There were four urinals in a row in the clean, well-lit room. They were the kind that stuck way out into the room, with a large bowl at about knee level. There were no partitions between them. Standing at one offered no privacy at all. I was hesitant, thinking I'd go into the privacy of one of the four booths on the other side of the room, but I really had to take a leak and no one else was in the room, so I whipped out my dick.

Just as my stream started, a guy took the urinal right next to me, unzipping his fly as he moved. The meat he tugged out was impressive. He wasn't showing it off, I figured, it's just that nothing blocked my view of it. He stood there but did not begin to urinate. I had not heard him come in and figured he came out of one of the booths.

As my bright yellow flow streamed noisily into the bowl, his meat began to enlarge. I couldn't help myself, I watched in fascination. He was on my right, and he waggled the large cock with his right hand. I looked up into his face. He was grinning.

"How ya doin'?" he asked in a low, gruff voice. He was very handsome, in a masculine, rough sort of way.

"You a cop, or somethin'," I asked pointedly. His direct, very sexual, approach worried me. I'd heard stories.

"I ain't no fuckin' cop, kid," he said sincerely, adding, "I'm just a horny guy who needs a good blowjob." He started a massaging, pumping movement on the big cock as it continued to enlarge and as I continued to watch in fascination.

"Oh!" I responded, surprised at his bluntness. I was also surprised at the size of the weapon he was so flagrantly exposing. I knew it would erect to one of the largest I had ever seen. It was impossible to keep myself from looking at it; from admiring it. From wanting it!

"D'ya even know how to give a good blowjob? Or are you too young? You even old enough to be hangin' around in a place like this? Just how old are you anyway?" he demanded.

I was surprised. This restroom didn't seem to be a place to be referred to as "like this," if you know what I mean. It was just a men's room.

"I'm eighteen," I insisted, feeling somehow that I had to defend myself. It was a strange emotion. I was proud of my age, yet annoyed that he thought he had to ask how old I was.

He waggled the expanding meat at me, again. "Well, that answers the age question. What about the other question?" I guess I looked puzzled. He added, in a husky whisper, leaning close, "You DO suck cock, don't you, man? I mean, your dick's gettin' nice and hard from lookin' at my hard dick. That means you're interested, don't it?"

I looked up at his face. I could see sexual desire written all over it. He wanted me to say yes. I wanted to say yes. But, yet, I was hesitant.

"I might be sort of interested," I admitted, "but I would never do anything here, in public, like this."

He smiled broadly, looking rather handsome, and grabbed me by the elbow.

"Com'on," he insisted, pulling me away from the urinals, "these booths are real private. You'll see." And he opened the nearest booth in a row of four booths. "Go on in," he demanded, releasing his grip on my arm.

It occurred to me at that moment I could have easily bolted from the room. It seemed as though he was even offering me the chance to bolt if I really wanted to. But I did not want to leave, so I meekly entered the booth, internally energized by the prospect of carnal contact with this randy guy.

As he pressed in beside me, closing the door, he grabbed my still exposed cock. Shock waves tore through my abdomen, delighting me.

"This is how you suck cock, kid," he whispered. Then, he bent over and slurped in two-thirds of my erection in one swoop, sucking strongly and swirling his tongue.

I put a hand on his shoulder and rose up onto my toes, humping cock into him, completely amazed at his skill, technique, and enthusiasm. Suddenly, I felt his lips at my balls! Without effort, he had taken my almost nine-inch cock down to the bone! Way down into his throat! Immediately, I realized that this was true cocksucking! It wasn't the kissing, lapping, licking, tentative knob-sucking while pumping the shaft that several of my friends and I had been doing, even though we thought ourselves so sophisticated. And even though it had been so erotic! So much fun! No, this was serious cocksucking! Now I understood what was meant when I had heard the term "deep-throating!" Now I wanted to improve my own skill, knowing that I love cock and really love drinking fresh, hot, cum!

I felt my jeans slide down and felt his hands rubbing my ass and thighs. Then, his hand smoothly slid onto my balls and tugged gently. Electric currents fired off throughout my body. I thought I would reach orgasm immediately. But then, his other hand, which had slipped up under my T-shirt, suddenly gruffly pinched a nipple so hard that I cried out in pain. "Ouch!" My urge to rise into orgasm vanished.

He popped off of my erection with a noisy pop.

He grinned at me. "What a great cock, man!" he sighed with obvious sincerity.

I loved the flattery.

"I didn't mean to hurt you," he added, "it's just that it felt like you were about to come, and I wanted you to suck my cock, first. Sometimes, after a guy comes, he doesn't like to suck cock any more."

"Oh, I see," I admitted.

