This is dedicated to William, whose hot comment about my story "Drop the Soap" was the stimulus for me to complete this follow-up.  (The comment was posted on my story "The Warehouse Mirror, Explained.")

Part 1

"Hey! Lookit the size of that sausage The Hood's swingin'!" Mike Kelly called out huskily, loudly enough to be heard by the other bathers in the large shower room. "Better not play 'Drop the Soap' 'round him, today, boys, or you'll..." He stopped, chuckling knowingly.

My face turned red. I'd purposely lingered as long as possible before entering the showers because of my arousal. Gym class this semester was at the end of the day and, today, I hadn't yet had a chance to jack off so I was more than even normally horny. Mike, a muscular, redheaded, freckled classmate, who was always joking about sex, wasn't about to let my arousal slip by unannounced. If I had realized he was still in the showers, I would have waited even longer before entering. When we started taking gym classes they got their first glimpses of my uncut meat, with its unusually ample foreskin - it was one of the few intact cocks in the whole school - so they nicknamed me The Hood, which everyone now used. It was an in-joke among those who had seen me naked, but a puzzle to others, especially girls, who thought it meant I must be some kind of young criminal or something.

"Just what the hell does 'Drop the Soap' mean, anyway, Mike?" I asked belligerently. This wasn't the time to be meek. Fire must be fought with fire. I stopped a couple of showerheads from him and turned on the water, swirling under the spray to get completely wet, while I confronted him.

"It means..." he said, pausing for effect, showing me and the other guys a small white bar of soap he held in his hand, "...that a guy takes his soap, like this, and..." he stopped talking while he reached back behind himself, rubbed the soap provocatively in the crack of his ass, really digging in and lathering up, poking his ass out and gyrating his lithe body so we could all clearly see what he was doing. "...gets himself slippery. Then, he drops the soap, like THIS... " He reached out towards me and squeezed the soap out of his hand, aiming it to slide up against my foot, "...and, Bingo! You're it!"

I looked down at the soap as it hit me and then up at his handsome, grinning face in utter amazement, even alarm! Several of the others snickered.

Mike took a few steps towards me, leaning down as if to retrieve his soap but actually just ogling my growing hooded cock. Then he turned his back to me, spread his feet about a yard apart, bent over till his head was down at his knees, leaned his ass towards me, and exposed his lathered asshole in what was the most lascivious gesture anyone had ever made to me. His up-side-down face looked up at me and he whispered, hoarsely, "Then he gets fucked in the ass, man."

He was only a few inches from my now even puffier dick. I could feel the heat of his body on my meat, I was sure of it. He wiggled his spectacular ass and poked it at me, getting even closer to my expanding cock.

"Do it, man!" someone hissed from behind me. I was startled and turned my head. Dave Collins, the biggest guy in the room and the only nineteen-year-old among the rest of us eighteen-year-old seniors, had moved close to me.

"Do it?" I asked in amazement.

"Yeah! Fuck 'im in the ass, man. Drive it home! Give it to 'im! Give 'im what he wants!" Dave's hand slid down into his crotch, grabbed his quickly erecting cock and started jacking off conspicuously. The gesture was so blatant, so arousing, it fueled my turn-on and I felt myself enlarging uncontrollably. Suddenly, the head of my dick touched wet flesh! I spun my head to look, startled by the intimate contact. Mike's up-side-down grin had grown along with my erection. He was staring at my cockhead as it surged against his upper thigh, just inches from his asshole.

"Geez!" I sighed in astonishment.

"Go on, give it to him," a husky voice said from across the room.

I looked over, it was Bill Harley, whom I had known since kindergarten but hardly recognized, now, because he, too, was aroused, holding a massive erection with both hands, above which loomed a formidable cockhead of startling proportions.

I glanced around nervously. Six others were with us and all were playing with large erections! I was amazed! As of one mind, they all moved in silently to form a tight semicircle around Mike and me. I'd known these guys most of my life and had never imagined any of them would be interested in fucking around, yet here we all were, all hard, all panting with arousal. They were all encouraging me to "Go for it!" The sight of these sexy teens, flagrantly displaying spectacular erections, got me as hard as a rock. My cock stiffened, pushing upwards against Mike's thigh, then his ass cheek, and then slipping free to stand at rigid, pulsating, full attention, the folds of foreskin drawn back beneath the shiny thick glans.

"Man!" someone sighed huskily, "I don't think he should be called The Hood anymore. His hood looks more like a turtleneck. But look at the size of his cock! He's got a fuckin' missile! He should be called The Missile!" It made me proud of the size of my endowment, foreskin and all.

