Jake's Point of View

Finally. It was Thursday, and not only that, Halloween, which meant tonight would be the party, and I had something special planned for Danny afterwards. I couldn't wait.

The whole day was a blur; I couldn't focus on anything the teachers were saying, and for a million dollars I wouldn't be able to tell you what Mike was saying to me as we walked to the parking lot. All I could think about was my sweet beautiful Danny, who I was fantasizing of finally making love to tonight.

As I reached my car, and my Danny, Mike left, saying he'd see us later tonight, and I greeted my boyfriend with a peck on the lips.

"Hey," he said with a smile. "You seem happy. What are you thinking of?"

"Tonight," I said. "After the party." I saw him blush, and I know he knew what I meant.

We got in my car and I started driving. After a few moments of silence, I squeezed his hand. "Baby?" I asked, and he turned to look at me with those big beautiful blue eyes of his.


"Uhm..." Suddenly, I was out of words.

"It's okay," he said, squeezing my hand. "Go ahead. Tell me."

I cleared my throat. "I just want to make sure we're on the same page here... I mean... I love what we've been doing... but I was thinking maybe you'd be ready for... I don't know... more?"

I let the question hang there, holding his hand and staring straight ahead at the road, but then I heard Danny chuckle, and I turned to see him smiling sexily at me.

"Yeah," he said quietly. "I think I'm ready for... more."

Great, I thought, now he's mocking my nervousness, but if he's making jokes, it means he really is okay with this.

Perfect. Plan still in place.

"Alright," I said cheerily, and Danny laughed.

Once we got to his house, instead of going in for a while like I normally did, I just dropped him off and went home, since we both needed time to get ready for the party, and our own little afterparty. We hadn't talked about it outright, but we both knew it was time.


A few hours later, I was showered and dressed in my football uniform, minus the helmet, and I took out my phone to check the time.

9:30 pm. I checked my room one more time, making sure I had all I needed.

The bed was neatly made and sprinkled with rose petals, I had candles on my dresser and nightstand, and inside said nightstand I had a bottle of lube and two condoms.

It'd been an internal debate for me buying those condoms. I'd thought about getting a box, but maybe that would be presumptuous, thinking we'd use that many, but I also didn't want to get just one. I'd done it multiple times in one night before, and this being Danny, I'd probably be hard all night.

That said, I bought two condoms and put them in the drawer.

After saying bye to my mom and making sure she was still going through with our plan, I got in my car and drove to Danny's.

Once I parked in front of his house, I took a deep breath, got out of the car and went to knock on his door.

His dad opened, and he said Danny wasn't ready yet, so I should come in and sit with him for a second. I agreed, and we sat down in front of the TV for a few minutes, and he asked me a about school and football.

Then, Danny came into the room, and though I wouldn´t say anything to hurt his feelings, I was a little disappointed by his choice of costume. He was wearing a brown robe and a magician´s hat. His face still looked beautiful, it couldn't help it, but Danny's sexy little body was all cover up by the brown and baggy atrocity.

"Hey," he said, smiling at me as he entered the room.

"Hey baby," I said, standing up. I kissed him on the cheek and put an arm around his waist. "You ready to go?"

"Yeah," he said, and turning to his parents, "Don't wait up. The party will end really late, so I'll probably just crash there."

"Danny," his dad said with a tone of condescendence, "you can tell us if you're going to Jake's. It's fine. We trust you guys."

Danny turned crimson, having been caught. Apparently he was on the same page as me, since I was planning on having him sleep on my bed with me that night.

"Well," Danny said nervously, "see you guys later then. Bye." Taking me by the hand, he quickly pulled me out the door and to my car. Once we were leaning on it and far away from the door, he let out the breath he'd been holding. "Oh my god!" he said. "How the hell does he do that?! It's like he can read my mind!"

I laughed. "He's your dad, baby. It's what they do. Besides, you're a terrible liar."

He narrowed his eyes at me, trying to look hurt, but then he smiled. He knew it was true.

"I'll take that as a compliment," he said, looking up at me from under his lashes.

"It was," I said, kissing the tip of his nose.