"Here," he said quietly, standing tall and exposing his giant erection to me. It looked fully expanded to its maximum dimensions, leaking lines of fluid, and as ready as I had ever seen a cock be ready, even my own. My eyes grew huge.

Try it!" he encouraged softly.

Something made me hesitate. I think it was the fear that I would not be able to give him pleasure at the level he had just given me.

As if reading my mind he said, "Just see if you like doing it. Just suck it! Don't even try to take all of it, like I just sucked yours. I've got experience. It's okay. You'll give me tremendous pleasure if you just try to suck my cock! Please!"

The "Please!" was unnecessary. I was going to suck his cock and suck it for all I was worth. I just needed a little encouragement, and he gave me more than I expected. And, somehow, his repetition of words like "suck it" and "suck my cock," seemed to enflame my desire even further. I wanted to suck his cock!

As I leaned towards his tall standing erection, slowly lowering my head, he sighed, "Yeah. Do it! Suck my cock!"

I licked at the hot, wet, head. It tasted wonderful and the flowing lube was hot and delicious, just as others had been. But this cockhead was easily twice the size as any other I had had at my lips. Although its size concerned me, it did not stop me. I suddenly sucked the entire, plump, helmet-shaped cockhead into my mouth. It filled my mouth completely and immediately put pressures on my tongue and on the roof of my mouth that felt amazing. I sucked! I felt the cockhead swell, enlarge and harden. It felt spectacular! A real man's cock in my mouth! But I knew enough about cocksucking to know that his reactions did not mean he was about to ejaculate. I would have to work for that! And work I did!

I forced my tongue along the "v" of his cockhead, moving it erotically. His response was to hump his hips at me, sending the huge cockhead to press against the back of my mouth at my throat. He wanted "in" I knew. I relaxed and tongued some more. Another hump sent half of the cockhead into my throat. I thought I might gag, but did not. I backed off. He seemed to understand. He waited a moment and then tried another thrust. It felt good to feel the giant cock working to lodge itself in my throat and I relaxed even more. This is what I really wanted – a strong cock plunging into my tight, hot throat. He pulled back and then thrust forward strongly, sliding the entire cockhead down into my throat, followed by several inches of his tremendous man-meat. The shaft itself caused my lips to oval tightly around it. Then he pulled back slightly, humped forward, pulled back, humped forward, pulled back, humped forward, and pulled back, till he was really fucking my mouth expertly. It was heavenly. And he was slowly inching that mammoth cock down my throat. I had really thought it impossible. It had never really occurred to me that cocksucking could be so dramatically fulfilling.

As if by inspiration, I realized that I could easily parry to his thrusts! I could draw back as he pulled back, and push my face down on that hard meat just as he humped forward. The immediate result was elongating the length of the strokes into my throat. Suddenly, his entire, long, fat cock was riding its length into my throat. Suddenly, electrically, I felt his balls thud against my chin!

"Ugh!" he whimpered. "You've just taken me down to the balls, kid! What a blowjob! This is better than anything I had ever hoped for, anything I had ever expected when I saw your sexy ass standing at that toilet. You CAN suck cock! A couple more slurps on this fat dick of mine, and you're gonna get a geyser of cum down your throat. Want it?"

He was letting me decide if I wanted to swallow his load. I thought that was very nice of him, but there was no way I was going to say no. My reaction was to reach around and grip his ass tightly as I pulled him into me. He reached bottom when his balls were at my lower lip and my forehead was pressed as tightly against his abdomen as it could get. At this moment, I felt his balls quiver, his cockshaft expand, and I knew he had shot a wad of semen deeply into my throat. But I needed to taste it, so I pulled back to capture the exploding cockhead in my mouth and received a huge blast of cum, filling my mouth so completely that I was forced to swallow. Again, and again, and again, over and over, he filled my mouth with the best tasting semen I had ever had. I savored it completely and swallowed it with gusto. I can't remember so heavy a load of cum as that first load from him. He just kept coming! It was magnificent!

"Whoa!" he hissed after the longest time of spurting sperm into me. "Ease up, man! You got my entire load! What a great cocksucker! Man, you're the best! Ooh! What a load! Let me just slip out. That's it. That was wonderful!" He sounded amazingly sincere.

I loved the flattery and knew I had moved into a new realm of sexual enjoyment.

"Did you pop your wad?" he wanted to know.

"Almost," I admitted. "That was wonderful. You've got an amazing cock. Sucking it like that was so good that I had to concentrate on not blowing my wad in case you wanted some, yourself."

"That's really great, kid, but I want you to take care of my friend, first." He moved aside and I saw an equally big cock standing tall through a hole in the wall.

