It was a Wednesday night and I was feeling raunchy as hell. I wanted some heavy piss play and knew exactly where to find it.

About a mile out of town is a county park that was cleared at the edge of a heavily wooded area. It was well known for it's gay activity at night. The cops know what goes on and patrol the parking lot every couple of hours, but unless they actually saw something going on they simply drive through the parking lot and leave. No hassles.

Friday and saturday nights at the park are known for sucking and fucking. Tuesday and wednesday are for any and all kinds of kink and raunch. Best hours to find activity are 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

After putting on a white tee shirt and a pair of faded tight levi's, I drove out to the park. pulling my car into a spot, I surveyed the lot. There were three Harleys, eight pick-ups, and five of cars. Perfect. It was a busy night.

I got out and headed for the trail that ran along the stream. That was where the most activity was. After going about a hundred yards, I heard a slight noise off to my right. I stopped and looked and saw guy, obvioulsy one of the bikers, on his knees in front of two muscular guys who looked like constructuon workers. Both guys had their cocks out and pissing on him. He was trying to catch what he could in his mouth but most of it was hitting him from the neck down.

As I watched, I suddenly realized that there were two guys standing right behind me. As I turned to face them, One whispered, 'you want some action like he's getting?'

'Fuck yea,' I whispered back. We stepped off into the thicker growth and one of the guys looked at me and said, 'Before we give you ours, we want to watch you piss your pants.'

'My pleasure,' I said. I really did love pissing my pants especially when someone was watching. I adjusted my cock so that it was pointed upwards and as I did the two guys knelt down in front of me. I started pissing and as I did, they began sucking the fresh piss out of the material.

The front of my jeans was soaked as was a strip down each leg.

'Nice,' one of them said. As they stood, I knelt down. They opened their jeans and extracted their cocks and let their flows begin. One aimed for my tee shirt and the other for my jeans. When they were through, I was nicely soaked and my cock was rock hard. I sucked them both off. As they walked off, a big burley biker walked up and said, 'Stay down.'

I did and as he pulled out his short but exceptionally fat cock he said, 'I want you to drink it.'

I just smiled and took his cock in my mouth. He pissed and I swallowed but efore he was through he pulled out and walked behind me and finished pissing on my head. It ran down and soaked the back of my tee shirt.

Others had watched and suddenly there were four others standing around me, all with their cocks out. 'Let me have it guys,' I said. With one in front, one behind and one on each side, they all four began pissing. When they finished, there wasn't a dry area on me and I was loving it.

I headed back to my car for a cigarette. I had left them in the car to keep them from getting soaked. Just as I lit one, a patrol car drove in. They pulled up next to me and after turning off their lights, they got out and walked over to me.

'Looks like you fell into the stream,' the younger cop said.

'Yea, something like that,' I said.

I noticed them look at each other and smile, then look around. The older then looked at me and said, 'Do you need to be rinsed off?'

'Sure do,' I answered, knowing what they had in mind.

'Come over here,' the older said as he walked to the edge of the woods. I followed and he pointed to the ground. I knelt down and when I did they both pulled out their cocks and hosed me down. when they were through, the younger stepped closer and shoved his cock against my lips and said, 'There's some rreal thick cream in there if you want it.'

I began sucking him off while the other cop stroked his off. Before long the younger cop fed me one of the biggest loads of delicious sweet cum that i had ever had. I eagerly swallowed it and when I was through and he stepped back, the other cop shot his load all over my face.

As they walked back to their patrol car, I heard the younger say, 'I love this fucking beat.'

'Yea, me too,' said the older. They got in and drove off.

When they did, two bikers stepped out of the bushes and said, 'Bud, we can't believe what we just saw. Man it was hot to watch and we'd like to lick you clean.'

'Sure,' I said and they began licking the cum from my face as it began running down. When they had cleaned me up, they asked if it had ever happened before.

'Fuck yea. Every time I'm here I'll come out and wait for them. They always piss on me then I'll suck one of them off. The next time I see them the older gets sucked.'

'If we meet you here next wednesday, will you tell them that we want them to piss on us and feed us cum?'


We made a date for the following wednesday.

As we tqlked several other masculine well built good looking guys drove in and headed for the woods. I quickly followed.

I pissedon some, some pissed on me and I sucked a few and a couple sucked on me. I met one hot dude and asked him if he could do me a favor. He said he'd be glad to if he could.

I told him that I'd stay right where I was and that I wanted him to get as many guys as he could to all come here and piss on me at the same time. He smiled and said he'd be glad to. He left and about fifteen minutes later I heard a lot of footsteps approaching me. Soon he was standing in front of me, along with twelve other guys. He smiled and whispered, 'May I get on my knees with you?'

Smiling back, I said, 'Sure.'

we knelt down and all twelve guys began pissing on us. It felt like we were out in a rain storm and it was great.

When it was over the other aguy and I walked to the parking lot and introduced ourselves. It turned out that he was a local fireman and hot as hell. We started seeing each other and soon became lovers.

We go to the park once a week, sometimes both nights and see how many guys we can gather to piss on us at the same time. So far the most had been sixteen, but we're still trying to break that record. Word about us seems to be spreading so I don't doubt that we'll break that record soon. And yes, we both piss our own pants, expecially in public where others can see and we drink each other's piss and hose each other down.

What a wonderful night that was and has been ever since.



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