"Yes!" Mike sighed, diverting my attention back to him, "So now you know what 'Drop the Soap' is all about, man. Let's play! Com'on! Go for it!" And he eased himself into me and pressed the cleft of his ass against the length of my stiff rod and sort of clamped his muscles on it, embracing it in a tight squeeze against my belly. "Give it to me, man," he begged.

Looking down my hard body, I saw the inflamed head of my cock swollen to its extreme, appearing as eager to perform as I had ever seen it. The feel of his hot body against my cock was incredible. "You really want me to?" I asked, instinctively humping my hips and sliding my cock upward in the tight grip his asscheeks held it in, reveling in the sensations it produced.

Wordlessly, he reached up, between his legs, grabbed the shaft of my cock at mid-point, skinning it back, and aimed it at his asshole. It was so stiff that I had to shift and rotate my hips downward to let my cock be moved, it had become so steely hard.

Mike shifted his ass against my meat and I felt the slipperiness of the soap coat my cockknob. He swirled his ass against my inflamed cockhead and slowly reduced motion till I was pulsating against his pucker, which, as I pressed forward reflexively, seemed to open itself up to me. My cockhead slowly inserted itself into tight, moist, flaming heat! As it slid in, forcing wide the small entry, it felt more and more incredible, more and more sensual and arousing, more and more spectacular. It was a feel the likes of which I had never even imagined! Such grand heat! Such exquisite tightness! Such overpowering eroticism spreading from my cockhead to surge throughout my entire body! Even just the mere thought of me sliding my dick into Mike's ass was overwhelmingly stimulating. A groan of pleasure escaped my lips.

"The Hood likes it!" someone hissed.

"I knew he would!" The voice was right at my ear. It startled me. I turned my head, only slightly, and found Dave's face right up next to mine, and then I felt the strength of his hard-muscled body leaning into me. He put his hot left hand onto the small of my back and pushed firmly, encouragingly. "He's too sexy, too well-hung, too HOT, to pass up some nice ass!" His hand rubbed as it pushed. It felt great! Then I noticed I could also feel his other hand rubbing up and down against my thigh as he continued to jack himself off. It was a spectacularly erotic touch!

My cockhead moved inward almost with a will of its own. Suddenly, the entire glans was sucked in and I felt an exquisite clamping down of tissues and muscles as Mike tightened up his ass behind the big flanges of my dickhead. I pulled back, only slightly, testing the completeness of the envelopment of the crown of my cock, and realized that I was secured firmly in place, willing captive to his intensive heat. My gut churned with pre-orgasmic bliss! Two inches into a man's rectum for the first time, and I knew where I wanted to spend the rest of my life!

"Man! Look at that!" someone sighed. The sight of the connection, my long rod standing straight out, expanded to such an extreme it looked like bone, its head buried in Mike's ass, did look incredible

"Now, fuck 'im!" someone else instructed, breathlessly.

"Yeah! Pound it to 'im!" a couple of them chanted in unison.

"Fuck him hard!" Dave sang into my ear, loud enough for all of them to hear.

"Yeah!" Mike agreed, "Fuck me hard!" He had raised his upper body to rest his hands on his knees, still bent over, but he now looked back over his shoulder at me and appeared wild-eyed with excitement. His eyes glowed with clear animal passion and genuine sexual pleasure. He forced himself backward, impaling himself on more of my cock.

The movement of my cock through his tight channel was incredible. I felt hot tissues, welcoming softness, and then a hardness as my cockhead slid past his prostate gland, and I was in awe to know that I felt it. To allow Mike's ass to adjust to my large size, we paused a few times, but finally, inevitably, I knew I was in all the way when I felt his balls bouncing against mine, producing probably the most erotic feeling generated during the entire contact: my balls were brushing up against his balls because I was fucking him so deeply!

Mike pulled forward, but instinctively I grabbed his hips and pulled him back fully onto my cock. This felt fantastic. I relaxed my grip and he pulled forward, again, and I grabbed and pulled him back into me. When he pulled forward again, I paused, letting him slide up the entire length of my long cock till his sphincter was tight around my corona, before tugging him back hard till his ass smacked loudly against my pounding abdomen. It was spectacular! We fell into a rhythm of repetition of this fantastic movement, body smacking body.

"Now they're really fucking!" someone sighed.

"Man! It looks so fantastic, I'm about to shoot a load, myself!" someone else added.