I was dumbstruck! But delighted! I had just graduated to a new level of cocksucking and here was another giant cock waiting to let me hone my newly improved skill on. What could be better? Even so, I was somewhat torn between wanting to suck cock in front of this big guy (sensing perhaps some embarrassment from being watched,) yet wanting to get my cock sucked to climax before he'd take off. My cock was ready to blow, man, that's for fuckin' sure! It was pulsating, pumping out oozing lube.

"I can understand your hesitation," he said quietly. "Why am I letting you suck my friend's cock when you know I could suck it myself so good?" He grinned, adding, "And I can see how ready to pop you are, your cock's so rigid, shiny, and leaking lines of goo."

I nodded eagerly, hoping he'd interpret it correctly and go down on me right now!

"A guy senses when this type of heavy sex play is new to a guy. You are new to it, I know, but you take to it like a true macho fucker. I want to make this encounter real special. While you suck this big cock you're salivating for, I want to slip my dick up your hot, tight ass!" With that his big hand grabbed a cheek of my ass and massaged it erotically!

"Oh!" I cried out, amazed at the electric currents speeding throughout my entire body! I thought I was gong to come on the spot! My body reacted by pushing my ass against his firm hand while beginning to rotate my hips in a lewdly inviting way, amazing myself. A streak of wanton desire flashed through me! I wanted to be fucked! I'd only toyed with my ass with fingers. Getting fucked by this big fucker was as exciting an idea, as it was fear inducing.

"Ooh! Man! You want it!" he sighed huskily. "I can feel your body begging for me to put my hard cock into your ass! Yeah, move this firm ass for me. Now, lemme watch you suck that big, stiff cock sticking up out of this glory hole, while I slip into you. Don't worry! I ain't gonna rape you, or hurt you. I know what I'm doing and you're gonna love it! That's it! Suck that cock!"

The beauty of the deeply colored cock drew my mouth like a magnet. It smelled masculine and sexy. It slowly slipped between my lips, expanded and throbbed. I sucked. Hard! I tried to focus on the pleasure of tasting and sucking this cock, the second really big cock of my life, but concerns about what was happening behind me divided my attention.

My ass was being played with. Hands were prying apart my butt cheeks, while massaging the muscles and while fingers were sliding around my tiny little pucker. It felt good. Then, suddenly, my cheeks were spread apart as wide as possible and a face pressed in between them. Immediately, a tongue lapped at the surfaces near the small hole and, then, licked at the hole, itself! It was magical! I felt my hole relax. The stiff tongue slid right in! My whole body tingled with electricity caused by the wonderful tongue! It felt fantastic as it began to push in and out as it tongue-fucked me.

A finger moved up to nestle against the tongue for a moment, then it slipped in as the tongue pulled out.

"Umh," I groaned softly as the finger plied at the surfaces.

"Yeah, suck that cock!" he whispered loudly, his breath puffing against my ass in unexpected eroticism.

I realized that he wanted to divert my attention away from his efforts.

"Yeah, kid," a husky voice agreed from the other side of the wooden wall, "Suck my dick! Suck it hard. That's it! Yeah, get it down that tight, hot throat of yours. Umm! That's it! Suck it! Man! Ugh! You can suck! Ooh! That feels great!"

I had to admit to myself that his carnal grunts and sexy comments thrilled me as he pumped cock into my throat.

A second finger joined the first, increasing the pressures of plying apart the lips of my anus. But I kept sucking.

Then, as I felt my sphincter relaxing, I felt the head of his big cock slid up against his fingers and my asshole. I wondered if it would be too big for me to handle.

"Stay calm," he sighed soothingly, as he slid his naked chest up my back and whispered in my ear, "You're gonna love this! And so am I!" His cockhead pressed against my pucker. "Relax," he whispered again. "And keep suckin' cock, you tight, sexy cock-lover!"

I actually became capable of concentrating on both pleasure centers. I was sucking at the highest level of my maturing skill while aware, but wary about, the pressures at my ass, when, suddenly, my sphincter relaxed and the entire cockhead plunged in! At the momentary searing pain, I grunted.

"Kid, you're sucking so good, I'm gonna fill you with my hot, fresh load. I'm gonna come. Ya ready? Ugh! Here... Ugh! Ugh!! And flood s of semen bolted out of that huge cockhead and filled my mouth over and over as I swallowed and swallowed his hot load.

At the very same time, with my attention diverted to swallowing that fast flow of great jism, the cock in my ass slid in an inch or two. I realized that these two guys were working as a team!

"That got it, kid! You took it all! You are great! I'm pulling back, now," he told us. He slipped his wonderful cock out of my mouth.

"Now, we're really gonna have some fun!" the guy behind me whispered loudly into my ear. With that, he straightened me up and said, "Wait till ya feel how great it is to come while yer bein' fucked in the ass!" As I was straightening up I felt a couple more inches of cock slide up into me.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Yeah, man, slip that big cock of yours through the glory hole and let my partner suck it for you! With my cock in ya, you'll shoot the biggest and best load of your life. And, as ya keep gettin' fucked, you'll have another amazing orgasm and probably a third, too, or more, you're such a hot, sexy dude."

