I quick dash across the busy Tokyo street and I was out of the cold, the heels of my Western boots clicking on the floor as I headed for the elevator. I short wait and I was in, watching for the doors to shut. Just me, and the mirror on the door reflecting.. .a 20-year old's gear on a 50-year-old body: loud boots pulled over tight blue hipster jeans topped by a wide red belt, matched with a tight top with a pale blue butterfly design, a tight jacket, and a shoulder bag. I may be older, I thought, but my inner slut is alive and well, as I remembered the new black lace panties keeping my cock and balls where they should be (for now!).

The elevator door opened at the seventh floor and I walked out, toward the English book section. Damn, a quiet day, as I walked between the shelves, paying less interest to the books than to the other customers.. a couple of housewives, a businessman in the business section, and.. there is a God after all!!...two cute students. My new panties struggled to contain a coming erection as I imagined them naked, two slender young bodies with supple limbs, pert buttocks, smooth faces, and virgin cocks. I thought of their hardness before my face as I knelt down and.. fuck!, they're leaving, and my daydream collapsed like my ex-boyfriend's prick after I told him I'd given his brother a blowjob. I smiled as I recalled the brother's surprise when I 'caught' him naked coming out of the bath, his embarrassment as his huge cock started to stand in front of me, the confused look as I undressed for him, and his little sigh as I cupped his balls in my hand and gently kissed his lips. Turning round to leave, I took myself back to the feeling as his monster shaft exploded in the back of my mouth, sending his cum down my throat and my relationship with his brother to the scrapheap. Oh well, it was worth it!

As I passed the music books, I noticed a young guy (probably 18, but he looked 15) heading slowly for the English books. Dressed in an ordinary jacket and jeans, he looked average, but I had learned from deeply satisfying experience that ordinary garments often conceal far from ordinary pleasures! Anyway, the schoolboys were gone and I didn't fancy sucking off a horny businessman in boring white underpants, so I turned at the magazines and watched him. He moved slowly from shelf to shelf, picking up the odd book before moving on. I walked back to the books, standing a shelf away, and kept watching. He put down the book he was looking at, glanced toward me, and then moved to another shelf. I moved too.

Our shadow dance continued from Fiction to History. He knew I was there now, and he glanced at me again, this time for longer, as he checked out me and my gear. He must have liked what he saw, for as our eyes met he nodded toward the elevator lobby and the toilets beyond. My new panties were fighting a losing battle against the contents of my crotch as I followed his bottom with my eyes, and then his body with mine. When I entered the toilet was empty, so I moved toward the cubicle at the far end, next to the wall.

The door was ajar and my young Japanese man was waiting inside, still fully clad. I checked to see no one was coming, moved quickly into the cubicle and locked the door. 'You suck me?', he asked, and I smiled, moving my hands to undo his belt and unzip his jeans. But he stopped me. 'No, first you naked', he said. It's not easy to peel off an outfit in a toilet cubicle without sacrificing some dignity, so I motioned that I would go into the next cubicle, disrobe, and return. As I stripped, he called through the divide: 'You wear only boots'. My God, where HAS this angel been??, I thought as I pulled my boots back on, listened for anyone coming in, then rushed back into the neighboring cubicle.

Having discarded my new panties, my hard-on brushed him as I re-entered, but he didn't move to touch it. 'You suck now', he said, motioning for me to crouch in front of him as he unzipped his jeans and pulled down his boxers. I was now eye-level with his lovely young member, hard as a rock and ready to roll. I bent under his shaft and started licking, from balls to tip and back again, one side then the other, several times, as I lubricated him. Sensing him reacting, I started kissing his penis slowly, nibbling very gently as I made my way to his helmet. I turned front on and took the tip of his cock in my lips, caressing it softly and gradually taking more and more of him in my mouth.

He was rock-hard now, and started to push himself deeper into my suck-hole. 'Suck fast', he almost hissed, and began to grind his hips as he fucked my mouth. I responded and we began a back-and-forth, cock in, cock out, cock in, cock out, slurp, slurp, slurp as he threatened to ram himself right down my throat. Christ, I thought, when is he going to come, but on it went. Just when I thought it was over, he slowed right down, holding my head to make sure he stayed in my mouth and sliding his shaft into every corner he could reach.

I tried to start sucking again before he ripped my mouth apart, but he extracted his erection, pulled me up, grabbed me by the cock and forced me to turn around. 'Now I fuck you' he grinned. I had been looking forward to him shooting his load across my face, but I was in no position to argue, so I braced myself against the wall and offered myself to him. 'Big arse', he said. Instantly I was back 28 years. Having taken a Japanese girlfriend as the proper thing to do, and having dutifully fucked her for while, I was going home half-drunk after meeting with a friend one night when an older man (I later found out he was 43; I was 24) stopped me, asked the time, and then invited me to his apartment.

Tiring of a diet of tits and cunt, I said yes. After the preliminaries were over and he had me bent over the couch ready to fuck, he paused and whispered.. 'Big arse!'. And it was. And it is. And now, in a seventh-floor toilet, it felt my young man's hard young cock slowly force its way in. I winced, but relaxed as he penetrated and started to pump me. I felt his hardness inside me, moved to receive his thrusts, and gave myself to him until he sprayed his semen. Having shot himself dry, he quickly withdrew as I digested my banging. I was collecting myself as I heard the door latch slide open. Turning round, I saw he had quietly zipped himself up. He grinned, and said 'Please masturbate now!'. Butt naked except for my boots and dripping from my fucking, I started stroking for him and soon came on the toilet floor. 'Good!', he said and left.

All I could do was wipe myself down, dress, and see if I could catch him. But of course he was long gone.




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