Me and my younger brother lived in a small town in the bible belt. We didn't have much money and are mother was a functioning drug addict, well not to functioning if you ask me. She always ended up leaving me and my brother alone for days so I always had to take care of him like I was his parent. But because my mother left me and my brother alone I loved him a lot and I would do everything and anything for him, just to see him happy. However there were things that I noticed about my brother that was different from most men. It seemed like he always liked the attention of other males, I would just watch him around other men and notice a drastic change in his personality. He would be more conversational, and outspoken then he ever was when it was just me and him. I noticed other things that he would do to, he would move around in his seat a lot like he was trying to straighten himself out and because of the tight jeans he wore I knew why. When I started to first notice these things about him I didn't know what to do I thought if my brother was gay he could never act on it in this homophobic town, he couldn't even talk about it. I always felt so sorry for him, sorry for the fact that he desired something that he could never have. But months went by and I let it go if he couldn't do anything about it I'm not gonna say anything about it.

So two years after I started noticing those things about him I started noticing things about me to. I was so full of lust towards my younger brother!! it made me really horny to know he was getting horny because of other men. I use to hide in his closet and watch him play with his cock. And for being only 17 years old he had one big cock. It had to be about 9 inch and thick, I only had 8 inches and mine was much thinner. I loved watching him fist his dick up and down. Letting out little faint moans, bucking his hips up and down for more. It made me so hard watching him and thinking about what he may be thinking about. Was he thinking about other men, was he thinking about another mans big dick fucking him up the ass getting pleasure from his body, or was he thinking about a mans meaty flesh in between his lips fucking his mouth until it was sore and spewing hot creamy cum down his throat and in his tummy. I can't tell you how many times I watched my brother jerk his dick. But for months I watched him play with his self and this twisted lust grew in me for him. When I was alone and masturbating a thought about just taking him one day, giving him everything he ever wanted. Fucking him till I spewed my cum inside of him, I could masturbate over and over again just thinking about his hot little boy pussy wrapped around my cock. The lust I had for my younger brother started a fire in me a fire that couldn't be put out no matter how hard I tried, and I did try. I knew it was wrong to have these thoughts about my younger brother, I knew it was wrong to want him so badly but I couldn't help it. His sexy fucking body, his amazing penis and his virgin ass made me so fucking horny for him. I had to have him, I will have him, I just have to come up with a plan. I know he just wont let me fuck him he would be to scared.

So weeks passed and I couldn't think of anyway I could get my brother to let me fuck him, until I remembered that there's a huge party this Friday were all the teenagers go to get trashed. Each year I never let him go cause I don't want him to get into trouble but this year I just might let him. So that's the plan I let him go and I know he's gonna get trashed and when he comes back ill fuck him for all he's worth.

The day of the party came and I was so excited, this night was gonna be so perfect, I didn't even masturbate because I want to save all I have to give for his sweet little ass...... Fuck, it was taking so long I was counting the hours until my little bro stumbled in the door. And finally I heard his keys and I went to my bedroom and pretended to be asleep. My heart was beating so fast, okay tonight's the night no backing out. I heard him shuffle drunkenly through the house till I heard his bedroom door open and close. I waited another thirty minutes before I got up to go to his room. I walked quietly down the hall to my little brothers room and all could think about was, I cant believe your about to fuck your little brother, what if he gets mad at you or hates you for the rest of his life..... I pushed the thoughts out of my mind I had to know how it felt, how he felt. When I finally opened his door I found my brother in the fettle position already passed out. I thought to myself perfect if he is asleep all the way through this then he will never have to know. I start by stripping off all my clothes, and I start to fist my dick up and down looking at my sleeping little brother. my dick felt like it was going to explode if I didn't touch him. I then got onto his bed and started by slowly taking his shirt off, after I pulled it over his head I gazed awe struck by my little bro's perfectly muscular chest and abs. After that I went for his pants and with him passed out it was easy for me to pull them down and off. And for the last thing i hooked my fingers into his underwear and slowly pulled them down and off as well. I stared at my brothers ass, the way he was laying was like he was offering me his sweet little virgin ass, like he was saying go ahead use me for your pleasure, and give me something I've always wanted. I immediately got down on the bed and started tongue his anus, licking all around it then licking his little rosebud, drenching him with my saliva, he tasted so good!!! licking and lapping up his little boy pussy, I finally plunged my tongue into his tight hole trying to put as much of my tongue as I could into him trying to taste his insides. When I did this my brother let out a faint moan, I looked up to still see his eyes closed, I was grateful for that. Then I poured some lube that I bought for this special occasion onto my my fingers I then started to rub my fingers onto his rosebud rubbing my fingers around and around. Until I put one finger in lubing his inside so that he could take my cock up him. I pushed one finger in him and started finger fucking his ass back and forth and then I stuck another finger in him. he startled me when his response was pushing his body back onto my fingers writhing his little hips back and forth grinding my fingers deeper and deeper into his body. When he did this I thought he has to be awake now, but I looked up again to find his eyes were still closed. I started thinking dirty things about him, he such a little horny slut his natural body response when somethings in him is to get it deeper. I wanted to say somethings out loud but I was to afraid to wake him. 'Oh you like that brother, you like things inside you well just wait, your horny gay ass is gonna get a lot more than just fingers, I'm gonna fuck your ass until I spew my seed inside you'. With all this pent up sexual desire I couldn't take it anymore I couldn't take just fingering him I had to put my dick inside of him even if he woke up, I just had to know how it would feel. So I started to push my penis at his rosebud, but he was so tight being a virgin it wouldn't open right away, but with more and more tries I finally got the head of my cock up into my little brothers warm hole. I slowly then started to push more and more of my cock into him until the entire thing was up inside. 'Oh fuck', I thought 'he is so fucking tight and so warm'. I fucked his body back and forth, sliding my dick in and out of him slowly not wanting to wake him, but I soon realized that was to late.....