I didn't know what he meant, exactly, but I felt a thrill of expectation that this sex romp would continue. As soon as my cockhead entered the glory hole, thick, hot lips sucked it in and allowed me to pound it home. Immediately, I found that thrusting my cock into him caused my ass to pull away from the cock in my ass. So, I pulled my cock back, and my ass settled on the cock in me. I realized that my body was in command of this amazing suck/fuck treat! I set forth on the task of bringing the ass-fucker and myself off together, ignoring the various painful moments. As we worked together, both cocks were building up to complete penetration.

At one point, I grunted, again.

"Hit a hot spot, didn't I," he whispered. "My cock just made the acquaintance of your prostate – and both of them like the meeting. Let's do some real fucking, now!" His hands slid around my body. One toyed with my balls. The other pulled my body tightly onto his cock.

My body was fully in sync with theirs, thrusting cock into the hot mouth while pulling my ass from the thrusts of that cock, then, pulling my cock back while thrusting my ass onto that thick, hot cock. I marveled at the idea of drinking down two huge loads from such great cocks. Now, taking cock up my ass for the first time – thankfully from a man who had the techniques to do it right – while shoving my cock down the sucker's throat till I felt his lips at my balls, was awesome!

"I'm gonna come!" I said more loudly than I should have in this public place, but it was impossible to contain my exhilaration. Cum spurted out of me more energetically than ever before. Every cell in my body seemed to join in on the explosion of the orgasm. My abdomen radiated pleasures out to every corner of my being! It was phenomenal!

"God! You should see this guy writhe in ecstasy!" my fucker announced. "His ass is suckin' on my dick as good as his mouth did! And, from the way he's pumpin' his cock into your mouth through this hole, man, I figure he's fillin' you up with his fresh, hot man-juice! As he's coming, his ass has gone wild! He's workin' for my load and he's gonna get it – right NOW!

"Umm!" his friend sighed in agreement, while drinking down all the cum I pumped into his hot throat. It had to be the best orgasm I ever had. Yet, simultaneously, I felt the spasms of the ejaculating cock in my ass and knew I was being filled with hot cum as he humped and jarred my body with the enthusiasm climax demands. Having a cock coming in my ass, assaulting my prostate with its rhythmic pressures, while I come is spectacular! In that instant, I knew that getting fucked while getting a blowjob is the sexual highlight I would always crave!

Gradually, savoring the contact, we came down from the dizzying heights of true bliss. My fucker pulled out slowly, stepped back, and pulled up his pants. I sensed his movements as he slipped his tee shirt over his head. I reluctantly withdrew my cock out of the suckers mouth and back through the glory hole. I bent to pull up my pants.

"Hold on, man," he instructed softly.

"What is it?" I asked, turning around to face him in the stall.

"You may want to sit down on the commode first. Freshen up. You're new at this, kid. All the cum I pumped into you may want to seep out," he explained.

"Oh!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah. And you may want to take care of this..." he said moving away from the glory hole behind his back in the opposite wall from the glory hole we'd been using.

Standing tall in that glory hole was a large cock, throbbing to be taken care of. I was dazzled and delighted! I felt my face flush with embarrassment. Here I was, contemplating sucking another cock!

"We made lots of noise. Other guys are gonna want a turn with you now that they know you enjoy it so thoroughly and join in so completely. Take a look," he advised, pushing open the stall door a wide crack.

Milling near the door were at least four sexy looking guys, each trying to peer into our booth. Their hands were groping bulging crotches in lewd offering. A wave of lust spread through my abdomen.

"Gee!" I breathed softly.

"Yeah, man. Sit down. (I sat down.) You're gonna get lots of cock to suck today, kid. And, maybe, if you open the door a bit – invitingly – you may get fucked in the ass again a couple of times from guys who love ass! I envy you," he sighed sincerely. "Enjoy!" he whispered with a smile as he eased himself out the door. A strong hand grabbed the door above his head and a big man replaced him and entered the booth.

"Wow!" I sighed.

"Let's see you suck it, dude," he said huskily, sounding completely turned on, and nodding toward the tall standing cock next to me.

"Yes!" a voice cried through the glory hole I'd just abandoned. I glanced over and saw an eager pair of eyes looking at me. "Then do me!" He stood and shoved a great looking hardon through the hole.

"Wow!" I sighed again. When will I be able to get out of here, I wondered - not that I had any intention of leaving.

As I stood to lean over towards the new cock, a firm hand slid onto my ass. I realized I'd be busy in this booth for a long time!

And I was right!


Jack Sofelot


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