Startled from my intense focus on this magnificent ass, I glanced around. All of them were beating off. It was amazingly erotic. When Bill saw me looking at his double-fisted stroking action on his long, fat cock, he humped his hips forward and stiffened. Suddenly, a long string of white jism spurted from his huge cockhead's shiny slit, flew right up at me, and splattered against my naked chest. My mouth dropped open and a second spurt, instantaneously fired off after the first, hit me on my chin just under my lip. Its heat, manly odor, and singularly erotic gooey touch were so overpowering that I stiffened from head to toe, pulled Mike's body roughly back down the full length of my cock and soared into orgasm, shooting off, deeply, into him, humping tightly with body-wrenching, cum-spewing, powerful bursts of orgasmic brilliance.

Suddenly, cum was flying all over, flooding the place! Mike's head and back were covered. My chest and belly were drenched, too, as Dave, Bill and the other six all shot tremendous loads all over us. Dave reached a hand around me, causing me to think he wanted to embrace me, but he wanted to rub his hand through all the jism and he slathered it all over me, though he spend a great deal of time painting my nipples with cum and pinching them erotically.

It was the best orgasm of my life! My cock remained fully erected, deep in Mike's ass. He straightened, suddenly, and, as I looked over his shoulder, down his great body, he grabbed his big cock, sank his fist to its base, and spurted cum straight up into my face! It landed just below my left eye. My arms wrapped themselves around his firm, well-muscled body, and I embraced him, squishing our cum-coated bodies tightly together, as he came, spurting magnificently! We all watched as he sprayed cum at the guys, hitting at least four of them.

I felt his cum slowly trailing down my face as I watched his cock continuing to spurt, and I put out my tongue and lapped at it when it neared my mouth. It had an incredible taste. Powerful, manly, and delicious! I noticed two of the boys watching me with great interest as I slurped up the semen while they finished milking down their spent but still hard cocks.

Then it was over. Mike gently released himself from my grasp and slowly walked his ass off my long cock, which sprang to complete rigidity when freed, looking stiff, shiny and surprising eager for more. But the group separated, each going back to his shower, lathering up and washing his cock. I rinsed off all that wonderful cum, grabbed some soap, lathered up, and then I washed my cock, too. It stayed stiffly erect.

"Geez, Jack," Dave said, staring at my pole, "You look ready to do it all, again. Right away."

"Never thought anything could feel so good," I told him honestly.

"Wait'll ya have your..." his voice trailed off to an unintelligible mutter.

"What was that?" I asked over the noise of the water sprays, "I didn't hear what you said."

"I said wait till you have your cock sucked, then tell me which feels better," Dave exclaimed.

"Suck..." I couldn't finish the word. The idea was too unthinkable. Men don't suck men I reasoned. But my dick stayed hard.

"Yeah, you know, a blowjob!" Dave explained, sounding aroused, not sarcastic. "I guess you never played 'Drop the Soap' before, but you've had a blowjob, haven't you?"

I shook my head. Someone snickered. It astonished me how they all seemed so much more knowledgeable and experienced about things that I'd only barely even heard of. Looking around at them as they were each playing with themselves, showing various levels of arousal, I had to wonder how I had missed out on all of this. Maybe they had thought I was too much of a prude. Or just too damn straight - roles had to be played; defenses had to be kept up. As a group they themselves seemed to be the corps of the most macho guys in the school. They were the last guys I would have picked to imagine they'd play things like 'Drop the Soap' with each other, and jack off together, seemingly so casually and with such familiarity. They simply amazed me. Yet I felt fortunate, relieved, and delighted to have been allowed to join in on the excitement.

"Well, next time you come in with a nice hardon, lettin' it pop up like that, maybe you'll find out what it's like to get a blowjob. But we'd better get the fuck out of here or the coach will start comin' around, snoopin' on us, again." He grinned, turning off his shower. "He almost caught us the other day," he admitted. He seemed proud of himself for not having been caught.

"Really?" I asked.

"Sure. He's been sniffin' around lately, tryin' to find out what's been goin' on." he said cockily, coming over to stand next to me as I got ready to leave, too. I was doing several things at once, and one of them was trying to concentrate on deflating my rigid dick. I didn't want to walk into the locker room with an erection. But it wasn't cooperating.

The others drifted out, one by one. Mike glanced over his shoulder as he went out, and, catching my eye, winked at me. My gut tightened with exhilaration at that wink. It seemed like an open, lewd, invitation to more play. I loved it and smiled back broadly at him as he left.

"Want a hand with that?" Dave whispered when we were alone, looking down at my erection. Reaching for it. Licking his lips!

Until Dave sucked my cockhead into his demanding mouth, I had never understood exactly what my pediatrician had tried to tell me. When I had asked him why I didn't "look like" the other boys "down there," he had grinned and told me I was lucky to be "uncut" because I was going to enjoy myself much more completely when I became a man. He explained that "all that extra skin improves sensitivity." Well, I guess he sure was right!

