I woke up with two throbbing heads; one from the sunlight shining through the blinds hitting my hungover eyes and the other below the blankets, poking out of the fly of my boxers and tenting my sheets. I groaned and took a pillow, covering my eyes. Why on earth did I get drunk on the night before Easter? I was dumb. I had no commitments today but it was a holiday. I probably had to call my family and say "hi". I groaned. I slide a hand down and gave my dick a slow stroke, sighing in pleasure. I pulled the skin back and precum flowed down the head onto my fingers. I pushed the blankets slowly off my body, I slowly start to stroke, moaning softly as the cool morning air flowed in through the open window and onto my hot skin.

I stood up. I slowly stroked my length and looked out the window at my balcony and below that the streets below. I slide a hand down to find my heavy balls, massaging them softly, only making myself harder. I opened the sliding window and stepped onto the balcony, sitting on the reclining lawn chair I had, lying back and stroking slowly in the early morning light, the cool breeze feeling amazing. From my spot, I could hear traffic and cars, along with the sound of a radio from somewhere playing soft music. The scene was perfect.

I started to stroke slightly faster, smiling and moaning in my breathes as I felt my hand sliding up and down, a slow fapping sound starting to come off of my cock and hand. I looked down as the sunlight made my precum shine. I grabbed the hem of my boxers and thrusted my hips forward, shuffling out of them, making my cock slap my stomach. I chuckled as precum splattered my happy trail and shimmered in the day light.

Everything was perfect. My cock was hard and leaking as I stroked, the sun was shining and bird singing, and my neighbor three apartments down was watching me jerk. My neighbor was watching! My heart skipped a beat and I froze, hand mid shaft as I noticed the 40 year old daddy watching. I had an instinct to run inside, but my body told me to stay.

I looked at the neighbor, three balconies down, whose eyes were locked on my cock, which was throbbing. I took a deep breath and continued my stroking. That was when my stud of a neighbor did the unexpected, unzipped his jeans. His hand slid down his pants and starts to play with the noticeable bulge that I hadn't noticed before. This was too much. My neighbor was playing with himself while watching. But then, he pulled out the thickest cock I'd even seen. His meat was think and long and hardening before my eyes as I slowly stroked off. I made a quick decision. I stood up and faced him, jerking slowly as he jerking slowly towards me. We faced each other and stroked slowly, precum starting to literally drool from both our tips and trail to the floor.

The neighbor glanced around and I did too. That was when the real shocking moment happened. He and I weren't alone in our jerking. As I looked, four other men, on different levels and from different buildings, were jerking slowly on their balconies, watching my neighbor, myself, and the other men. This was amazing, a six way jerk off stretched between hundreds of feet of air. We all looked around and jerked. All of them had large cocks.

As I watched, a man on the fifth floor of a building shot off a load, shooting it over his balcony and it rained visibly down the levels towards the street. All of us men watched and jerked faster. Now a man on the second floor of a different building shot a load all over his window. Then the other men on the same buildings orgasmed in their own ways. And that did it for me. I groaned and started to shoot my thick load onto the floor of my balcony, adding to the cumstains on the floors. I panted and collapsed on the ledge, looking to see the end of my neighbor's orgasm. His cream was thick but all I saw was the last drooling drop.

I collapsed onto my chair, panting and sweating. I looked at my neighbor but he walked back into his apartment. As I looked around the other men all had left too. Shockingly, I must've been the most cocky. I laughed.

There was a knock on the door.

I jumped up, yanked on my boxers, not noticing the dripping cum that was on the fabric. I walked into the apartment and went to the door, opening it, to see my stud of a neighbor, standing in a silk robe with a smile on.

His name was Robert. He went by Robert, Rob, or Bobby. He was 43. He was gay, single, constantly horny, and so glad he now knew that I was the same. After an hour of talking over coffee we came to a mutual understanding of our schedules, shared phone numbers, and decided that we were now friends with benefits. By now, my cock has snaked its way out of my boxer's fly again and was standing under the table and as I stood up to say goodbye, Robert noticed.

"Looks like you could use round two" He smirked at me.

"You took the words right out of my mouth" I chuckled. I went to walk towards him but he beat me to it, rushing me back into my chair and gripping my cock, stroking fast and moving his face close to mine, smiling.

"May I such this thing?" He asked, breathing against my lips.

"Only if you kiss m-" my words were cut off when his lips hit mine with a grin. His lips were salty and soft. I wanted more. But the moment was cut off when his lips fell off mine and he slid to his knees. His lips found my tip, kissing it and licking it. With a cool blow of his breath on my hot time, he chuckled. I moaned.

He opened wide and took the tip into my mouth, sucking the precum out of my slit as he started to massage my balls through my boxers. He reached in and pulled them out of the fly too, massaging them freely now as I moaned. His lips slid down the length of my meat in the most erotic way. It was one fluid and warm motion, slowly sliding all the way to the base with now struggle. He was good.

He was too good. I groan and realized I was already close. He sucked hard, noticing the sudden sturdiness of my meat as I approached orgasm. My legs started to shake. I started to pant and slightly sweat. I bend down and grabbed his head, holding it tight and panting. "Oh shit" I whimpered.

And lick that, I came, shooting a thick load straight down his throat. He swallowed faster than I could have asked him too. I shrived and laid back as he milked me dry until my cock started to soften.

"Goddamn you're good. Do you want one?" I ask, breathlessly as he slide off.

"Oh no. I'm good. I hope you don't mind a cumstain on the floor?" He chuckled and winked. I looked down to see a huge white load all over the groan below the chair.

"Goddamn. I could go for a lot more of this" I chuckled and stood up. Robert stood up too, hugging me, our soft cocks touching.

"I could go for a lot more of this too" He chuckled and grabbing my soft cock. I winced slightly but chuckled. "I have to go and get ready for work. When will you be home?"

"I'm done with class at five. Wanna stop by for some head before dinner?"

"You took the idea out of my mind" He chuckled, pulling on his robe and walking out, turning back to smirk at me. "Oh ya, happy Easter by the way" he smiled and closed the door.

To be continued.


Gay Aidan


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