A few minutes later, we were sitting in my car and I was driving to Mike's house. He was hosting the party. His parents were really wealthy and his house was huge, so every time someone wanted to throw a party they'd ask Mike to host it. He always did, and his parents didn't mind, since he was a nice guy, never got in trouble, played football but didn't neglect academics; all in all he was a pretty good guy and my best friend. He was my equivalent of Danny's Rachel.

Once we got to Mike's street, I had to park really far away, since there were so many cars there wasn't space anywhere near the house, so I parked, and as I killed the engine and ran around to the other side to Danny, my jaw dropped.

Danny had taken off his stupid magician hat, and when he pulled off his robe, I noticed his real costume.

He was wearing his cross country uniform -- his really, really short and impossibly tight shorts and tank top. He looked delicious. That tank top displayed his beautifully toned arms and torso, and those shorts! Oh god, those shorts! They were so short and tight they displayed his beautiful strong, muscled, and silky smooth legs, and noticing I was staring, Danny did a little twirl for me, and I'm pretty sure I started drooling when I saw him from behind. The uniform did a wonderful job of showing off his tiny waist and the curve of his beautiful bubble butt.

"Holy shit, Danny," I said, trying to get my bearings. "Is that your costume?"

"Yeah," he said, smiling at me. It wasn't his usual smile, it was the same one he gave me that afternoon in the car -- the sexy one. He was being very flirtatious today, and I loved it. "Why, what did you think?" he asked, hooking his hands behind my neck. "That I was gonna wear that stupid bag all night? I just didn't want my parents seeing me like this. We're still on the honeymoon stage, babe, I gotta make myself sexy for you." He said all this with a smile, and then bit his lip lightly. I was rock hard in a second.

"You don't need to do shit to be sexy, Danny. You're already the sexiest fucking thing in the world." And with that, I grabbed him by the back of the head and slammed our mouths together, not that he was complaining, since he immediately opened up for me.

He pulled back soon after, and smiled at me. "Have I ever told you how sexy you look in your uniform?" he asked, stroking my stubble with one hand. "You look very manly."

"And you look like a wet dream in yours," I said before claiming his mouth again.

After kissing for a few seconds, I couldn't help myself any longer, and my hands trailed down his back to his firm round buttocks and I started kneading them in my palms as we kissed, while Danny rubbed his hands across my chest.

"Okay!" Danny said, pulling back from our kiss with a loud pop. "We can't do this here, mister. Someone could see us."

"What do you say we go back to my place then?" I suggested, still grabbing onto his generous ass.

"No," he said firmly, and he must've been the hurt on my face for the quick dismissal, 'cause he soon rectified, "I mean not yet," with a smile. "We said we were coming to this party and we're already here. We should go in."

"Alright," I said with a sigh. "But I'm only doing this 'cause I love you." It wasn't really a sacrifice, I was looking forward to this party, but I just wanted an excuse to tell him that I loved him. It was my hope that if I kept saying it, he'd eventually feel comfortable enough to say it back.

Instead of answering, Danny just smiled and kissed me sweetly on the lips. It was a deep, powerful kiss, but it was brief, and soon he grabbed my hand and after locking the car, we walked hand in hand down the sidewalk towards the house.


To say the party was fun would be a huge understatement. It was a blast.

As soon as we entered, we were greeted by an already pretty drunk Mike, who gave us both a bear hug and said he was glad we'd made it. When Mike drank, which wasn't often, he got very affectionate.

"I love you guys so much!" he kept telling me and Danny, and pretty much everyone at the party, really, and he kept introducing us to people as "the two morons who finally got together." It was adorable for a few minutes, but then we managed to get away from his drunken hugs and went to the kitchen to get some drinks.

After both me and Danny got a few drinks, we were warmed up and went into the living room where, furniture pushed aside, people were dancing, and it was so much fun, dancing with Danny, feeling the buzz and not caring anyone would notice the way I looked at him anymore. What was even better was the way he kept grinding on me, pushing his butt into my groin, then turning around and kissing me right there in front of everyone.

Rachel was there too, her long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and wearing a short and very tigh nurse costume. She looked very sexy... you know, for a girl.