Confused by the double pleasure of first an ass and now a mouth, I found myself wondering for a moment which I liked better. But the sight of Dave kneeling before me, worshiping at my fountain of cockcream, was too pleasurable for me to entertain extraneous thoughts. The pressures of sucking seemed to be expanding my cock. The heat of his mouth and the tongue-lashing he was giving my sensitive cockhead, were incredible, and somehow maybe even better than Mike's ass. Shit, this felt so good, I couldn't even remember how Mike's ass felt! All I knew was that I loved the way my cock was slowly sliding into Dave's thrilling mouth!

Suddenly, a hand slid affectionately onto my shoulder blade, an arm pressed against my back, and the hand slid up to my shoulder, massaging the muscles as it moved. I wasn't alarmed because the touch seemed so intimate and friendly.

"I just knew I'd find you on your knees, one day, Collins!" It was the coach's voice!

I hardly had to turn my head to see and there he was, the coach, standing right up beside me where Dave had been earlier. At six-two, he was about an inch taller than I was, but he looked me right in the eye now. I glanced down and saw that he was naked but for a loosely wrapped small, white towel around his waist. He was much better developed than the rest of us and I envied his sculpted, well-defined, very muscular body. We knew he showered at the end of the day, but he always seemed to wait until we were all gone. I had never seen him naked.

I glanced down at Dave. I will never forget what I saw. He was looking up at me with eyes that were bulging out of their sockets, his lips were ovaled around my cock and seemed stretched to their limit, his mouth was stuffed with about half the length of my long one, and his hand cupped my big balls. What surprised me is that he just kept right on sucking despite the intrusion!

As I watched, Dave continued his plunge down to the base of my cock, pressing his nose into my patch of black cockhair until it was flattened against bone, and pressing his forehead against my flat abs. It was the most erotic demonstration of single-minded purpose I've ever seen.

"Christ, Jack," the coach sighed huskily, "he's got you in down to the balls, man!" He sounded very impressed. "And you've got a big one!" he added, surprising me with an unexpected but flattering comment.

I shot a glance at him, somehow annoyed at being drawn away from watching Dave performing such magic on my meat. The coach was staring down, studying Dave's efforts with obvious interest. I noticed that his towel had tented dramatically since my last glance at it. He sensed me looking at him and turned his head. He grinned. "Ain't deep-throating great?" he asked.

I guess I looked puzzled.

"Man, where do you think your cock's going? Up his nose? He's sliding it down his throat. It's called deep throating, and only really great cocksuckers can do it like he's doing it to you. I hope you're man enough to enjoy it." He was serious.

"Cocksucker..." I repeated, dumbly. I guess I was still pretty immature, but the word "cocksucker" was something whispered over and snickered about. It had seemed to be a word with no realistic meaning.

"He's sucking your cock, Jack," the coach explained patiently, whispering directly into my ear. "That makes him a cocksucker!"

"Geez!" I sighed, surprised.

"Do you LIKE it?" the coach asked in an emotion-laden voice, tickling my ear with his lips as he spoke, and sending shivers through my body.

I looked at him with wide open eyes, as if to ask, Are you crazy? I nodded.

"Better than jacking off, isn't it?" he told me, knowingly.

I nodded again. At any other time I probably would have denied that I jack off, but such a denial now seemed childish.

"Yes, of course you jack off, don't you," he said, apparently wanting clear conformation of the obvious.

I nodded again.

"Me, too," he said, comfortingly, surprising me again, then adding, "but I'd rather have a blowjob!" As I watched, he unfastened his towel and flipped it over onto a hook on the wall, exposing a remarkable erection. It wasn't longer than mine, but it was significantly wider and thicker, with a truly gigantic, helmet-shaped cockhead of amazing dimensions, behind which flowed folds of cockskin that told me here was another uncut cock, just like mine. It was incredible. Immediately, I realized that he was just as aroused as I was, and his cock stood at its most engorged stage. If it had been leaking before, the towel had absorbed any fluid, but as I stared in fascination, I saw a large dollop of clear liquid form slowly at the tip and glisten in the bright lights of the shower room.

I looked up at his face. He glowed, looking more handsome that I had realized before. I think it was the glow of sexual arousal from us both that made him look so good to me.

"Want some?" he asked, quietly, shifting his hips to poke the big cock up at me.

