"FUCK YES!" I (Dylan) yelled as I was practicing my music with mr. Grant I wasn't sure why I memorized better when it was just a 1 on 1 session. Maybe it was because there was less interruptions, or maybe it was because I had Mr. Grant all to himself. I was never really sure of the reason himself. All I knew was I really enjoyed his 1 on 1 sessions with Grant. But today was different rather than a full hour I only had half an our cuz I had to be home earlier. As the 30 minutes came to a close I put away my stuff and without thinking hugged Grant on the way out. Walking out of the school I felt hornier than ever. I couldn't stop thinking about him my teacher Mr. Grant, and I didn't know why. I wanted this feeling to go away so I took an OxyContin but that just made my friend spring up facing the sky. Oh well. Maybe something else will work. I figured hanging with my friends would take my mind off of it. So I headed towards the gym quickly. I knew Jason wasn't at school that day so I headed for the wrestling room. Maybe Bo could clear my mind. No was a wrestler who was perfect! He had six pack abs. He was 5'11" and his face was perfectly chiseled. His hair is amazing it is a golden sort of dirty blonde that gives him a bad boy look. Perfect I thought as all the wrestlers were taking a break. All of them dressed in their singlets. All of them every last one sweaty from wrestling practice and still in their too tight uniforms. "I really don't mind that they can't get new ones these tighten in just the right places" I thought. And there was Bo. He was the sweatiest of all. Coach Ford always worked him the hardest. So i went up to him and we did our handshake to hug thing.

"What are you doing here?" He asked

"Well I was looking for someone to chill with" I told him

"Alright let's go!"

"Won't you get in trouble"

"Nah it's fine"

Coach Ford and Bo were close buddies. But he knew he would still punish him. But Bo still went with Dylan despite that.

We headed to the locker room to grab Bo's stuff. We went in and the door shut behind us. As soon as it did Bo pushed me to the ground. He got on top of my stomach and pinned me to the ground. I was helpless. Bo's face was so close to mine and sweat was running down it in drops. They dripped on my face and I nearly died of want and desire. My dick was growing quickly. I was praying Bo didn't feel it. But I was mistaken he felt it and moved his ass closer to my dick grinding on it. "You like that faggot" he said. Then suddenly in one movement our lips met. I couldn't handle it. What was happening? Why didn't I want it to stop? I could feel the passion of the kiss he out his tongue in my mouth and we continued to make out my breathing and his both getting heavier. That's when he started ripping off my clothes. He tore my shirt I half with his bare hands. And suddenly he was on me in a different position. In between my legs with one hand on my ass and the other exploring the rest of my body. Bo sucking on my neck leaving a noticeable hickee made his way down my body kissing my torso and only making a detour for my nipples he nibbled on them and I felt so many sensations at once as he sucked on one nipple and gently pinched the other and then switched. After my nipples he made his way down my hairless body. He finally reached my pants. Quickly he ripped my pants with his hands the only thing separating him from my dick was my boxers. And he knew that. Teasing me he grabbed my dick through them and nibbled my head. I shuddered at the sheer pleasure of it. Then he flipped me over. I wasn't sure what was happening. I was a top I stuck my dick in people. Then Bo ripped a big hole in my boxers. The pleasure was there again only this time it was 10 times greater. My ass was so warm and the cold sensation of Bo's tongue was electrifying. I moaned. I felt him smirk. He was licking me really good. I felt like I was gonna burst with feelings of ecstasy at that very moment. My pleasure was brought to a halt when Bo stopped I turned and saw him taking off his singlet. I turned to help him. I could see his nice juicy dick through his uniform. It looked like it was leaking something then suddenly I knew. Precum. I wanted Bo to fuck me hard. Then I pushed him down and pinned him. I took off his uniform slowly teasing him and making Bo stand. Then I got on my knees. I kept going. Right where I had left off. This time I placed one hand in his ass crack like a handle and the other felt his torso specifically pinching his nipples and finally I had reached his huge cock I put it in my mouth and while More and more of his dick was in my mouth until I reached about 4 inches when I couldn't take anymore. I bobbed my head slowly while still pinching his nipples. He moaned loudly not caring if anyone else was in the locker room with us. I took my hand off his nipples and began using it as an extension of my mouth. As his dick slid in and out of my mouth and hand He moaned even louder. "Fuuuuck Dylan you're so good ar that. Oooh" I knew he was close so there I stopped I still wanted his dick in my ass. So I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the benches he knew exactly what I wanted. He picked me up and laid me down in the benches. Then suddenly I wanted his lips again. I pressed his face against mine out lips meeting and my tongue was inside his mouth. Hot passionate. kissing. And then Bo was back to my boxers. He began to slide them down my legs. My hard on got stuck but just a tug by Bo and my dick was out to the world pointing straight to the ceiling all 7 inches.Then He looked me in the eye as he started to put my dick in his mouth. Bo was so fucking hot he never broke eye contact as he took 7 inches no problem and Bo kept giving me head and as my dick went in just pure pleasure. Bo kept giving me head and as my dick went in and out of his mouth He used one hand to pull on my balls and I nearly came in him. "Ohh fuck yes" I moaned. And as I did Bo slid a finger in my Ass prepping me for himself. When his finger was all the way in he started to finger me and it was amazing. "OOOOH BBBOOO AHH OHHH GOOOOOOD" I yelled as I came in his mouth. BO took it like a champion not letting one single drop go to waste he swallowed it all. Then my legs were in the air and Bo's face was in between my ass. His tongue once again bringing me to ecstasy and then he stopped rimming my hole. And we stood up. He put my legs on his shoulders. I knew what he was doing and I was ready. Ready to lose my virginity to my best friend. And He was getting closer to me. I could feel his head on my ass hole his dick was huge. But I was ready. Slowly he started I felt him start to put inside me but this time it was short. But I was easily hard again. Then Bo grabbed my calves and pushed them forward. Giving him easy access to my ass

"Fuck ahh. Bo." I said

"Want me to pull out?" He said

"No no keep going!" I demanded!

"Alright!" Bo said with a smirk on his face. He kept going and as he put in his whole 9 inches. I was in so much pain. It was good pain I loved it. Finally his whole dick was in my ass. He started to fuck me slowly. And he gradually got faster. Until he was going at it as fast as he could. I was in so much pleasure it was the most amazing feeling on earth.

"AHH..... Fuckk... Yes... ohh... Bo you're so good... Ahh..."

"Fuck yeah you little faggot!

You better like my dick" he said as he slapped my ass. Then as he fucked me. He grabbed my dick jacking me off It was like I was on a high and I would never come down.

"Yeah!... Ahh... Yess... I'm gonna cum!... Ohhh..."

"Cum inside of me.... Ahhh..."

Then suddenly like a wave I was filled with Bo's hot cum. And he pulled out his dick dripping his own cum. And then he started rimming my ass again it was amazing again him cleaning his mess. And suddenly there was banging on the door. "Fuck" we said in unison.

"Bo I don't have any clothes you tore up all of mine."

"Here take this" he handed me his singlet "I'll just get in the shower and put on my other clothes." The pounding on the door Go!" So I put it on my dick still raging hard. I put on my shoes, grabbed my keys and ran out the back door. I headed to my car my dick still extremely hard. I headed home. Maybe I could rub one out before my mom gets home. I thought to myself. When I got home there was no other cars so I knew I was there before my mom. So I headed inside to my room. And in my room tied to my bed and nearly naked I found Jason.




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