He never slowed down. He passed an abandoned hut just few miles away. He kept walking thinking to himself how life could be so cruel. 'I'll not cry', he said to himself knowing that if he let one teardrop fall, his eyes will rain a flood. 'Twas just like yesterday when all he had to do was look into his lovers eyes and he'll know that everything was just as it should be. He got to the house he called home and there it was, his car was in the driveway. It's...... not possible, he thought. He ran into the house like a mad man calling his lovers name at the top of his voice. 'ken', he cried out. 'over here', ken replied amused and wondering why Joe should be running.

Upon entering into the kitchen Joe said with saucer shaped eyes, it can't be. 'yes, it is', replied ken. By the way what can't be? He asked. Joe was too overcome with emotion yet didn't want to spoil the mood. He immediately rushed to hug ken and whispered into his ear while crying profusely, 'never mind'.

Joe kissed ken with reckless abandon, ken was quite shocked . 'Joe, what's up with you?'

Ken's reply was the sound of his zipper bing pulled down by Joe and his eight inch flaccid cock swallowed whole into ken's throat. Ooooo.arghhhh....ahhhh. his dick was getting a huge boner. Joe slurped on the dick, 'umph...umph.., you taste like cinamon', he said. He then got up and gave Joe a big wet French kiss. It was the kind of kiss that sold your soul to uncharted waters. He was on his way beyond. In seconds clothes were dropped and Joe was on the table in the kitchen with his ass being eayen out like it was some ketchup in a hotdog.

Joe screamed in lustful agony, 'screw me baby right now', 'um.....ahhh.....uh..ush ash...fuck'. He didn't care if the neighbours heard. If he were to die now he would happily die with Joe's dick in his ass.

ken pulled out his now 12inch dick and gingerly placed it at the entrance to Joe's hole. 'yes, ram it up in me deep and hard Joe. I want your huge dick in me'

ken faithfully rammed his dick into Joe's ass. 'oh, hun, your ass is always tight for me uhhhhhh...ahhh.

They pumped and moved together with Joe opening his legs wider for ken to gain deeper entry. 'ahhhh....oh...', they said aloud and rocked their sweaty bodies in unison till they couldn't hold it anymore. 'I'm about to cum', ken said. 'pour it in me, you hung horse', Joe replied. They moaned and groaned until they reached an earth shattering, nerve racking and soul freeing climax. They kissed passionately afterwards. 'what was that for Joe?' ken asked. 'you really do not want to know', said Joe.

The lovers drifted off to sleep on the kitchen table.

'hey, wake up' Joe heard. He smiled and opened his eyes expecting to see ken but a strange looking man in cowboy hat and boots was staring down at him. 'you lost or something?' the man asked. 'no thanks, Joe replied. He got up and came out of the hut he thought he passed earlier and it dawned on him that ken would never hold him lovingly in his arms. Never again would he whisper to him, telling him everything was alright. It's been a year and a half now, yet he still hadn't come to terms with it. It was raining hard now as he continued his walk down the lonely road or was it his tears?



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