My gut churned at the lascivious question. Dave was working my meat with such unbelievable pressures I would have shot my load long before this, if the coach's presence hadn't so thoroughly distracted me. But I was being asked if I wanted to suck cock! His cock! His magnificent cock! Being asked if I wanted to give him the same degree of pleasure Dave was giving me. I looked down at it. It seemed to flare even larger, expanding for my benefit, beckoning me, as it pulsated in front of him, and I zoomed into instant orgasm.

Dave started to gurgle and gulp noisily. My hand, which had been resting on his head, grabbed hold and held on as I pumped my cum into his unrelenting craw.

"You're coming, aren't you?" the coach asked at we stared at one another.

I nodded, sheepishly.

In that instant, we BOTH knew I wanted his cock! I wanted to suck his cock! I wanted him to come in my mouth and shoot his load into me, just like I was shooting mine into Dave, who was sucking and swallowing so diligently, I thought I'd pass out.

Wordlessly, quickly, and without invitation, Dave shifted his skilled mouth from my spent cock to the coach's splendid organ, engulfing most of it on the first gulp. The coach hissed with pleasure as he caught my eye. "He IS good," he agreed.

I was in a post-orgasmic daze, but I felt a wave of envy pass through me as I watched the coach's big cock disappear into Dave's mouth.

"This is some hunk of meat, Jack," the coach whispered, grabbing my slippery cock in a firm grip and pumping it knowingly, sliding the skin up over and completely covering the cockhead, holding only the skin tightly above the crown. "We've got a lot in common. I'm impressed!"

I nodded dumbly, enjoying the feel of his hand on me, realizing that a man with real understanding of foreskin was fondling me. I yearned to be doing the same to him, and my cock throbbed strongly in his fist.

"Oh! Fuck! You two are sexy! I'm gonna shoot... Uh... I'm gonna come!" he hissed through clenched teeth, and I watched as he rose up onto the balls of his feet, legs flexing, abdomen tightening, his arm flailing as he pumped my cock rapidly, and I knew he was spurting his cum into Dave's devouring mouth. How I wished I was Dave at that moment.

But it was only October and as the coach's hand continued to massage my shoulder as he held on, and as he continued to pump my cock with a skilled fist, I knew there'd be many more opportunities to fuck around with him and with my classmates. That realization, and the sudden knowledge that I was no longer an "outsider," put me over the top for the third time that afternoon.

Dave, of course, wasn't about to let any of my cream get spilled as long as he was down there on his knees.

That night, as I was lying naked on my bed jacking off, reflecting on the three completely different orgasms I'd had in the shower; fantasizing about sucking the coach's cock; recalling the sizzle of those sexy guys; wondering which one I might play 'Drop the Soap' with the next time; the sudden thought that one of them might try slipping HIS big cock up MY tight ass after I dropped the soap lifted me to an amazingly powerful orgasm. I spurted cum right into my mouth and all over myself. Cum tastes great, I said to myself as I fell asleep wearing a smile of anticipation.

Part 2

As I walked towards the school entrance I saw a group of guys standing off to the side. They were the guys I had showered with, and fucked around with, the day before. They were animated as they laughed and joked together, appearing to be typical teenagers. But I knew that they were a group of horny guys who loved jacking off, sucking cock, and fucking ass!

Mike Kelly spotted me, raised his arm to wave me over, and called, "Yo, Jack, over here!"

I was delighted. I wanted to be with them. I wanted to be a part of their macho group. I wanted to make out with them! My abdomen surged with waves of lust as I joined them.

"Here," Mike called out as I neared. "I want you to meet a new student, William, a friend of mine!" He turned to a very handsome young man, saying, "William, this is Jack, the guy we've been telling you about."

I was surprised that they had been talking about me, wondering what was said, but my attention was diverted as William grabbed my hand and shook it enthusiastically. I returned it happily.

"Glad to meet ya," I greeted. "How d'ya know Mike?" I asked with a smile.

"We've been bunkmates for three years at the Summer Camp we go to. We're good friends. I'm glad I got to transfer to this school because my Dad has a job transfer and promotion to a company office here."

I glanced at Mike. He was grinning but when he saw me looking he raised and lowered his eyebrows in a very sexual way, indicating very clearly, I deduced, that they had been intimate. More waves of sexual pleasure surged throughout my groin.

"I know you'll love this school," I told William. "I know I do," I said looking at Mike.

The whole group of them laughed heartily, and a couple of the guys patted me on the back in a very friendly way. I was elated. I felt I had become an equal part of the group. It was an astoundingly great feeling!

"Com'on," someone shouted, "we gotta get to class."

As we moved away, Mike said directly to me, "See you after gym!"