At the end of the night, every single person at the party must've told us at least once how cute of a couple we were. Everyone except for one person: Steven Price.

He kept looking at us sideways when he thought we couldn't see him, and when Danny left me sitting on one of the couches to get us some new drinks from the kitchen, Steven followed him, and I knew he was up to no good.


Danny's Point of View

I went into the kitchen to grab Jake and myself some more drinks, but after deciding I was buzzed enough for the night, I just poured us some coke onto the cups and started heading back into the living room when a guy in a football uniform stood in my way.

"Hey," I said, instinctively thinking it was Jake, but when he didn't respond I forced my bleary eyes too look at him, and I realized he wasn't as tall as my boyfriend, and he was blonde. "Steven!" I said. "Hey, sorry, thought you were Jake." I chuckled to myself. That wasn't really funny, but in my state everything was funny. Apparently Steven didn't feel the same, 'cause he didn't laugh, so I tried to walk past him out of the kitchen, but he stepped into my path, preventing me from escaping, and I turned to see his face -- his red, angry face. "Is everything okay?" I asked.

"How dare you?!" he snarled, startling me.

"What are you talking about?" I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, and the room was starting to spin.

"You know damn well what I'm talking about, you hypocritical piece of shit! How could you do this to me?!"

"Hey! Back the fuck off him!" I heard from behind him, and then Steven was pulled back and pushed out of my way by Jake.

"Don't fucking touch me!" Steven screamed, and the music stopped. The party had suddenly stopped, and everyone was looking at us in silence now, waiting to see what was gonna happen. "You touch me again and I will break your fucking hand!" Steven continued, and when he tried to take a step toward Jake, he stumbled and had to grab onto the wall in order to stay afoot, and I, as everyone else, realized just how drunk he was.

"You motherfucker!" Steven pointed his finger at me once he got his balance back, and Jake stood beside me, an arm possessively and protectively thrown over my shoulder. "How could you leave me for him? You don't even like him, you're just trying to get back at me. I bet you even let him fuck you, just to spite me!" I gasped. I couldn't believe this was happening -- Steven was drunkenly outing himself in front of everyone. "Am I right?" he asked, this time to Jake. "Have you fucked him yet?" I could tell Jake was ready to strike him, but I put an arm around his waist and squeezed him, telling him to stay there. "You fucking slut!" he yelled at me again. "I wooed you for two months, and you never even gave me a blowjob, and now this asshole shows up and you let him fuck you in six days? You whore!"

That was it. I let go of Jake, silently giving him the go, and his fist made contact with my ex's nose half a second later.

"Ow! Motherfucker!!" Cried Steven from the floor, and Mike and Ian hurried to stop Jake from hitting him again, while some other people helped Steven to his feet, and I approached him.

"You can talk about me all you want," I told him quietly, but the room was so silent I'm sure everybody heard me. "But you will not talk about this relationship. What Jake and I do or don't do is none of your fucking business, and yes, you may have 'wooed' me for two months," I made sure to add the air quotes, "but Jake has been doing it for three years, and he has never once pushed me to do anything I don't want to do, which is something I can't say about you. And by the way, you're the one that broke up with me, so you have absolutely no right to be judging me for moving on. Stay the fuck out of our relationship and our lives." Without further due, I grabbed Jake's hand in mine and walked out of the house.


Jake and I walked hand in hand silently down the sidewalk. Neither one of us said anything until we were both sitting in the car and the engine started. Then Jake took my hand again and squeezed it.

"Thank you baby," he said, looking down. When he looked up, I saw his eyes brimmed with tears. "Thank you for standing up for our relationship. You have no idea how much that meant to me."

I reached out to him and hugged him tightly, and when he hugged me back and started shaking, I knew he was crying.

I had to do something. I had to comfort him. And that's when I knew. It was time.

"Jake," I said, and pushed him back lightly with my hands on his chest. He still had his arms around my back, and he looked at me with his beautiful bright green eyes. "I love you." His eyes welled up again, and his bottom lip trembled. I raised my right hand to his beautiful face and caressed his cheek. "I love you, Jake Moss. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"Baby..." he whispered, and next thing I knew, I was pushed back into the car door and Jake's tongue was inside my mouth.

