reflex to a stimuli. But until you have a guy cum in your hands, you will not know."

Carl was sitting on the couch, just with short shorts and I notice he was rubbing his crotch and a very large bulge. Carl said, "I am very horny, I need to cum, you can sit here and watch. If you like you can jack me off." With that statement he slips off his shorts, now sitting naked on the couch. I have never seen a naked man before live and was also admired at the size of Carl's erect cock, it was huge, had to be over eight inches and think. Carl is slowly jacking his cock with one hand and drinking a beer with the other. I am just a few feet staring at Carl's large cock. The veins were noticeable, blue and purple sticking above the shaft of the cock.

Carl said, "It is ok for you to touch me, it is not a gay thing it is only something physical. It would make me feel so good to feel your hand on my cock. Better than my own hand." He takes his had off his shaft. It was standing straight up, moving with each heartbeat. I moved closer to Carl. Carl said, "Just touch it like it was your own little cock except you get to play with something bigger." I did just that, I reached out with my hand encircling his shaft in my hand. I could not believe all the sensations I felt, the warmth of his cock, the pulsation of his cock, the smoothness of the skin and the reaction to my touch. It was electrifying, I was receiving sexual gratification for holding his cock in my hand.

Carl started to give me directions, "Yes, that feels good, now with your other hand cup my balls." "Yes, you can slide your hand up and down." "Rub around the gland, like I did you. You have soft hands."

Carl is sniffing on the popper every thirty seconds. I am holding Carl's cock with both of my hands one on top of the other and still there is two to three inches sticking above my hand. With both hands I slide up to and over his gland causing his skin to move up and down as I jack his cock. He tells me, "Faster." I start moving faster, Carl takes another sniff. "I am going to cum, do not stop." I have Carl's large cock in my hands. It was aimed straight up. Carl's ejaculation shoot up about ten inches then fell down on my hand, so did the second and third squirt. I did feel Carl's cock hard and jerk with each squirt. It was unlike when I cum. Guess the bigger they are the more they climax. It was fun to hold a larger cock and to experience Carl's climax up close. I move my hand to Carl's gland now covered in warm cum, moving my hand to feel it slide freely with Carl's own lubrication. I hold his cock until he is not hard any more. Carl grabs a towel, cleans the cum from his cock then give me the towel.

Carl returns wearing short shorts; grabs two more beer and returns to the couch. We are sitting there on the couch watching the TV drinking beer as if jacking each other off was something normal two people do every day. Carl asks me, "Do you do oral sex on your wife?"

I responded, "Some times when she is in the mood."

Carl continues, "An how often is she in the mood?"

I answered, "Not often, about once every couple of weeks."

Carl asks, "What do you like about oral sex? It kind of nasty. I do not like to do oral sex too much taste and fluids for me to be happy.

I answered, "Well I do like I do like the taste of a pussy, each woman has her own taste and smell. Yes it does getting use to it but it like drinking coffee. Once you get past the smell and the taste you can enjoy what you are doing. I really do not know where to lick and suck, it is a new experience to me. I just keep licking and sucking until she moans and cums. I guess that is what turns me on with oral sex."

Carl says, "I can understand what you are saying, it is the reaction to oral sex that turns you on. But what I like is to receive oral, nothing better than a good blow job. Do you get that at home?"

I could not believe that I was freely talking about sex with my wife to someone that I met three days ago. No matter it felt good to get some things off my chest. Carl seemed sympathetic to my comments and I could not disagree with his comments. I responded, "My wife does not give BJ, she sucks me a little so I am hard then we have sex. I do not know, maybe because I am small that she does not want to suck me. Maybe you have to have a large cock to get sucked." I looked at Carl, remember his huge and hard cock in my hands a few minutes ago. I looked at Carl and said, "How about you, do you get a lot of woman sucking your cock?

Carl said, " I have met a few and they have sucked me to completion."

I interrupted, "Did they swallow?"

Carl continues, "Yes a few of them did and that was great to know they did not mind. I guess it like getting the woman's juices in your mouth, ever swallow a mouth full of a woman juices?"

I had to brag a little and responded, "Oh hell yes, I had a girl friend in high school and all she wanted was for me to eat her. Maybe she is why I like to give oral. I would eat her, she would cum in my mouth and she would produce a lot of wetness.



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