I smiled broadly at him. He had not said, "at gym" but "after gym," which could only mean he'd see me in the shower room. We both knew what that meant. He looked as excited as I felt! Gym this semester was at the end of the day and I wondered how I would be able to wait that long.


In the middle of the last class of the morning, I realized that I was too horny to concentrate, so I raised my hand and asked permission to go to the toilet. I had never done that before. The teacher looked surprised but let me leave.

As I walked down the wide hallway I happened to catch sight of Mike in one of the classrooms. He saw me, too.

I went into the boy's room and hauled my dick out over the old-fashioned urinal trough and started pissing. A moment later I heard someone come in and unzip as he moved to stand close to me. The cock he had out was impressive but he did not start to pee. I looked up at the smiling face of Mike!

"I figure if we hurry we can have some fun. Since you fucked my ass yesterday for the first time, I'd really love it if you'd suck my cock for the first time, too. It would be a really big turn on for me!" he explained in one quick breath.

I could only look astonished when he added, "And then I'll suck yours!"

Boing! My cock erected in an instant, going from puffy to full hardon in a flash. Mike's cock hardened even faster!

"Do it," he pleaded quickly in a soft voice.

"I... I've never..." I admitted hesitantly.

"I know, but trust me, you'll love it! Dave told us this morning he gave you your first blowjob and you loved it! He also said that you licked up my jism as it slid down you face when I shot it up at you, so you know how good it tastes. Look at this, man," he said huskily, "doesn't this cock look like a good one? Do it, man, we'll both love it! I'm so hot knowing it'll be your first time! The second first time with me!"

When Mike said trust me, I was ready to suck his cock. I had been thinking about it since I fucked him. I loved the way he wanted to entice me to suck cock, so I enjoyed what he was saying. But we both realized that this was not the time for delay. We needed to be quick about it and we were both horny as hell! I leaned over toward his big cock!

"Yes!" he sighed as my lips touched the tip of his shiny, fat cockhead.

Just the touch inflamed me! I had watched that cock shoot its load up into my face as I fucked my jizz into his ass yesterday, so I knew he would shoot a big load into my mouth - and I wanted it! I was ready to suck cock. I slid my lips down over the crown, opened my mouth and felt for the first time the exquisite taste of hot cock and the amazing feel of a huge cockhead as it slid into my mouth! It was so wonderfully exciting that I thought I might come on the spot.

"That's it! Suck it, man, but don't get too excited and drop your load. I want that load in my mouth!" Mike told me.

Everything about sucking his cock was phenomenal, including his warning for me to hold off cumming for our mutual pleasures. As I sucked, instinctively swirling my tongue and applying great suction, I sensed his bodily changes. His balls pulled up tight at the base of the large cock. His body stiffened as his cock turned to stone. His hips humped at my face as he tried to drive more cock into me. It was so exciting for him to realize that he was about to cum in my cherry mouth as I sucked my first cock that he suddenly blasted a huge spurt of hot, thick, delicious semen into me. As blast after blast of sperm spurted into me, I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed.

I was ecstatic and orgasmic! "Oh, God!" I sighed, releasing the cock.

Mike understood, leaned over as his cock continued to ooze the dregs of his powerful orgasm, and sucked my cock into his mouth just as he had promised. I can't say whether he sucked better than Dave had yesterday, because my orgasm hit me as soon as my cock entered his mouth. I am confident that I pumped into him a load larger than the one I had put in his ass! It was thrilling!

He rose up, some cum seeping at the edge of his mouth and said, "Let's wash up and get the fuck out of here. And rinse your mouth out, you don't want guys smelling cum on your breath! Here, have a candy, too."

I was in another world but did as he said. Then, as we left, he whispered excitedly, "See you in the showers, Fucker." It was the perfect phrase: a seductive invitation, a dynamic compliment, and a promise of a sex-filled future!

"Then," he added, "you can get your third first time this afternoon with me."

My third first?" I asked, puzzled.

He shot me a sexy grin and we parted as great friends, eagerly awaiting the showers!

* * * * *

That afternoon Mike was waiting for me outside my classroom. We walked towards the gym lockers together. I liked his company.

"At the end of the gym class, Jack, stay behind with me and the rest of the guys. We'll pretend to be doing some extra practicing," Mike requested. When I looked like I wondered why, he smiled and said, "Most of the class will bolt out of there, some of them even going home without showering. The others will get out of there fast. If we act nonchalant and unhurried, by the time we get into the showers most of the guys will already be getting dressed and leaving. Those that are still in the showers will get the cold shoulder from us, get the message, and leave. And that's when the fun will start."