It was an intense kiss -- more so than usual. It was sweet and tender, but passionate nonetheless. Like I'd told Rachel, Jake was an amazing kisser. I just wished I'd been the one he'd learned to kiss like that with, but, oh well, he was mine now, and I'd be dammed if I let him go.

"Let's go," I found myself saying before I realized it. "Let's go to your house. Now. I need you, Jake. Right now."

He groaned and bit his lip. "God, baby," he said. "I need you too. So bad. I love you so fucking much." Then, after kissing me for another minute, he put the car into gear and sped out of there.


Jake's Point of View

Ten minutes later, Danny and I were naked, rolling on my bed together.

As soon as we got inside my room, he saw the rose petals and candles, and he jumped on top of me, kissing me all over.

"Oh my god, Jake," he said between kisses. "This is so romantic. I love you."

I tried to suppress the tears that sentence brought into my eyes and smiled my most sincere smile to him. "I love you too, baby," I said. "I want to make this special for you. You deserve it."

He grabbed both my hands in his and looked up at me with a shy little smile. "So this is it, then? We're doing it?"

I leaned down and kissed his full lips. "Yeah. We are." I saw then in his eyes the last thing I wanted to see -- hesitation. "Unless you don't want to," I quickly added. "If you're not ready, I'll wait as long as you need."

"No," he said, shaking his head quickly. "I don't need any more time. I want this. I want you -- right here, right now... I'm just a little nervous."

I smiled. "Don't be. Baby, you have nothing to be nervous about. I love you, and I'll take care of you, I promise. I won't hurt you."

"I know," he said, putting his arms around my neck. "I trust you. And I love you too."

After that, clothes flew off, and the next thing I knew, Danny was straddling me and grinding his gorgeous naked ass into my swollen penis while I massaged his ass.

I loved the fact that his butt, his legs, and everything else about him was shaved smooth. That way I could run my hands all over his toned and slightly tanned little body and feel only soft, warm skin.

I, on the other hand, was more on the pale side, and my chest, legs and arms were covered in soft dark hairs, and I'd never really given it much thought, but the way Danny kept rubbing it, sliding his hands all over me, caressing my chest and abs while we kissed, it made it seem like he was really into it, and it made me like it too.

I kept grabbing and kneading the firm globes of his luscious ass, and eventually started sliding one spit soaked finger up and down the crack of his ass, causing him to moan lustfully.

"Do you have lube?" Danny asked all of a sudden. "I want you. Now."

"Yeah," I nodded frantically, trying to catch my breath. In case I hadn't said so, Danny was a fantastic kisser. The way he sucked my tongue into his mouth made me think of something else I could be putting in there. "But that'll come later. First I have to get you ready."

He looked confused for a second, but in a flash I had him lying on his stomach on the bed, and after retrieving the lube from the nightstand, I settled myself behind his butt.

"Wha --?" he started to ask, but it turned into a moan when I parted his cheeks with both hands and dove in face first.

I had dreamed of doing this for the past three years, but no fantasy I could have ever conjured could possibly compare to having Danny and his beautiful body laid bare in front of me, completely at my disposal. To have him naked, moaning and writhing under my tongue's ministrations on his beautifully smooth pink hole was a dream come true.

"Oh... god... Jake," Danny moaned, burying his face in my pillow and fisting the sheets. "I never... imagined... uhhh... oh god!... so good..."

I continued licking the beautiful rosebud that is Danny's sphincter, alternating between broad sweeps of my tongue from his perineum to the base of his spine and pursing my tongue and pushing it into his slowly widening hole.

As Danny relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of getting rimmed for the first time, his hole opened up enough to let the tip of my tongue inside, and I removed my right hand from parting his ass to open the bottle of lube.

Once I had my index finger nice and slick, I removed my face from the place that had officially become my favorite place on earth, and I started sliding the lubed finger up and down his cleft, massaging and caressing the little wrinkles around his hole, and closing in on the center. After a few seconds, I put my finger on the target and slowly pushed in, and it was surprisingly easy. Either I was doing a good job relaxing him, or Danny had done this before.

