Ok, so Dylan wants to talk about what happened, Ok I'm fine with that. Knowing Dylan He'll probably be at my place in about 10 minutes so, i'd better get up and get some clothes on. when all of a sudden, I hear the front door open, i grab my baseball bat from my closet. "Josh? are you up there?" thank god, it was Dylan. i would hate to smash my best friend in the head with a bat. i head downstairs holding my Buffalo Sabres jersey in my hand, still shirtless.

"Hey." Dylan said with a sort of surprised look on his face. "wassup?" i said. "literally the whole school is talking about you chokeslaming Matt Baker this morning." Dylan replied. "I didnt chokeslam him." I said. "was it nesessary regardless?" Dylan said loudly. "Dylan, you dont understand! every day for the last 5 years of my life he has picked on me and made fun of me for something i can't control! and when i finally stand up to him, the whole world is mad at me for it! what am i supposed to do, mow his lawn?" i screamed. "josh, i didn't mean to-" "SHUT UP! someone will listen to me! Someone will finally see what's really going on.

I'm through messing around with that kid! I'M DONE!!!" I punched the wall leaving a hole. Dylan stared at me. i look at him, i could see immense fear in his beautiful eyes. "I'm sorry you had to see me like that. I'm not a bad person, I just... i have anger problems and... when I'm mad, i have to hit something. " i said a little calmly. my eyes started to tear up a little bit. "Josh, its Ok to just cry once in a while." he put his hand on my shoulder. "you wanna take a walk." i said "sure." we head out the door, i slip on my sabres jersey and we head downtown. "if you dont mind me asking, what is it that you can't control?" Dylan asks. "well, the truth is, I'm... gay." i say in a slight whisper. "thats your big secret?" Dylan replied. "no. my big secret is... um... ever since you came to the high school i have... liked you... like sort of had a crush on you." i said. "huh... cool." he said with a grin on his face. we continue to walk around and randomly talk and whatever when 2 guys, on our way back to my place, push us into a dark alley, i step toward one of the guys.

Matt Baker. and the other one was 6 foot 5, 260 pound Tommy Bryan. the football team captain. i step and get right into Matt's face. "did you not learn?" i said. "you dont scare me." Matt replied. "what do you got against me?" i hollered. Matt smirked an evil smile. "i have nothing against you... anymore." i looked at him strangely, trying to figure out what he said. when he pulled something from his pocket. my mind raced, i was scared. Matt puts his arm around my shoulder. he pulls me close. he whispers something in my ear, i tried to make sense of the message. when i feel something sharp against my stomach. i struggle, and thrusts it into my stomach.

I feel the cold metal slice its way through me. Matt places me on the ground slowly as i lose more blood by the minute. "shhhh. it will all be over soon. Faggot. Take care of the other one." Matt says. "don't hurt him....." I whispered. My vision was diminishing. I hear Dylans screams and cries for help as tommy wrestles him down to the ground. Terror fills Dylans voice. he tries to get free but only pain fills Dylans cries of anguish and helplessness. Tommy forces the knife into Dylans stomach i hear only the heavy breathing of Tommy Bryan as i lay on the ground i pull out my cell phone and slowly dial: 9---1---1---call. i hear the 911 operator on the other line, with one final strong breath: "help." i stare at Dylan, he wasn't moving anymore. I hear sirens approach, as i lose consciousness.

[2days later]

after i got out of the hospital a few days after the attack, i went back to school. as i stepped into my 2nd period class, one of Matt's friends, Colton, said, "where's your Butt-buddy faggot?"

"does it matter asshole?"

"yeah it does." he said as he stood up. Colton was hot, he has dirty blond hair, stands at 6' 2", litterally no zits on his face, absolutely gorgeous. i stood up too.

"its none of your business." i said.

"i'll deal with you later." Colton said. i went to go visit Dylan in the hospital. the wound he suffered hasn't fully healed. his parents went to the hosptial's cafeteria for something to eat, i was alone with Dylan, i headed over to his bed, "Dylan, i just wanted to say that, i care about you, actually... i love you, man." he was drifting into sleep but he mumbles: "love you." i leaned in and kissed him.

"woah!" i didn't see Colton standing in the doorway.

"oh man! i'm gunna have a field day with this!!" Colton laughs.

"FUCK OFF!" i yell.

"ooh. so feisty!" he said with his irresistable, sexy voice. he walked towards me, inserts his finger in between my jeans and Boxers, pulls me close to him, his B.O. attracted me to him like a bee & honey.

"to stop me from tellin' the whole school you and D's secret, you gotta give me head and let me fuck your hole."


"Your problem now" Colton said. he took out his phone, "When and Where?" i said.

"football Bleachers, tonight. 5:30" He said


Colton left the room and I was once again alone with Dylan. He looked so calm but I know how much pain his gorgeous body was in. I remembered what I had to do to keep our love a secret. It's a two hour ride from the hospital to the football field by my school. 


i am standing here in the cold air, when someone came from behind me, and put a blade to my throat.

"who are you?" I say with a shaky voice. Then I knew who it was with the hard on in his pants. It was Colton.

"this has gone from just head, to raping you senseless."

i was scared, before i could react, Colton threw me down and ripped my pants off.

"Colton, please-"

"shut the FUCK UP! I'm going to enjoy this..."

"roll over." i did as he demanded, before i could say anything, he forced his huge 9.5" dick into my ass.

"Dirty boy, your my bitch. lay there and take it like a good boy"

i did what i was told. Colton pounded me 'till i bled. punching me in the back, choking me, abusing me.

after 5 excruciating minutes...

"oh, fuck! im gunna burst." he ripped his dick out and shoves it down my throat, choking me. 5 loads shot down my throat. i quiver at the taste. he picked me up and punched me out cold. i wake up, Coltons gone and i'm lying here naked, i put on my clothes and my hoodie. i begin walking home, and everything hurts. i found a note, it read: 

"get ready for more. i'm coming for you." i locked my front door.

God help me...




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