"Great," I said excitedly. "I can't wait," I added.

Mike grinned at me and said, "Your third first time will be spectacular!"

"What will it be?" I asked with real curiosity.

He just grinned.

"Please!" I begged, "don't keep me in suspense. Tell me what it is so I can adjust to the idea before I get too big a surprise."

"Okay," he agreed, hesitated to build drama, and whispered, "I'm gonna let you drop the soap at me!"

"I..." I couldn't say it. I was too astonished. And horned up!

"You'll love it! I'll love it. The guys with us will really love watching you take it for the first time!"

"Take it," I repeated softly, thinking, again, of taking a cock up my virgin ass and feeling very excited.

"Yeah, boy, take it like a man!" he said with that sexy grin as he bumped into me and nudged me in the ribs with his elbow.

I grinned back, realizing that he was telling me that I was growing up as we spoke. I loved it! I knew I was going to get fucked in the ass by this seductive rascal and I was really looking forward to it.

* * * * *

Gym class seemed to move by in slow motion. I couldn't wait for it to be over. Finally we were the last guys in the gym - eleven of us - Mike, Dave, Bill and the six others, plus the new guy, William, and me. Everything that was being said seemed like a code for having sex, regardless of how innocent it sounded. Finally, Dave checked the locker room and reported that it was clearing fast. We broke up slowly and strolled into the locker room. I was in heat!

There were only three guys toweling off and dressing. Dave came over to Mike and me and whispered that the shower room was empty. By the time I had stripped off my T-shirt, those three guys had left for home. Our guys were getting naked and going into the showers

When I slid my gym shorts down, Mike sighed and said in an emotion filled voice, "Man look at that!" as he stared at my jockstrap.I looked down. My cockhead and several inches of shaft were standing up above the waistband of my jock, giving proof of my excitement at being with these sexy guys, but I was particularly horny at the idea of Mike fucking me in the ass! I slid the jock down as he stared.

"Wow!" he sang out softly, "you look great!"

"Man, so do you!" I said with sincerity,

"Com'on, let's go," he demanded, and I followed him into the showers almost shaking with desire as I watched his muscular ass enchant me.

Mike and I both had complete erections and so did Dave, Bill, and William. The others had puffy growing interest. As handsome as William was, his erection was even more stunning: very large and long, straight as pipe, with a flaring cockhead that glowed with the sheen of arousal, and made complete with big balls in a huge, tight sac. I figured that any one of us would love to be fucking around with him. I knew I would.

Two showerheads had been turned on for us and we naturally gravitated to them, getting wet. Mike wasted no time. He stepped somewhat toward the center of the room, held above his head that small white bar of soap he had used on himself yesterday, and said handing it to me, "Here. You know what to do with it!"

I took the soap with overwhelming arousal at the idea that I was going to get fucked by him. He was right, I knew what to do with it, and I did. I turned my back to him while reaching into the water spray to get the soap nice and wet, bent over, slid the soap between my ass cheeks, lathered up my ass and especially my nervous little cherry asshole. I was remarkably aroused when I aimed the soap at his foot, squeezed my fist, and let the soap squirt out at him.

"Bingo! You're it!" I announced with excitement, imitating the words he had used on me, but staying bent over with my muscular ass waving at his face.

He moved toward me. His erection was unwavering, solid, and looking way too big for my ass. I felt a flutter of concern move through be guts, but I braced myself for the attack, knowing that getting fucked in the ass was manly, extremely pleasurable, and orgasm inducing. I was ready.

Just as I had not banged my cock into his ass, so did he not bang his into me now. His technique was perfect! He held his entire cock-length against my ass cheeks, separating them and letting me adjust to the touch of a hot cock there. (It felt great!) He shifted his hips and moved the cockhead to press slightly between my cheeks and waited. (It felt wonderful, and I pressed back a bit with a welcoming motion.) The cockhead felt slippery as it eased towards my little pucker and, touching it, stopped and waited, again. (I felt excited at the thought of getting fucked, but a little apprehensive because of his large size. I shouldn't have worried.)

Suddenly, William moved to stand in front of me, his giant cock in my face. With a calming voice he said, "Here, Jack. It helps if some of your attention is diverted to the thrill of sucking a nice cock. I know Dave sucked your cock and you sucked Mike's cock, so, here, try mine!" And he pointed the wonderful, solidly stiff organ at me by shifting his hips and shuffling forward, offering the cock for me to suck.