When my finger started easily gliding in and out, I pulled it out, lubed up another one, and pushed them both in. Expecting more resistance than the last time, I again was surprised at finding almost none. Then I started pulling them out and pushing them back in, and when Danny raised his hips and rolled them, making my fingers come in direct contact with his prostate, I knew for sure he'd done this before, and I couldn't help but want to kill Steven Price.

"Jake," Danny moaned, raising and rolling his hips once more. "Please. I need more. I've done this before myself, like a million times. I'm ready. Please just make love to me, I'm begging you."

Okay, that calmed me down. So Steven hadn't done this to him, he had done it himself. That was hot. Really hot. I couldn't help but picture Danny on his bed at night, fingering himself while he, hopefully, thought of me. Still, the fact that he put his fingers in there regularly didn't mean he was ready for the real thing. I don't like bragging, but I knew I was big, and the last thing I wanted was to hurt him, so I renewed my probing of his ass with my fingers and started a little scissoring motion.

"Hang in there, baby," I said. "I told you, I'll take care of you."

When his hole was relaxed enough, I added another lubed finger, and then another, and by then Danny was moaning uncontrollably while I had four fingers easily sliding in and out of him, and I knew he was ready.

While I rubbed his prostate, I reached for a condom from the nightstand with my other hand, but when Danny saw it he stopped me.

"No," he said, breathless.

"No what?" I asked, confused. "Am I doing something wrong?"

"No," he panted. I was still rubbing his inner spot. "I don't want you to use a condom."

"Baby --" I started, but he stopped me.

"I know what you're gonna say, alright? We need to be safe, and you don't wanna put me at risk and all that, but I just have one question for you." He was looking past his own raised butt at me. "Have you ever had sex with anyone without a condom?"

"No," I said, and I meant it. "Never."

"Then we don't need it," he simply reasoned.

I nodded. It was true, I'd always played safe, and he was a virgin, so there was no risk of either one of us getting anything, and besides, I wanted to feel myself buried inside him without any barriers, and more than anything I wanted to mark him with my seed.

"Alright baby," I said, removing my fingers from inside him and coating my shaft with lube. "Get ready. Both our lives are about to change. We're fulfilling our destiny right now, Danny. We were born for this. You were meant for me."

He smiled seductively and raised himself onto his hands and knees. "Then who am I to go against fate?" he said, arching his back, and giving me a drool-worthy view of his stunning backside. "Let's do it. Give us what we both need, Jake. Take me."

Hearing him say that, I almost explode right there, but I held off, 'cause he was right, I had to do this. We both wanted it, we both needed it, and it was long overdue.

I grabbed him by the waist with both hands and scooted closer 'till the head of my dick came in contact with his pink hole, making us both shudder. I pushed a little and it started stretching, so I pressed harder still, but then it suddenly clamped down, shutting me out.

"Sorry," I heard Danny mumble.

"It's okay, baby," I said and started running my hands up and down his muscular back. "Just relax." He nodded slightly and took a deep breath.

Suddenly, his hole relaxed and the head of my dick popped in. I groaned in pleasure, feeling the soft, hot grip of his ring on my dick, and Danny let out a loud moan.

I leaned forward, resting my front on his back, supporting my weight with my arms on the bed, surrounding him, and whispered in his ear. "Baby, are you okay? Does it hurt?"

"No," he panted, eyes closed. "It doesn't hurt, it just feels... weird. Give me a little more." I happily complied, slowly sliding one inch into his warm tunnel. He moaned again. "More." One more inch. Another moan. Another inch. More moaning. "More," Danny pleaded.

I slid all the way in, burying myself completely inside Danny's ass and grinding my hips into him.

He threw his head back and moaned.

"You okay, Danny?" I asked. "How do you feel?"

"Full," he said, breathing hard. "Really full."

I chuckled. "I figured, but what I meant was, does it hurt, or does it feel good?" We were both speaking quietly, but in the complete silence of my room all I heard was Danny's beautiful voice.

"I'm not sure yet. I think you need to move." He pushed back with his ass.

"Alright," I said, kissing his temple and straightening up, taking hold of his hips. "Just tell me if you need me to slow down, okay?"