Groggily my brother eyes started to flutter open, and with half lidded obviously drunk and dazed eyes started looking around. I never stopped fucking him, I thought If he feels how good it is maybe he wont try and stop me. but then he looked at me behind him moving my hips back and forth its like he still didn't know what was going on. And with sudden realization he focused his eyes on me, and he asked in a groggy voice, 'are you fucking me'? My only response was, 'yes, I'm fucking you little brother'. He started to protest, pushing my lower stomach away trying to get me out of him, or at least to stop moving my hips. In a quiet voice all I could hear from my brother was 'no. no, this is bad and wrong, were brothers'. Fuck even the way he was saying it and trying to slide away from me was turning me on. I grabbed his hips and still with the rhythm I built up I was continuing to fuck him. I didn't know what to say and then all of a sudden the words came to me. In a whisper I said 'I love you little brother, I love you enough to give you everything you ever wanted, don't you want this don't you like another man inside of you, don't you like me inside of you showing you how a man feels, don't you like how this feels'. I slowly started to fuck him trying to let him feel every inch of my man hood buried inside of him. He started to moan faintly under me never answering my question with words but with the movements of his hips,removing his hand off my stomach and pushing his body back on my cock, I got the answer I wanted. And I decided since he's gonna let me fuck him I'm gonna fuck him so he will never forget who claimed his ass first. With accelerating speed I started to fuck his ass more fiercely, pushing in and out of him feeling his entire body with my hands. My little brother was just laying under me moaning and fucking his hips back onto my cock. He looked so fucking sexy under me, taking my cock willingly inside of him. My drunk brother built up a lot of courage and even started urging me on to fuck him deeper and harder every time his sexy little voice told me to fuck him I thought I was going to lose it and start cumming, but I had to hold onto it i wanted to make him cum first. Just knowing I made my little brother cum by fucking his butt made me fuck him even harder. And then he told me that he was gonna cum and his cock started spewing out globs of his cum all over his sheets. After watching my brother empty his cock because of me was all I could take, I started pumping faster and faster into my brothers no longer virgin ass, and he started tightening his ass up around my dick trying to milk me of my cum. 'Do u want it little brother, do you want me to spill my seed into you, do you want me to spurt my cream inside you'?!?! His answer was to tighten up even more, and then I felt my balls tighten up against my body and more cum then I had ever spewed before was emptying into my brothers horny hole .I was filling him up with my cum and he was loving it. So was I I still bucked my hips forward trying to empty all of my cream inside of him before I pulled my cock out. When I was finally done and was coming down from my orgasmic bliss, I pulled my cock out of my little brother and spread his cheeks apart trying to see the mess I had just made of his boy pussy. Oh fuck there was so much coming out of him, he then started to put his fingers in it rubbing it around onto his rosebud, even sticking his fingers in himself trying to get more out or put some back in I couldn't tell. I then started to get my clothes and go back to my room, when I heard my brothers faint voice. 'please don't leave,stay here, hold me'. How could I ignore the cries of my brother I loved him to much to just walk out after fucking him, so I laid down next to him and wrapped my arms around his waist spooning him. watching him fall asleep with a smile on his face I started to think maybe this was his plan all along........



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