It struck me as the kindest, sexiest offer anyone had ever made to me, even as I once again wondered how he knew all about me on his first day at this school. Yet I didn't hesitate, thrilled at the heat of the cockhead as it pressed against my lips. My hand cupped William's balls as I opened my mouth and sucked in such a desirable cock. In that same instant, Mike's hard but pliable cockhead shifted into my pucker and pushed in no more than about an eighth of an inch, just enough to let me know that there will be some pain before the pleasure that these guys talk about. I concentrated on sucking the cock in my mouth diligently.

"Oh! Man, he is good," William sighed, probably talking to Mike, but letting everyone hear.

I grunted, and another eighth of an inch from Mike slipped in, and I heard his husky voice say, "Ooh, this is SO good! So hot! So tight! I want to just pound this fucker into him, but I'm letting him adjust to the newness of having a cock in your ass."

I knew that, in effect, he was talking to me, letting me know how good it felt to him, but how carefully he was trying not to hurt me, despite the knowledge we both had that the first time can be a fairly raw and painful experience. My admiration for him increased. I sucked cock like crazy in an attempt to ignore the pain in my ass, while working the thick pole into my throat. It seemed to work. A moment later, Mike's entire cockhead popped into my rectum and got trapped by my sphincter. It hurt. Yes, it hurt, but I was on cloud nine, enjoying the IDEA of having two cocks in me at the same time!

I concentrated on relaxing my behind in however a way that might be done. It worked. After a few moments, Mike's cockhead slid right up against my prostate gland. Frankly, I didn't know what a prostate was, but it's introduction by way of Mike's cockhead was glorious!!! Waves of pre-orgasmic pressures swirled from my ass into all parts of my body, giving me a level of sexual enjoyment I was enthralled to experience!  

"Umm! Umm! Umm!" I hummed loudly, vibrating William's cock erotically.

"I just massaged his prostate," Mike announced.

"Man, his cocksucking skill just reached a new level and he's suckin' the cum right out of me!" William cried out quietly but earnestly, remembering where we were and what we were doing. He didn't need to draw a crowd to these games. But he humped and jarred his cock deeply into me and shot off blast after blast as I tried to back off to catch his hot semen in my mouth. "Uh, this is great, this is great," he started repeating over and over. I would have said the same but for the big cock in my mouth!

A splat of cum landed on my back! Then another, another and another, a real downpour! William pulled out roughly and Mike and I saw a big final spurt fly from his big cockhead and join all the other cum on my back with a splat!

"Oh!" Mike almost shouted. "That did it! I'm cumming in this sexy fucker!"

"Pull out! Pull out!" several of the guys demanded.

Mike obliged, slowly withdrew his cock from my innards and he sprayed my back, too, with his remaining cum shots, to the pleasure of the group, but admitted to me later that he really wanted to keep on fucking me.

William started rubbing all the sperm on my back with an amazingly erotic feel. I slowly rose up and turned to face Mike. Precum was rolling down the shaft of my cock like a waterfall. I was at the pinnacle of passion, and Mike knew it. Without a word he leaned down and sucked my hot cockhead into his mouth. He didn't try to get any more into his mouth because he WANTED my cum in his mouth, and I let him have it, immediately. I have absolutely no doubt that I fired off more jism into him right then and there than ever before or ever since! It was immeasurable! Incredible! Unforgettable!

I looked around. Everybody seem covered in cum! Especially Mike and William!

"I've NEVER seen anything like that!" a quiet, deep voice said from the doorway.

Breaths were sucked in as we all looked over to the doorway. What a sight! The Coach was standing there pumping his huge cock and it was still spurting juices into the air. "That was beautiful, guys. I'm proud of you!"

"Wow!" at least half of us said together. "Coach," someone said in surprise.

"Hell, men, I like circle jerks, blowjobs and ass fuckin', just as much as the next guy. Maybe even more," he said cryptically. "Every school year since I've been here there's been a group of guys, like you, that I've been able to enjoy. But you, you guys are the largest group and the sexiest group of them all! I know a few of you were in a group last year, but mostly it's always seniors. This year is the best, most memorable. The next time, maybe you'll let me join in."

I could tell that most of the guys were surprised. Dave and I weren't because of our tryst with the coach. Mike, Bill and William didn't seem to be, so I figured they'd had some fun with the coach, or in William's case he heard about the coach from Mike. It seemed like we would continue having sexy fun. And we did.

As I looked around the group, now twelve of us, I realized that I'd like to jack off with, to suck with, or to fuck or be fucked by, each one of them. As I jacked on my bed that evening, I played the days events over and over in my mind, trying to remember every detail, but when I suddenly recalled the moment of Mike's cock connecting with my prostate, I shot a heavy load right into my face!


Jack Sofelot


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