He nodded, and I pulled my dick back about an inch, and then slowly slid back in. As my pubes made contact with his smooth cheeks, I felt the head of my dick rubbing against his prostate. There was another loud moan, and I smiled to myself. This was going perfectly. I was already buried completely inside him, and I'd managed to do that without hurting him. Now all I had to do was get him used to the thrusting. No problem -- it would be my pleasure. Literally.

I pulled back again, this time a little more, and when I started pushing back in, Danny pushed back.

"Yes," I heard him moan when I rubbed his prostate again, this time deliberately. "Go faster, Jake. I'm ready. Please, faster."

I pulled back about three inches and gave a little experimental thrust forward, which was rewarded by a deep moan from him. Gaining confidence, I started setting a pace, thrusting in and out of that beautiful boy that was my boyfriend, and Danny was making all those sexy little noises that I loved.

I have to say, up close, his muscular back, trim waist and round ass looked more magnificent than I ever could've imagined, especially with his pretty pink hole being stretched by the girth of my cock pounding in and out of him.

It had always been my perfect part of sex, to see the hole of whatever guy I was fucking stretching around my girth. It was also nice to hear them moaning, letting me know it was good for them too, but without any emotion to it whatsoever. All the emotion being shared was between my dick and their holes, but with Danny it wasn't like that. He had the most beautiful body out of anyone I'd ever fucked, but our connection didn't stop there. I loved him, he loved me, and I had to acknowledge that.

After doing him doggy style for about five minutes, I pulled out of Danny's ass and flipped him onto his back, eliciting a gasp from him. He looked a little confused for a second, but when I pushed his legs back and kneeled in between them, he realized what was going on and smiled. I smiled back.

"Is it good baby?" I asked him, sinking my whole dick inside him in one swift thrust.

He threw his head back with a gasp. "It's amazing!" he panted.

I leaned forward and covered his perfect body with mine, putting my face beside his, and whispered in his ear. "Good."

For the next ten minutes, there was no more talking, just the sound of our bodies slapping together when I bottomed out and the squishing sounds of Danny's hot ass, besides, of course, constant moaning and grunting on both our parts.

Then suddenly, Danny put both hands on my chest and pushed. "On your back," he ordered.

I was a little taken aback, but complied after a second, and as soon as I was settled on the bed, he straddled me and quickly slid down my entire shaft. He then put his hands on my chest and used them for leverage as he started bouncing up and down, impaling himself on my dick every time.

I grabbed his thighs and started thrusting up into him, meeting his thrust half way.

"God, Danny," I groaned, my eyes rolling to the back of my head. "You're fantastic." Then I opened my eyes again, because as much pleasure as I was in, I had to see him, his strong beautiful legs straining in effort as he used them to bounce on my dick, his rock hard dick bouncing up and down as he rode me, his abs flexing and relaxing with his movements, his strong round shoulders, his graceful neck, and his gorgeous face contorted with pleasure, and his golden-brown bangs swaying back and forth. Then he opened his eyes, and his clear blue eyes pierced into my soul.

I loved Danny's eyes. They're normally the color of a peaceful morning sky, and whenever I was feeling down or stressed, all I had to do was look into his eyes and they would soothe me, but in that moment, while we were making love for the first time, looking into his eyes was like looking into blue fire. There was so much emotion in them, such strong feelings, that all they did was fuel the passion building within me, and I grabbed him by the back of his neck and pulled him down into a kiss, all the while thrusting my hips up into him.

We kissed and kissed, and Danny was rotating his hips in circles and squeezing his hole around me like he'd been doing this for years.

Suddenly, I felt myself getting closer and closer to the edge, my dick aching and begging for release, but I couldn't do it -- not without making Danny cum first, so I rolled us over and started fucking him missionary, picking up the pace and putting my all into it.

By that point we were both covered in sweat and the room was filled with the sounds we were making -- the moaning, the sexy whimpers coming from Danny, the loud smack of my balls against his ass, and the smacking of our lips together.

"Baby," I desperately panted. "I'm almost there. I'm so close, Danny, but I don't wanna get there without you. What else can I do for you?"

