Drew - Dorset, England

I'm Jack. 230 pounds and 6 foot 2 of Irish/Polish hybrid. Luck of the genes of both cultures, built solid and thick, pale Irish skin with black hair and green eyes. 7.5 inches of cock with a bulbous baseball bat shape with big nuts. Big square Irish pecs and biceps and big polish ass and big thighs. Built in paranoia about being a fat old man keeps me working out a lot...that and a bit of fat on the middle. These genes can't last forever but I am gonna try my best. Lots of exercise  = lots of desire all the time. My problem ? Thickness Addiction

Drew. My cousin and I were on Holiday in England and despite my best efforts he rented a stick shift car. It's hard enough driving on the other side of the car on the other side of the road, don't add shifting and a clutch. He smashed into someone while driving in a roundabout in Dorset. I left him to settle it and went down to the pub. It was called The Fighting Cock and had a couple of roosters on the sign grappling over a shield. Since my looks favored my Irish side I blended in with the locals quite easily and drank my ale in peace. The more ale I drank the more I relaxed from the car accident. The men were all very friendly, mostly older, and one charming large man insisted I eat something so I wouldn't get too drunk. As we spoke he asked what kind of men I liked which surprised me but I told him of my taste. Have you much luck he asked, and I said enough, but that I liked the rare naturally big man. Not so fond of steroid men and he laughed and said oh you need my nephew Drew. Then a chorus of voices said behind me yes, yes, you will enjoy him, ect. I has no idea all these men were listening and suddenly I said how do you know ? And an faded beauty of an older man kissed the man I was speaking to and said the men are blessed in that family. Was this a gay bar? They all laughed and said Did you not see title of the pub? Ah, Fighting Cocks.

I got a room upstairs and a knock came on the door right away. Drew was a large dark  redhead with a charming and naughty smirk. Dark blue eyes and faded freckles that I hoped were everywhere on his body. He had thick wavy hair and a short beard and wore workmans clothes with plaster dust on them. He was my height and looked like he outweighed me by a bit. As he took off his clothes and showed me his amazing dark red hairy perfect body with his perfectly straight bullet nosed dick, he told me how his uncle had been choosing hot men for him since he was 14. He loved his uncle who had never disappointed him. I could not decide whether I loved his big pink nipples or his perfect tube of a dick. Same circumference from base to tip, a work of art maybe 8 inches long, dripping, pulsating, just waiting for me.

It occurred to me I was still dressed but that didn't stop him from grinding on me and kissing me. Talk American for me he said and as I did he came grinding all over my jeans. Assuring me he had plenty more jizz stored up and he scooped up all that jizz and opened my pants and manhandled our dicks together until I came. It felt amazing and I think it must have been his foreskin that sent me over the edge. He gathered all that jizz in his hand and lubed my cock with it and threw himself down and raised his legs saying fuck my arse while you talk American. There was a sheen on his hole, he had to have pre-lubed it. I slid in a little quickly and hoped he wasn't too loose for a good fuck. He clamped down hard as if in answer and said I am like you mate. He had a lot of ass muscle control and I was impressed. I got that feeling in my balls that I would not last that long and the struggle to fight it just enhanced my strokes. Talk American he said, and not knowing what to say I asked him to tell me about his sex life so I could have something talk American about. I like fucking face to face and getting as close as I can to a man, especially a big man so I started talking with hot breath into his ear. He liked that and told me about his gay uncle and all his set ups that his uncle arranged. Apparently the thick dick was a family curse and the uncle had a tough few years in his youth with men refusing him. That made me laugh and Drew laughed also which caused all kinds of new cock sensations which almost sent me over the edge. So tight, so hot and his clamp down rhythm was amazing. The uncle had started off with skinny short twinks until he figured out that big strapping men are built to take big cocks. He didn't want his nephew wasting his time as he called it. I had never thought of it that way, Yes, I was built to take big cocks. Well wrist thick cocks. I moved back to take him all in and realized he looked like me, just the red version. Same body hair pattern, same pale skin, same lust for cock in his ass and the site of him smiling and writhing on me made me come quickly. I felt guilty but he just laughed and said finish me off with your fingers. I stuck three fingers up his ass and pushed around his prostate until he came. It was fun but all I could think of was did I actually go over the edge because his body reminded me of me ?

We spooned and talked, and the whole time he kept his fingers in my ass rotating around and around my hole. When he finally slipped his cock in the relief sent shivers all over my body. I had told him about how much I liked my hole stretched and feeling full with thick ones and he said he was going to try something new. New meant piston fucking, full depth and then fully out of my hole. I was dubious from an experience I had before where the guy missed my hole too many times and hit my balls over and over again, but Drew never missed. He was a master, letting my hole just barely close before he was coming back in...so good. I felt like I had runners high, the endorphins taking over my body, transforming any sort of hole stretch pain into sweet, sweet ecstasy. I think his perfectly straight dick helped him aim correctly and I told him this. He laughed that great male laugh and started pounding me harder. Only a big man can take what a big man can slam into him he said. I agreed and asked if he would tell his uncle all about our experience. Laughing he said don't have to, it's being recorded and the men down stairs were probably watching right now. And that made me come and come and come again hard.


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