Danny's eyes opened and focused on me, and I was overwhelmed by all the love I found there.

"I'm already there," he said, smiling. "You're amazing, Jake. I'm about to blow too, I was just holding back waiting for you. I want us to do it at the same time."

I groaned and thrust harder. "Holy fuck, baby, I love you so much!"

We kissed then, and that was it, I started cumming inside Danny's ass, never missing a beat on his gorgeous backside. I fucked him all through both our orgasms, and the tight grip of his ring clamping down on me as he painted both our stomachs and chest with his cum was bliss. When we were both totally drained, my hips ground hard into my baby's body and I collapsed on top of him.

Danny's hands and legs went around me and he held me tight as we both heaved and panted, trying to get our breaths back. Then Danny started laughing, and I couldn't help but join him.

"That was awesome!" he yelled, and I laughed even harder.

"You have no idea how glad I am you thought so," I told him, kissing his temple.

"Seriously," he continued, running his hands through my hair lovingly and gazing up at the ceiling. "I'd been thinking and fantasizing about this moment for years -- ever since I first realized I was gay, and I was always scared it would never live up to the expectations I'd built for it over the years, but... my god, Jake," He looked back down at me, and we gazed into each other's eyes, and I could see his calm beautiful baby blue eyes were back. "That was perfect. It was absolutely and unbelievably perfect. Thank you. Thank you so damn much." He grabbed my face in both hands and started covering it with light kisses. "I love you, I love you, I love you!"

My eyes were tearing up, but I was smiling. I'd never been happier in my life. "I should be the one thanking you baby," I honestly told him. "You made my every fantasy come true. The fact you enjoyed this just as much as I did is incredible. For three years I'd dreamed about this moment, and now my dream came true. Thank you, baby. I fucking love you."

He laughed and gave me one more kiss. Then I settled my head on his smooth chest and he started running his fingers in my hair again, and we stayed like that for long minutes, eyes closed, breathing together and enjoying the afterglow of the best moment of both our lives.

"You know what I think?" Danny asked all of a sudden.

"What, baby?" I asked, chuckling.

"I'm thinking, if we already fulfilled your biggest dream, then we need to find you a new one. No one can go through life without a dream. We need a purpose -- a goal. Something to work for."

"I know," I said, and I kissed the side of his neck. "And guess what?"


"I already found a new dream."


"Yeah. I mean, it's not really a new dream, per say, it's just something I'd never allowed myself to think too much about before... but now that we're together... now that you're mine... I think it's okay to let me think about it."

"What is it?" he asked softly. "You wanna tell me about it?"

I nodded.

I took a deep breath, and just let it out.

"I want to marry you." Danny's hands stilled in my hair, and I could feel his breath catch in his chest. "Relax, baby, I'm not proposing. I'm just saying... one day... I want to marry you. When the time is right -- when we both graduate from college, get settled in our jobs, and have a house and all that -- I want us to get married and have babies." Danny giggled, letting go of the breath he'd been holding, and I looked up into his beautiful smiling face. "I love you, Daniel Morrison, and nothing will make me happier than spending the rest of my life with you."

Danny smiled and brought a soft hand to my face. "I want that too. I love you, Jacob Moss, and it would be my honor to be your husband."

Looking into the deep blue ocean that was Danny's eyes, I knew he meant every word, and I raised myself onto my hands and kissed him hard.

Danny then wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me more passionately than ever. He tightened his legs' grip on my waist and pushed my once again rock hard penis deeper inside him.

"Baby, are you sure you want to go again?" I asked. I wanted nothing more than to make love to him again, but he had to be sore, and I would never want to hurt him. From now on, Danny would always come first for me.

"Yes," Danny simply said and kissed me again. "We're on our honeymoon, babe. We have to do it as many times as we possibly can." His smile was bright and beautiful, and it reaffirmed what I already knew: my Danny was perfect.

"I fucking love you Danny," I said and pushed him down against the bed as I started thrusting into him again.

"I love you too, Jake" he managed to say, before a moan ripped out of his throat as I hit his prostate, and I couldn't help but think... this was heaven.

The End.


Eric Morrison

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